If Age of Autism is a Bit Hinky Today, Have No Fear
New Paper Challenges HHS on their Vaccine Aluminum Dosing Safety Numbers

The deaths of healthy children taken for routine immunisation are not acceptable.

image from ahrp.orgby Jacob Puliyel 

On 18 March, The Sunday Guardian [India] published a report suggesting that Pentavalent vaccine was killing children instead of protecting them. In response to a question on the subject, Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare Ashwini Kumar Choubey told the Lok Sabha that the Pentavalent vaccine was safe.

The minister has told Parliament of a study conducted by International Clinical Epidemiology Network (INCLEN) and the government where 30,688 infants who received Pentavalent vaccine at 6 weeks, 10 weeks and 14 weeks of age showed “there is no increase in death and hospitalisation rates reported in the first week after vaccination, as compared to fourth week after vaccination”.

The Sunday Guardian had earlier described a study of 45 million infants who received DPT vaccination and 25 million received Pentavalent vaccine. There were 4.8 deaths per million vaccinated with DPT and 9.6 deaths per million vaccinated with Pentavalent vaccine. There were 4.7 additional deaths per million vaccinated with Pentavalent vaccine instead of DPT and this doubling of deaths was found to be statistically very significant. Extrapolating the data, the authors estimated that vaccination of 26 million children each year in India would result in 122 additional deaths within 72 hours, due to the switch from DPT to Pentavalent vaccine.

It would appear that the misleading INCLEN study was given to Parliament. If Pentavalent vaccine was causing five deaths per million vaccinated as reported in The Sunday Guardian, in a sample of 30,688 there would be 0.17 deaths. The study sample was so minuscule that it would not pick up even one death. 

The deaths of healthy, innocent children taken for routine immunisation cannot be acceptable in any society. Parliament needs to be told how this misleading study was presented to it...(continue reading at The Sunday Guardian)


Hans Litten

Posted by: cherry Misra | April 16, 2018 at 01:37 PM

Have you seen the videos online of children in African schools panicing for their very lives because a rumour has gone out that the vaccine people are coming.
They were locked in the schools and were climbing over 20 foot gates with their parents screaming for them to hurry up.

The television is to blame for the brainwashing.

It is even in the BBC title :


John Stone

Hi Grace

No, the problem here is that the government data set is too small - you can predict on the basis of the data that Puliyel cites that a study of that size will not show an effect. You would have to perform that study six times to get an additional death.

Grace Green

Bob Moffit, you're absolutely right that not one death of a healthy child following vaccination is acceptable, which is also what Dr. Puliyel is saying, God bless him. What those health officials are not saying is that their conclusions are drawn from epidemiological studies. The fact that there were no more deaths in the first week after vaccination than in the fourth week could be coincidence, and it also doesn't prove that those deaths which did occur were not caused by the vaccination. Even the additional deaths following the Pentavalent vaccine don't prove that the fewer number following the DPT were not caused by that vaccine, as there was no comparison with unvaccinated children. Unless they can demonstrate another cause of death then it has to be assumed that the vaccine is implicated, and this should be investigated.


this is another example why studies are worthless.

You can use them to exonerate absolutely anything you like.

Imagine how easy it would be to set up a study showing that sex, sperm or even ovaries have no relationship with pregnancy.

In fact, you could set up studies in dozens of different ways to show this.

It would all be nonsense of course, but pro-vaxers would call it SCIENCE!!!

That's why the only valid method of determining safety is with a stress test (ie put the product to a level of use that is at the more extreme level to see if it still stands up).

It's pretty much impossible to rig stress tests and they are used for everything. Well, everything bar vaccines of course. Cars, parachutes, food, you name it. None use cohort studies. You don't compare 100 people who use a parachute while dropping from a plane compared to 100 people who fall out of a plane without a parachute to prove your parachute is safe. You test it with 200kg to show that it is safe with 100kg.

Non-vaxers have allowed ourselves to play the same games as the pro-vaxers by allowing them to use cohort studies despite the fact that 100% of them are rigged.

On the other hand, if you say "what is the maximum safe dose of vaccines?" and get them to inject the number they tell you then you immediately see that no pro-vaxer will ever adequately test them for safety.

cherry Misra

@ Hans Litten- You might like to hear this too- Just today I was thinking about something my lady helper (in New Delhi, India) had told me and wondering if someone on AOA might cheer up on hearing it- she was telling me gleefully how parents who see one child damaged by vaccines, dont vaccinate subsequent kids , and giving me examples . Its interesting that poor, often illiterate third world women believe what they see with their own eyes, unlike some of the highly educated western women. The word brainwashed comes to mind.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Dr. Puliyel, for your efforts to promote transparent research.

bob moffit

"The deaths of healthy, innocent children taken for routine immunisation cannot be acceptable in any society."

Indeed .. vaccination policies ought not "accept" even ONE death of a perfectly healthy, innocent child. Vaccination policies should have the same standard as all other industries .. which would be ZERO TOLERANCE for any deaths due to their product.

Vaccinating children ought not be a crap shoot .. where it is accepted that SOME children will die.

Hans Litten

Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful !!!!!! Game Changer - Game Over For the CDC !


The Mold 2017 study is a respectable first exploratory investigation. The results add to the compelling evidence that aluminum adjuvants cause autism.

I eagerly await follow-up research looking at the amount, distribution, chemical form and microscopic location (e.g. intracellular or extracellular) of aluminum in autistic brains. Discovering that the Al comprises Al compounds used as adjuvants (AlOH, AlPO4 or AlSO4), or that it resides inside immune cells (e.g. macrophages) would be particularly provocative because it would indicate that the Al is from vaccines.

Hans Litten

Jacob - sir
If you read this , I want to commend you for all the sterling work you have done .
Somebody in this big bad world has noticed at least .

Highest regards

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