Dr. Paul Offit Blames Parents, Not Vaccines, For Immune System & Infection Concerns
Italian Doll with Measles a Throwback to An Era Before Sickness Meant Terror

The World Stealth Organization, the Gates Foundation and the Tetanus Vaccine Spiked with a Birth Control Drug in Kenya

image from www.rescuepost.com'The days when health officials could issue advice, based on the very best medical and scientific data, and expect populations to comply, may be fading.' Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General, Report to the 126th Executive Board, 2010.

Age of Autism publishes the abstract of the recent paper by Oller et al reviewing the evidence that the WHO spiked tetanus vaccines in Kenya with a birth control drug it developed, HCG. Predictably the controversy was laid at the door of  "anti-vaxxers"  but it is apparent that this has nothing to do with original context: the Catholic church is not "anti-vaccine" and it seems highly implausible that the testing laboratory signed its own death warrant by detecting something which was not there. The problem would seem to lie with the untrustworthy behavior of  the World Health Organization, its not so hidden agendas, the Gates Foundation and the Kenyan government.

HCG Found in WHO Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya Raises Concern in the Developing World

John W. Oller, Christopher A Shaw, Lucija Tomljenovic, Stephen K. Karanja, Wahome Ngare, Felicia M. Clement, Jamie Ryan Pillette


In 1993, WHO announced a “birth-control vaccine” for “family planning”. Published research shows that by 1976 WHO researchers had conjugated tetanus toxoid (TT) with human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) producing a “birth-control” vaccine. Conjugating TT with hCG causes pregnancy hormones to be attacked by the immune system. Expected results are abortions in females already pregnant and/or infertility in recipients not yet impregnated. Repeated inoculations prolong infertility. Currently WHO researchers are working on more potent anti-fertility vaccines using recombinant DNA. WHO publications show a long-range purpose to reduce population growth in unstable “less developed countries”. By November 1993 Catholic publications appeared saying an abortifacient vaccine was being used as a tetanus prophylactic. In November 2014, the Catholic Church asserted that such a program was underway in Kenya. Three independent Nairobi accredited biochemistry laboratories tested samples from vials of the WHO tetanus vaccine being used in March 2014 and found hCG where none should be present. In October 2014, 6 additional vials were obtained by Catholic doctors and were tested in 6 accredited laboratories. Again, hCG was found in half the samples. Subsequently, Nairobi’s AgriQ Quest laboratory, in two sets of analyses, again found hCG in the same vaccine vials that tested positive earlier but found no hCG in 52 samples alleged by the WHO to be vials of the vaccine used in the Kenya campaign 40 with the same identifying batch numbers as the vials that tested positive for hCG. Given that hCG was found in at least half the WHO vaccine samples known by the doctors involved in administering the vaccines to have been used in Kenya, our opinion is that the Kenya “anti-tetanus” campaign was reasonably called into question by the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association as a front for population growth reduction. 



This is on independent.co.uk. I can not link to it just Google the headline.

"Israel gave birth control to Ethiopian Jews without their consent"

Israel has admitted for the first time that it has been giving Ethiopian Jewish immigrants birth-control injections, often without their knowledge or consent.


WHO decides on the "Cathartic,culling criteria" and the guideline follow through?
Health and Social Care Standards . Leadership has totally lost control of it's own ethical and moral boundaries .
Iceland "Cures" DownSyndrome,should America Do the same. https/www.psychologytoday.com 2 Jan 2018. Down's syndrome counselling prenatal "Chat sessions" jings I would like to get a "Wee swatch and a peek" of how these roll-play training sessions are getting taught if the data is indicating down's syndrome babies rapidly "Cured "and disappearing?
See Labrador befriends boy with Down Syndrome youtube . Interspecies non verbal communication persits till it get's the desired cuddle fom child .just fab to watch.

Hans Litten

Posted by: John Stone | April 25, 2018 at 09:12 AM

Absolutely - couldn't agree more (the solution if one is ever found will not be a vaccine)
vaccination reputation is in complete tatters .
I simply no longer believe in vaccination technology in any way shape or form.
To me vaccination is actually a form of warfare. The perpetual war they always spoke of.

One complete lie after another ! From Polio to the MMR to Gardakil , all lies.

John Stone


Truthfully, I can certainly see why containment of malaria is an issue in Kenya.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Science is pure. People are corrupt. | April 25, 2018 at 07:42 AM

They wont release samples of the vaccine to be tested !!

What is it about Kenya ?

Kenya to roll out world's first malaria vaccine (I want it tested immediately !) 67

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

There is more than ample evidence to warrant a full investigation instead of leaving the validity of the tests to be speculated about, but this is one more example of evidence of vaccine harm being swept under the carpet.

John Stone


I think a number of things about this. It is, of course, not convincing if the WHO take more than seven weeks to come up with alternative samples.

I also think they need to address aspects of their documented history, going back to the Kissinger report and beyond. And they need to address their present equivocation. I do not know whether they ever were inclined to tell the truth but Margaret Chan's statement, quoted above, which is the motto of the Vaccine Confidence Project's 2015 global report makes things difficult. If they do not think they have to tell the truth in pursuit of policy, at what point can we actually take them on trust - I pose this question to you since I suspect they are never going to answer.

Adriana G reminded me that she had written about this situation in 2015:



But perhaps Oller is to be commended for trying to negotiate the maze, in trying to discover whether this is happening or simply something that is said (as the WHO have claimed for so long).
There is no doubt that President Kenyatta is very closely tied to Gates:



But not only do you wonder what the "quid pro quo" is, a greater gift to the Kenyan people than half a million dollars' worth of laptops would be an infrastructure in which they were not at daily risk from tetanus in the first place.



You have provided no explanation why they did not use a tetanus vaccine schedule but the anti-fertility schedule. You ignore that the re-testing that did not find any hormone was done on samples that were provided by the WHO. They did not re-test the same samples.

One can certainly not deny that the WHO was really interested in anti-fertily vaccines.


Hans Litten

Merck Fighting Fraud Lawsuits in U.S. Courts on MMR and Gardasil Vaccines
8 years and counting !


Merck has tried, unsuccessfully, to end this case for almost eight years now, in an attempt to hide it from the American public.

The Wall Street Journal also covered the story back in 2012, but according to a report by Dr. Mercola, the Wall Street Journal’s “elite” network of CFOs from the world’s top corporations met three days later (including executives from Merck), and the story was removed from their website.
On September 4, 2014, Judge Jones ruled that the case should proceed based on merit.

Christina’s family fought a long 8-year legal battle with the government-run vaccine court, and the U.S. Government eventually conceded that the Gardasil vaccine killed 21-year-old Christina Richelle Tarsell. Christina Tarsell is believed to be the first victim of the Gardasil vaccine that the U.S. Government has conceded was a death resulting from the HPV vaccine.

John Stone


I really don’t know - were samples really presented as human tissue, and even then could they have detected specific substances that weren’t there? I am not an expert in Kenyan politics but it is quite usual to accuse politicians of opportunism but oddly enough in this case no one seems particularly sure - is anyone saying it in Kenya? Mwiti goes to LSHTM for corroboration, and bung-ho LSHTM come up with the goods! What’s that about?

I am sorry Oller gave you such a drubbing.


“- these are very weak and prejudicial articles that you cite.” Hold on John the “Africa Check” article, published in Africa was published before the first iteration of the Oller article and well before the second version came out. The Mwiti piece interviews the various analytical laboratories and they all shoot down & repudiate the hCG contaminated tetanus vaccine story, what precisely is “prejudicial” about that: published before Oller. I brought you into the discussion because (a) you had commented on it “when they try this they get caught out, or whether they are getting away with it all over the place without being called out.” and (b) You are the UK Editor of the AoA, but perhaps you have no say in what is published as Opinion pieces (?) on this site. For whatever reason this website has chosen to dredge up what is gold plated BS, why is the AoA repeating this long-disproven fairy tale?
Is the Catholic Herald a weak & prejudicial article that also thoroughly sinks this tale? The Lancet study following the Philippines farrago makes it quite clear that there has been no effect whatsoever on fertility in that country, this is not flannel John but hard facts that Oller & his co-authors just choose to ignore.
Oller liberally used my personal details and contents of confidential e-mails, without my permission, in his 24 page rant, AKA addendum, to his paper, and the AoA has repeated this so I feel entitled to disclose to you John, on a personal basis, & not for publication, details of why the Oller paper re-emerged following it’s initial withdrawl, let me know if you would like to understand the machinations behind this about face.


And, of course, the testing which was done so "incorrectly" only showed hCG in some of the samples. One would expect more false positives.

John, I think you should not allow trolls to post here. They can post their remarks on Respectful Insolence.

John Stone


First of all, you have a conflict here (check out authors' response). Secondly, you have provided no arguments against the substance of what is said in the article. Odinga might or might not have conflict but what does that show - these are very weak and prejudicial articles that you cite. Nor is this an argument - if you bring me into it - where I can see any alternative to the use of a tetanus vaccine in the environmental context (whatever my reservations about the design and manufacture of vaccines). And then we have all the specious pulling of rank over journals - unfortunately people do not write articles like this to make their lives easier or for financial benefit, or even out of some strange ideology. They do it because the evidence before their eyes points to something going wrong. Now, what you have to do to carry conviction is tackle all of their arguments head on, and dispense with the flannel which frankly is all you have come up with.

It is just because you cannot do better that there is a problem.


Deja vu all over again. From 1996: Yes indeed Carol, Linda & John (& you should know better) The Philippines farrago was shown to be incorrect analytical methods and misinterpretation of the data
http://www.matercare.org/news-publications/official-statements/official-statement-re-tetanus-vaccination-programme/ The Kenya situation mimics what happened in the mid 1990’s in the Philippines, Mexico, Peru, Nicaragua and Tanzania (3). Independent testing of vaccine samples in several reputable laboratories in the 1990’s found no evidence of hCG. The “positive” reactions reported in other laboratories were due to non- specific binding to unknown materials of no biological or immunological significance at levels way below the discrimination threshold of the assay system used. In one such test tap water showed “positivity”for hCG. (4)
http://www.catholicherald.co.uk/commentandblogs/2014/11/20/the-unkillable-catholic-vaccination-conspiracy/ Note this refutation is published in the Catholic Herald!! After the Philippines scare, which eventually petered out, a paper in the Lancet found no rise in miscarriages, which should have been a consequence of any covert sterilisation. An analysis of birth rates found no fall in fertility. This is the Lancet study, but behind a paywall http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(05)64442-X/abstract
The latest recycling of this nonsense by Oller et al didn’t even bother to check that “Africa Check” had demolished the rumour as nonsense in September last year when they interviewed the laboratories who did the testing https://africacheck.org/2017/09/13/analysis-what-could-kenyas-odinga-gain-by-dredging-up-an-unfounded-tetanus-vaccine-claim/
At the time, two of the labs said their test findings were misinterpreted, because the samples were presented to them as human tissue, not vaccines.“Had we been informed from the very beginning, we would have advised them on alternative labs to take the tests to for accurate results and even interpreted the data correctly,” Lancet chief executive Dr Ahmed Kalebi said back then. The Lancet findings had again been misquoted by Odinga, he told the Business Daily on 12 September 2017. The man who then headed Nairobi Hospital’s pathology department, Dr Andrew Gachii, also told the same publication that the samples taken to the hospital were contaminated and the methodology used was wrong (Lancet is the name of the lab, not the medical journal)
The Oller paper is utter nonsense from start to finish, they got the science wrong, they ignored the disclaimers listed above from the analytical labs and claimed there was something “special” about the Kenyan vaccination schedule (meaning it was altered to be a covert sterilization schedule) when in fact the schedule was basically the same recommended for all of Africa.
To cap it all the “journal” they chose to publish this in was a “pay & publish” set up with zero credibility. John, as I said, you should know better.


What they did in Kenya is probably the tip of the iceberg.

Thanks for this important reporting.

John Stone


Yes, I don't know whether the message is that mostly when they try this they get caught out, or whether they are getting away with it all over the place without being called out. One thing is certain, they are not going to earn trust - hi there Heidi Larson if you are watching - by trying to suppress reasonable discussion.


Deja vu all over again. From 1996:

"Philippine women may have been unwittingly vaccinated against their own children, a recent study conducted by the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) has indicated....The PMA notified the Philippine Department of Health (PDOH) of these findings in a 16 September letter signed by the researchers and certified by its President. Using a immunological assay developed by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States, a three-doctor research panel tested forty-seven vials of tetanus vaccine collected at random from various health centers in Luzon and Mindanao. Nine were found to contain hCG in levels ranging from 0.191680 mIU/ml to 3.046061 mIU/ml. These vaccines, most of which were labeled as of Canadian origin, were supplied by the World Health Organization as part of a WHO-sponsored vaccination program...."



A few related quotes of Margaret Sanger:


"The ministers work is also important and he should be trained, perhaps by the Federation as to our ideals and the goal that we hope to reach. We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members."

"Charity conceals a stupid cruelty, because it is not courageous enough to face unpleasant facts. Aside from the question of the unfitness of many women to become mothers, aside from the very definite deterioration in the human stock that such programs would inevitably hasten, we may question its value even to the normal though unfortunate mother. For it is never the intention of such philanthropy to give the poor over-burdened and often undernourished mother of the slum the opportunity to make the choice herself, to decide whether she wishes time after time to bring children into the world. It merely says 'Increase and multiply: We are prepared to help you do this"

" The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it. The same factors which create the terrible infant mortality rate, and which swell the death rate of children between the ages of one and five, operate even more extensively to lower the health rate of the surviving members."

"How are we to breed a race of human thoroughbreds unless we follow the same plan? We must make this country into a garden of children instead of a disorderly back lot overrun with human weeds."

"All of our problems are the result of overbreeding among the working class, and if morality is to mean anything at all to us, we must regard all the changes which tend toward the uplift and survival of the human race as moral."

"The third group [of society] are those irresponsible and reckless ones having little regard for the consequences of their acts, or whose religious scruples prevent their exercising control over their numbers. Many of this group are diseased, feeble-minded, and are of the pauper element dependent upon the normal and fit members of society for their support. There is no doubt in the minds of all thinking people that the procreation of this group should be stopped."



The government already uses or considers this type of vaccine anti-fertility technology for overabundant birds and mammals as they say. It is more humane than killing them.

What is more interesting is that the Gates Foundation, is located just one street away from the PATH foundation and looks like a clone of it.

PATH, a huge foundation which is over 40 years old has been involved in pushing vaccines in the third world along with the Gates Foundation. Both mostly focus on vaccines it seems.

PATH did however start out focusing on contraceptives and moved on to vaccines in the eighties. It was formerly known as PIACT(Program for the Introduction and Adaptation of Contraceptive Technology.)

Now here is where it gets interesting:

PATH was founded by a former medical director of Planned Parenthood and we know that Bill Gates Sr. who sites on the board of the Gates Foundation was on the board of Planned Parenthood. The PATH founder also was part of the executive committee of the Gates Foundation.

One can certainly not deny that both foundations are close to Planned Parenthood and birth control.

The history of Planned Parenthood is interesting as it was formed by members of the American Eugenics Society. Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was well known for her hatred of black people and her quest for a thoroughbred stock of humans. She was a proponent of negative eugenics, the reduction the reproduction of those who were considered unfit. She did not follow her advice and had 3 children.


Hans Litten

For those who remember the Sen. Elizabeth Warren interview with Rear Admiral Anne Schuchat of the cdc , I certainly will never forget bare faced lies of that magnitude in my life :


Perhaps & hopefully the end of a glittering political career Elizabeth ? Pocahontas

Angus Files

It must be also state that the plans they have for the world is halting.The cuts in budgets is seeing to this.The comedy pair of Offit & Gates are not getting their way with us all,which brings a smile to my face more like hahahahahahhahaha!!

"And, the PPHF’s bloodletting isn’t at an end. Today (February 9), Congress passed and President Donald Trump signed a bill that would cut $1.35 billion from the PPHF over the next 10 years, leaving the fund up to $1 billion short of its initial goal each year. And, Congress has the power to divert these remaining funds to programs outside the PPHF’s mandate."


Pharma For Prison


Hans Litten

Posted by: bob moffit | April 24, 2018 at 06:26 AM

Woah Woah Bob , "weeds" , Strong stuff , you have gone way over the top there !

& I totally agree with you - 100% - haha

This is never about money ! Money is just the lubrication to make the Hgenocidal process work.
And its amazing what people(doctors) are willing to do to others in pursuit of cold hard cash.

bob moffit

The highest priority of the vaccine/global public health industries has NEVER been to prevent "childhood diseases" .. it has ALWAYS been .. and .. CONTINUES to be .. POPULATION CONTROL.

As I posted in a previous comment .. those determined to "control population" .. such as .. Bill Gates and the WHO .. are ruthless in their "ends justify the means" world .. quite willing as this report shows .. to use vaccines as a gardener would use pesticides .. to protect THEIR garden by removing the unwanted population they consider to be nothing more than WEEDS.

Hans Litten

“People don’t think of vaccines as a poverty reduction tool but they are”



“People don’t think of vaccines as a poverty reduction tool but they are”
Dr Anita Zaidi (yeah right Anita – think global clearances more like !)

“Rotavirus is a disease that can kill within hours. Children can become severely dehydrated and die on the way to a clinic or hospital. But it’s not just about deaths. I’m a paediatrician and it’s important we do .

Countries are being urged to introduce a vaccine that could save the lives of hundreds of thousands of children every year.

Around half a million children die annually from diarrhoeal disease, with around half of these deaths – 213,000 – attributed to one particular illness: rotavirus.

The virus, which was only identified in the 1970s, affects children all over the world but is particularly devastating in poorer countries where health services are weaker.

Anita Zaidi of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation said that the global introduction of vaccines in the last 20 years had been a worldwide success story.

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