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JB Handley on How Neurodiversity is Hurting People with Autism

Broken blue light bulbNote: As only JB Handley can write it.....

“A cornerstone of the neurodiversity movement is the assertion that autism is an exclusively genetic condition. This position is no longer tenable in the face of statistical and epidemiological analysis.”
- Twilah Hiari, Neurodiversity is Dead. Now What?

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION, Vermont —Last week, my publisher, Chelsea Green Publishing, revealed the news that my new book, How to End the Autism Epidemic, would not only be released on September 19th, but that it was also #1 on in a number of categories, including both the "Autism and Asperger's" and  "Vaccination" categories. You'd think my book, which provides a clear, unequivocal, and science-based explanation for how, exactly, vaccines are triggering the autism epidemic would be heavily criticized by the vaccine industry and all its minions. And, at the right time, I'm sure it will. What I didn't expect was the shocking response to my book from a faction of the autism community often referred to as "the neurodiverse." 

In an immediate fury, Chelsea Green's Facebook post about my book was bombarded by neurodiverse advocates, claiming the book is "ableist" (basically, bigotry towards those who are disabled), that it advocates "eugenics" and "genocide", "promotes hate," and that clearly I, the author, must "hate my own child." 

As the parent of a beautiful child with autism still struggling with what is, at times, a devastating disability, I found the comments of the neurodiverse to be shockingly brutal and gut-wrenchingly nasty, while also being categorically untrue. Since my book hasn't been released yet, of course none of these commenters know exactly what my book says, but I can assure everyone that it's neither hate-filled (except perhaps towards the CDC), nor does it advocate eugenics or genocide as a way to deal with the autism epidemic.

The neurodiverse took exception to calling autism an "epidemic" and wanting to "end" it which, if you subscribe to the neurodiverse view of the world that some do, effectively threatens everything they believe, and can be viewed as a form of intolerance. Let me explain with a little background.

Neurodiversity: A great idea (at first) for respecting neurological differences

Read more here.


Grace Green

I agreed with your comment until the last sentence. The fear that people like us will start to be aborted before we are born is what motivates the neurodiverse to advocate against sites like this. Apparently there are now very few Down's syndrome people, and they are the most charming and harmless people you could wish to meet. I come into contact with many of them, and I think the world would be deprived by their loss. The same is true of the "autistic" type, if only we were not injured by the fact we have greater sensitivity to chemicals. I hope we stop all this nonsense of vaxmania before contemplating getting rid of us auties and Aspies.


What is wrong with being "ableist"? We want people to be able, don't we? To be able to feel empathy, to have a sense of humor and proportion? I've been reading about mass shooters and they are stuffed with traits that are "neurodiverse," and not in a good way. The ways that people are neurodiverse are so often detrimental to society--and themselves.

So I would say that if such malignant neurodiversity is produced by environmental injury, that's to be mourned. The causes should be sought and eliminated. If, however, malignant neurodiversity is caused by some ungovernable assortment of genes, then it would be better if these people had never been born.


Thank you all for your kindness, and prayers are welcomed --


Benedetta---I read your last post just before I went to bed. It left me with such a heavy heart. You are a warrior doing such heavy lifting. There is a category for you and many of warriors at AOA: "Never was so much owed by so many to so few". You are in that rarefied category being tested under extreme conditions. Where others might break, you stand so tall.

Thanks for demonstrating what strength and courage under fire looks like.

Donna L.

@ Benedetta,
I, too, am so sorry to hear about your Dad and all the stress you are under. Something that caught my eye about your mentioning neighbors with Parkinson's -- I wonder if you've ever had your (and your father's) water tested? There is a ton of medical literature about the link between elevated manganese in water supplies and Parkinsonism and Parkinson's disease. I found out about this many years ago when testing showed our well water is very high in manganese, and my son has so very many neurological problems. Coincidentally, a young neighbor boy developed Parkinson-like tremors after moving to our neighborhood.
Here is a link to just one study out of many:
I hope things settle down soon for you and your family, Benedetta.

British Autism Mother

@ Benedetta
I’m so sorry to hear that your father is unwell. I’m reminded that he has Parkinson’s. My late father, his next door neighbour and that man’s father were all three diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease (UK terminology). All three men were keen gardeners growing many vegetables to feed their families. In the mid-sixties through mid-seventies (and before that?) all three men were using a pesticide called Aldrin/Alldrin TM that was admittedly very good against carrot fly and other pests (later withdrawn from the market). My parents had a friend (a gardening teacher) who, in the late sixties, said to my father in horrified tones, “you aren’t still using that stuff, are you?” Coincidence? I don’t know but I’m deeply suspicious that three grown men all had the same diagnosis. BTW one of the causes of death on my late mother’s death certificate was a variety of motor neurone disease. For over thirty years of their marriage she had prepared the vegetables my father had grown (they later downsized to a very small garden).
Thinking of you .....

Aimee Doyle

@Benedetta -

I am sorry about your Dad. I don't know much about Parkinson's - maybe diet has a role, maybe vaccination, maybe genetics, maybe environmental toxins. But I do hope things get better for him and for you. Take care. I know you have a lot on your plate

@Hera - "it's the kindnesses that stay with you."

I was thinking about this. You are so right. My son's bullying generally only occurred in the neighborhood, since he was so impaired that he always went to a special needs school (in fact, one specifically for kids with autism and communication disorders). I am glad that your son received kindness in public schools. It's always good to hear good news.


I am so sorry to hear about your Dad , and will say a prayer for him and your family tonight, if that is ok.
Please don't give yourself a hard time over the food he had; I don't know enough to know if it could have been a trigger, maybe someone else here does, but either way it sounds like you took the time to make sure he got to eat something he really wanted and that gave him pleasure;you were doing all you could. Hope you get some sleep and things go better.

I do understand Aimee's dislike of the word "retard". My son got called it too, on the bus when he was younger. One of the kids also made a joke in my hearing at school about "Forest Gump" My son's speech is slower because of his apraxia, and his movements are stilted because of his joint etc problems. I don't remember any of the other kids laughing though; I think the ice cold look from his Mom standing nearby kind of took the fun out of the joke. Fortunately , my son had never seen the movie and didn't get it. Fast forward, years later, to now ; there are many kids who are kind, who say hi to him in the mornings, and one great kid and his girlfriend who always make room for my son on their table for lunch. It's the kindnesses in the end that stay with you.
Re those who deliberately harm others, including hiding vaccine harm for financial gain; I do believe in karma,and that in the end no one gets a free ride to be cruel. Imo, intentions also count; those who genuinely believe in the safety of vaccines, even if wrong, or who are truly trying to prevent diseases, are very different from those lying about vaccine safety to make money. There are times I also struggle with ideas of revenge, but just have to figure that in the end it will sort itself out.
Sending good thoughts to you and all your family and hoping things get better. Hera


No, I did not laugh those names off because I did not consider them just a generalization, but very specific to a person 's character.
Where as liberturd is very much a generalization; that I would laugh off the same as right butt, with great ease. . We can be all sensitive to the word retarded, but there it is, it exist. It comes from the word tardy , to be late, as in slow. A Liberal might be a bit tardy to the idea that the government is growing and taking over our meager lives. Which gets us to a libertarian, maybe they are the liberturds? So General, we are not for sure could libertard be libertarian? Libertarian is right - right?.

And now Aimme, I am very tired; and have some things to worry about and think about.
My Dad has taken a turn for the worse, I have been in the Er all day, and I have been up since four this morning getting him up from a fall, where he blacken and cut his eye.

Tell me do you think that him craving and begging for milk and cornbread, and me giving in - might have caused some kind of cerebral folate transport deficit, suddenly making his Parkinson disease worse? I am taking care of him at home. I feel my whole community is not only swamped with autism, but Parkinson as in two neighbor men in their forties have Parkinson. Will my son be next? Time might be running out.

These are the things I think about. And some times I want lightening and judgement to come down on a bunch of tardy people in the science communities that have found no answers? Or perhaps they don't want to find the answers so they don't have to go up against the big and bad? Regardless the epidemic is upon us and they are very tardy in even worrying about it.

So tired I am giddy.

And I ned to go make my son a smoothie. If you are ever in my neck of the woods come on down and I will make you smoothie and we can talk all about political stuff. Not that it will change our peon lives one bit.


Aimee Doyle

@Benedetta -

Sorry, I can't "laugh it off". The suffix "tard" is a pejorative intended to denigrate an individual's mental capacity. My son has had the term "retard" hurled at him, and liberal friends (who are good people and don't call others names) have had "libtard" hurled at them.

When a term hurts, it's hard to laugh it off. I don't get the sense you can laugh off "bigot, misogynist, and racist."

And BTW, I don't consider myself a "useful idiot."

I know there's been a lot of name-calling going on from both sides. I think it's wrong, I think it's hurtful, and I think it's ineffective. I think it makes things worse. There are many better ways to make a point.


John I never said anything about being dishonest. The best rhetoric is true. My argument is completely honest. If not wanting autism makes somebody a bigot then so too does not wanting paralysis.

It's just that my approach is on the offence not defence.

People value strength. There's no strength in defending yourself. Even if you're right.

Angus Files

Remember folks context is everything if we let the thought police decide that one for us were all as good as burnt toast...

Pharma For Prison


John Stone


I could not agree less - our strength lies in our integrity. We cannot compete with with the machinery of lies and bullying on its own terms and we have no reason to. We have to show how lies break down.


And by the way;
It seems to me that Bush the elder has been there as CIA director, and vice president to Regan, for long time; then own to the presidency. . The deep state was allowed to develop and ferment to high heaven under the Bushes, the Clintons, and Obama as they all pushed further toward controlling us all. It was not the Democrats vs the Republicans - it was a bunch of people at the top dividing a bunch of us peons at the bottom.
So there Aimee aren't we all just useful idiots as Stalin described.


Yes, Aimee;
Laugh that one off.
libetard or libtard -- there really isn't a clear spelling here cause it is a made up word, so yeah that is what I said' chuckle it off and go on. This has nothing to do with the mental capacities of our children.
Bigots, racists and misogynists That is about all that was heard from all Democrats, even the peon ones like us that are at the bottom of the power grid. Over and over and over - for months and months and months. Where have you been?


The suffix "-tard" is hurtful and offensive.

Autism parents especially should keep that ignorant pejorative out of their vocabulary.


Whenever you are met with bad faith arguments it is critical to never give good faith responses in return.

Most non-vaxers (who typically act in good faith and assume others do as well) have a hard time getting their heads around this fact but it is extremely important.

Good faith responses to bad faith questions only invite more attacks because they assume your defensiveness is a sign of weakness.

When someone attacks you (bad faith questioning) the optimal response is to counter-attack. Punch back. And punch back twice as hard.

When someone calls you an ableist for not wanting more autism then your response is simple.

"Your support of the polio vaccine prove that you are an ableist bigot who hates people with paralysis. Quite frankly, you make me sick claiming that people in wheelchairs are lesser human beings. And your support of rubella vaccination proves just how much you despise anybody born with a congenital defect.

Of course, paralysis rates and congenital defect rates haven't actually fallen since the polio and rubella vaccines but the point is that pro-vaxers believe they have which makes all of you vile bigots who hate anybody with disabilities."

Gary Ogden

Angus: That particular epithet is pretty rude-sounding. There are much more elegant ways to deeply insult people who deserve to be deeply insulted, such as the PanPrOffit cabal. My preference, anyway. Deeply insulted as they are frog-marched out of their offices and into the paddy wagon. I suggest the Cook County Jail would make a fine holding facility while they await trial.


I think all of us know that "libtard" is an amalgamation of "liberal" and "retard" and that it's intended to be offensive.

Before I comment I ask myself what I'm trying to accomplish. Will it have value to those reading it? Have I eliminated those pet peeves, half-baked notions and prejudices so dear to my heart? And is it really more worth reading than the comment currently on top? If it's not, I don't post.

I ask myself how my comment will reflect on both me and on Age of Autism. I'm not sitting at the kitchen table knocking back a few drinks with the gals.

I try to make the comments I submit clear, brief, fact-based and on point because I want people to read them and not skip over them.

Aimee Doyle

@Angus - "I have seen them represented as libtards -is that insulting? No! it just means someone from the left with extreme left views possibly nearer right than left. I do agree with the other writers that we should explain and discuss nobody is chucking insults about, to pretend these words don’t exist and can’t be used is intellectually obtuse. Where did adult converse go and not to have a free spirited conversation is a destruction to our freedom of speech."

I would never say that you can't use the term. And I certainly don't believe in stifling free speech. You can say what you want. I'm just saying I don't think that insulting people is generally a good way to win hearts and minds.

I do think that the word "libtard" is generally considered insulting (as it derives from "retard") and from many comment streams I've read, it is typically used to denigrate left-leaning individuals - and not used in the more descriptive sense that you suggest. I'd put it on the same level as word "repug" to describe conservatives.

But heck, maybe "I'm intellectually obtuse" as you suggest. : - )

Angus Files

In short in the United States, in my opinion the Republican Party is/was the right-wing party. While the Democratic Party is/was the left-wing - well that’s what it used to be. Recently voters, and rightly so, have become more fluid and attached to identity politics more than just voting for the Party. Voting for just the party is no longer possible as both sides are thoroughly a juxtaposition of one another. Saying that whatever best identifies the needs of the individual is the Party they will vote for. In my opinion. there are many old right-wing democrats now standing for old left policies and vice versa. In doing so making the left wing Republicans look more like the old democratic party. I have seen them represented as libtards -is that insulting? No! it just means someone from the left with extreme left views possibly nearer right than left. I do agree with the other writers that we should explain and discuss nobody is chucking insults about, to pretend these words don’t exist and can’t be used is intellectually obtuse. Where did adult converse go and not to have a free spirited conversation is a destruction to our freedom of speech.Of course my perspective from someone in the UK.

Pharma For Prison


Aimee Doyle

@Benedetta -

I have no idea why your "lifelong friend" called your husband racist, bigoted, and misogynist. I think it was wrong. I stand by my point that name calling never makes anything better and generally makes things worse. How about some dialogue about why he and the friend disagreed on the issues? Just curious- what does this have to do with autism and vaccines?

Also, I think that the use of words like libtard, libertard, liberturd (hadn't heard that one before) - will push away any left-leaning individuals who read this site. Why do that? Doesn't our cause need all the friends it can get? The more people, liberal, conservative, libertarian, etc., who understand the autism epidemic and push for change, the sooner change will happen.

And BTW, I find "libtard" personally hurtful because my son is profoundly intellectually challenged, and has been called "retarded" and laughed at. The word "retarded" is no longer acceptable and is generally used only to bully and hurt. So I don't find the combined slur "libtard" funny at all- but maybe that's just me. Benedetta - you mentioned "laughing it off" - but perhaps I misunderstood you.

@Angus - not sure if you can use the word "libtards" and "no offense" in the same sentence. How is it possible to sling that broad offensive word and then carve out a few exceptions? Well, I guess you just did. But do you really think Del Bigtree and Robert Kennedy appreciate the way you use the term? Are other potential vaccine activists or scientists out there going to be turned off?


Before the mandatory vaccination law was passed, Marin County had one of the highest rates of personal belief exemptions in California. The county also has the reputation of being wealthy and liberal. Just mentioning. (I don't even understand the original libtard post, but please don't explain it to me.)

John Stone

Really we don't need to be abusive when we can just describe things as they are - I myself have punned a few people's names over the years, but we have the advantage that we can play things straight.


If males with autism spectrum disorder are more prone to violence than the neurotypical, then ipso facto neurodiversity = frowny face.

Bipolar disorder is a one form of neurodiversity and I"ve read that males with bipolar disorder are six times more likely to be violent than neurotypical males so... :{


Aimee; bigot, racist and misogynist, as a life long friend called my husband directly; is not easily laughed off as libertard, or liberturd.

Martin Buuri Kaburia

Great counsel

Aimee Doyle

@Angus - "libtards"?
@Someone - "rightbutts"?

Why the name calling? Does calling someone names ever convince them to your side, or solve anything? Generally, I think it tends to make people mad or defensive. Name calling never makes anything better.

If you want to criticize someone's policies or actions, there's plenty of blame to go around the political spectrum. Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, Greens, etc. There are people of all political persuasions who "get" the autism issues; there are people of all political persuasions who don't. I remember a few years back on this site, there was a great post by Dan Olmsted "Why Liberals Don't Get Autism" and a companion piece (Ginger Taylor?) "Why Conservatives Don't Get Autism" - worth reposting and rereading.

There are some things liberals do well - supports for IDEA, for SSI, for Medicaid (our kids need supports throughout the lifespan, since the rate of recovery from autism is less than 10%). Vaccination damage is only the beginning. Similarly, liberals generally don't support environmental damage in the name of big business. Environmental damage also hurts our kids (and us). On the other hand, there are good things that conservatives support - the skepticism about vaccines, the concern about individual liberties, and worry about mandates. But overall, it's a complex situation, and I don't think it's helpful to tar anyone with a derogatory label.

I can understand being mad, and frustrated. I've been there a lot. But how about channeling that energy into something constructive? How about blaming the entity behind the curtain instead of each other? Let's condemn Big Pharma - and figure out how to effectively do battle.

Angus Files

I think the true left, have moved to the right,I mean the newish radical right.That`s where the once rebellious counter culture left, are to be found these days.Mainly supporting anti-globalisation pro cannabis use populist pro-rights groups etc .The libtards are the old right denouncing anyone who questions vaccinations or anything disestablishmentarianism.'No offence meant to any of our vaccine evangelists.

Pharma For Prison



Still not in favor of the left bashing on this website--"libtards" and such. Watch out too for the rightbutts who are voting to dump all sorts of crap into the environment, do nothing about autism when they have the power and then whine about Hilary. Don't get me started. Del Bigtree and RFKennedy jr. both are safely classified as liberals and care about this issue as much or more than many on the right.

Jeannette Bishop

Sometimes I wonder if a crash-course in all the ways vaccination impacts or could very plausibly impact genetic structure and function might lend to modification of perspective for many who sincerely believe some of the mathematically implausible tenants of "neuro-diversity?" But, if ND proponents come to feel (or already feel) that vaccinations are the vehicle for the evolutionary advancement that is their identity of autism...then ... but they ought to consider that they might soon be "evolved" into some other diagnosis/diagnoses (not always via genetic manipulation) through an increasingly aggressive vaccine industry with hundreds of vaccines in the works!



There is evidence that a large % of the pro-vaccine sockpuppets are taxpayer-funded, posting especially from US airforce bases. Pharma have managed to dress up critisism of vaccines as a threat to US national security. And like you say pharma could easily afford it anyway, most these roles are little more than McJobs.

I agree that we know more or less what the situation is with vaccines, it is only that it is not admitted by those in charge.

John Stone


For these giant corporations sock puppets are not even petty cash, but don't you think we know 90% anyway and the rest is fine detail?


Most of the posters pushing this narrative are paid posters, there is more science that goes into manipulating social media than into fixing vaccines. The amount paid to all the sock puppets would have been enough to fund actual science and give us some answers.

cia parker

Asperger's people tend to be very self-centered, part of the brain damage that prevents the ability to take someone else's point of view or put yourself in their shoes. So I can totally see that many of them feel insulted at being lumped in with the more severely affected, and want to deny that ANYONE is that severely affected, because autism/Asperger's is just great, look at them. That being said, I'm also sure that BP IS massaging their egos and their extremely distorted perspective, hoping to make EVERYONE leery of recognizing what a terrible disability autism is. For the Aspies too. How tragic to be imprisoned for life in a developmentally impaired, ungenerous, unsympathetic brain.

Angus Files

`Hate Facts` polite truths and facts concerning Autism misconstrued by the libtards into hateful facts.The autism facts become `Hate Facts`and were worse than racist ...eye roll eye roll eye roll..

Well done JB superb.

Pharma For Prison



So, who are these angry people bombarding the comments?
Are they real?
Probably some are.
No doubt they are people that feel they are not being treated fairly.
If a person gets a brain injury; treated fair or not there is the added problem with perspective too. Plus even if insults and life is difficult for real, there are deeper feelings than the average person.

Is this all on their own, or is there someone or organization behind the scenes that are feeding them, nurturing them, printing literature, leading discussion groups all in an attempt to set them all on fire? Life is unfair, and it don't really take much in such a situation to be set on fire?

I find it the same scenario as what happened with the homosexual community. Numbers are increasing there too, though they claim it is not. They say they have been in closets hiding because of what society thinks for years (and that is possible I guess. They say that they have always been here and point to Ancient Greece, when older warriors took young boys under their care, and not for training them with swords and defense either. So they claim.

Shelley Tzorfas

Here are some of the Pharmaceutical explanations for Autism:
It is because more children live near highways
It is because of cold uncaring refrigerator mothers
It is because intelligent people are marrying each other
It is because of C section delivery

Now add to the list that Autism has always been around in large numbers-the fake Neuro-Diversity movement (Not the Bowel movements).
Just Yesterday mainstream news claimed that more children are getting Leukemia because in higher educated countries, clean children are not getting exposed to bacteria at an early age. The news implies that getting your children dirty will prevent Leukemia?? There was no mention of how theCow Bovine Serum contains Leukemia cells-too small for scientists to economically remove for the Use of Childhood Vaccines. Cancer is Used in vaccines but Moms, Highways, Intelligent people are to Blame???


It’s the pediatricians that infuriate me the most! They see every day the damage they are causing and they pretend to care about these kids. They continue to vaccinate without even looking into the new science about the damage that aluminum can do and also ignore what William Thompson said almost 4 years ago! How can they sleep at night! It boggles the mind


Really wonderful article. It almost seems like a waste of time to argue with these people who are possibly troubled but not physically/neurologically sick which most autism cases are. To say that a disease which devastates families in every possible sense is a blessing...well that takes either a lot of nerve or rank stupidity. I personally feel thatALL research money should at this point be directed to environmental causes, including of course vaccines. If we were thinking logically as a country it would be in the interest
of self preservation.
It is sad and alarming to note that some animal and insect species are disappearing. And that dead birds apparently have higher levels of mercury than before. Clearly our environment is also under unprecedented assault.

Hans Litten

Wonderful article ! Vaccination is a complete and total FRAUD.

The Number Needed to Vaccinate (NNV), how many patients will need to be vaccinated for one patient to benefit. The larger the number, the worse the efficacy of the vaccine (or drug). A few examples are listed below:

NNV for Flu Vaccine to Prevent One Hospitalization(< 4 years of age) = 1852

NNV for Infant Flu Vaccine to Prevent One Hospitalization = >4,255

NNV for Shingles/Herpes Zoster vaccination for over 70 years = 231

NNV for Pneumococcal vaccine in Older Adults = 5,206

NNV for Gardasil in Sexually Inactive 12 Year-old Girls= 9,080

Anna Quandt

Thank you for this article. It is very well stated. JB Handley is one of my heroes.

David Weiner

The Neurodiversity movement, like the broader Diversity movement, is a fraud, a wolf in sheep's clothing.

We could see in the original (broader) movement that genuine diversity is a good aspiration. But in its application by the far left, it is really just a hammer to use on people who disagree with their agenda. No diversity of thinking is allowed.

It seems that ND is a similar phenomenon. Not content with acceptance, ND is a weapon to use against people who want to address their children's suffering and stop the ongoing medical assaults.


I would not be surprised if the pharmas helped to promote the neurodiversity movement.

It is not a coincidence that this movement opposes the people who are trying to expose pharmaceutical crimes.

John Stone

We have of course just seen the figures from Northern Ireland: 2.9% having risen from 1.2% nine years ago, 60% of cases require the highest level of intervention. In Belfast the rate is 4.7%, 1 in 13 boys will be on spectrum. Each case is a bill for millions of dollars or pounds, and each case deserves the greatest levels of care.

But where the hell are we going if we cannot even acknowledge the problem, have to be bullied into silence by sundry pharmaceutical lobbyists, health officials, faux sceptic groups and neuro-diversity liberationists. This is a hate campaign against people who just want to raise legitimate issues, and who have the best interest of society at heart, even at great personal cost. The people who take part in this hate campaign ought to hide their heads in shame: after two decades of this barrage all they have done is sell their fellow citizens and their children down the river.

Hans Litten

And you can bet those figures were massaged !
Is the fraud coming to light ? I think so .
And Research America I think vaccines are the most important subject in the world TODAY bar none
What could be more important than genocide ?
Billy G ..... what does that G really stand for ? Billy Genocide ?

Public support for vaccines has dropped 10% since 2008: Now just 70% of Americans believe vaccines are 'very important', study finds
Seventy percent were 'very important, down from 80 percent in November 2008
And 71 percent said having children vaccinated was 'very important', a decrease from 82 percent
The poll was conducted by Research America and the American Society for Microbiology
Mounting distrust has led some parents to not immunize their children, in turn leading to outbreaks of diseases not seen in years such as mumps and measles

bob moffit

"Denying the existence of an autism epidemic perpetuates the autism epidemic. Denying the existence of an autism epidemic removes the motivation to find a cause for the epidemic. Denying the existence of an autism epidemic denies my son's very real experiencing of regressing after vaccine appointments due to the immune activation events they triggered in his brain."

After witnessing autism rates inexplicably rise from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 36 over two decades .. it became impossible to continue DELAYING the recognition of inexplicably increasing autism .. so those most responsible for the "autism epidemic" .. have resorted to DENIAL .. making the absurd claim there is "no epidemic just better diagnosing and broader definition".

Their extraordinarily successful delay and deny strategy .. just as it was with tobacco .. is running out of time .. and .. just as the Berlin Wall was destroyed brick by brick in a single day .. hopefully the day is quickly approaching when vaccines are recognized throughout history with the same revulsion as tobacco and the Berlin Wall.

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