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Group Demands Release of List of Children Vaccinated with Dengvaxia

Facebook to Control "False News"

NellOh Mr. Zuckerberg, help me! Help!! I am so lost and overwhelmed by the Interwebz that I need you, yes you to please please help make sure that everything I read meets your criteria of true news.  Google has already turned me into a search engine wreck. There are... facts! And I'm exhausted from having to form opinions for myself. The research has taken a toll on my ability to simply read and believe everything I see. I feel ashamed that I too have believed in False News. Can you ever forgive me? Cleanse my browser. Update my ON THIS DAY to reflect a proper Kim who honors, loves and obeys everything you tell me.  Exclamation points terrify me. I will learn to speak in a period ending monotone. Happy Birthday. You. I will not use capital letters - they yell and scare people. I beg you for forgiveness for my past free thinking. My prep school and Boston College degrees have left me wholly unprepared to ignore information that might be detrimental to your stock or political candidate. Yours sincerely, Freedom of Speech Death Nell.

FB False News


We are committed to reducing the spread of false news on Facebook. We remove fake accounts and disrupt economic incentives for people that share misinformation. We also use signals, like feedback from our community, to identify stories that may be false. In countries where we work with independent third-party fact-checkers, stories rated as false by those fact-checkers are shown lower in News Feed. If Pages or domains repeatedly create or share misinformation, we significantly reduce their distribution and remove their advertising rights. We're also working to empower people to decide for themselves what to read, trust and share by giving them more context on stories with tools like Related Articles.
Learn more in "Facing Facts," a short film about our fight against misinformation, or Inside Feed, a site dedicated to shedding light on Facebook's people and products.
As we work to limit the spread, here are some tips on what to look out for:
  1. Be skeptical of headlines. False news stories often have catchy headlines in all caps with exclamation points. If shocking claims in the headline sound unbelievable, they probably are.
  • Look closely at the URL. A phony or look-alike URL may be a warning sign of false news. Many false news sites mimic authentic news sources by making small changes to the URL. You can go to the site to compare the URL to established sources.
  • Investigate the source. Ensure that the story is written by a source that you trust with a reputation for accuracy. If the story comes from an unfamiliar organization, check their "About" section to learn more.
  • Watch for unusual formatting. Many false news sites have misspellings or awkward layouts. Read carefully if you see these signs.
  • Consider the photos. False news stories often contain manipulated images or videos. Sometimes the photo may be authentic, but taken out of context. You can search for the photo or image to verify where it came from.
  • Inspect the dates. False news stories may contain timelines that make no sense, or event dates that have been altered.
  • Check the evidence. Check the author's sources to confirm that they are accurate. Lack of evidence or reliance on unnamed experts may indicate a false news story.
  • Look at other reports. If no other news source is reporting the same story, it may indicate that the story is false. If the story is reported by multiple sources you trust, it's more likely to be true.
  • Is the story a joke? Sometimes false news stories can be hard to distinguish from humor or satire. Check whether the source is known for parody, and whether the story's details and tone suggest it may be just for fun.
  • Some stories are intentionally false. Think critically about the stories you read, and only share news that you know to be credible.
  • Learn how to give feedback on something you think is false news.


    Christine kincaid

    Wanted to let you know that I’ve been searching for this site for 2 days. Have had a lot of family stuff going on; weddings, kids out of school, graduation events, etc ...

    It had been quite a while since I had browsed through here & as dumb as it sounds; for the life of me, I could not remember your website name!

    Using search keywords of “Autism” & “Vaccines” on Google = absolutely no mention of this site. Nothing. Not in the first 26 pages of results, at least.

    I finally had to go to Skep Rap & scan through comments left on 2017 articles to find the “AoA” reference. I’m afraid their new algorithm is bumping you out of searches & that is very concerning.


    So true, Kim. I'm an idiot as well. Thank God the almighty Zuck will help me to discern truth. Barf!!!!!! Of course we all know it's the complete opposite. Even Elon Musk is calling them all out.
    Farage blasted the little weasel into oblivion.

    Gary Ogden

    Angus: He never answered the question! Who are these people? The censors. I must say he sounds perfectly creepy.

    Jeannette Bishop

    Not related, except that I doubt Facebook would censor this hard-to-believe ruling. They might censor most of the incredulous comments, though. Maybe. It feels like certain venues don't even care about their credibility actually, when they release something like this, and I don't know enough to have a feel for who the target might be, if this is meant as a message ... why put out such a dubious report in the mainstream? Is there that much hubris and disconnect?

    I hope his family are able to get answers that lead to the truth!


    Cancelling fake news was easy for me.

    I did it years ago, when I dumped my cable subscription

    Angus Files

    Zuckerberg’s Face Froze After a Far-right Politician Credited Him for Trump's Win and Brexit
    Mashable Daily

    Farage: Who decides what's politically acceptable, Mr Zuckerberg?
    ILLS Mark Zuckerberg Over Political Bias At Facebook

    Pharma For Prison



    Good job Facebook! And just like the MSM continue to flourish after the public started feeling that news is being censored, we expect the same for you. Wait! -- ok nevermind.

    Jeannette Bishop

    Hmmm, it's nice to see facebook instructing its users this way, even to the extent of telling them that "some stories are intentionally false."

    More about intentions of some sources:

    I'm a little too out of touch with whatever is mainstream currently and I'm wondering if these revelations got much media attention in a way that would reach most facebook users?

    Ted Kuntz

    I think Mark is on our side. With these new rules the vaccine industry will no longer be able to share their fake news. No more catchy headlines of killer viruses. No more manipulation using photos or images of children with measles. No more stories that are intentionally false. No more stories with a lack of evidence or unnamed experts. Things are looking up for the anti-vaccine movement.

    Gary Ogden

    When I see a picture of Zuckerberg, I see the quizzical, little boy face of someone completely out of his league. Were he not a Rockefeller, he would be a nobody, like all the rest of us. Facebook was a psy-op to begin with. Just more blatant now. May be facing Congressional regulation, which is probably not a good idea, since they invariably screw up whatever they attempt.

    Dr. William H. Gaunt

    Big brother is there to guide our every thought. Any thoughts that don't conform to Facebook's agenda will be purged. Who constructs this agenda? Golden Rule #2 applies: Those with the most gold make the rules.

    Mark Wax

    Facebook regulating "truth." I am soooooooooooooooo comforted. For the record, I signed up for Facebook years ago. Found some long lost friends and exited months later. Anyone that portrays themselves as saving the world or "do no evil" so blatantly, probably is the one that can't be trusted with my life.

    Hans Litten

    Undoubtedly the Vaccine_TRUTH movement has caused a world wide whispher (www.)
    that something is seriously wrong with vaccination-extermination.

    We are shaping the new world order, not them.
    Try as they might, this is one genie that will not go back in the bottle.

    Once the knowledge is learned, it cannot be unlearned.

    If they have to close down FakeBook, I think we can take that as a victory.
    When Zuckerberg sold all those shares in March I think that was a message we are succeeding.

    We are closer than we realise to bringing this injustice down.
    Everything changed after Thompson, thereafter no one could call this an accident.
    They are rushing like hell now and its just too late, it wont work.

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