Frustration Lasts Long After April
If You Knew a Train Was Coming, Would You Get Off The Tracks?

Gates Foundation Buys Cochrane Collaboration Group

StrawNote: From The Alliance for Human Research Protection (AHRP.) AHRP  is a national network of lay people and professionals dedicated to advancing responsible and ethical medical research practices, to minimizing the risks associated with such endeavors and to ensuring that the human rights, dignity and welfare of human subjects are protected.

This may be the last straw in dissolving the illusion of scientific integrity in reviews published by the Cochrane Collaboration group.

With a $1.15 million “donation” – chicken feed for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – they have purchased the Cochrane seal of “science-based reviews”. The medical literature has been corrupted at its core.

Medicine is and has been for a long time, the domain of Big Pharma, and Big Government with the acquiescence of the medical academic institutions.

For those of you who are under the illusion that the purpose of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and its financial “donations” is about philanthropy and the good of society, please, examine some of the empirical evidence that I have gathered documenting the contrary at:
Betrayal of Public Trust & Institutional Corruption: Vaccine Safety Ratings & Vaccine Science Falsified

The insidious influence of the Gates agenda is in evidence. For example, the just released purported “systemic review” of the HPV vaccine by the Cochrane:
Prophylactic Vaccination Against Human Papillomaviruses to Prevent Cervical Cancer and its Precursors
by Marc Arbyn, Lan Xu, Cindy Simoens and Perre PL Martin-Hirsch

The authors claim “We judged most included trials to be at low risk of bias” – is an oxymoronic statement, inasmuch as they concede that “all but one [study was] funded by vaccine manufacturers”.

ALL industry funded studies are designed to protect the company’s financial investment. That is THE overriding primary bias. In vaccine clinical trials in particular, there is a built-in bias; namely, the comparator arm.

The so-called “placebo-controlled” comparative vaccine studies do not use a genuine placebo. They include an adjuvant such as aluminum or mercury in the so-called “placebo” comparators both of which generate serious adverse effects. They use these adjuvants precisely in order to mask the serious risks posed by vaccines.

Next, the repeated claim that the HPV vaccine “prevents cervical cancer… There is high-certainty evidence that HPV vaccines protect against cervical precancer in adolescent girls and young women aged 15 to 26.” These are knowingly false statements.

The Cochrane reviewers acknowledge that the “Studies were not large enough or of sufficient duration to evaluate cervical cancer outcomes.” Cervical cancer doesn’t show up until many, many years later in women in their 50s. In fact, the study did not last long enough to ascertain whether it prevents cancer or any other disease.

The authors’ claim “We did not find an increased risk of serious adverse effects. Although the number of deaths is low overall, there were more deaths among women older than 25 years who received the vaccine. The deaths reported in the studies have been judged not to be related to the vaccine.”

The Cochrane Collaboration is indeed collaborating with its financial sponsors/ donators. Its “systematic review” of the MMR, aluminum and the HPV are a mockery of its claim to the source of “Trusted evidence. Informed decisions. Better health.”

Independent scientists who reject the financially profitable medical dogma have been reduced to publishing under pseudonyms for fear of reprisal!

Read more at AHRP here.


Sandra Villarreal

Remember this? ✔ @realDonaldTrump ‘Now that Ken Frazier of Merck Pharma has resigned from President's Manufacturing Council, he will have more time to LOWER RIPOFF DRUG PRICES!’ (Then hands Merk the sole contract.)

Massive HPV Vaccination Plan for the U.S.
Published November 14, 2018 | The American Cancer Society (ACS) has set an aggressive goal to achieve an 80 percent uptake rate among American children with two doses human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine by 2026. To gain that coverage, 14 million more preteen children would need to complete the two-dose series, for a total of 57.62 million doses above and beyond the number of vaccinations given to date.1 HPV vaccine is one of the most expensive vaccines on the CDC recommended childhood vaccine schedule, costing a pricey $168 to $204 per dose, with Merck being the sole producer of HPV vaccine (Gardasil) in the U.S.2 (Extremely harmful & deadly vaccine. Psychiatric drug pushing is raging out of control.)

Jeannette Bishop

Gates still welcome in Africa?

Hans Litten

& I say this is a mass sterilisation exercise (& nothing else):
Asian people are most likely to be adversely affected !
Global Clearances underway,

280 Million HPV Vaccines Have Been Administered Worldwide

Around the world, cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer in women.
However, in countries with lower incomes, the effect is even greater. 25% of the cervical cancer cases each year worldwide are in India. Rates of this cancer are much higher in most Asian countries — in fact, it’s the second most common cancer among women throughout most of Asia.

One of the reasons cervical cancer cases develop in lower- or middle-income countries is that they don’t have as much access to HPV vaccines.
HPV, a virus about half of the U.S. currently has, can lead to cervical cancer.

However, there are some strains of HPV that are less likely to do so, as well as high-risk strains that are more likely. The vaccine protects against specific strains of HPV and, in conjunction with routine screenings, can help decrease the number of cases of cervical cancer around the world.

The vaccine is already lowering HPV rates in the U.S., which is why it’s been recommended since 2006. But there is also a strong push to increase access to the HPV vaccination beyond wealthy western countries.

As of now, more than 280 million vaccines have been administered worldwide. These vaccines have a good safety profile and minimal adverse effects. While it’s not been proven to protect against certain HPV strains, the vaccine, with its good safety profile and minimal adverse effects, has been very effective for those who received it between the ages of 9 and 14.

Grace Green

Hans, they're shifting the goalposts and hoping younger generations aren't aware of their previous location. Everyone of the present grandparent generation will remember that one in ten children didn't become a medical emergency after a vaccination. I find it incomprehensible that any parent would think that an acceptable risk for their child, given that any risk of cancer (even if that were true) would not occur until much later in life. Who wouldn't rather postpone the risk? They could also do a little research in the meantime.

Hans Litten

How did the Cochrane Collaborators miss this in their extensive study ?

SHOCK STUDY: Ten percent of Canadian females receiving HPV vaccines are sent to Emergency Rooms... scientists declare rate to be 'low' for vaccines

Hans Litten

All made up I suppose Double Decker ? Freddy ?

According to news reports, 4,000 families refused to administer their children with OPV last month in the Punjab area due to fear of the adverse effects of the vaccine, which can cause vaccine strain polio paralysis.

Three infants, ages one month to one year old, are reported to have died in Shaheen Muslim Town in Peshwar, Pakistan after receiving the inactivated polio vaccine (IPV). Family members said that the health of the children gradually deteriorated after being injected with the vaccine. News reports state that five other children were also adversely affected after getting IPV shots.1 2


Pharmster; interesting articles.

So you agree that the Bill and Gates foundation paid
$850 000 to the Cochrane Group,
You know that the Bill and Gates foundation exists for one purpose, per their website,
which is vaccine promotion and delivery,

Don't you feel that if the close to a million dollars donation meant nothing to the Cochrane Group, and could never influence them, ( as you suggest in what could be considered your own version of a "conspiracy theory"), then they should have refused it if they were planning on releasing a study that resulted in promoting the safety of vaccines?


Hans Litten

Now this is a very interesting development indeed.
Could this be related to the passing of sb277 I wonder ?

A Republican running for office in California’s 37th congressional district is sounding the alarm about some shocking information he recently uncovered concerning the gross misuse of taxpayer dollars by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Ron Bassilian, an information technology (IT) guru who specializes in Microsoft’s Exchange enterprise email solution software, has offered up solid proof that the CDC knowingly diverted at least $3 million in taxpayer funding to leftist groups that have nothing to do with science.

Back in 2014, Representative Karen Bass, a Democratic congresswoman from California, was seen handing over a giant $3 million check to a local group known as the South Los Angeles Healthcare Organizing Project that claims to advocate for improving the health of the poor. And emblazoned on the check as the payer was none other than the CDC.



"We do not accept commercial or conflicted funding — this is vital for us to generate authoritative and reliable information, produced by people who can work freely, unconstrained by commercial and financial interests."

WHO and Gates foundation are viewed as neutral not-for-profit, they are not commerical funding. They could not accept funding from Merck. Gates or WHO money is clean.

Do you think it is impossible for funding to influence policy? You are misinformed. You can buy yourself influence even in NGOs and IGOs.

Here are examples, you would probably call this a "conspiracy theory" if Age of Autism reported that but in this case it is from the New York Times and the Government of India.

"-A group backed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that works on India’s immunization programs will now be partially funded by the health ministry, a government official said, a move in part prompted by fears foreign donors could influence policy making."

"In a memorandum, the chief of the malaria program, Arata Kochi, complained to his boss, Margaret Chan, the director general of WHO, that the foundation's money, while crucial, could have "far-reaching, largely unintended consequences.""

"There have been hints in recent months that the World Health Organization feels threatened by the growing power of the Gates Foundation"

"Nonetheless, Kochi wrote, although it was "less and less straightforward" that the health agency should recommend it, the agency's objections were met with "intense and aggressive opposition" from Gates-backed scientists and the foundation. The WHO, he wrote, needs to "stand up to such pressures and ensure that the review of evidence is rigorously independent of vested interests."

"Through the sheer size of their grant-making, personal networking and active advocacy, large global foundations have played an increasingly active role in shaping the agenda-setting and funding priorities of international organisations and governments."

In the end they do depend on funding like everyone else.

Hans Litten

ME protesters gather in London – (many of them know it was the vaccines !!!)
Another fake Ebola Outbreak in the Congo. What are they really up to ?

KINSHASA – The World Health Organization has obtained 4,000 doses of Ebola vaccine and is preparing for deployment in the Democratic Republic of Congo, its Africa director said on Sunday.
“We’re working on the deployment of these materials, especially readying the cold chain,” WHO Africa Director Matshidiso Moeti told Reuters by telephone. “The start date of the vaccinations will depend on this deployment.”

John Stone


It really is time to find some other tack than everything being “a conspiracy theory”. I don’t know whether pharmster is incorrect in saying that the WHO used to be the major funder of Cochrane. If we look at the present situation from the link you provided we have at the top U.K. NIHR which is a collaboration between the NHS and industry, the NIH (which owns HPV vaccine patents) and the Australian government! I am sure actually there are researchers in Cochrane who aspire to intellectual independence but also hard not to pretend that there will not be strings anyway. Indeed, I can see that genuinely independent funding for them is a serious problem. That might change, I suppose, if you had a billionaire or two that wanted to fund independent science, but perhaps that is not how you become and remain a billionaire. There tends to be a link in my experience between standing up for truth and poverty.


Pharmster here's a link to the funding sources for the Cochrane Collaboration: and note the headline statement We do not accept commercial or conflicted funding — this is vital for us to generate authoritative and reliable information, produced by people who can work freely, unconstrained by commercial and financial interests.

Of course the Gate's donation finished over 12 months ago Project work funded by this grant will run from September 2016 to late February 2017, and project funds will be dispersed among many Cochrane Groups including the Child Health Field and the Pregnancy and Childbirth and Neonatal Review Groups.

You got any actual evidence for the conspiracy theory??


Cochrane used to be funded by the WHO and the WHO is funded by the Gates foundation so I guess it will not make much of a difference.

"There have been hints in recent months that the World Health Organization feels threatened by the growing power of the Gates Foundation. Some scientists have said privately that the foundation was "creating its own WHO.""


We've gotta protect our phoney baloney jobs ! blazing saddles youtube.
It's a new amalgamation of "Merchantile Maniacs on a Mission" Do they really think that's going to provide the "Economic Booster "The anti-dote for zero respect, for their failed, totally ,vaccine risk assessments ! With the cargo vaccine vessels ,by sea and by air loaded up and ready to ship out to "End User Destination" Our hin -ends ,Human and animal "Cash Cow" potential with factory-farmed style production line all set up and itching to go!
Scientifically and politically "Bought Out,Sold Out"lackeys galore . These tricksters,hucksters and swindlers with sleekit snake oil salesman techniques ,trying to sell folk "A Hope and A Promise " That all vaccines are safe and effective?would happily try and huff, puff, and bluff their way through a game of 21's blackjack using the scientific cheaters criteria and guidelines for Poker !
The gambler Kenny Rogers youtube Oh Help, don't shout help , shout Fire!
Teach the kids before 5yrs old that the lackey of a lackey always has been, and always will be, a hundred times worse than the servant of a servant!


"in the minds of those 100% committed to find conspiracy theories everywhere"

Are those who cry conspiracy, filled with seeds of doubt?....just future
people who choose not to vaccinate? Possibly become informed?
Soon to be pro-research, pro-science, pro-freedom?

Should be common knowledge, by now, health is not found in a needle.

@Angus and all

Eindecker may like the Bronfman's Ethical Science Foundation and Dr. Porter's studies as well.

Angus Files

Aye Linda and @angus and all .

A 3 card trick that has more credibility than Cochrane.Bill Gates just making his slight of hand legal now. I suppose he won`t change the name to Gates or Cochrane or Gates-Cochrane Institute .. dream on Angus, no chance, that would be honest.Sorry seeing a psycho through my eyes and how I would like to be treated and not how the psycho sees us and his end game coming to fruition... Population control or the forbidden word EUGENICS is part off his heritage, and computers are just a crime family smoke screen a front for the real family business

Eindecker taken your allegiance to the `Common Purpose Society` today?

Pharma For Prison


John Stone

Realistically, Cochrane have a long history of commenting accurately but selling us all down the river when drawing conclusions, notably with their reports on aluminium adjuvants in 2003 and MMR in 2005 - both contained enough observation on the state of the science to say we don’t know what we are doing when administering these products, but then said we should bang on regardless. Likewise there is plenty to tell us what is wrong with HPV vaccines in this week’s review, they just side-step the issues. They have been better on the ridiculous flu vaccine. Equally, they have never gone directly to industry for funding but they must have always had to go to sources closely allied with industry. We have always looked to them to produce scientifically interesting reports but never for fair play - they told us how bad the science was and recommended no change. As to getting a million and a quarter dollars from the Gates Foundation, it is the symptom rather than disease - but very well worth noting.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Pete | May 11, 2018 at 04:51 PM

In total agreement. Thanks for the reminder about the surprise fall in teenage pregnancy

Japan removed this Gardasil-filth from its schedule a few years back.
Does Cochrane have a Tokyo office ?

@Angus and all

It's sad, but so many enterprises seem to sell out to the highest bidder. I still think the truth can't be hidden because it is right in front of us. The children are sick and debilitated more each day.

david m burd

The most honest, accomplished viral/retroviral scientest in modern history, Phd-Dr. Peter Duesberg, has been on record for the last 12 years that the human papilloma virus (in all its varients) does NOT cause cervical cancer.

It's not complicated, just check out Duesberg's website, and all his writings.

Duesberg, along with Andrew Wakefield, are the paragons of honest medical knowledge.

Gary Ogden

Eindecker: The term "conspiracy theory" is a propaganda tool invented by the CIA to smear those who rightfully questioned the Warren Commission Report, which was the official narrative of the assassination of our beloved president, JFK. If you have a point to make, I suggest you use information and logic, and avoid meaningless tools such as this. Your use of the word "committed" does have relevance to this discussion, as all of us, every single sentient human, sees reality through the lens of our biases. However, when we take a cold, hard look at the available evidence, there simply is no doubt that vaccines, all of them, are not safe for some children. They do injure and kill some children. If you have read Anne Dachel’s posts over the past eighteen months, and you are not alarmed by the explosion of chronic neurological and auto-immune conditions in our children, then you are as much a monster as those who are perpetrating this holocaust. This is the worst national crisis we have ever faced as a nation, and our elected leaders are simply too cowardly to do anything about it.


"...apart from in the minds of those 100% committed to find conspiracy theories everywhere"


Angus Files

Eindecker follow the money, Gates buying Cochrane of course he did, what else happened?
Gates buying Cochrane is just not evil its super pure evil. Gates and his crime family born with no morals, no honesty, no integrity, no credibility so what does Gates do? he just goes out and buy`s somebody else’s and hopes nobody really notices ..the public and scientific community are really going to buy that one. Err NOT!

Pharma For Prison


susan welch

Eindecker, May I please put you straight on your theory that some of us are '100% committed to find conspiracy theory everywhere'?

Many of us started this nightmare innocently, vaccinating our children and we live with the consequences of that innocence. Since then we have discovered that data has been altered (CDC Whistleblower/Simpsonwood), that media distort truth (Andrew Wakefield - did you watch Highwire last night?), that scientists and doctors are afraid to speak the truth for fear of losing their livelihoods or worse and that science is now proving vaccines to be unsafe for many genetically vulnerable children who are unable to cope with the neurotoxic overload in the current vaccine schedule (Christopher Exley/Andrew Mawson and more)

As well as that, autism is increasing exponentially and the overall health of children has declined dramatically over the last 25 years or more.

What planet are you on?


Gates is interested in whitewashing the HPV vaccine because it is a vaccine being used to reduce female fertility, the real intention is nothing to do with HPV or cervical cancer, they are engineering the female herd to have less frequent periods and to go into early menopause.

Not long after the HPV vaccine program started we saw teenage pregnancies decline for the first time in decades. Bill Gates is a key player in the depopulation agenda, admitting on camera that he is using vaccines as a tool to reduce the population. His father was head of Planned Parenthood. Vaccines which Gates funded in Kenya were found to be contaminated with a sterilising agent.

The reason the HPV vaccine continues no matter how much harm it causes is because it is a tool of social engineering from those who own us at the top of the system; it is not to be debated by the serfs or plebs, after-all bringing good health is not its intended purpose.

The Elite have admitted they eventually want the world population down to under a billion, the so-called HPV jab is one of their key weapons to bring their plans to fruition.

Jeannette Bishop

Here's more "fake news:"

Not a peep worldwide (ok, I do remember the media quoting a statement, possibly from Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, that this vaccine recommendation is evidence the vaccine program no longer is looking out for the interests of infants) about the U.S. "recommending" a three shot series of this vaccine starting in newborns on only 4-5 days of "safety research"...they all by-and-large certainly seemed to be "breathing together" watching this uncontrolled experiment in infants, probably mostly with an eye on how much the U.S. could get away with in manipulating the immune system--along with the data, the way they have with vaccination at least as early as with the polio vaccine--in not clearly understood ways (but who cares we don't know what we're doing to babies, only know-nothing mothers maybe...we might score a success on paper, especially if we uniformly bully down and dismiss adverse first hand experience accounts) from the beginning. IOW global "conspiracy" ("breathing together") or at least global condoning, though likely nobody with waxed and twisted mustaches met together in smoky, dark back rooms exchanging wads of cash over it (if that is a necessary aspect for something to be dubbed a conspiracy), though about everyone involved probably felt it part of their job description to bring about another vaccine "success." It's actually worse, more appalling I think that the "medical science" community largely has condoned and remained professedly blinded--I'll give some of them often bullied into silence also--to all that has happened to our children out in the open.


The 2018 Cochrane budget is £7,300,000, sure £850,000 from Gates was nice to have but in no way was it "buying" the Cochrane collaboration, apart from in the minds of those 100% committed to find conspiracy theories everywhere


Collaboration of Cockroaches!

Angus Files

They just made the Cochrane hidden puppeteers legit!

Fake no more I think thats what where CHOP`s comment was going.

Pharma For Prison


Laura Hayes

Wondering why this is just coming to light now since the donation money was to be used from September 2016 to February 2017. Is it because the "studies" funded are just now being published?

In any event, corporate-bought "science" means more corporate-bought stories from the media regurgitating on a daily basis that the "science is settled" on anything and everything that benefits Pharma and their evil co-conspirators, leading to more dangerous lies always beginning with "scientific consensus says", leading to more public "health" mandates for all.

As much as Peter Gotzsche has been appreciated for his exposing Big Pharma for the Organized Crime business that it is (, he is inexplicably a supporter of the safety and efficacy of vaccines for children...which makes NO SENSE at all...and for me, greatly reduces (just about eliminates) his credibility. Here is an interview in which you can read about his support for vaccines for children:

Here is just a small excerpt revealing his inexcusable and somewhat unexplainable ignorance when it comes to vaccines (there is more should you read the entire interview):

MF (interviewer): OK. So should we apply this also to vaccines? Because many vaccines are against such benign diseases that their side effects are often much more harmful than the disease they should prevent? Like chickenpox, for example.

PCG (Peter Gotzsche): That is a strange comment. I am not aware that the vaccine against chickenpox is worse than the disease.

MF: Then you should read the package insert.

PCG: Well, no, you cannot weigh the benefits against the harm by reading the package insert. You need to study the science, and childhood vaccinations are usually very beneficial. For example, take vaccinations against measles or rubella… If you are pregnant and get a rubella infection, you might give birth to a deformed child, a seriously-harmed child with brain damage and so on. So there are many childhood vaccinations that are very very beneficial. And, well, we can say that the harm they might cause is small compared to the benefits. So I would not be in any doubt that my children should have their childhood vaccinations, which in fact they have had.

Talk about a blind spot!!!

John Stone

I don't suppose the £1m that Cochrane received from the Blair government in 2004 had fewer strings. Of course, they have to get their money in bits and pieces from somewhere - though not directly from pharma. But I guess it has always come to the same thing. In the end it comes from governments and foundations allied with the industry. So, it is dismaying but not so different.

Frederic Chopin

Fake news.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Linda1 | May 11, 2018 at 08:35 AM

I am wondering what all these vaccines are going to do to

1. future fertility outcomes
2. life expectancy's

Fairly certain they have little or nothing to do with Cervical Cancer.

I read a very good piece recently that suggested the only reason they recommend Gardasil for boys was a pathetic attempt to hide all the harm it was doing to the girls alone (it statistically jumps off the page how much harm this vax-toxicity is doing if only given to girls when you look at the figures side by side , gender next to gender.) This article was written back in 2009

cia parker

Here's the Cochrane assessment of the Bangladesh study. Vitamin C saved 100% of the children with tetanus, most of whom would have died without it, but that's not good enough.

We found one controlled trial that examined whether one gram per day of intravenous vitamin C would help in the treatment of tetanus patients. Vitamin C was used alongside standard treatments for tetanus. Intravenous vitamin C reduced the mortality of children aged between 1 and 12 with tetanus by 100% and that of 13 to 30 year old patients by 45%. The trial was not properly conducted and caution is required in the interpretation of the findings. Vitamin C cannot be recommended as a treatment for tetanus on the basis of this single study. Further investigation of the role of vitamin C in tetanus treatment is warranted.

cia parker

Although I'd have to say the Cochrane Collaboration wasn't that reliable to start with. Like in that Bangladesh study on vitamin C treating tetanus, even though all of the children who got C plus conventional therapy recovered, while a large percentage of those who only got conventional therapy died, with C also saving lives of adults with tetanus, but, since the dose of C used in both groups was the same, a certain number of adults died. The Cochrane Collaboration said that the study was not convincing enough to draw any conclusions from.

Bangladesh Med Res Counc Bull. 1984 Jun;10(1):24-8. Effect of ascorbic acid in the treatment of tetanus.
Jahan K, Ahmad K, Ali MA.
The effect of daily intravenous administration of 1000 mg ascorbic acid (AA) in tetanus patients aged 1-30 years was studied. In the age group of 1-12 years, 31 patients were treated with AA as additional to antitetanus serum, sedatives and antibiotics. It was found that none of the patients died who received AA along with the conventional antitetanus therapy. On the other hand, 74.2 per cent of the tetanus patients who received the conventional antitetanus therapy without AA (control group) succumbed to the infection. In the other age group of 13-30 years, there were 27 and 38 patients in the treatment and control groups respectively. The mortality in the AA and control groups were 37 percent and 67.8 percent respectively. These results suggest that AA might play an important role in reducing the mortality of tetanus.

Gary Ogden

The Gates "Foundation" is nothing more than a massive tax dodge, and a lucrative one, at that. Both he and his "foundation" are deeply invested in pharmaceutical stocks. One of the slimiest characters who ever dropped a load in the commode in the land of the free and home of the brave. Makes Pan look like a Boy Scout (who are no longer the Boy Scouts, by the way; they've become politically correct). So much for the Cochrane Group, the last vestige of actual science in officialdom.


Looks like another episode of the pod people. What have they done with Peter Gotzsche? He said this just 3 weeks ago (transcribed excerpt - pls see link for his video statement) Note that he states the control group deaths were 3, not 11:

"The public health perspective is that cervical cancer is a terrible disease, that we can avoid many deaths by vaccination, that the harms are trivial compared to the benefits, and that everyone in a given age range should get vaccinated. The declining coverage in Denmark has been described by the board of health as a catastrophe lurking just around the corner, if we don't do something to get the coverage up. However, the public health perspective is misleading, and not much in line with the evidence.

Firstly, it is difficult to see a catastrophe lurking. It is rare to die from cervical cancer. Only around 100 die from it every year in Denmark, whereas about 15,000 people die from smoking. Thus, if we want to do our best to keep women alive, we could do far better if we use our resources on convincing young girls not to start smoking, rather than convincing their parents that they should get vaccinated against HPV. It is also highly effective to increase the price of cigarettes, but we have seen no such political initiatives.

Secondly, what is the effect? We actually don't know. The vaccines were approved because they lower the risk of infection with some HPV strains that are known to cause cancer. They also lower the risk of cell changes that are precursors to cancer but they are only about 70% protective against these particular HPV strains and there are other strains that can cause cancer. We do not know if these other strains will take over and cause cancer, and we do not know for how many years the vaccines are protective. Furthermore, most cell changes will disappear again if left untreated. Therefore, although it is very likely that the vaccines will reduce death from cervical cancer, this has not been documented.

Thirdly, a key question always is, when will the benefit come? It will surprise most people that about half of those who die from cervical cancer are over 70 years of age. Official statistics show that only about 12 women die every year in Denmark from cervical cancer before they become 45 years old. If we assume that all 12 year olds become vaccinated and that the vaccines are 70% effective, then about 8 women will be spared each year.

We cannot derive numbers for those who are seriously harmed by the vaccines as the manufacturers have made it very difficult to study the incidence of harms in their trials. Even so a systematic review from last year of the published trials found more deaths in the vaccine groups than in the control groups, 14 vs. 3, and more serious systemic adverse events in girls receiving the 9 valent dose than in those receiving the 4 valent vaccine. But none of the serious adverse events were judged to be vaccine related. I find it pretty interesting when clinical investigators likely with conflicts of interest in relation to the sponsoring drug company decide that none of the serious adverse events are vaccine related.

There are also reports of death that cannot possibly be said not to be related to the vaccine, at least not definitively so. In Spain a young woman with asthma had a severe exacerbation when she received the first shot of the vaccine. Despite this, she got a second shot a month later and developed severe dyspnea and seizures 12 hours later. She was admitted to an intensive care unit where she died 2 weeks later. The judicial sentence acknowledged that there was a causal link with the vaccine. In Sweden, a girl drowned in a bathtub after the vaccination. According to information I have received from the Uppsala monitoring center, the girl developed symptoms within 2 weeks of her first vaccination and had a clinical course dominated by headache, fatigue and syncope spells. She was referred to a pediatric neurologist who diagnosed her with epilepsy based upon some mild EEG changes. It seems more likely to me, that she drowned because of syncope rather than epilepsy. There are many other deaths in the Uppsala database after HPV vaccination, but it is of course, difficult to know whether they are caused by the vaccination.

In 2013 the WHO introduced new criteria for the assessment of causality of individual adverse events following vaccination. These criteria have been heavily criticized. They make it almost impossible to detect signals of serious harm including deaths after vaccination. Added to this, the propaganda about the safety of the HPV vaccines has had the effect that many doctors do not report their suspicions of serious harms, either because they ignore them due to the public reassurances about safety or because they are worried they might get into trouble if they report them."
Prof. Peter Gotzsche talks about EMA HPV vaccine Safety Review at IFICA, Dublin, 21/04/2018.

Hans Litten

Whatever next :

Apparently Andrew Wakefield will be taking up a new role at the JCVI in June !
Stephanie Seneff is taking a consulting position with Monsanto.
Colon Boyle is to become the new president of the Truth and reconciliation commission.
Julie Gerberding is the new ceo of the Vidal Sasson group.
Anne Schuchat is joining the Convent of the Sacred Heart.
Hillary Clinton has become a follower of Monica Lewinsky on twitter.
Elizabeth Warren has founded the general Custer appreciation society.

Angus Files

New low for the Gates family- if you lack honesty and Integrity you just go and buy some!.

Follows burning of the medical books that question vaccines.

Pharma For Prison



"The grant will support the development of Cochrane's next generation evidence system, with a specific focus on maternal and child health"

Focus on maternal and child health. Which is of course where the vaccinations happen. Just another excuse to inject more developing brains with mercury and aluminum.

bob moffit

There is no doubt it will be financially lucrative for Cochrane Group .. but .. the certain, immediate loss of confidence, trust and scientific integrity is not worth it.

Gates buying the Cochrane Group is the same as a hungry fox buying the chicken coop. Great for the fox ... not so good for the chickens he now has at his disposal.

Hans Litten

Well now that explains everything !

Your reputations mean nothing :
Marc Arbyn, Lan Xu, Cindy Simoens and Perre PL Martin-Hirsch

Wow - really - wow
Astounded at you Bill - really am !

Cochrane is the scientific\political wing of GAVI !

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