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Chelsea Clinton Joins the Pro-Vax Injury, Lay the Guilt on the Vaccine Injured Village

Kim's Tweet to Chelsea

Chelsea ClintonBy Kim Rossi

How many of us defended Chelsea Clinton, the gawky, pre-teen, frizzy haired, adult teeth in the child's mouth First Child when Bill Clinton was first elected? Leave her alone! She's a child! Leave her mother alone! She's First Lady!  Chelsea was thrust into the same category as poor Amy Carter.  Not as attractive as a Kennedy child in world where the Internet (invented by her father's Vice President) was just starting to fire photos around the world faster than the clap spreads in a house of ill repute.  Speaking of disease...

Which brings us to Chelsea's recent Tweet gratuitous (not on your life, this is SCRIPTED and part of a larger agenda) attack on Dr. Andrew Wakefield who, some two decades ago postulated that science should look further into whether the MMR vaccine was possibly causing gut injury and related in some way to autism.

I don't care if Chelsea has given double vaccines to her son and daughter. It's her RIGHT as their mother to choose their healthcare. Is her son circumcised? Not my business.  Do her children eat sugary treats? That's between them and their dentist.

Many years ago, her Mom, Hillary Clinton, then First Lady, told us that it takes a village to raise a child.  That doesn't mean the village owns our kids.  We do not live in Shirley Jackson's "village" of The Lottery. We are not collectively Tessie Hutchinson, here so that the villagers can stone us to death for our medical choices because, "That's what we've always done."

Chelsea Clinton opines on Twitter that SHE - yes SHE!!! - will never forgive Andrew Wakefield - as she lays the blame of a measles outbreak at his feet. I am willing to venture that the logical, gentle Dr. Wakefield would be happy to sit down with her .  This would shatter her cartoon image of him as a villain within the first ten minutes of a conversation. 

Chelsea blossomed into quite a pretty woman (thank you hair care products, from this I know.) I looked a lot like Chelsea as a kid. Big teeth. Frizzy hair. Gawkasaurus!  I also blossomed into a pretty woman. We both have children. Except my daughters have severe autism.  And their village is called special ed day programming. 

She WON the Lottery. She's rich beyond measure.  Has two healthy kids. And can use her Twitter account to shame the village as she deems appropriate. 

Imagine getting into a dog fight with a community that you do not belong to - by the Grace of  God. A community of families reeling under the intense heartache, challenges, worries and stress of autism. We fight back. 

Kim Rossi is Managing Editor of Age of Autism.


Angus Files

Not to mention Korea,China, and everyone else screwing America just now thanks to the globalist agenda started around 1940`s and of course his very own secret service setting Trump up for a fall via an "insurance policy" if he got the meantime vaccines..victory will be swift when it other way!

Pharma For Prison


Aimee Doyle

@Angus - Trump has "bigger fish to fry" and "our turn will come".

I just can't believe that anything is more important than the health of a generation of children. We're talking profound impairment for a significant number of children who are on the spectrum.

So you think we need to wait our turn? Our TURN? That's unacceptable.

@Angus and all

Whether most choose to believe it or not, Trump has bigger fish to fry. Thank God Clinton lost. Trump and co. are breaking up a lot of bad things , yes even worse than harming our babies with vaccines. Look up NXIVM preschools, look up Laura Silsby/Gaylor, look up the Bronfman's foundation for ethical science, Dr. Brandon Porter...wake up and stay patient. Our turn will come.

Aimee Doyle

@Bob - "I think you are being a bit unfair to suggest that somehow I don't realize the urgency of "kids being vaxxed everyday" .. and .. even worse .. that I have somehow given you the impression that "it's okay for Trump to wait to take action?"

I apologize here - I didn't mean to be unfair or hurtful to you. I know how deeply this issue matters to you - you are a grandfather with an autistic grandson. I guess I would like Trump supporters to push him more on this issue (I think he does listen to his supporters), but I realize that everyone advocates in his/her way.

Thinking about your resistance comments - I agree that Trump would have faced resistance if he had appointed a vax-skeptic, or even someone neutral on the issue to HHS, FDA, or CDC. But I don't see that resistance has stopped him before. He seems to relish it. Many of his nominees (Gorsuch, DeVos, etc.) have faced intense resistance (sometimes even by both parties) and have still been confirmed. So, I think he should have at least tried. That would have meant - to me - that he cared. At the very least, the stormy confirmation process, media coverage, etc. would have opened up the conversation. Right now no one is even talking about the vax-autism link.

I remember the link you sent mentioned also that all Trump's science advisers were pro-vax. But Trump is notorious for not listening to his advisers.

Maybe Mark Blaxill could weigh in on what, if anything, Trump is doing behind the scenes. I would also value Andrew Wakefield (one of my personal heroes) and Bobby Kennedy's opinion on the current status. I only know what I read and see and I draw my conclusions from that.

Angus Files

Thanks Bob.Time will tell,in my opinion.Trump was the best candidate at the time and despite much objection on here saying he wouldn't from more or less the same people who now disagree with his work done, get elected he did.He has lived up to expectations since being elected in my opinion. He could be doing more if there was a legal way of doing it.As for finding out what Trump is up to I dont think he would tell us if you toasted him over a fire,"why tip your enemies off".

If he had said before the election that he was going to cut the budget of the CDC who would have believed him - whilst, Obama/Hillary were throwing our kids the odd bone for care or some other short term need,the real damage being done world wide was going to continue 4 fold.

"Two weeks ago, the CDC began notifying staffers and officials abroad about its plan to downsize these activities, because officials assume there will be “no new resources,” said a senior government official speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss budget matters. Notice is being given now to CDC country directors “as the very first phase of a transition,” the official said. There is a need for “forward planning,” the official said, to accommodate longer advance notice for staffers and for leases and property agreements. The downsizing decision was first reported by the Wall Street Journal."

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bob moffit


"Bob - why do you think it's okay for Trump to wait to take action? Kids are vaxxed every day and more and more of them become autistic. The is devastating for the kids, for the families, and for our country. Dr. Wakefield said "80% of boys[!]" if nothing is done."

I think you are being a bit unfair to suggest that somehow I don't realize the urgency of "kids being vaxxed everyday" .. and .. even worse .. that I have somehow given you the impression that "it's okay for Trump to wait to take action?"

I can assure you that I am as anxious and impatient as you are for ACTION to be taken .. however .. rest assured that I believe that DAMN SWAMP is just as anxious for NO ACTION to be taken .. and .. make no mistake about it .. the SWAMP RESISTANCE to Trump is extremely powerful .. as they have clearly demonstrated from the day he was inaugurated.

How do you think the RESISTANCE .. and I mean BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES as well as media .. would respond if Trump nominated someone like Dr. Wakefield to a high position in his administration? Indeed, I sure wouldn't blame Dr Wakefield should he decline .. not wanting to put his family through the same savage attacks they suffered in the U.K. again. The same for Bobby Kennedy and Mark Blaxill.

If you have any doubt to the RESISTANCE that Trump is faced with .. just look at what happened to ANYONE who dared work in his campaign .. good men whose entire lives, careers and reputations have been ruined .. financially bankrupt .. forcing many to sell their homes in order to pay unending legal fees. It is no accident that EVERY nominee for a position in Trump's administration has been savaged during "public hearings" .. which are meant to dissuade others from even thinking about accepting a position in the administration .

Again .. I would like to hear if Dr Wakefield, Bobby Kennedy and Mark Blazill share YOUR frustration regarding the lack of ACTION taken by Trump. Do they blame Trump for no ACTION .. or .. do they remain hopeful ACTION will be taken as quickly as POLITICALLY POSSIBLE.

Aimee Doyle

@ Bob - "I would highly recommend commenters on AOA view this link .. many of whom I have great respect for .. who have posted "politically partisan" comments on Trump .. criticizing him for not speaking out, acting quickly enough, or having nominated career public health bureaucrats to fill critical positions which others would be far more qualified."

I hear you. You're absolutely right that I've criticized Trump for all these things. I wouldn't call it partisan, though, because I would make the same criticisms of a Democratic president. I read your link. I too would LOVE to know what Mark Blaxill, Andrew Wakefield, and Bobby Kennedy think about Trump's action/inaction on the vax/autism issue. You suggested that critics contact everyone mentioned in the link. Happy to do that, but I'm not sure how to do that personally. Seems Mark Blaxill could easily weigh in though, since he's the AoA editor at large.

I was interested in Dr. Wakefield's quote regarding Trump. Accordingly, Trump said, "We went on to discuss the issue of the autism crisis that is set to affect 80 per cent of boys if nothing is done. He said if he was to be elected he’d do something about it.” With all due respect, though, Bob, I can't see what Trump has "done about it." And I think it's a crisis that demands immediate action.

Bob - why do you think it's okay for Trump to wait to take action? Kids are vaxxed every day and more and more of them become autistic. The is devastating for the kids, for the families, and for our country. Dr. Wakefield said "80% of boys[!]" if nothing is done.

The link mentioned that Trump had tweeted about autism and vaccines 20 times. I'm curious about the timing of those tweets (I haven't seen most of them, so can't say too much). Was it before the election, during the election, or since he's been president? I'm curious about what he said in those tweets. Is there a collection of the tweets somewhere that I could look at?

bob moffit

@ John

"Do ordinary people swallow slick, crude propaganda like this, or does it actually alert them that there is something wrong. An interesting question why they are still pillorying Trump over this when he is apparently towing the line?"

I don't think it helpful to attack the article's "message" as "propaganda" .. because the article contained "verified" comments made by Trump regarding his own lack of trust in vaccines .. including encouraging and positive comments "quoted" directly from Dr Wakefield, Bobby Kennedy and Mark Blaxill .. regarding Trump meeting personally with each of them to discuss this issue.

In other words .. it is the "message" within the article that I was trying to address .. and .. attacking the motives and reliability of the "messenger" does not tell me if any of the three men quoted in the article, Dr Wakefield, Bobby Kennedy and Mark Blaxill have reasons to believe that Trump was not sincere in his original meetings where he personally met with all three and agreed that vaccines are not as safe and effective as we have been told.

They don't have to reveal whether or not they had any contact with Trump AFTER the election .. all they have to do is issue a broadly defined statement they continue to have confidence in Trump to act in accordance of his pre-election position on vaccines.

Surely someone has access to these three men and could enlighten our AoA community if THEY no longer trust Trump to do as he said he would regarding vaccines?

John Stone


A journalist called Buncombe, which seems like an appropriate name. The Independent has become a sordid rag. I recall Martin Walker once wrote an article about the Guardian called "Guardian of what?" to which we easily could add "Independent of what?" Do ordinary people swallow slick, crude propaganda like this, or does it actually alert them that there is something wrong. An interesting question why they are still pillorying Trump over this when he is apparently towing the line?

The Independent newspaper started in 1986 in opposition to Rupert Murdoch’s London Times but despite initial optimism struggled. It is now owned by Russian oligarch Alexander Lebedev, has only published in an on-line edition since 2016, and is really only a shell.

bob moffit

@ Angus

I greatly appreciated your post

I would highly recommend commenters on AOA view this link .. many of whom I have great respect for .. who have posted "politically partisan" comments on Trump .. criticizing him for not speaking out, acting quickly enough, or having nominated career public health bureaucrats to fill critical positions which others would be far more qualified.

After viewing this link .. I would recommend those critical of Trump's performance in office this past year .. contact everyone of those mentioned in this link .. especially Dr Wakefield, Bobby Kennedy and Mark Blaxill .. to ascertain from THEM .. Dr Wakefield, Bobby Kennedy and Mark Blaxill .. if THEY regret Trump's election .. having lost confidence in Trump's commitment to our cause.

Angus Files

Trump claims vaccines and autism are linked but his own experts vehemently disagree

"After news of the meeting emerged, Ms Larson wrote on the Age of Autism website: “Now that Trump won, we can all feel safe in sharing that Mr Trump met with autism advocates in August. He gave us 45 minutes and was extremely educated on our issues. Mark [Blaxill] stated ‘You can’t make America great with all these sick children and more coming’. Trump shook his head and agreed.”

Pharma For Prison

Jeannette Bishop

Was this simply meant to distract from the 1 in 59 autism unaccounting we just received from the the CDC?

Never mind that...Measles, measles measles! We have a measles case over here... It's all Andy Wakefield's fault!!!

Because if so, I don't know whether this rehashing (can it work forever?) is evidence that some are superbly desperate not to fingered with the autism/vaccine injury epidemics or superbly disdainful (I hope not justifiably so) or maybe very confident in the (willing?) gullibility of the public...


Glad we have a Trump whisperer here because, from my point of view, Trump seems to be a demented liar. Nice to hear that he really has a clever plan that is in accord with my values.

John Stone

BTW I was making a rough calculation. A rate of 1 in 59.5 in the would be approx. 1 every 7 mins 50 secs and 1 in 36 would be approx 1 every 4 mins 45 secs, so I think things have moved along a little Autism since Speaks' 1 every 20 mins.

Of course, there is 1 born every minute (but then we are not talking about autism).

Aimee Doyle

@nhokkanen - "To Aimee Doyle: Seems to me that you’re ready to make the jump to writing articles for Age of Autism."

What a lovely compliment! Thank you. Would be happy to write something sometime.

david m burd

Science is Pure,

Actually, I would hope the budget for NIH is slashed toward ZERO. When I was a lad going through public schools, NIH consisted of maybe an acre or two, with a public golf course surrounding it - you could always hear their "experimental dogs" barking, before they were put to death to study what poisons they had been given, etc.

Ever since, NIH (stands for National Institute for Homicide in my opinion) has been hand-in-glove with ever-expanding collusion (imagine that!) with Pharma to put out endless anti-human chemical products that are more than ever destroying our health. NIH ALWAYS neglects and trashes any advocacy of proper nutrition, on and on.

And, of course, NIH always sides with pro-vaccine insanity, with their farce of the IAAC Iinter Agency Autism Committee COMPLETELY ignoring the vast testimony of parents and doctors who testify to the VACCINE HOLOCAUST.

NIH also has promoted and advocated the incredible mind-destroying psychotropic drugs that have now destroyed countless millions of Americans conned into taking them, and are THE source for so many deranged mass-killings by those taking them. NIH is one THE WORST institutions we have been conned into believing for many decades.


@science is pure. I agree and also sympathize with that hope. Maybe a miracle will occur. I do think it would be helpful for Trump voters in Trump states to make a lot of noise on the phones calling their representatives. I have heard that reps do not care about letters or petitions but keep track of phone action. Perhaps in the future this website could outline some important, succinct talking points and readers could make their voices heard literally.

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

One of Donald Trump's early actions was to slash the budget for the NIH, which was the opposite of what was required. However I think the reason that people are hesitant to be too critical of him is that he remains the only hope.

That Donald Trump is the only hope for humanity is the single best indicator of how much trouble we are in.

John Stone


There is no political policy here -we hadn’t written about it so I thought I would bring it up. From our perspective we know that there is a lot of business as usual - one or two people posting here still have hopes of Trump - but I am not one of them. I am very fearful of the proliferation of lies, the attempts to clamp down on free speech and to deny people basic human rights. People need to look at Pan’s latest bill in California with a population of 40m, setting up an official censorship in which presumably end up deferring to Wiki or Snopes. It is not surprising that at AoA - where btw we already check all our facts which may not be the same as Senator Pan’s - we are very apprehensive.

I doubt whether the conversation between Trump and Gates makes any difference to whether this vaccine is unleashed on us all.


John Stone
My point was that a of a should be holding those who currently hold power responsible in their choice of article topics. Comments about Trump being a victim or somehow surreptitiously working behind the scenes while appointing extremely dubious characters are failing to hold him responsible. You did bring up Bill Gates and Trump in a comment. That's what reminded me I hadn't seen an article about it. Now if he had been a Pan (barf) or Chelsea it would have been rushed into print. That's my observation. You may not like it but that is what I see. Let's move on from Hillary and confront what is going on now. This is not partisan. It is reality.


I didn't know Kevin Mottus of the Calif Brain Tumor Assn. was running. He would make a great senator.

I agree with you. I don't have any evidence. I also don't think we have any choice. After Trump was elected, I was not happy to see the protests and people calling the White House, etc. I thought we should give him a chance (we have to) since he was elected. Now, knowing how complicated governing is and that we don't see and aren't privy to most of what is going on, my feeling is that I should watch. I feel the same way about the urgency of the situation. I just feel that he is in a dangerous pit of vipers. As someone pointed out, both tough guys Gowdy and Chaffetz seem to have been pushed out of the oversight committee - out of government altogether. There is definitely a lot going on that we don't know about. I prefer to hold judgement on that basis.


To Aimee Doyle: Seems to me that you’re ready to make the jump to writing articles for Age of Autism. You have the ideas, the material and the energy. Make your case paragraph by paragraph as you have with comments.

Here is Dan Olmsted’s final column on autism for United Press International, which became his springboard for the Age of Autism blog.

Elections are won by the people who show up to vote. The best way to drive content is to submit it. Though writers don’t get paid with money, we are rewarded with the satisfaction of having shared important truths.

Gary Ogden

Linda 1: Those of us in California have the opportunity to vote on June 5th for a U.S. Senate candidate who's raising alarm bells about the danger of 5G wireless technology. His name is Kevin Mottus. I've already marked his name in my sample ballot.

Aimee Doyle

@Linda1 - "working it behind the scenes"

The issue I have with this is that kids and families can't wait for him to get around to doing something. The rate is 1 in 59 now, higher in some states. Every 20 minutes or so (according to an Autism Speaks ad a while back) a kid gets diagnosed with autism.

If he acknowledged that the rate had risen in any way, or if he ever tweeted about this (he tweets about other things he cares about), or if I could see any evidence that he was working behind the scenes, I might feel differently. If he hadn't appointed pro-vax people, he could at least have started a conversation on this issue. But I can't see that he's done anything but extend the status quo.

What evidence do you have that he's working behind the scenes? I'm basing my conclusions on what I see him doing....and not doing.

British Autism Mother

From out of the mists of time ..... do I remember correctly that the known Prohibition gangster Al Capone was eventually successfully prosecuted and convicted on the grounds of tax evasion? Do we have to wait for something of an equivalent nature to emerge to take down those parties we all know to be as guilty as sin? Patience is a virtue but the waiting is so, so hard.....


"The people will have to confront the real power sooner or later. The question is, will we be up for it."

The weapon system to make sure that never happens is being installed globally right now. It's called 5G.

for all


Angus Files

Aimee, I m sure you understand the difference between inherited and appointed, he inherited all of the Pharma machine and has by stealth started to reduce its operations, cutting the budget by $1.2 BILLION,.I have posted many links on the budget, I don’t like repeating myself to often but if you cant find them just say. Reducing the budget attempting to slow down Pharma operations and in fact stop it,Is the only way.He has stopped Pharmas overseas vaccine development.You can believe what you want,and you will but that wwas never ever going to happen under Killary. Give me your best plan if you have one better, I’m seriously open for suggestions I`m sure Trump is as well.
It wouldn’t matter if Trump appointed the editors of AOA onto the management of the CDC the pharma old guard at the CDC will still be out and about blocking anyone from changing the status quo.

The swamp still needs draining, and I agree it seems to refill just as quick with more swamp monsters appointed by Trump no better than what was there before.Trump`s party seem to be his biggest incumbent and adversary .Trump`s party see him as someone who disrupts the continuation of politics. In the past the mindset amongst voters worldwide was one of it doesn’t matter who you vote for brain jam because they are all the same.Not anymore you have someone in America who is diffrent ,who is changing things world wide. I for one here in the UK always vote even when the Party is two plates short of a picnic and has not got a policy different from the other.Its just a matter of time before the actors are replaced and the oppressed take control-our day is coming for sure.
Stealth- cut the budget is the only way I can think of outwith a bit of science breaking through showing in courts that vaccines have been dangerous all along and nobody knew it….Its going to take a bit of time, time for me to get the popcorn in.
I use larfable in memory of a deceased ant-vaccin`ist who coined it, and used it, effectively winding the trolls up-it worked every time larfable or lafable-abubble!

Pharma For Prison


Joy B

Trump was surely given the talk by the CIA, Kissinger, et al, and told to OBEY whatever counsel he was given. He probably already knew that this was part of the deal, I'd assume anyone running for president does. The sweet talk and open-mindedness from his campaign was just a glossy slipcover, probably the only actual content Trump had a hand in producing.

I'll never forget a candid comment he made after a campaign rally, he said that running for president had always been on his "bucket list" and that it was the most fun that he'd had in his life. It was clear he wasn't worried about the difficulty of the job, or that he would even be bothered much in it really.

So yes of course, in his position like the others who came before him, he's serving everyone BUT the American people. Big Energy, Big Pharma, Defense, The Saudis and other gulf "allies", Israel and its US lobby, all sorts of just bottom-of-the-barrel people like the Prince/Devos clan. Putting bankers with questionable careers in charge of the money...

And yes, as many commenters have already pointed out, it's not an issue of which party to blame. All of these things were also done by Obama, and Bush before him. There is no "government" to go running to. The people will have to confront the real power sooner or later. The question is, will we be up for it.


Given Trump's apparent personality, I'm inclined to think he's working it behind the scenes. He is not one to show his hand and that may be a good thing in this case. And of course, like all presidents, he is under constant attack and pressure from all sides. I'm watching to see how it goes.


Aimee Doyle;
I am an independent, and pretty much who I support right now is based on their view of forced vaccination.Probably most of my views tend to be more liberal,but the fact of the matter is that California under the democrats is scary, and forced vaccination with doctors being harassed for even trying to write medical exemptions is as bad as it gets. And Hillary Clinton would most likely have made that happen in the whole country if she could; witness her daughters' complete obliviousness to the reality of vaccine injury.

Trump hasn't done what I wanted, hasn't appointed people to expose the reality of vaccine injuries and the multiple forms they can take, but the alternative being offered by the democrats right now was and is far worse. He has at least cut CDC funding and we still mostly have the right to refuse vaccines. My guess is real change will come in something like the metoo movement; eventually too many people will be injured to shut them all up.We are seeing it already with the wonderful people driving the vaxxed van around. And the vaccine companies are too greedy to stop the problem. They keep adding more and more vaccines. Gardasil is already starting to backfire, and the more they damage trust in the vaccine industry, the less support they have.Parents with gardasil injured teenagers are speaking up too, and even some of the more oblivious people making ignorant or thoughtless comments are likely to eventually see some some form of vaccine injury in people they love, as the numbers of vaccine given, and therefore the number of people injured, keep climbing higher and higher.

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

That Donald Trump has been silenced on the issue shows just how powerful the lobby is.

It is also notable that when Jason Chaffetz showed signs of acting on the issue he suddenly decided to step down with no clear reason given, and shortly thereafter his replacement Trey Gowdy went the same way.

It is however important to single out those such as Richard Pan who are actively making the situation worse.

At this point the only figure set to come out on the right side of history is Bill Posey.

Aimee Doyle

@Angus - "Trump cant be blamed for what he inherited thats larfable and then be blamed for not changing it all with in 2 years ,thats even more weird."

Why exactly can't Trump be blamed for his pro-vax appointments - Tom Price and Alex Azar to HHS, Scott Gottlieb to FDA, and Brenda Fitzgerald and Robert Redfield to CDC? Pro-vaxxers all. The head of a cabinet post or a major federal agency has a lot of clout to influence policy and the direction of an agency.

Trump didn't inherit these appointments. And if he had appointed good people to head these agencies, e.g. Robert Kennedy, or Andrew Wakefield, he could have changed something in the last two years.

Trump didn't even bother to comment on the recent increase in autism numbers.

So nope, blaming Trump is not "larfable."

bob moffit

In my humble opinion .. the last thing we need in our AoA community .. is the introduction of partisan politics .. which has so divided our nation. When someone accurately defines our common enemy as the "government" .. they are saying what I have said for the last 14 years .. BOTH political parties are responsible for surrendering power to the pharmaceutical industry .. most especially .. the vaccine industry. As I have often said .. it no longer matters "who" occupies the Oval Office .. whether Republican Bush or Democrat Obama .. the only thing that matters to our community is who THEY "appoint" to the CDC, HHD, etc.


We can now agree that Trump will be held to account should he fail to do as promised .. as for myself .. knowing how deeply entrenched .. for their entire careers .. deeply embedded within the swamp .. are likely to be at the top of the list of BOTH parties when nominees are given to Trump .. those making the nominations are themselves part and parcel of the DEEP SWAMP THAT DESPERATELY NEEDS DRAINING.

I just think we are wasting our time if we allow PARTISAN POLITICS to divide our community as it has already divided our nation.

Angus Files

Also with the CDC budget cut by 20% 84% offit directed to cuts in vaccines, it is no wonder the Pharma snake oil minions Gates, et-al have been prodded out from under their rocks for another round of face saving grandstanding, obfuscating, and falsely claiming victories against Trump.

As the Pharma ship sinks the Trump ship just coasts on.Trump cant be blamed for what he inherited thats larfable and then be blamed for not changing it all with in 2 years ,thats even more weird. I can’t wait for the day when the vaccine industry is told to repay all the money it has got through force selling toxic poison to Governments and compensate the lives’ lost.Although no money can alleviate the pain and damage done. The best part would be to see them all jailed in GITMO shackled wearing orange jumpsuits as bio terrorists or just lynched either or I`m not fussy. President Trump could reel them all in, grab their bank accounts Soros,Gates,Murdoch et-al pay off the National debt and probably have enough left over to give every US citizen a $100 bill.The Planned Parenthood wouldnt be being defended as much as it is because it just shows where Pharma has been obtaining its human diploid cells found in vaccines,and when you understand that more black babies are aborted than whites and more black people have Autism and associated disabilities-glug glug! abandon ship guys, rat hour plop,plop,plop..

Pharna For Prison


John Stone


No, we haven’t had a piece about Trump and Gates - you may like to note however that I brought it up below. Speaking for myself the only thing good about the present position with Federal Government and vaccines is that no one is trying to introduce California type legislation. OK, I am a British bystander but I spent a lifetime much more inclined to Democrats than Republicans - in fact most British don’t get Republicans at all - but I was certainly alarmed at where Hillary Clinton might have gone with vaccine ideology in office, and anyone ought to be. Of course, anyone can look at Trump’s dismal record of appointments, and draw their own conclusions. No one here is trying to defend it.


Thanks Aimee Doyle for your very true observations. I now await the Age of Autism articles on these do nothings. They have way more power than Chelsea Clinton. Also where is the piece about Trump and Bill Gates and their love fest over the "universal flu vaccine "? I'm waiting...

Aimee Doyle

@David Weiner - "I think you may be reading partisanship into the comments."

Perhaps, but from what I read here, Democrats/Progressives and the mainstream media always get criticized for their actions regarding the autism/vax issue (I'm not saying they don't deserve it) and Republicans/Conservatives and media like Fox News never get criticized for their inaction regarding the autism/vax issue, I find it hard to draw another conclusion.

I blame Democrats plenty. But the reason I blame Republicans more is that they are the party in power right now, in all three branches of federal government, in all the Trump-appointed agency heads and cabinet posts, and a majority of state legislatures and state governorships. Republicans have the power to do something about the autism/vax issue and they choose not to.

Regarding the special interests, I do agree that Pharma holds a lot of sway. But you seem to agree with me that ordinary people can have an impact. Certainly with the 1 in 59 numbers it's time to crank up the pressure on our representatives. And I think we need to condemn inaction as much action.

John Stone


You raise an interesting point. I suspect the childhood experiences of Art Caplan or Bill Clinton explain or excuse nothing - damage after all is damage and you should still not want it to be man made. In the U.K. a major opponent of the DPT vaccine was a civil servant doctor called Bill Inman who founded our yellow card reporting scheme, and who was in a wheelchair from polio - and that did not stop him. On the other hand in we have already had three Prime Ministers (Major, Blair, Cameron) whose families were affected by autism who have done less than zero, and are in some way intimidated or bought, just going with the flow.

Anne McElroy Dachel

What would the vaccine promoters do without Andrew Wakefield as the fall guy in the vaccine safety controversy?

Wakefield spoke the truth. He made the news.

Clinton exposed her ignorance. Wakefield? ....His work was 20 years ago. So much has happened since then.

If she truly intended to cover up the truth, she'd have to go after a lot more people.
Chelsea needs to add:
"I will never forgive Hannah Poling for being compensated for vaccine-induced autism."
"I will never forgive William Thompson for exposing fraud and cover-up in CDC vaccine research."
"I will never forgive Pace University Law School for Unanswered Questions, about the 80 plus compensated cases that included autism as a vaccine injury."
"I will never forgive the movie, "Vaxxed."
"I will never forgive the movie, "Greater Good."
"I will never forgive the movie, "Bought."
"I will never forgive the movie, "Pathological Optimist."
"I will never forgive Sharyl Attkisson for her year's of reporting on vaccine safety for CBS News."
"I will never forgive David Kirby for his book, Evidence of Harm, about the damage from mercury in vaccines."

Chelsea's silly, pathetic tweet is merely evidence that she memorized the official mantra, "Vaccines are safe, vaccines save lives." And she has no idea what she's talking about.


Kudos on the allusion to Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery." I compare forced vaccination to that story all the time.

Chelsea is as nuts as her mother. Her mother thinks children ultimately belong to the state and paretns play only a secondary role. her mother is also pro force everyone to get shot up. the apple never falls far from the tree.

Angus Files

Tom my apologies I forgot to paste the article link ..

Cecile Richards Lies in Face of FBI Probe, Says Planned Parenthood “Acquitted” of Illegally Selling Aborted Baby Parts
Posted on February 22, 2018
Planned Parenthood gets away with all kinds of lies.

On Wednesday, the abortion chain’s CEO, Cecile Richards, claimed that Planned Parenthood has been “acquitted of everything” related to its baby body parts trade. Richards made the statement while visiting New Jersey to witness Gov. Phil Murphy’s signing of a law forcing taxpayers to give her abortion chain $7.5 million.

Pro-life advocates criticized the legislation for numerous reasons, not the least of which being that Planned Parenthood is being investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice.

“Right now, Planned Parenthood is currently under investigation by the FBI for the illegal sale of baby body parts and we have to assume that Gov. Murphy is aware of this,” New Jersey Right to Life Executive Director Marie Tasy told NJTV News.

Richards claimed this was a lie.

“As you probably know, there were congressional investigations that were politically motivated. We’ve been acquitted of everything, so that’s simply not true,” she told the news outlet.

Rather than fact check her statement, the news outlet just ran the quote. A quick internet search would have made it clear that Richards was lying.

Also in another article Planned Parent hood were asked for the FBI acquittal notice which they cant supply either- so despite your posturing Tom the frankenvaccine components suppliers are STILL under investigation supported by Chelsea's Maw who just loves babies.

Pharma For Prison


David Weiner

@Aimee Doyle,

I think you may be reading partisanship into the comments.

You say: "I see lots of criticism of "government" but little criticism of Trump, the Republican-controlled Congress, Republican governors or legislatures with respect to the autism/vaccine issue."

Well, I don't post that the sun came up this morning either. Business as usual.

I didn't mean to denounce all political action. There are times that we can sway policy and that is what we need to do, as long as the government vaccine program is in operation. But I try to avoid using the political system's misleading language. The whole notion of "representative" democracy is a myth. The government is beholden to special interests, though occasionally it can be pressured by ordinary people into doing something good, or not doing something bad.

Jeannette Bishop

I'll try to hope a few look up "Andrew Wakefield" (because it's actually rather unfortuantely frequent to see him blamed, but not outrightly named) and maybe then come to think there is more to the story than "official" sources say...

but sad to say, I'm mostly transfixed by the word "again," which has me wondering if I missed a castigation of Dr. Wakefield already? Or if someone with experience is reduced to ghostwriting tweets now? Or maybe poor Dr. Wakefield is suspected of having helped the Russians hack the last presidential election, or ...?


My comment was not intended to bolster speculation about Chelsea Clinton’s paternity — a situation she, like England’s Prince Harry, was born into involuntarily. Rather, that some people who’ve suffered ill effects from disease or witnessed family’s become messianic about vaccinating one and all, mirroring the heartfelt preventive advocacy by the vaccine-injured and their caregivers.

U-Penn bioethicist Arthur Caplan’s childhood polio inevitably colors his denialist pronouncements about vaccine safety. Fear that mumps might render some men sterile is understandable, but such fears of random disease should not erase the reality of vaccine adverse reactions that have increased with horrifying frequency. How frustrating that this mind-blindedness obfuscates efforts to end the rhetorical polarity, end the risky vaccine mandates, and allow consumers to make informed choices that can only come from transparent policymaking based on honest science.

Regarding politics: All parties are sitting on their hands, or worse. Simpsonwood took place during the Clinton administration, but much of the core fraudulent vaccine research used to discredit the vaccine/autism link took place during the Bush administration.

Apropos of protecting Presidential progeny: There’s a line most autism parents are unwilling to cross regarding the elephant in the room at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. This, too, is a form of denialism limbo that rewards the secret-keeper with a sense of having claimed the moral high ground. But when is it time to stop handling this hidden hypocrisy with kid gloves and swap them out for a pair of Everlasts? How can a problem be confronted when it's not acknowledged at the highest level of government?

susan welch

Highwire tonight covered this story brilliantly. Really puts CC in her place!

Grace Green

Take heart, Kim and everyone. The hashtag AlfieEvans is ringing with the words "vaccine injury". Those writers here who are so good at putting the facts across succinctly should take a visit over there, where a new, open-minded generation of young parents is hungry for information. The house of cards is collapsing!


Chelsea Clinton says satinism is a religion! youtube
Apparently wishing them Happy New Year for 2018
Jings ,reminds me of one of Aleister Crowley's poems from Boleskin House, Loch Ness .
I;m a Poet , and I like my lies the way my mother used to make them .
Aleister Crowley 1875--1947


...or a literacy awareness month where Chlesea can tweet out a story about cold children and extol how she'll never forgive people who are against burning books. Reposted this.

Not sure who posted the comment on the facebook page regarding Murdoch, but Yes! This exactly! Everyone who believes the anti-factual americana media blitz about Dr. Wakefield is a dupe of Rupert Murdoch.

Aimee Doyle

@David Weiner

You're right that people don't often post political affiliation here. I'm just basing my opinion on what I read.

Here's what I read on the site and in the comments. I see lots of criticism of "government" but little criticism of Trump, the Republican-controlled Congress, Republican governors or legislatures with respect to the autism/vaccine issue. Trump is not helpless before the so-called "deep state" - he appoints agency heads, who do have power. And he uses executive orders to make things happen, and tweets his opinion on issues regularly. If he cared, he could so something about autism.

I see a lot of criticism of liberal politicians (e.g. Clinton, Pan) but almost no criticism of Republican politicians. I also see lots of criticism of the "mainstream media" (generally considered liberal) but not criticism of Fox News, which has touted the mainstream vaccine propaganda. I really would like to understand why the people who have the power are not being criticized and held accountable for what they are not doing.

Regardless of pharma money, politicians DO respond to political pressure (when there's enough of it from constituents) and to some extent, we do need to work within the system we have.

Have I said this before? Yes. And I'll say it again. I'm angry and frustrated. But I refuse to admit the situation is hopeless. The people we elect have the power to DO something. Let's make them do it.


Drive by tweets by the politically well-connected reflect intellectual laziness constantly supported by a sense of entitlement.

for all

Chelsea Clinton lucky? The Clinton's pay to play schemes, disaster capitalism and possible involvement in child trafficking (Laura Silsby charged with kidnapping victims from Haiti) ended in a reduced sentence helped out by Clinton's. Then unbelievably she changes her last name and is head of Amber Alert. Monica Peterson, many looking into the Clintons' doings have been offed. Lucky? I wouldn't trade places for anything.


... Or maybe during literacy awareness month Chelsea can tweet out a story about cold children and extol how she'll never forgive the people who are against burning books.

I feel a hashtag coming on.


Maybe we should have childhood obesity awareness month during which time Chelsea can post a story about hungry children and tweet how she will never forgive Mrs. Obama.


Andrew Wakefield addressed this issue in Callous Disregard:

"....Asked what vaccination strategy I would recommend, I suggested in 1998 (and now) a return to single-spaced vaccines. This recommendation was based upon extensive research by me into the safety studies of measles-containing vaccines, compiled into a report that was several hundred pages long. The conclusions of this report with respect to the inadequacy of MMR safety studies have since been endorsed by the gold-standard scientific review by the Cochrane Collaboration. However, while a fall in uptake of MMR was reported following our publication, figures for the reciprocal uptake in single vaccines were not. I have contacted private UK clinics providing single vaccines, and I am informed that they have administered tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of doses, none of which are documented in the official statistics. Bizarrely, when the demand for single vaccines was at its highest, the UK government revoked the license for importation of single vaccines in August 1998, 6 months after I had made my recommendation."

Gary Ogden

The federal government will not do anything to address the horror they have created. I do see a glimmer of hope, though. If the OCR of HHS formulates rules and fights for them, we could see the religious exemption enforced in all 50 states. I believe the timeline for those rules is June. We could have reason to celebrate, in spite of egregious and nasty comments by spoiled children of privilege like Chelsea Clinton.

Chelsea needs a real problem

Aw, poor, poor Chelsea, having to go around with the name in her head of a doctor she can't ever forgive. Now she knows how all of us feel 24/7/365/Eternity.
Let me get out my violin.

Angus Files

Not so fast Tom-I am not here for good stories I havent seen a good story in vaccines since I started 15 plus years ago-not one.Going by what I can garner they are still very much under investigation by the FBI.I could be wrong but going by the link what has been reported before stands up. So far as Saddam I wouldn’t know anything about that,its the first I`ve read on it.But lets not get off on a tangent now then. I`ll have a gander another day.Roy Meadows was linked to incubators I remember that one but again that’s nothing to do with Hillary &Co.
It matters not to me what you like or dislike Tom, so feel free.The fact is I don’t like babies being pulled from women at 9 months and murdered and parts sold off and added into vaccines – cannibalism by vaccine you really support that along with Hillary.

Pharma For Prison



Wow! How sad that the readers of this blog are really getting down in the gutter. Now we are speculating on Chelsea's real father. Sad. I totally disagree with what she said but do we need to go down this rabbit hole?

David Weiner

@ Aimee Doyle,

You stated: "Those of you who are Republican and regularly visit and post on this site - how about taking some action - making your voice known to the people who represent you? How about holding the party in power accountable?"

I have seen you make statements like this many times. What I find strange is that I rarely, if ever, see anyone comment here identifying themselves as a Republican (though I am sure there are some). Nor have I seen people identify as Democrats, for that matter. Mostly, I see a lot of discontent with how governments in general are handling vaccine matters.

Full disclosure, I'm a political independent and I have been most of my voting life.

Another disclosure: There are no people in government "who represent me", only people who purport to do so.

David Weiner

While Chelsea may have won the financial lottery, evidently, she did not inherit any intelligence from either of her parents. Or any ability to feign caring about others from her father.

Gary Ogden

Aimee Doyle: The simple answer is that neither the Democrats nor Republicans are in charge. Not the executive branch; not the legislative branch; not the judicial branch. It is the unelected, unaccountable, national security state who drives policy decisions. Every four years, after the two parties choose their nominee, those nominees receive a "security briefing" by the spooks, who scare the hell out of them about imminent dangers to the "homeland." After this briefing in 2008, Obama changed his tune about drones. Trump completely changed his tune about foreign intervention. In order to be appointed to committees in Congress, and especially chairing those committees, our elected representatives must raise vast sums of money for their political party. They spend half their time on the phone hustling money. So it is the two parties who direct how Congress operates, not the electorate. Yes, I think the two Republican chairs of the Oversight Committee, and the Democrat vice chair have exhibited abject cowardice in failing to subpoena Dr. Thompson, but the national security state is capable of anything, and they leave no fingerprints. Gone are the days in America when truth and justice are allowed to see the light of day,


Chelsea’s father, former POTUS Bill Clinton., was accused of raping Juanita Broaddrick in 1978 — the year he became governor of Arkansas.

“I was 35 years old when Bill Clinton, Ark. Attorney General raped me and Hillary tried to silence me,” Broaddrick wrote.

“When it was over, Mrs Broaddrick claims, Mr Clinton told her that she should not worry because he was sterile due to a bout of childhood mumps.”

But Merck’s mumps vaccine probably wouldn’t have prevented Slick Willie from coming down with that disease, as reported by Age of Autism’s “Protocol 007” articles on the data fraud whistleblower lawsuit in an East Pennsylvania court.

Bill Clinton married Hillary in 1975; Chelsea was born in 1980.

John Stone

Well, apparently Trump is busying cozying up to Bill Gates at the moment. But no excuse for Chelsea Clinton indulging in ignorance, prejudice, lies, and finally hate rhetoric.


Re: Aimee Doyle's comment. You go girl! There is plenty of blame to go around for both the Dems and Republicans. Can we please act like adults and be nonpartisan for once??

Tom Petrie

Now Angus, it was interesting that you posted this recently (undercover videos in 2015, which showed Planned Parenthood executives coldly discussing the sale of aborted baby tissue and organs in often graphic and shocking detail.)

.... however, it is wrong. IF you were to do proper research, you would have learned it best NOT to repeat propaganda as you hear it on mainstream media news. We do this in our fight to educate folks on the dangers of vaccines, right? The same perspicacity is in order when learning about what happened and didn't happen with P.P. selling "baby parts" for profit. Didn't happen but it made a good story, didn't it? Like the fake story of Saddam Hussein letting babies out of their incubators to die (public relations gimmick!), so too must we be careful of accepting stories at face value. This does NOT mean I'm pro or anti-planned parenthood. The truth doesn't change because you're pro-choice or anti-choice.

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

What do you get when you cross a crooked politician with a crooked lawyer?

Twenty five years ago it was inappropriate (although funny) but now is a good time to resurrect it.


Thanks for putting up this ‘expose’ of Chelsea Clinton’s toxic and unbelievably naive and ill informed attack on Andy Wakefield and the safe/no vaccine movement. It does indeed fully exposed just what an opinionated and ignorant young privileged woman she has become.

go Trump

Let’s see, Chelsea has no medical training... picked up a $600,000 job at NBC without any journalism training, is married to some sort of billionaire,

I would guess her children are “lightly vaxxed” and perhaps went to France to get a separate measles vaccine.

She could put her children in the new Gardasil trials, there is no reason they could not have that vaccine right now.

Aimee Doyle

I agree that was a crappy and uninformed tweet by Chelsea Clinton. So go ahead and bash. I agree that Democrats and Progressives - both in and out of political office - generally don't "get it" when it comes to vaccines and autism.

But I think that Republicans are equally deserving of critical response. They currently control all three branches of federal government and a sizeable percentage of state governorships and legislatures. These conservatives actually have the power to do something about the autism epidemic and have chosen to do NOTHING.

Trump - promised to take action on autism/vaccines and appointed only pro-vax candidates to HHS, FDA, CDC (twice!). He said nothing - at least nothing I've read - when the new autism numbers were released.

The House Government Oversight and Reform Committee - chaired and majority Republican - has the power to hold hearings related to action taken by the CDC or other government agencies. They have done nothing.

Bill Posey, Republican representative from Florida, has sat on the CDC whistleblower documents and done nothing with them for years.

The majority of the conservative media, including Fox News, has done nothing to counter the progressive media position on vaccines and autism.

Those of you who are Republican and regularly visit and post on this site - how about taking some action - making your voice known to the people who represent you? How about holding the party in power accountable?

Full disclosure, I'm a political independent and I have been most of my voting life.


Today it takes 70 vaccines , Dr. Proffit and the state to raise a child but no mothers.

A lot of people resemble programmed robots when we mention the word vaccine and autism.

Wakefield, Smallpox, Safe and Effective, Polio, Vaccines work, Anti-vax, Anti-science, Polio, Vaccines are safe and effective, Wakefield .......

Seems everyone has been brainwashed.

Angus Files

Mike Adams: Jon Rappoport Interview laying it out as is; vaccines,baby parts,Planned Parent hood of course Hillary supports this nightmare of a company part of her family culture.

Your Maw just loves babies Chelsea!!

This represents the first successful prosecution of an organ procurement company since the Center for Medical Progress released a series of undercover videos in 2015, which showed Planned Parenthood executives coldly discussing the sale of aborted baby tissue and organs in often graphic and shocking detail.

During that time, the family made hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions to Democratic and Republican political campaigns, in what became known as the Clinton “Pay for Play” scandal. Family members gave roughly $300,000 to Democrat politicians alone and reached out to Hillary Clinton thru her aide, Cheryl Mills, according to the New York Times. In return, the family received favorable treatment from the Obama Administration and State Department under Clinton, which expedited their immigration into the U.S.

Pharma For Prison


Jenny Allan

It's now 20 years since that fateful 1998 Wakefield et al Lancet article. Lest we forget, there were 13 authors. Not a lucky number:-
"Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia, non-specific colitis, and pervasive developmental disorder in children"
Volume 351, Number 9103 28 February 1998 A J Wakefield, S H Murch, A Anthony, J Linnell, D M Casson, M Malik, M Berelowitz, A P Dhillon, M A Thomson, P Harvey, A Valentine, S E Davies, J A Walker-Smith

My autistic Grandson, who has bowel problems and epilepsy, and was diagnosed for the syndrome by the team at the Royal Free Hospital, was given the MMR vaccine at one year old in 1992. Within a year problems with the vaccine surfaced in the UK and Jackie Fletcher, whose son Robert fell foul of the vaccine, started the internet support site JABS. It was eventually admitted the first MMR vaccine, which contained the Urabe Mumps virsus. was unsafe. Robert was eventually awarded compensation 18 years later, but a young woman left profoundly deaf by the vaccine, was refused.

The syndrome was then stated to be 'novel'. Not now. Autism rates have risen exponentially since the MMR jab was introduced. Mainstream science and medicine now agree a strong link exists between bowel disease and autism. Both are now rife within the younger population.

Lancet co-author Professor Walker-Smith, who was dragged before the GMC with Dr Wakefield and Professor Murch , 2007-2010, was completely exonerated 2 years later in the London High Court. This should also have exonerated his colleagues, but instead the vilification of Dr Wakefield intensified, with Brian Deer, author of all the original GMC charges, daring to criticise the Judge, Lord Justice Mitting. This was a smear too far. Before the appeal, Fiona Godlee, BMJ Editor, who allowed Brian Deer, a journalist with no medical or scientific qualifications, to write several Wakefield smearing BMJ articles, attempted to discredit ALL of the Lancet co-authors, with complaints to the UK Government and the Royal Free. This thinly disguised attempt to influence the appeal judge's verdict also failed.

Dr Wakefield's ONLY so called 'crime' was, as Kim states, to ask for more research into the MMR vaccine, and meanwhile to continue to immunise children against measles using the single vaccine, previously in use for 20 years in the UK and effective. Rubella vaccine was previously administered to pre-teenage girls only. The mumps MMR component has been an unmitigated disaster with young adults now contracting mumps in large numbers, after the vaccine component wears off.

Chelsea - You have been used by persons with their own agendas, mostly profit and politics. Both autism and its causes are being studiously ignored, but for how long can vaccine causation be denied? After all $billions has been paid in compensation in the US for -vaccines causing autism.

Angus Files

Exctly Kim she and her mother are women haters so maybe they have expanded to men as well now...

A good read..

But a new book by Roger Stone and Robert Morrow, “The Clintons’ War on Women,” takes the story to a new level – naming the actual biological father as Webb Hubbell, Hillary Clinton’s partner at the Little Rock Rose Law Firm and, later, associate attorney general of the U.S. in the Clinton administration.

Not my business neither but I hate being preached to by criminals.

Pharma For Prison


bob moffit

"Which brings us to Chelsea's recent Tweet gratuitous (not on your life, this is SCRIPTED and part of a larger agenda) attack on Dr. Andrew Wakefield ...."

I agree with your observation Chelsea's tweet is "part of a larger agenda" .. most likely seeking an issue upon which she can use for future political campaign. Why vaccines? Most likely her tweet is a "dog whistle" (hate that term myself) to the vast financial resources available to any "pro-vaccine" politician.

As they say .. the apple does not fall far from the tree .. considering Hillary's previous tweet:

"The science is clear: The earth is round, the sky is blue, and vaccines work. Let's protect all our kids. Grandmothers know best"

Waiting breathlessly for Chelsea to tweet how it "takes a village to raise a child".

Hans Litten

The reason why they want boys Gardsil'ed too , is because the damage to females from this abomination is too great and stands out like a sore thumb in their statistics .
The solution is vaccinate\assassinate the boys too !
Roger Gale is a useful idiot or a scoundrel - not sure which.
One thing is for sure, Roger knows nothing of Tinder !
All damn liars, Margaret Stanley to Ian Frazer.

MP calls for boys from 'the Tinder generation' to be vaccinated against the human papilloma virus to protect them against cancer ("it protects against reproduction & fertility & health")
HPV, which is often sexually transmitted, can cause cervical cancer ("no it doesn't") in women
Can cause a range of cancers in men, yet only girls routinely vaccinated for it
Gay and bisexual men only made eligible for the vaccination in February

Hans Litten

Nothing new here , The Clintons\Soros are part of the globalist conspiracy which includes a widespread cull of the "useless eaters" as Kissinger instructed.

Meanwhile in Spain , the same story seems to be repeating itself :

Prevalence and Characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder Among Spanish School-Age Children.
Morales-Hidalgo P1, Roigé-Castellví J1, Hernández-Martínez C1, Voltas N1, Canals J2.

Author information
1Department of Psychology, Nutrition and Mental Health Research Group (NUTRISAM), Research Center for Behavioral Assessment (CRAMC), Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Ctra. Valls s/n, 43007, Tarragona, Spain.2Department of Psychology, Nutrition and Mental Health Research Group (NUTRISAM), Research Center for Behavioral Assessment (CRAMC), Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Ctra. Valls s/n, 43007, Tarragona, Spain. [email protected].

The present study aims to assess the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in preschool and school-age children following a two-phase procedure. The screening phase was performed on a sample of 5555 children taking into account parent and teacher information. The individual assessment included the ADI-R, ADOS-2 and Wechsler scales. The estimated prevalence was 1.55% in preschoolers and 1.00% in school-age children. Between 1.84 and 2.59% of the children exhibited subclinical diagnosis. The male-to-female ratio was around 4:1. Most of the children exhibited mild and moderate nuclear symptoms, and the girls showed less severe communication problems. Previous diagnosis was found in 62-71% of the children. Prevalence estimates are close to the 1% international ratings and much higher than previous national reports suggested.

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