Study Says Parents Fail to Notice Regression 98% of the Time
Laurel Yanny Has Autism

Homeschoolers In ProVaxxer Crosshairs for Abuse While Rotenberg School Electrocutes Students with State Approval

© Provided by Hearst Communications, Inc In this booking mug released Monday, May 14, 2018, by the Solano County Sheriff's Office is Jonathan Allen. Police said Monday they had removed 10 children from a squalid California home and charged their father with torture and their mother with neglect after an investigation revealed a lengthy period of severe physical and emotional abuse. The children range from 4 months to 12 years old, said Fairfield police Lt. Greg Hurlbut. The father, Jonathan Allen, 29, faces felony charges of torture and child abuse and the 30-year-old mother Ina Rogers faces child neglect charges. She was arrested March 31 and released after posting $10,000…

Follow the money.   No one at AofA condones any sort of abuse of children.  Period. But as California has created an Orwellian vaccination system, articles targeting home schoolers like this one will become the media rage.   Take a look at this photo. Does this look like a "homeschooling Dad" to you? Is that the headline you would write?  This arrest isn't about homeschooling.

Children Allegedly Tortured - MSN

Meanwhile, in my home state of Massachusetts, the Rotenberg school, named after a Judge with whom my own Dad played golf at Highland Country Club (he used a footwedge, according to my Dad, think Judge Smails) they use ELECTRO SHOCK as an aversive conditioning behavior strategy with full knowledge and funding of the many states who send children there. Even the parents know their kids may be shocked while in the program.

But home schoolers are dangerous in that they slip out of state control. They are autonomous. Are all h0me schoolers terrific teachers? Nope. Are they all gang banger monsters? No.  But you can bet your bottom dollar (and most of us autism families are hanging onto our bottom dollar for dear life) that you'll hear about every single story of abuse, just like every case of measles or chicken pox.   It serves the agenda. Increase vaccination and decrease medical choice.







Thanks Grace and Aimee,your comments highlight the" Acute Staff Training Deficiency" there still is for people living with your situation and the lack of appreciation of the difficulties you must be constantly dealing with and navigating your way around the "Smelly Stuff" ie Staff Ignorance etc.
Good TV viewing and very good presentors on spring watch /autum watch .
See Chris Packham and me -Humans often fail . RadioTimes Jan 2018 .
Chris Packham gives a very good description of what " S-O-S ! symptom of swamping of the senses in a supermarket must be like for people living with this dificulty.
Is the whole AUTISM medical terminology and DSM Labels "Tosh" being too overtly fluffy and far too overtly vague to of much use at all ,needing a good shake up ! with better descriptive definitions of how individuals are impacted /affected with this condition?
Eg How many different types of Arthritis is there?
Arthritis Foundation -Types of Arthritis -How many A to Z!
I doubt very much that Rheumatology Departments and Rheumatology Doctors would put up with classification description Chaos !and tosh medical terminology for their patients under a heading of
"Arthritis Spectrum Disorder!" It would cause discription chaos for people living with arthrits ,for sure !

Aimee Doyle

@Grace - thanks for your responses. I appreciate your comments on this site. I always learn a lot from you. I know that life is far from easy wherever one is on the spectrum.

And when I talk abut NDers, I don't really mean it personally. And I certainly don't mean to attack you. I am just very frustrated by the way the ND movement (at least here in the US) has co-opted autism organizations, redirected research for cure, painted autism as a "gift" and a "difference" and ignored the very real disability that the majority of those on the spectrum experience.


FYI, the convictions of Canadian couple David and Collett Stephan for "failing to provide the necessaries of life" for their son Ezekiel have been overturned by the Supreme Court of Canada.

Here's the defense application:

Grace Green

Aimee, forgive me. I don't mean to have a go at you every time you raise this issue! I'm not expressing very well, that I feel for both types of suffering by these two parts of the autism "community". The cause of both is the same, as we know. My experience of high-functioning autism is that we seem intelligent, and healthy, but the truth is very different. And we are easily duped by the vaccine propagandists. I believe it would be good to reach out to the neurodiverse lot, but I agree with you, it's far from easy. I don't really have the answer to how we do it.

Grace Green

Hi Aimee, thanks for giving such a comprehensive response to my comment. I do agree with your position with regard to autism and how to address the day to day challenges. This is a very difficult one. I myself have experienced much of the type of situations that the neurodiverse people complain of. Not being understood, or accepted; the "higher functioning" one is the less people understand that you have a real disability. I think when they say they want to be accepted the way they are, they mean we should be allowed to rock or whatever without being electrocuted! Even some of the other treatments I've seen recommended here, like ABA, I find very authoritarian, and lacking the understanding that autism is a medical condition. Another point, the NDs might be playing down the level of their disability out of a survival instinct. It used to be thought, for example, that goats don't feel pain. I've kept goats and they do feel pain, they just don't show it so that their predators won't have the advantage.
Remember too that one of our deficits is the inability to understand another's language, or their thoughts, and this makes communication so difficult. I do understand it must be very painful for you when they make comments like that to you. I'm afraid I'm not doing much myself to try to communicate with them, I've found them very difficult in the past! But I can't help feeling there's a big misunderstanding and it would help us all if only we could better it. So I suppose I'm saying I can see a little bit of both sides, and that the NDs are being successfully hoodwinked by Big Pharma's propaganda.


Where are they now,after Care in The Community Act 1990 ? Abandoned Mental Health Hospital "Merchiston"- Scotland UK youtube . Carrick Cottage showing very specific NHS shade blue padded walls for wallpaper . Care or Containment? Some residents next stop Carstairs State Mental Hospital. Merchiston Hospital average cottage/ward 26 residents 5 staff ,one registered nurse and 4 nursing assistants if lucky . Some good ,some bad ,some hard as nails, and rough and tough as get out,and that's only a retrospective review of the nursing officers day to day performance/ presentation,/perception! Lots of discarded yellow sharps boxes left .Unwanted paraldehyde injections . too caustic,corrosive and toxic for plastic syringes "glass only" ones. But considered "Safe and Effective " to be administered to a person with learning disabilities or learning difficulties hin-end?
See electric shock collars -The Kennel Club . Brutal/barbaric enhanced behaviour modification techniques . Banned for dogs ,but used on people? Surplus of "Shock collars now available for a new random controlled trial . Some medical,judiciary,political ,perceptions definately meet the entry criteria ! The New Visceral ,Vicious ,Pain Perception Trial eg Does this "Shock" pain feel more or less than "A Bee Sting " after a wee,medium or a large ZAPP! to their visible /non visible appendages attached to their Professional Codes of Conduct . For advocating a short course in death prescription? through Zapping ! Who the heck trained some of these clowns? Health and Social Care Leadership from "Guantanimo Bay" ,Health Board perhaps ?
The video clip in the article -Were this lads parents ,who did not observe "The Scock Treatment Administration" taking place told . "Your son must accept "All Treatment as Reccomended or None At ALL" The "ALL or Nothing Policy, Procedures and Prescription Manual " Which is NOT documented in the official professional manual itself ! Professional Codes of Conduct getting line up " For The High jump " With Codes of Conduct and professional qualifications not in the right line of work let alone in the right job with the perception of a power of authority to abuse their position of power if they so choose! Codes of Conduct and professional credentials "Heading off tae hell in a handbasket" Best place for them and definately in the public's "BEST INTERESTS " as well"

Aimee Doyle

@Grace - You said that, "However, I think the neurodiverse movement would be totally opposed to this centre of torture, and that's why they are asking to be accepted as they (we) are." You also said "I think it would be great if we could find what we have in common with the neurodiverse advocates, and together we would be a stronger force for change." Agree with you on both points.

I've read that the neurodiversity is very opposed to what happens at the Rotenberg Center - and I'm totally with them on that - I think the Center should be shut down today. I agree that it's torture and absolutely wrong whether a student is at the Center for severe autism or milder behaviors like handflapping.

I also agree that we should find common ground and work with the neurodiversity community, but here's my problem. I've found that the members of the neurodiversity movement (because of my position on cure and treatment) don't want to work with me. I've been called a "curebie" and told that I "don't love" my son, and that my son's aggressive, self-injurious, and destructive behaviors in adolescence were my fault because I didn't "love and accept his autism." Many in the ND community are also very pro-vax. So not sure how to bridge that gap. Do you have ideas?

I do think there's a lot we can agree on - proper supports and services, elimination of seclusion and restraints, reduction of the over-reliance on pharmaceutical drugs to control behavior, and of course, acceptance. I certainly wouldn't force a cure or treatment on anyone who didn't want that, or force parents to implement a particular treatment or therapy. But I would like the option of cure, treatment, and therapy (and research toward same) to be available to those who want it. Just like cochlear implants should be available for deaf individuals who want them. But the neurodiversity movement seems to want to deny cure to everyone - even adults with autism who would like a cure.
And I haven't seen a lot of outreach from the NDers to those who are different or hold different views (ironically).

I have no issue with accepting individuals with HFA/Aspergers - but I would like them to accept that my reality, my son's reality, and the reality of many who are not at the functional end of the spectrum is very different from theirs, and that the same solutions won't work for everyone. I haven't seen that acceptance.


So according to the mother, the police pulled the house apart and then the cameras came in to blame the mess on the her and her husband. Would their yard be so pristine, mulch and all, if they were living in filth? Does that make sense? If she had so much to hide, would she call the police (on herself) after her son was missing for 2 hours? Children rebel and sometimes they make stuff up. Sometimes they don't realize that they are being led and fed a narrative. They were only living in that house for a year. Who knows what the circumstances were that the neighbors didn't see them. Do all the neighbors work during the day so they aren't home? Did the family spend weekends at Grandmas house? Are the neighbors just being judgmental? I know you can't judge by a photo, but you know, eyes being the mirror of the soul and all, this father does not look like a bad man to me. He looks like a victim. Mother gets $10,000 bail and pays it and father gets $5.2 million bail. Does that make sense?

Loraine Fishel

There are a lot of people who truly do not understand what their loved one's problems are about. Some of the comments above are better written than I could ever hope to compose. Aimee Doyle's comment stated what I was thinking when I heard the dialog of the parents of the young man eating pizza. These parents never found what I feel is reasonable treatment for their child. I find the whole thing so sad. It is so hard for me an autism Mom to find peace in the age of autism.
There are probably many who would not like what I tried to do for my son Kevin. Actually, I wish I myself wish had had better advise and definitely better help for my son's problems. I spend a lot of time thinking about how bad things were when I was truly struggling with helping my son. It is so sad we don't know what we don't know. I tell my self to try to let it go. I can't seem to forgive myself for so many things. So, I am not going to judge these people who's medical system and society in general so miserably failed them. They have trusted people who lied to them again and again. They lied knowingly. There are people who do not care at all what happens to others. The director of this "school" needs to be stopped now. Compassionate people need to stop her from committing torture. I think the law will stop this. Then again, I have been wrong most of the time about what I think would be the reasonable thing to happen. I am going to give this one to God to work on.

Grace Green

Aimee, I agree with the position of AoA that autism is medical, and usually caused by vaccines. However, I think the neurodiverse movement would be totally opposed to this centre of torture, and that's why they are asking to be accepted as they (we) are. The fact that a child would be electrocuted for rocking or hand flapping shows the desire of neurotypicals to make us all the same, for no real reason. I think it would be great if we could find what we have in common with the neurodiverse advocates, and together we would be a stronger force for change.


I probably received a half a dozen e-mails from the IACC during YanniLaurel awareness month proclaiming a stunning IACC accomplishment worthy of note that Julia of Sesame Street is pivotal to finding the causes and cures of autism. Plans are for Julia to do some head banging so she can wear an electrical backpack for shock therapy, so that this intervention will be normalized. PBS Sesame Street leading the way.


Their goal is truly horrific, medical kidnapping, child trafficking, God knows what horrors. Look up Nancy Schaefer and what she uncovered in regards to CPS.

Aimee Doyle

@Pharmster - "the truth is that treatment options are so limited and parents are so desperate that ECT (eletroconvulsive therapy) is now seeing a revival and is increasingly used on autistic children."

Agreed. The Rotenberg Center practices torture on vulnerable kids. Unfortunately, the Rotenberg Center has its share of parents and lawmakers who support it. There are VERY few options for severely autistic children who are aggressive and self-injurious and destructive. Parents are desperate and when they hear that some children have been "helped" (I'm not so sure they have, but that's the spin) they will sign up. Or parents may just have no idea what to do and so blindly follow any recommendation from an "expert."

It is unfortunate that the neurodiversity movement has promoted autism in such a positive light - difference not disability! Due to the influence of the movement, research on treatment and therapy has flatlined. Research toward cure is nonexistent. My son was diagnosed in 1994 and we've done every treatment out there for autism but I haven't seen anything new for more than a decade.

David Weiner

Anyone here following the movement to promote "free range parenting"?

I don't think they have delved into vaccines, but the movement itself is encouraging in that they are promoting parental rights.

Dr Suzanne Humphries

Eating wheat and chemical laden pizza and then shock to control behavior. They need to get with a nutritional program for better results than shocking. What dangerous morons.

Angus Files

They have a way with words Laura I must say.Its as if your missing some hard to get an invite to social event if you don`t get them vaccinated.As I write `Mr Adverse` dancing past my eyes with his shorts and sunglasses on sunning himself on a beach somewhere whilst some child is getting into autism.

"The overwhelming medical evidence finds that most vaccine side effects among newborns and young children are mild—swelling, redness and a small, hard lump at the site of the injection—and typically pass within a couple of days."

.I remember 5 years ago ,my older son was in his teens and he thought of getting a tatoo In my wiz dumb I Iooked it up thinking to myself¬if this was good for you MSN wouldnt have every celeb dancing about with tatoos`-and rightly so, mercury etc in the ink(no conspiracy then).I just had to mention to my son "there`s mercury in the tatoo ink" job done.Fast forward, now aged 23 and he still hasn`t got a tattoo...cruel parent that I am.

Pharma For Prison

Laura Hayes


One more thing: There is no meaningful discussion permitted during hearings in CA, as we saw during hearings for AB2109 and SB277. Citizens are only permitted to state their name and whether they are for or against. Those testifying against legislation that has been introduced are told they will have a certain amount of time, which is always cut in the 11th hour. Questions by legislators are almost totally directed to those testifying in support of the legislation, giving them a hugely disproportionate amount of time as compared to the opposition. Opposition is often interrupted (think Mary Holland's testimony against SB277) and/or cut off completely by legislators. When a challenging question to those supporting the legislation is asked, the person answering often does not answer the question that was asked, and is permitted to shirk the question completely (think Pan again and again and again...he almost always goes off on some bizarre and unrelated topic, and is never called to task, or made to answer the question asked).

Don't know what it is going to take to rouse Californians to rebel.


As the vaccine industry's goal of separating children from any semblance of any individual legal guardianship becomes realized, the most vulnerable, abused and refugee children, will be the most exploited.

Laura Hayes


CA is a unique state, in the worst of ways. It is next to impossible to meet with your legislators unless you are a lobbyist with a big bank account backing you. If you are able to schedule an appointment, it is most often with "a staffer", often a volunteer college intern who has no understanding of the issues at hand, who doesn't usually take notes, yet is somehow going to convey your message to the legislator. Additionally, that which CA citizens send in writing most likely ends up in their circular files. Often, legislators' votes have been purchased in advance, favors are owed to corporate sponsors, lobbyists, and other legislators, and citizens' concerns and input are of little to no consequence. Plus, we have a huge democratic majority, and that majority is all about the state having control over its citizens..."government knows what is best for you and your children" and "no such thing as too much government intrusion, stripping of rights, or taxation". And when you have a state as large as CA, making it to the Capitol in person is a real challenge...not that you will be able to meet with your "representatives" anyway!

Only a handful of us fought AB499 and AB2109 (and I mean that literally). More people came out to oppose SB277 (a number of whom were controlled opposition), but it didn't matter...the votes had been cast (bought) prior to the hearings.

And when you try to contact the CDPH or Attorney General's office here in CA, you are greeted by endless phone trees that don't result in talking to a real human. They don't want to be contacted by mere citizens, and they ensure that they aren't.

It is a sorry state of affairs here in CA, and as elsewhere, the vaccine profiteers' propaganda machine has done an excellent job of brainwashing the majority here with the messages that: vaccines are safe, effective, and needed; they have been thoroughly tested and ethically approved, and there are virtually no other products that match their excellent safety and efficacy profiles (!); the unvaccinated are huge threats to everybody; doctors would never do anything that harmed their patients; the CDPH cares about public health; legislators put the health and well-being of Californians at the forefront; parents have no business making their child's healthcare decisions; home schooling parents are a dangerous bunch and regularly neglect and abuse their children; and, medical "experts" and the government know best!

Sigh, a sorry state of affairs here in CA...with the other 49 states not far behind us.


the truth is that treatment options are so limited and parents are so desperate that ECT (eletroconvulsive therapy) is now seeing a revival and is increasingly used on autistic children.

Sedation and eletroshocks could be the future in a society where biomedical therapies are seen as sinful.

Frederic Chopin

"Neighbors said they had no idea so many children were living in the house, where they were home-schooled and mostly kept out of sight."

Now that could be proof the press is part of the global conspiracy, but it could also just be the reporter explaining why no one else knew what was going on while 10 children "suffered puncture wounds, burns and injuries consistent with being shot with a pellet gun or BB gun".

Hans Litten

Posted by: Laura Hayes | May 17, 2018 at 10:34 AM

Did you see the pictures from Ireland ?
Of the motorway protests against Gardasil ?
In think there is mileage in this ? (excuse the poor pun)

Hans Litten

Posted by: Laura Hayes | May 17, 2018 at 10:34 AM

Where is the opposition in California ?
Like there is in Italy & Poland ?

Is the Fluoride ?

Laura Hayes


Got to love how Scientific American can somehow comprehend the dangers of tattoos:

but are completely blind to those of vaccines:

Clearly, Big Pharma is a far superior funder of SA than Big Ink!

Laura Hayes

Glad you posted this, Kim. Just like the release of the article about the Turpin Family was 1 week before new bills for 2018 in CA were introduced, which then included 2 bills going after homeschooling, this story comes right on the heels of new CDPH vaccine-related regulations, which they are permitted to generate willy-nilly due to the language inserted in SB277. As CA government officials continue to cinch the noose of forced vaccination for all CA children, and now also for most CA college students, they will go after homeschoolers again soon. And this time, if/when they succeed, costly and difficult-to-obtain MEs will be even more challenging to obtain, due to the new CDPH regulations, and these new regulations include additional vaccine requirements to boot.

What I stated in my first rally speech opposing SB277 is frighteningly close to becoming a reality in CA (I am referring to what I said beginning at the 2:08 mark):

It should be noted that my speech was written and delivered before homeschoolers were excluded from the requirements of SB277, which required an addendum and was then referred to as a “carve-out” for homeschoolers. They won’t be excluded for much longer unless there is some type of cataclysmic change in CA. Clearly, this article shows they are gearing up again to go after homeschoolers. The false narrative of “horrible homeschools” will become a frequent news topic (much/all of which will no doubt be contrived), and the CA legislators will be “forced” to act on it, by putting an end to “dangerous” homeschooling to “protect” children, forcing them into “safe and effective” (!) schools where they will be required with virtually no exception to be injected with an ever-growing number of “safe and effective” vaccines.

The evil ones are so transparent, yet, the majority of Californians can’t see or fathom their evil machinations.

Gary Ogden

The good news from California is that the Assembly bill targeting home-schoolers didn't make it out of committee. The bad news is that after this, it may come back. Meanwhile, the public schools (and private schools) continue to perpetuate the fairy tale.

Angus Files

The Bible says through Isaiah the prophet:

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

Hells waiting for them all torturing the kids like that.

Tatoos - has anyone told them they use mercury in the ink to stop infection...lots Offit

Pharma For Prison


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