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If You Knew a Train Was Coming, Would You Get Off The Tracks?

Ounce of preventionNote: This post is from the TACA blog.   If you could halt the processes that result in an autism diagnosis, would that be considered preventive medicine? A cure?

By Gita Gupta

What if you could detect #autism risk at birth?

What if autism could be detected as early as birth, using biomarkers –  rather than at age 2-5 years, using behavioral characteristics? That’s what Dr. Naviaux’s new study aims to find out, using data from the newborn screening program. (You may recall Dr. Naviaux’s groundbreaking work on Suramin in autism – see earlier blog post here.)

The newborn screening (NBS) program started over 50 years ago to screen for a disorder called Phenylketonuria (PKU.)  PKU can cause irreversible brain damage if it is left untreated. However –  if detected early, before symptoms occur in the first few months of life, and treated with a modified diet, brain damage is prevented, even though they still express the abnormal gene.  The goal of the newborn screening program is to identify babies with disorders like PKU early, so that treatment can be started right away. These days, millions of babies in the U.S. are routinely screened for various genetic, endocrine, infectious and metabolic disorders, using a few drops of blood from the newborn’s heel.

What if we could do something similar for autism? Could some cases of autism really be prevented by catching the chemical risk signs by a blood test at birth, and treating before the first symptoms occur? Would you change your child’s environment? Monitor medical conditions differently?

Read on to learn more about Dr. Naviaux’s study.

Dr. Naviaux’s Newborn Screening Autism Risk Study

In most cases, autism is believed to be caused by a combination of genetic predisposition and environmental triggers. If autism risk could be identified at birth, we may have a better shot at preventing the consequences of environmental stress before behavioral symptoms become visible.  Dr. Naviaux’s new study looks at data from the newborn screening program for patterns of metabolic dysregulation that indicate autism risk.

Dr. Naviaux’s study has three phases. In the first phase, it will look at newborn screening data from California’s NBS program. All babies born in California are screened for over 80 disorders using a few spots of blood from pricking the heel.  About 60 different measurements are done on the blood spots, looking for metabolites, the substances necessary for metabolism. These metabolites include acylcarnitine, amino acids, etc. Mitochondrial dysfunction is correlated with about 50 metabolites on this test.  READ MORE HERE.


Angus Files

The contents of the vaccines Lindsay no mystery I wish there were.

Pharma For Prison



I hope there will be a diagnosis of what causes autism in the future!

Mary Maxwell

Greetings to Anne Dachel and all mothers, from me at on Mother's Day.


Laura I share your concerns about California. Reading about this investigation it makes me wonder why this isn't funded by the IACC. That was kind of a rhetorical question;we already know the answer. Its possible that Naviaux's work coupled with what we know already might reveal that there will be no mass vaccinations, people will need to eat organic, avoid cell-tower energy, etc to avoid lots of chronic ill health. That's the potential I see in getting off all the tracks.

Angus Files

But if they are force vaccinating everyone anyway why look at genetics.We already have kids with autism and the chances are the siblings will be of similar genetic make up.Possibly they should ask if they found a genetic difference would they be exempt from having VACCINE POISON..

I know what I would do and I wouldn`t involve asking Casey Jones..

Pharma For Prison



before this test and a suitable treatment is developed everyone will be autistic.

Is measles really so bad that we can not vax a few years later?

Even if people do wait, where's the proof that the vaccine will even prevent it?


before this test and a suitable treatment is developed everyone will be autistic.

Is measles really so bad that we can not vax a few years later?


The type of mitochondrial disorders that my family has; cannot be detected by blood. I asked the doctor just a couple of months ago. It is only found through muscle biopsies and very fresh at that.

Of course these mitochondrial problems don't exist before the vaccine was administered, only after.

Laura Hayes

I have a better idea.

Why don’t we immediately stop injecting syringes filled with poisons, toxins, heavy metals, carcinogens, viruses and retroviruses of both human and animal origin, and all sorts of ingredients for which the human body has no use and which cause harm, beginning in utero and continuing at frequent and regular intervals throughout infancy, toddlerhood, childhood, teenage years, and right on until the grave, and WATCH with our own eyes how the health, development, behavior, learning ability, academic, attention, and social skills, fertility, and longevity improve right through the roof!

By the way, was permission sought and received from parents to use their newborn’s blood spot data?

Personally, I advise parents to refuse this genetic screening test if they have a hospital birth in CA, which, not surprisingly, requires that parents sign a self-incriminating waiver, which the hospital will refuse to admit exists unless and until parents demand it, or come to the hospital already in possession of it. I explain to the parents they can choose to have any testing they would like, on their own, at their discretion, with a private doctor, at any point after they leave, without the state getting their dirty, rotten hands on the results (hopefully).

One must ask how this genetic screening data will be used. Will parents be told your child is “at risk for” x, y, and you must see specialist a, b, and c...who will prescribe drugs k, l, and m...and failure to do any of the above will result in CPS knocking on your door for neglect and abuse. Additionally, your child’s data will most likely be used without your knowledge or consent. Furthermore, it is possible that your child’s results could be used to deny insurance down the line, or restrict job opportunities, or who knows what else in these terrible and tyrannical times in which we find ourselves.

Want to avoid the train wreck for your child? Work to avoid any and all ways we are currently being poisoned and harmed, from vaccines, to toxic herbicides and pesticides, to fluoridated water, to “Smart” meters, 5G, and cell towers, to routine ultrasounds during pregnancy, to genetically modified and heavily processed “foods”, to amalgams and fluoride treatments, to toxic cleaners, and on and on the list goes.

Step off the tracks of “standard of care”.


In most cases, autism is believed to be caused by a combination of genetic predisposition and environmental triggers. If autism risk could be identified at birth, we may have a better shot at preventing the consequences of environmental stress before behavioral symptoms become visible


This is like the airline industry developing a test for customers, to determine who among them are genetically predisposed NOT to survive a plane crash.

The reason airtravel is so safe, is that the airline industry DOESN'T engage is this kind of nonsense. They choose instead, to ensure that air travel is made as safe as humanly possible. And that when something does go wrong, the reasons for it are investigated quickly, and honestly.

Vaccines cause the form of vaccine injury know as autism. Doctors know this, and they knew it long before they used them to injure many of our children.

The only thing missing here, is honesty. Doctors need to be honest with themselves about what they know vaccines are doing. And then they have to be honest with the parents.

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