Dog Gone It! Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism!
Autism Increase Barely Registers in Public Eye

15 Deliberately Wasted Years - Revisiting "Autism in the United States: a Perspective"

image from vaccinechoicecanada.comBy F Edward Yazbak

Following the release by the Centers for Disease Control figures for autism in schools Age of Autism returns with the permission of Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons to an article Ed Yazbak  wrote in 2003. Last week the CDC published a rate of 1 in 59, which has suspiciously only been updated to 2014 and which contrasts with figure of 1 in 36 for 2016 published in a different survey last December, while a figure of 1 in 45 had already published for 2014. Back in 2003 Yazbak reporting against the steeply rising trend of that time excoriated the CDC for specious arguments, negligence and unaccountability. Nothing has changed except today the scale of the problem has become many times worse. Otherwise, the excuses and obfuscations remain the same. We might ask if there were problems of measuring the data then, why are they if anything even more inept and vague now?


Autism in the United States: a Perspective

F. Edward Yazbak,M.D., F.A.A.P.


Once rare, autism has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. The increase cannot be attributed to changes in diagnostic criteria, which have actually become more restrictive. Already a heavy burden on educational facilities, the increasing number of patients afflicted with this serious disability will have an enormous effect on the economy as the affected children reach adulthood. Studies of all possible causes of the epidemic are urgently needed. To date, studies of a potential relationship to childhood vaccines have been limited and flawed. 
The important historical observation about autism is that it was unknown in ancient cultures, or even in medieval times, and that it just “appeared” some 60 years ago. 
Leo Kanner, while at Johns Hopkins, was first to describe autism in 1943. His article described 11 children who had an apparently rare syndrome of “extreme autistic aloneness.” Because these children’s symptoms started early, Kanner’s Syndrome was also known as “infantile autism.” In 1944, HansAsperger also described a group of children with similar symptoms who were “highly recognizable.” In the same year, Bruno Bettelheim theorized that children developed autism because their “refrigerator mothers” raised them in a non-stimulating environment, with resulting damage to their social, language and general development. Bettelheim’s credentials were questionable, and his theory has been discredited. 
Bernard Rimland, Ph.D., founder of the Autism Society of America and founding president of the Autism Research Institute (ARI), has thoroughly analyzed the ARI database of more than 30,000 entries and reported two clear trends: 
First, the incidence of autism has increased remarkably, becoming “an explosion” in recent years and second, a distinct shift in the time of onset of autistic symptoms has become evident. “Late onset autism (starting in the second year) was almost unheard of in the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s; today such cases outnumber early onset cases five to one.” 
Parents in increasing numbers are reporting similar stories. A child, most often a boy who is developmentally, socially, and verbally on par for his age, suddenly stops acquiring new words Autistic Disturbances of Affective Contact and skills in the second year of life and then regresses, losing speech, cognitive abilities, and social dexterity. Children in this group are said to have regressive autism. Further, overwhelmed parents may drift apart, and siblings’ stress may be manifested as behavior problems. 
Suggesting that a sudden and exponential increase in autistic disorders is not real, and results only from better diagnosis, amounts to denial. Similarly, though some affected children have Fragile-X Syndrome or a family history of autism, it does not seem reasonable to insist that the present autism outbreak is solely caused by hereditary factors. Genetic disorders have never presented as epidemics, and investing the scant available resources solely in genetic research diverts them from the scientific exploration of more plausible environmental etiological factors.





Angus Files

I see amongst friends, some friends, that we are all saying ,well with the HPV vaccine the young girls have got any amount an abundance of documented great before they weer damaged by HPV ,rudely healthy more so than we could ever prove with our babies and the poison MMR vaccine.I for one also fall for this for a nano second then realize were seeing the facts as we would look at them through our eyes not through the eyes of the ones who are investigating the deaths and facts.They see the deaths and damage through a psychopaths eyes, seeing the goals achieved exactly as they thought they would appear-they all know who they are ,and so do we.

Great article Dr Yazbak but appalling to read that humans are just casually walking by and worse.

Pharma For Prison


cia parker

Superb article, thank you, Dr. Yazbak! I sent it to several friends already.

Ray Gallup

Thanks a lot John for updating that article by Dr. Yazbak with the introductory synopsis. Nothing has changed in all these years, sad and shameful with the lack of attention by the appropriate authorities. You hear nothing from them about this epidemic due to autoimmune aspects that is driving it. The usual excuse is better diagnosis which is a non answer to the families involved.

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

A linear extrapolation from one in a hundred and fifty children born in 1994 to one in fifty nine born in 2006 points to one in thirty seven children born now facing an autism diagnosis, while an exponential extrapolation points to one in twenty three. The study that found one in thirty six children aged three to seventeen with a diagnosis could also be extrapolated to similar figures. At a ratio of four to one, one in twenty five children equates to one in sixteen boys.

For as fuzzy as the figures are, the idea that more than 99% of those on the spectrum were being misdiagnosed a generation ago is far enough into the territory of the stark raving bonkers that it is simply staggering that anyone utters it.

There is also a possibility and indeed likelihood of a considerable upward inflection now that the generation exposed to 'whatever causes autism' are having children themselves.


It is becoming the new normal I guess. Many believe it is normal to suffer from Depression, everyone is depressed because of the economy, internet, smartphones and our parents. Now we seen the same with Autism and learning disabilities. Parenting, internet, genes whatever. As vague as possible and behaviour therapy, acceptance and drugging the kids the only strategy to deal with it.

As long as we have the cult of the expert in the white lab coat things are not going to change.

John Stone

How many more children, O Lord?

bob moffit

'Suggesting that a sudden and exponential increase in autistic disorders is not real, and results only from better diagnosis, amounts to denial."

Created to serve as a very successful "plausible denial" .. allowing the ongoing strategy of "delay, deny and hope they die" .. to continue as planned.

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