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Group Demands Release of List of Children Vaccinated with Dengvaxia

DengvaxiaNote: Imagine this feet to the fire scenario in the United States of Pharmerica?

May. 23, 2018

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – The children advocacy group Salinlahi on Tuesday hit the Department of Health (DOH) for its refusal to release into public the list of names of children who were vaccinated with Dengvaxia from 2016 until 2017.

In a statement released to the media, Salinlahi Secretary General Eule Rico Bonganay said DOH insisted the issue on privacy when it declined to make public the list of names in a recent deliberation on the budget for Dengvaxia victims in the House of Representatives.

“The DOH should consider that many children were vaccinated without the consent of their parents, it is important to release the master list for the people to effectively monitor their children,” Bonganay pointed out.

He argued that the DOH must not use the privacy issue as it will hinder the people in protecting their children amidst the public health disaster caused by Dengvaxia vaccination.

The House approved during the deliberation the proposed P1.16 billion medical support fund for Dengvaxia victims.

Salinlahi noted down that a total of 87 children who were given at least a dose of Dengavaxia vaccine already died.

Despite the debacle, the government continues to reject proposals of releasing the names of those children vaccinated.

It is also difficult to verify the number of children who are now experiencing health problems after receiving Dengvaxia vaccine sans the master list, Bonganay stressed.

“The Dengvaxia budget deliberation exposes the rotting public health situation in the Philippines, it is enraging that it costs the lives of 87 children and put the lives of about 900,000 children in danger for the government to tackle these issues. With or without Dengvaxia, public health care must be prioritized by the state!” the statement added.  Read more here.


Andrew Joseph Fenton

Funny didn't take the time to get permission from the children's parents.

Jeannette Bishop

Apologies for some more painfully poor proof-reading!

Jeannette Bishop

Is this an instance of original antigenic sin? And on an aside, I'm trying to figure out is dengue fever something you don't develop life-long immunity to naturally (so you might want to get vaccinated after having experienced a natural infection)? Or is this vaccine one that is clearly worse than useless (for those who consider vaccine largely antibody only immunity useful in some cases). I was thinking that if dengue is mosquito born then injection via mosquito (or clearly vaccine I guess) post first infection might have sometimes cause an anaphylactic-like reaction? Is that why dengue is concerning and if so, it doesn't seem like vaccination is going to change anything?

I believe it's also from the Philippines (way back, but really from U.S. policy)--but I'm not certain-- where the introduction of smallpox vaccination was followed by a smallpox epidemic with higher mortality in the vaccinated? The first well-documented instance of OAS maybe? But they go on to use the vaccine to "eradicate" smallpox anyway, probably really on its way "out" or down in a natural decline (we still have monkey pox, etc)--I wonder if they were only increasing the risk of those they "ring vaccinated" in quarantine, but they had the insidious correlation of vaccine use with the decline that way, and they had the correlation of disease exposure to blame on bad outcomes that may have been due to the vaccine.

Further, isn't the Phillippines where did they first discovered "accidentally" (nevermind publications actually discussing this as an anti-fertility formula) contaminated with HCG anti-tetanus vaccines back in the 1970s?

bob moffit

Slightly off topic a bit .. but .. just like it will be difficult to verify the number of children who are now experiencing health problems after receiving Dengvaxia vaccine .. so too will it be difficult to verify the number of children who used this product.

The FDA issued warnings regarding Orajel .. a popular over-the-counter "medication" for infants to reduce discomfit associated with "teething" process. I remember using this product on my own children .. 50 years ago .. and .. suddenly the FDA has learned it can be dangerous to any and all that use it???? I would think this particular FDA warning would be all over mainstream news .. if so .. I haven't seen the coverage.

In any event .. that the FDA allowed this popular product to be used for so many years .. suggests the FDA is either incompetent or worse.


Hans Litten

Educated people produced this twaddle !


Anti-vaxxer parents? They're just trying to fit in, UWA study says

The UWA School of Social Science study, published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, was compiled after interviews with 32 parents, including 12 who had never vaccinated their children.

Researchers found decisions around vaccinations were linked to food, school choices and birth practices; parents who shunned vaccines were more often in favour of organic foods, Montessori or Steiner schools, and their social groups provided support and advice on health professionals who would sign Conscientious Objector forms so government benefits could be accessed without vaccinating.

The study also revealed parents who accepted vaccine science and vaccinated their children were more likely to stay quiet about their actions for fear of being ostracised. (nonsense - lies)

Angus Files

Good news and bad news for paharma hopefully it will inflict damage on Pharma as Pharma has inflicted on all for too long.


Former Obama administration officials blast Trump's proposed health budget cuts

The Trump administration's proposed 2018 budget cuts billions from public health and biomedical research programs.

The budget, which was released Tuesday, takes drastic spending cuts to agencies within the Department of Health and Human Services. Almost immediately, the proposed budget drew criticism, including from former heads of those agencies.

Here are some of the biggest cuts the agencies within the HHS are facing:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - 17%

Pharma For Prison


bob moffit

All laws seeking to guarantee patient's "privacy" .. also provide the same guaranteed "privacy" for the pharmaceutical/public health bureaucracies .. such as in this instance .. the DOH in the Philippines refusing to disclose the names of those children who received Denvaxia without the permission of their parents.

It is difficult to answer the question .. who benefits most from HIPPA laws .. patients or those treating them. If parents are unable to learn if THEIR child received Denvaxia .. how in the world are they supposed to monitor their child for potential health problems?

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