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Andrew Versus Andrew

AndrewBuuncombe_bylineBy Anne Dachel

Mark [Blaxill] stated ‘You can’t make America great with all these sick children and more coming’. Trump shook his head and agreed.”

Andrew Wakefield: [Talking about his conversation with Donald Trump] "We went on to discuss the issue of the autism crisis in this country which is set to affect one in two children by 2032 according to the CDC's own data if nothing is done, if nothing changes. That's 80 percent of the boys in this country. There is a national crisis.”

Andrew Buncombe reports for the British newspaper, The Independent, and he is out to discredit Andrew Wakefield because Wakefield has refused to back down from his claim of a link between the MMR vaccine and autism and bowel disease in children.

Buncombe isn’t interested in Wakefield’s research. I’m sure he’s never bothered to read Callous Disregard,   the book in which Wakefield explained how he became involved in the most heated issue in pediatric medicine and what he learned about the MMR vaccine.

Buncombe’s real interest is discrediting ANYONE who dares to question the ever-expanding, unchecked vaccine schedule. He couldn’t care less about what autism is doing to millions of children around the world, in fact, autism is barely mentioned in his reporting. 

(On a personal note, having spent a summer in the hospital in Rugby, England after a car accident, I am aware that a surgeon in Britain is addressed as “Mr.” Dr. Wakefield in these stories is referred to as “Mr. Wakefield,” but I suspect that it’s done more to discredit him than to acknowledge his prominence as a surgeon in gastroenterology. No one in the media is interested in his findings as a GI doctor.)

Here are some of Buncombe’s latest reports. Judge for yourself what his real agenda is.

May 6, 2018, UK Independent: How a Muslim community overcame disinformation linking vaccines to autism

…When health officials in Minnesota were confronted by the biggest outbreak of measles in decades, they knew that earning the community’s trust would be crucial.

The section of the community most affected by the outbreak that eventually infected 79 people, the same as for the whole of the US in any average year, were Somali Americans. The vast majority were children under 10 who had not been vaccinated.

The state’s Somali Americans used to vaccinate their children more than other Minnesotans, but the rate fell, between 2004 and 2014, from 92 per cent to 40 per cent. Officials have linked this to visits paid to the community by anti-vaccine activist Andrew Wakefield and other campaigners, whose influence still reverberates..

“I think that before Andrew visited the Two Cities, Somali parents vaccinated their kids at around 90 per cent. But right now it’s 40, and that shows the fear’s impact and because of that you see a measles outbreak in the state of Minnesota.”

May 5, 2018, UK Independent: Trump claims vaccines and autism are linked but his own experts vehemently disagree


VIDEO Andrew Wakefield: [Talking about his conversation with Donald Trump] "We went on to discuss the issue of the autism crisis in this country which is set to affect one in two children by 2032 according to the CDC's own data if nothing is done, if nothing changes. That's 80 percent of the boys in this country. There is a national crisis. That's what he wanted to discuss. He said if he were to be elected, then he would do something about this."

On more than 20 occasions, Mr Trump has tweeted about there being a link between vaccines and autism, something experts at the government’s leading public health institute say is not true. He also repeated the claim during a Republican primary debate, a remark that was immediately dismissed as false by the Autistic Self Advocacy Network.

Prior the election, Mr Trump met with four prominent anti-vaccine campaigners at a fundraiser in Florida – disbarred British doctor Andrew Wakefield, Mark Blaxill, editor-at-large of the Age of Autism website, Gary Kompothecras, a chiropractor and Trump donor from Sarasota, and Jennifer Larson, an entrepreneur who has campaigned against the use of vaccines in her home state of Minnesota. 

The campaigners celebrated after Mr Trump won the election and met with another anti-vaccine campaigner, Robert F Kennedy Jr (son of Robert Kennedy who was assassinated in 1968).

After news of the meeting emerged, Ms Larson wrote on the Age of Autism website: “Now that Trump won, we can all feel safe in sharing that Mr Trump met with autism advocates in August. He gave us 45 minutes and was extremely educated on our issues. Mark [Blaxill] stated ‘You can’t make America great with all these sick children and more coming’. Trump shook his head and agreed.” …

Mr Wakefield was in 2010 found guilty by the UK’s General Medial Council of three dozen charges including dishonesty and abuse of children, shortly after The Lancet medical journal retracted the 1998 study on which his claims about the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine were based. The magazine’s editor said at the time that statements in the article “were utterly false”.


A decade earlier he had moved to Texas where he continued to promote his theories. Health officials in Minnesota believe he was partly responsible for a 2017 outbreak of measles, the worst in decades, among the Somali-American community in Minneapolis. 

He and other anti-vaccine campaigners met several times with members of the community, which was concerned about what it believed was an unusually high incidence of autism among Somali boys, something health officials said was not borne out by data….

Asked about his meeting with the president, Mr Wakefield told The Independent: “I met him once before the election, when he was running for the presidency. We had a meeting in Florida. We were there, four of us representing the issue of autism and its link to immunisation. …


Asked if was campaigning in America because his reputation had been wrecked in Britain, Mr Wakefield said: “I was discredited in the eyes of those who wanted to see me discredited. In other words, those who had an interest in maintaining the status quo. 

“I don’t represent any of them. What I represent is the parents and the children who have been damaged. Is there a real case to answer? Absolutely. Do I believe vaccines cause autism? Yes I do. Is the problem equally as large in the US? Yes it is.”


May 4, 2018, UK Independent: Andrew Wakefield: How a disgraced UK doctor has remade himself in anti-vaxxer Trump’s America

It has been 20 years since the gastroenterologist Andrew Wakefield co-authored a now notorious and debunked medical paper that claimed to have found a link between autism and the use of a common children’s vaccine


The paper, later retracted by The Lancet, helped lead to a drop-off in vaccination rates and an increase in outbreak diseases such as measles, not only in Britain and Europe, but in the US. The doctor was subsequently found guilty by the British General Medical Council (GMC) of three-dozen charges, including dishonesty and abuse of children, and struck off the medical register.

Yet two decades later, Wakefield, unable to practice in the UK, has remade himself in Donald Trump’s America, travelling the country to promote views experts say have had deadly consequences and seemingly finding an ally in the president.


Wakefield remains defiant, even though the editor of The Lancet said statements contained in his 1998 study claiming a link between autism and the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine, were “utterly false” and 10 co-authors issued a statement saying there was insufficient evidence to draw the conclusion the vaccine was not safe.


“I was discredited in the eyes of those who wanted to see me discredited. In other words, those who had an interest in maintaining the status quo,” he recently told The Independent

Questions about Wakefield’s findings were first raised by a series of journalistic investigations in the early 2000s, and he was charged with professional misconduct by the GMC in 2006….

Yet since Trump’s election, Wakefield’s campaign has found fresh momentum. The president claimed during a 2015 Republican debate that the child of an employee developed autism after receiving a vaccine, asserting a link that has been stridently disputed by the British and US governments’ leading experts and numerous peer-reviewed papers.

In the summer of 2016, Wakefield was one of four anti-vaccine campaigners Trump met for 45 minutes, and he also attended one of his inauguration balls after Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. After he entered the White House, Trump is said to have considered appointing another vaccine skeptic, Robert F Kennedy, to head a commission to look into their safety. That idea currently appears stalled.

Asked about his meeting with Trump, Wakefield said: “I met him once before the election, when he was running for the presidency. We had a meeting in Florida. We were there, four of us representing the issue of autism and its link to immunisation. …

These stories aren’t the only attacks on Wakefield and Trump and their views on vaccine safety. Buncombe sees the political side of vaccines, the link to autism, and anyone who supported President Trump.


December 29, 2017, UK Independent: One in three Donald Trump supporters believe vaccines cause autism—so does the President elect

  At the same time, there is exhaustive scientific research that concludes that vaccines such as the MMR (Measles, Mumps, & Rubella) have no association with autism.

Despite this, a new survey suggests that one in three supporters of Donald Trump believe vaccines do indeed cause autism. (Around one in five supporters of Hillary Clinton believe the same.)

One reason for the high percentage of Mr Trump’s supporters holding this erroneous opinion, may be the man himself.

Mr Trump has repeatedly said he believes there is a link between vaccines and autism in children….

Mr Trump was asked about this incident during a Republican primary debate in September 2015, and he repeated the claim. Indeed, he said the vaccines were causing an “autism epidemic”….

At one campaign stop, Mr Trump spoke with leading proponents of the discredited link between vaccines and autism, including disbarred British doctor Andrew Wakefield, at a fundraiser in Florida.

ScienceMag said Trump chatted with a group of donors that included four anti-vaccine activists for 45 minutes, according to accounts of the meeting, and promised to watch Vaxxed, an anti-vaccine documentary produced by Mr Wakefield.

Mr Wakefield, who is now believed to live in Austin, Texas, was the lead author of a 1998 paper published in The Lancet which claimed to show a link between children who were given the MMR with autism and bowel disease….


Andrew Buncombe, like all the unthinking members of the media, simply does what he’s told. If he had any journalistic instinct to honestly cover this issue, he’d do things like talk to the parents of the children in Wakefield’s Lancet study or read Wakefield’s book. He slammed the film, ‘Vaxxed,’ without ever bothering to view it and tell us why it’s false. That kind of professionalism was suppressed long ago.

All that matters is that Wakefield is WRONG and any name associated with him must also come under attack. Buncombe’s real mission is to keep telling us this over and over. Autism is left as curiosity, not worth discussing.

Buncombe noted that one in three Trump supporters believes in a link between vaccines and autism, but he also mentioned that 20 percent of Hillary Clinton’s supports do also. Alas, this reporter failed ever look into anything except the views of experts who endorse vaccines for every child.

Buncombe trashed Wakefield for his association with the Somali community in the Twin Cities. He told us about the measles outbreak among the Somalis, without once a mention of their autism rate of ONE IN EVERY 28 CHILDREN (and that was back in 2008) or ever contacting a Somali parent who believes their child was injured by vaccines. They’re out there. I’ve met with them.

Buncombe heard Wakefield’s dire warning about the prospect of an autism rate of ONE IN EVERY 2 CHILDREN BY 2032, and he proceeded to question Wakefield about Trump’s views on global warming, without even a pause to discuss this inconceivable number.

Clearly Buncombe has his marching orders and they have nothing to do with journalism as we understand the term.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Grace Green


I thought your comment was very interesting and I'd read about your mother's experience before. I wasn't sure if the "secret" you refer to is autism, or that vaccines cause autism, or something we've yet to discover! If the second of those, I find it hard to believe that even your average doctor could be so stupid as not to see the obvious. It would be akin to firemen thinking people would be safest to stay in their flats when fire is spreading across the outside of their high-rise. (Anniversary of Grenfell Tower disaster, 14th June 2018)

John Stone


I think your account is a bit of an illusion - we have here (and we are only one website) for more than a decade every day published, re-published, damning authentic data and documentary evidence. If anything we have too much evidence, and we are not in the habit of making things up. But our health officials, mainstream journalists and politicians simply will not address it. They know there are things and they just won’t go there. But one thing they are going to have to face is that we have so much chronic illness and neuro developmental disability that it is becoming unsustainable.

Also, our politicians think that they are being clever and creative by cutting administrative corners, but of course they only delude themselves like gamblers or drug addicts. Having reaped enormous population damage they just double the odds by taking even big risks with the system.

Yes, there are still going to be secrets, but what we know is copious and damning.

Christine kincaid

Reply to Fred re: “There's a huge difference between not all govt officials being 100% honest and a decades long global vaccine conspiracy. Global John! Imagine the numbers of people that would take.”

Okay. I highly doubt that any official at the congressional level on down, knows anything at all.

I do know, for a fact, that a decade prior to the Wakefield paper being published; that there was one group of last year med students who actually did agree to look the other way, regarding adverse vaccine events.

This transpired directly after the vaccine injury court legislation went through. This group was directed to never admit to a parent of a vaccine injured child, that their child had actually suffered an adverse event from immunization.

To my knowledge, there was just one dissenter; a PhD of Immunology student in Colorado, who was escorted out of the program immediately. Because of this, that method of instruction was promptly ended.

This would have only been experienced by doctors who were in their final year of med school in 1987. Those doctors would now be around 60 years old & many have since retired. Assuming their professors were about 45-60 years old; those individuals would be anywhere from 76-91 years old.

That group is, to my knowledge; the only demographic of doctors now practicing medicine that have been exposed to even a remote insinuation that adverse events are even possible. When they say: “I don’t think this had anything to do with the vaccine”; they are telling the truth.

The number of individuals at the CDC that know; is probably less than 10.

I believe that this is due to that between 1963-1989; the top tiers in the CDC had been patiently waiting for a small group of research scientists to take a horrible secret to their graves. The names of those scientists would be Salk, Sabin, Hillman & Eddy; among a few others & I believe that they now are all dead.

They had almost pulled it off, when in the 1990’s; an Italian scientist by the name of Carbone accidentally resurrected their “horrible secret” while examining a tumor specimen. Which necessitated yet another small group of researchers to run damage control (Shaw et al).

Those scientists, including Carbone; are all now retiring. The majority of Americans impacted by the initial “horrible secret” (350 Million) are already dead; with a small sub-group who will succumb to a latency period that is starting right now.

They are almost there; very close to every link being silenced. But Autism threatens to derail this 60 year old cover-up. One question would lead to another & it would rewrite history if answered.

I know it sounds bizarre but that PhD student was my mother & that was just prior to her sister (my late aunt) having had her development grant pulled; despite her being awarded 14 patents for the HIV vaccine.

You are correct that a conspiracy can’t exist with thousands, globally; being “in on it”. This is exactly why the CDC now owns the vaccines used on the immunization schedule. Pharma would be simply incapable of pulling this off.

If I am right about this “less than 10 at the CDC” part (since I know I’m right about everything else); I might predict that Autism’s truthful origins will start to be acknowledged in about 10 years..

Until then you can expect a fight worthy of the potential consequences, which would be far greater than those resulting from the Nuremberg trials.

Grace Green

Fred, I've thought long and hard about this. and your suggestion that a few, or a proportion, of officials (or doctors or scientists or politicians or police) might be corrupt but not all of them simply wouldn't work. Unless it were only a few at the bottom - and it's more likely to be those at the top - the honest ones would blow the whistle, so they have to be silenced. They turn a blind eye in order to keep their jobs, and their homes, and their families together. As soon as they too are implicated they have a motive to silence others. Corruption spreads like a cancer, and this one's been growing for a long, long time.

Hans Litten

Posted by: John Stone | May 11, 2018 at 11:17 AM

Sorry John . You are totally incorrect

Both Freddie & Eindecker both know vaccines are a complete fraud & much worse.
They are paid employees of the Pharma-Reich.
Neither of them have ever once proudly proclaimed they have taken the flu vaccine or that they have given their own families the Gardasil or anything else .

They never say they believe in vaccination in terms of using those Safe & Effective products on themselves. Paul Offits family will be entirely unvaccinated.
Bill Gates Children will be entirely unvaccinated.
Bill (Gates or Clinton) never says he took the Flu vaccine.
Hillary never says she took the flu vaccine.
Zuckerberg never says he took the Flu vaccine.
The Royal family will be entirely unvaccinated. & so on.

John Stone


All you need are systems of patronage, disciplinary and professional measures for thinking out of the box (lots and lots of carrot and stick). There is nothing in human history to suggest you cannot have mass belief in false ideas. You are pretty good indicator - even when the blatant evidence is waived in front of you you are entrenched in a mind-set which refuses it to see it. Indeed, the failure is demonstrated by the very lame argument that you have produced here.

Frederic Chopin

Enough with the straw men John. There's a huge difference between not all govt officials being 100% honest and a decades long global vaccine conspiracy. Global John! Imagine the numbers of people that would take.

Gary Ogden

Master Frederic: Fifty sentences weren't enough. This time one hundred. Yes, Age of Autism gives us science. Science: "Systematized knowledge derived from observation, study, and experimentation carried on in order to determine the nature or principles of what is being studied." The observations of many, many thousands of parents of their child's regression after vaccination is most certainly science. It is anecdote, and anecdote is data. There is now a vast amount of this data. The CDC has it in VAERS and the VSD. They they have analyzed it, and all analyses they have conducted have been altered, suppressed, or thrown into a garbage can, since they threaten an enormous revenue stream. Each and every one of us is a potential scientist. In some fields, such as astronomy and ornithology, citizen scientists have been crucial to the advancement of knowledge. The same is true in the science of vaccine injury, and, since institutional science for the most part turns a blind eye to this horror, it is all we, as a proud nation, have. We should all be immensely thankful to Age of Autism and many other organizations for doing the work our tax-funded institutions refuse to do. You should be applauding them, instead of posting snarky comments. Age of Autism gives us science. You give us politics.

susan welch

Absolutely brilliant Highwire tonight with Del Bigtree interviewing Andrew Wakefield. Covered all the points the media insist on lying about - and you got a mention, too, John Stone! (Your correspondence with BMJ)

Grace Green

Fred. "The only way to care about autistic children is to believe vaccines cause autism?"
As an autistic adult I can witness to the fact that I've been told, my condition is psychological, caused by poor diet, childhood trauma, lack of exercise, a vivid imagination and many other "explanations" none of which is true. If the doctor misunderstands the condition then the treatment will not help. If the "misunderstanding" is deliberate then he doesn't care about the patient! That's MY experience!


Mr. Chopin--I really try to allow room for differing views, but do you really think your comments to this article enhance your credibility for your comments to be taken seriously?


Oh ,my,and but wait a wee minute ,and then there is another Andrew .
CEO of Capita plc . Ousted ? fired ? from the puplic /private partnership . forensic fondling and factual fleecing of the facts and figures with dodgy looking dealings all round, fleecing the public purse as if it's The great Gatsby's party all over again . Fleecing sorry meant outsourcing NHS services failed industry standards . Big private profits but follow through on the job not worth a farthing's value to ordinary folk ie NHS taxpayers . similar standards as vaccine post marketing surveilience kid on science with public end users to be used for private industry profits ?
"Big Hats No cattle " by Randy Newman youtube
Political governance chaos and carnage at politicians accountability and responsibilities duties to the public?

Hans Litten

Freddie , so many problems , its just chaos for you !
(I guess defending the indefensible is a full time job for you)
This is way beyond the holocaust , we need new words for this , immolation.
I suppose this is more lies by the powerful anti-vaxxers and their Russian allies ?

“Collusion” is the word du jour, and the practice’s very characteristics—deception, fraud, misrepresentation and secrecy—often prevent collusive acts from coming to light.

In the scientific research community, would-be deceivers draw on a variety of tricks to slant their message, including manipulating data, employing other questionable research practices, not disclosing conflicts of interest, harassing whistleblowers and engaging in outright censorship.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is no stranger to any of these tactics, but eventually, as Shakespeare once predicted, the “truth will out.”

Critics and senior scientists, in growing numbers, have been pulling back the veil on the CDC’s unethical modus operandi, arguing that questionable practices have become “the norm and not the rare exception.”

Adding to this emerging picture of a public agency captive to “rogue interests,” a March 2018 article in the Annals of Clinical Pathology describes CDC’s suppression of inconvenient research findings pertaining to its Universal Varicella Vaccination Program.

The author, an independent computer scientist, outlines in morbidly fascinating detail the “collusion” between CDC and its local public health partner to conceal unwanted chickenpox vaccine outcomes from the public.

John Stone


Well, if you belong in a world in which officials and politician always tell the truth that’s up to you - but the problem is that they are incapable of telling a consistent story, and all you do is back them up. Your insight is zero.

Frederic Chopin

"Are you really naive enough to believe that the Hooker and Wakefield papers were retracted for scientific reasons?"

" All you are saying is study x or y that has offended powerful interests have been retracted..."

It's less naive to believe in a global conspiracy?

susan welch

Fred. Are you really naive enough to believe that the Hooker and Wakefield papers were retracted for scientific reasons?

If so, you are just one of the very many who fall for the media propaganda.


What a picture ,what a snapshot, and what a one liner ." All vaccines are safe and effective "
The movers,the shakers and the pushers of the envelopes do believe, the man, myth, and magick of it ?
See -Creating a culture of innovation success is risky business-enerWe 25 December 2017
Tutorial on The 11 commandents of innovation culture . commandment [no11] states Finally, and most importantly, break all the rules and make your own! Jings ,sounds similar to "Do as thou wilt" Aleister Crowley -Quote. 1875-1947.
Risky Business .Conference 2018 . Winners. The dark side of Leadership ,Risk Takers, Fake News and the Next Generation . On At Kings Place, Kings Cross ,London 7th and 8th June 2018 "Book Now "
states advertisiment .
Happy Days ! How about a "Cap in Hand " whip round collection for Dr Andrew Wakfield to attend this conference ! He will have a hot topic, comfortable seated, supported welcome if he gets to sit beside Fire Preventon Divisional Officers that is a definate certanty !



You are trolling. Hooker just published what the CDC had intended to.

John Stone


Yes, well that’s when you get round to the bureaucratic mentality. All you are saying is study x or y that has offended powerful interests have been retracted, while thousands which suit them have their official approval. You don’t care what’s true and what isn’t but only what powerful interests want.

Frederic Chopin


"Age of Autism gives us science."

Wakefield's paper - retracted

Hooker's paper - retracted

Gary Ogden

Great news from California: An Assembly bill which would have placed new regulation on home schooling went down in flames. It died in the Education Committee. They actually listened to the parents this time.

Gary Ogden

Master Frederic: I address you in the schoolmarmish tone because that is what is appropriate for recalcitrant pupils. A pupil who has yet to understand that science dwells not in the realm of belief. That realm would be religion. That is also the realm from which comes vaccination. Age of Autism gives us science. Science dwells in the realm of the testable hypotheses. Case series, such Wakefield, et al., published in The Lancet in 1998, are hypothesis generating. That hypothesis, that administration of of the trivalent MMR could increase the risk of autism over administration of the three vaccine in monovalent form, was confirmed by our own CDC. It was a strong signal (OR 3.26 in African American boys vaccinated prior to 36 months), which they knew could not be made public without the gravy train (they operate primarily as a vaccine company) coming to a spectacular halt, so they spent the better part of a year massaging the data to make the signal go away, like they ordered Thomas Verstraten to do with his alarming mercury findings. Ultimately, they simply excluded the data from a large cohort of the children, a neat trick even a first-year statistician would understand. They shopped the resulting paper (DeStefano, et al.) to the scientific journals, but none would have it, none but the vaccination advertising circular called "Pediatrics." The bowel inflammation findings of the Royal Free team have now been replicated numerous times in a number of countries, and even mainstream researchers accept this as one of the commonest co-morbidities in autism. Now, Master Frederic, fifty times on the chalkboard, "I will engage my brain before I open my mouth."


Margaret Jaeger,
I am pretty sure that corporations putting profits above concern for the welfare of people using their products is sadly not that unusual; for some companies, harming some people, as long as they can get away with it, is just the price of doing business.
Also, people who have messed up really don't like to admit their mistakes if instead they can sweep them under the rug, without having to deal with all the shame and difficulties of public admissions of guilt.
Pretty sure there is no need for alien intervention; just people and corporations doing what they have done before so often..

Margaret Jaeger, grandma peg

Articles written like Buncombe's snarky piece just continue to make me physically sick in the stomach. As many have pointed out, this type of yellow journalist has Never gotten into the actual fray, they seem to just spawn off the same vehemently repeated lies without facts. He needs his buns kicked from here to eternity, not combed. It's truly a sci fi scenario....behind the scenes is a group of outer world aliens determined to eliminate the number of males on earth capable of waging war. Or to eliminate the black race, as it's now out that black males are affected at a much higher rate...not to mention the 10,000 aboriginal children Killed by a mandatory vaccine in Australia which disproved the belief that one size fits all... The physical make up of children is definitely Not the same and the same is true of our military who have also been gravely affected. But,,no one has time to do pre-testing....that's time consuming and costly for lab analysis. If it was required, I'd think it would tend to make the labs costs go down. But that's not important enough to save lives when it's not convenient to ...someone. And the few billionaires that Are behind such massive innoculations....what is Their Real agenda..? Maybe They're needing to comply with the aliens pressure program...too....


Frederick Chopin;
if someone knows they are doing something that is harming some people, but for other reasons( loyalty to their company, need the job, want research money, fear the result of telling the truth) they choose to deny it is happening, then yes, imo, for that person, their actions would then indicate that they have chosen not to care about the people they are injuring.

Of course people can care about others without knowing the cause of an injury or illness. However, if for example, someone professes to care about children in low income housing,and says nice things about helping them or acknowledging their challenges, but continues to knowingly give them water contaminated by lead because it is more expedient, then that person would be showing by their actions that they did not actually care at all.


PS: Yes that was PA-TOU- TEY!


Not the only way Chopin, but one of the most important.

If -after all this time- the corporate media "go-to" is still AW, then we've already won. No one gives a rat's patouti about what doesn't cause autism, we all care about what does.

bob moffit

@ Angus

"Trump just got round to his number 1 priority last night let pray were next on the list.."

I share your prayer that we are next on the list .. and .. I thought the following comment in the article you posted on Trump acting on his number 1 priority ... the IRAN deal .. is something to we should also consider:

"This is the hard work of diplomacy, which takes place mostly out of public view and off Twitter."

Hopefully Trump is having his surrogates engaging in "diplomatic" discussions within the highest levels of our public health agencies .. regarding the safety and efficiency of vaccines and the policies by which they are administered .. and those critical discussions are .. "taking place out of public view and off Twitter" .. the very same as Iran and Korea.


Well what happened to Brian Deer?

What happened to all of the news releases that appeared all at the same time that showed up in doctor's offices literature and pamphlets?

This is just plan getting monotonous.

The new face to an old, unresolved problem.


I suppose I can understand why journalists don't ask Andrew Wakefield for comments before they publish articles about him. What I don't understand is why they don't talk to parents. Below is a description by Minnesotan Abdulkadir Khalif of his son's post-MMR experience. Mr. Buncombe, why don't you talk to him?

"....Abdimalik got his 18 months MMR vaccine as scheduled. I still remember that day. His mother was coming back from his appointment and passed my place of work to give me a ride home. Abdimalik was sitting in his car-seat, very quite, subdued and absent minded. As I took my seat I glanced back wondering if he was asleep or not. He was seated squarely in his seat but was looking straight ahead at a point in space. I called out to him and he did not respond. I shook him and he did not move. I looked at my wife and asked what happened and she explained where they came from and that everything went well. She explained how he thanked the nurse as she put a sticker on his chest before the injection in order to build rapport. After that we rode home in silence and life was never the same again.

On all subsequent days after that, Abdimalik went from one extreme behavioural problem to another. Fortunately he did not have seizures or vomiting like many other kids we came to know. But he manifested all other behaviours like tantrums, biting, sleeplessness etc. We spent the entire next winter virtually awake at nights, relieving each other and trying everything possible to calm him down and put him to sleep. It was not until we withdrew dairy from his diet that he started sleeping. This simple advice came to us from another parent of an autistic child, and not from our medical caregivers. The doctors we visited knew exactly what the problem was but dare not tell us. One of them finally referred us to the school district, and there we heard the word 'autism' for the first time."

Susan, excellent article by Jeremy Hammond. Thanks for posting.

Angus Files

Is that a question or a statement Chop?

Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

You got it Bonnie I knew there was a double meaning to that with the article Bob.

Trump just got round to his number 1 priority last night let pray were next on the list..

"As a candidate, President-elect Donald Trump his "No. 1 priority" was to dismantle the "disastrous" nuclear deal with Iran. Tempting as that may be, Trump should resist. Instead, the man who fancies himself the world's greatest negotiator should use U.S. leverage to hold Iran to the letter of the agreement."

Pharma For Prison


Frederic Chopin

"He couldn’t care less about what autism is doing to millions of children around the world..."

The only way to care about autistic children is to believe vaccines cause autism?


He has the right name - Andrew Bunkum.

susan welch

This is an excellent rebuttal of the Independent's hit piece on Andrew Wakefield from the ethical journalist, Jeremy Hammond.

Definitely worth reading.


Thank you for raising awareness to the recent dangerous misinformation authored by Andrew Buncombe of the Independent.

He is a journalist who normally spends all week attacking Trump, I believe the only reason he's started with the pro-vaccine propaganda is that he sees it as a way to attack Trump, it is doubtful he actually knows anything about the vaccine situation given his journalistic portfolio.

I'm 99% sure he doesn't even realize that his articles are loaded full of lies, propaganda and misinformation. Andrew Buncombe is writing fake news and he doesn't know it.

Hans Litten

Fake news from the licence funded State Broadcaster – the BBC :

HPV jab safe and effective, study finds
I am unable to find the Cochrane Study they say exists ! (disappointed with Cc if it does !)
Presumably take-up is falling away – as word gets out.
The HPV vaccine routinely offered to teenage girls in the UK is safe and protects against a virus that can cause cancer of the cervix, an independent review has found.
The analysis by the Cochrane Group provides solid evidence that should reassure parents considering having their daughters immunised, say experts.
It looked at 26 trials involving more than 73,000 girls and women.
Serious side-effects following the vaccine were rare.
Campaigners maintain the vaccine can cause harm and say this needs to be explored more fully.
Some parents say their daughters have become unwell after being immunised.
The European Medicines Agency, The World Health Organization and now Cochrane have looked at the evidence and say HPV vaccination is safe and worthwhile.

bob moffit

Personally .. I greatly appreciate Buncombe for publishing recent article .. meant to disparage, ridicule and slander .. Dr Wakefield, Mark Blaxill, Robert Kennedy and president Trump .. however by restating their firm belief of a link between vaccines and autism he has accomplished the exact opposite.

I am hopeful that Trump and those he shares a belief of a link between autism and vaccines are continuing to meet .. however quietly and unannounced .. with high level officials within the vast public health SWAMP .. raising scientific questions regarding the safety and efficiency of entire vaccine industry .. such as .. how vaccines are manufactured, marketed, recommended, approved, administered .. various conflicts of interest in all areas of concern .. every day gaining critical information to begin publicly challenging those high level officials in the coming days, months, years.

Buncombe's column is simply a rehash of the same poppycock the vaccine industry has bought and paid for over decades .. tired and worn out excuses ... none of which explains why over 1 BILLION DOLLARS of compensation awards have been paid .. and .. just like autism increases are ignored .. knowing BOTH autism and compensation awards will continue to INCREASE .. the tragedies of BOTH MUST BE STOPPED.


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