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Tell a lie enough times, and it becomes the truth…ESPECIALLY IF PEOPLE WANT TO BELIEVE IT!

image from www.rescuepost.comBy Anne Dachel

During the last decades ago, as autism became an ever—increasing diagnosis, taking giant steps in the rate every two years or so, people wanted to know where it was coming from. Experts didn’t have a clue, but they did have guesses and lots of dead—end studies to support them. The two most often cited were BETTER DIAGNOSING, and GENETICS, although either one made any sense.

First of all, IF all the children with autism were nothing new, then we should have been able to find comparable rates among all ages of adults, and no one has ever done that.

Second, a dramatic change in genetics in a generation or two is simply impossible.

Never mind. The only task for the medical community and health officials was to pretend NOTHING WAS WRONG. The fact that 30 percent of parents reported that their child was normal and then dramatically lost learned skills and regressed into autism was never a concern.

To further muddy the waters, lots of time, money and expertise was spent making meaningless associations between autism and bad parents—especially BAD MOMS (very similar to the old “refrigerator mom” theory): old moms, moms who marry old dads, fat moms, drinking moms, moms on anti-depressants, smoking moms, moms who have babies too close together, moms who have preemies, pregnant moms who don’t get enough vitamin D, and moms who live too close to freeways.

MOST OF ALL, experts were out to kill the claim that vaccines were the cause. Endless dollars went into disproving any link between our ever—expanding vaccine schedule and the development of autism.

And it worked. Today, if a child loses the ability to talk or interact after previously meeting every milestone, resulting in an autism diagnosing—it’s just what happens. It’s all so confusing. It’s why we use a puzzle piece. Autism will remain a mystery.

Simple truth: No official knows anything for sure about autism. We don’t even have new official rate. AND NO MATTER WHAT THE RATE, no one in charge will ever admit that an increase means that more kids have autism.

SO is it one in 36 CHILDREN? http://www.ageofautism.com/2017/12/autism-1-in-36-asd-rate-set-a-new-record-high-in-2016.html

Or is it one in 68 CHILDREN, as unconcerned reporters blithely tell us every day?

Or is it one in 45 CHILDREN, as we were told by officials in 2014?

Or is it one in 38 CHILDREN, as Autism Speaks found in their Korean study in 2011?

IT DOESN’T MATTER. Numbers will NEVER MATTER when it comes to autism. There will ALWAYS be some explanation. There has to be because IF all the kids with autism are a new phenomenon, then we would have to do something. We would have move mountains to STOP IT. No one in authority wants to look at autism like this, so we do nothing.


Thousands of news reports over the last couple of years indicate something more is happening. Not only are there more and more kids in our schools with a diagnosis of autism, but there are massive increases in kids who have special needs. Kids who can’t learn like kids have always learned. They can’t behave. Schools have to have accommodations—more aides, more counselors, special rooms where students can calm down, ways to restrain and isolate out-of-control students, modified curriculums, and therapy dogs.

Special education isn’t so much about academics—cognitive learning problems—today, but instead SPED is about kids with behavioral/emotional issues. It’s a whole new world for teachers. I have the proof: thousands of stories collected over the past 16 months, all showing schools are forced to deal with a crisis in education.

QUESTION: Are the changes we’re seeing in regular ed kids related to what we’ve seen with autism?

It’s accepted that part of autism is behavioral. ASD kids have sensory issues and they can be prone to meltdowns. Suddenly, we’re talking about addressing these same problems in children without a diagnosis of autism? Could there be a link?

I substitute teach in pre-K to 12th grade, and I see this all the time. Students with “problems” have “time—spaces,” weighted blankets, and special seating. They’re allowed to pace or leave the room when stressed. Teachers will tell me that a particular student is “probably on the spectrum, but there’s nothing official.” We have all come to accept autism as a fact of life for children today…and we’re rapidly coming to grips with lots more kids who have the same signs and symptoms. (And don’t forget the soaring rates of autoimmune issues in so many children—asthma, diabetes, seizure disorders and more) We’ve come to accept that our kids are sick.

The following recent stories prove all my claims. I read dozens more than the sample here.

What I really see happening is that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has already taken control of this issue.

SO MANY STORIES acknowledge that YES, children are struggling. There are huge behavior issues. But the CDC is right there with THEIR SCIENCE. Reporters are now telling us that in the 1990s, the CDC did research on Adverse Childhood Experiences and how they damage kids.

Teachers are now being trained in recognizing ACEs. They’re taught they shouldn’t ask, WHY DID THIS CHILD DO THIS? Instead, they should ask, WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS CHILD [AT HOME]?

And, as a story from Roseburg, OR recently told us, there has been a “tripling of child maltreatment.” https://www.nrtoday.com/news/health/study-shows-childhood-trauma-related-to-chronic-health-conditions/article_667a7b06-0653-5961-8eac-68fb4f0f2b7a.html Parenthood is changing. Moms and dads increasingly don’t care about their children.

So the child with the behavior issues should be seen as a victim of abuse. The parents are the abusers. (By the way, ACEs can even be things like “loss of a loved one,” or “divorced or separated parents.”)

The child with chronic health problems is also a victim of ACEs. These illnesses can result from bad parents.

I personally see this as an updated version of the “refrigerator mom” theory of autism. And if the CDC had this research twenty years ago, why is it just showing up now?


**Notice that the UK story from the Liverpool Echo below shows us boys with autism—ADHD, sensory processing disorder AND AUTISM. There are now a number of studies out there linking ADHD and ACEs. So what happens when a child has ASD and sensory disorders too? When will all these problems be linked to what happened at home?

It’s the new focus of education in the 21st century. Schools have to address the damage parents are doing. Moms and dads everywhere should be ashamed.


April 4, 2018, Roseburg (OR) News—Review: Study shows childhood trauma related to chronic health conditions

The link between childhood trauma/toxic stress and adult health outcomes is striking. A study done by Kaiser Permanente and the Center for Disease Control and long-term effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences found a strong graded relationship between ACEs and many chronic health conditions. As ACEs went up, so too did the diabetes, obesity, cancer, heart disease, COPD, liver disease, etc.

By any definition, the tripling of child maltreatment is a public health emergency — one that will impact the health of our community for years to come. These children are in schools, become adults, work in our workforce, populate our jails, and will have families with children of their own.

The evidence has been mounting for over 20 years that the chronic diseases that plague communities, schools, agencies and institutions, and which physicians, dentists and mental health providers treat in adulthood, are rooted in a disease of childhood — ACEs; but the science has not yet been connected with our practices.

April 5, 2018, (UK) Bedford Today: New school for children with special needs planned for Kempston

… “We’ve already got some brilliant special schools in the borough, but there’s also massive demand and it’s something which the system is catching up with. “As a Bedford boy it’s brilliant to see this coming to where we live.”…

While there is already pressure on the limited number of school spaces for children with disabilities and SEN in Bedford Borough, it is believed an extra 700 such places will be needed by 2030. …

This proposed school will increase capacity, develop greater specialisms and ease the growing pressure on current capacity.”

April 5, 2018, Boston Globe: Triton towns will vote on overrides

The current spending plan is an increase of $2.27 million, which is actually now below level services,” said Triton Superintendent Brian Forget. “The largest budget driver this year was increased special education costs, including approximately $1 million in new spending on tuition for students in outside placements, as well as two new special educators in the district.”


April 5, 2018, (UK) PutneySW15, An update from your local ward Councillors and candidate 

The Council investment will also support children with special needs. Investment of £350,000 will allow two new classes at Paddock special school in Roehampton, which caters for children with learning difficulties, and Riversdale School in Southfields will see a new £450,000 unit to support children with special needs.

Sarah added: "Putney schools are achieving some exceptional results, so it’s essential to meet the rising demand for places, and the Council’s extra investment in special needs provision will directly benefit some of Putney's most vulnerable children".


April 5, 2018, (UK) Wessex 96/97.2 FM: Multi-million pound investment for special needs education in Dorset £3M to be invested in education for children with special needs.

Over the last 22 months, Dorset has seen a 49 per cent increase in children with an Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP).


April 5, 2018, NBC26, Green Bay, WI: Partners in Education: Mindfulness room set to help students 'de-escalate'

"It's a place that students can go to when they're having a hard time regulating their emotion.. so when students are having a hard time in the classroom focusing, they can go to this classroom they can center themselves bring themselves back, and efficiently learn," said Brittni Lesuise, a Nicolet private banker, but also a part of Leadership Green Bay.

It's a project that's still in it's early stages, but the plan is to get the room equipped, with sensory kits, which is comprised of weighted blankets, bikes, dry erase boards, and bean bags. …


April 5, 2018, Wicked Local Medford, MA: Highlights from second night of interviews with Medford superintendent finalists

…“Currently, I have several schools that have integrated sensory rooms: a space within school where there are squishies, bean bags, balls, etc. That’s something I would advocate for. Sometimes, [it’s] just having an area with sensory tools, things you can squeeze or touch or maybe color. Another school has little toolboxes that have social emotional tools within them.

I feel like the way to address [social emotional needs] is to address them proactively, so that when a child is in crisis, you have a plan of action.”


April 5, 2018, Central Maine: RSU 9 directors to begin deliberations on budget, superintendent—One need considered critical is an alternative education program at the elementary school level for 'non-regulated' students

Principals gave an overview in December of what is happening in classrooms with students who are considered “non-regulated.”

The term refers to students whose behavior “exceeds typical, occasional, inappropriate behavior, lacking control of emotions and impulses,” according to administrators.

These pupils typically do not meet the eligibility standards for special education, according to administrators. There could be many reasons for the behavior, including adverse childhood experiences.

Parents spoke to the board Tuesday about the effects of non-regulated pupils on other children, who sometimes do not feel safe in school.


April 6, 2018, Charlotte (NC) Observer: Students need trauma-informed care

The Centers for Disease Control began a study in the mid-'90s which continues to this day called the Adverse Childhood Experiences study. The study’s lead investigator concluded that childhood trauma, stemming from experiences such as abuse, neglect, loss of a loved one and food insecurity, represents the nation’s #1 public health problem. Trauma victims who do not cope with their experiences in healthy ways increase their risk of depression, drug and alcohol addiction, domestic violence, chronic disease, mental illness and suicide.

In our classrooms, the impact of trauma can range from distractibility to difficulty relating to others and managing emotions. Teachers may perceive that a student just has behavior problems or is not interested in learning, when the reality is that student is simply too overwhelmed to learn. Trauma can lead to behaviors which result in lost instructional time, reduce graduation rates and set our students on the road toward joblessness and poverty.


April 6, 2018, Washington, DC, The Hill: We now know the importance of trauma-informed care, but there is more work to be done

Oprah nailed it. During her recent 60 Minutes special on childhood trauma, she concisely defined the essence of trauma-informed care so everyone can understand it. She said, “It comes down to the question of not, ‘What's wrong with you? What's wrong with that kid?’ but, ‘What happened to you,’ which is a very different question.” This shift in perspective leads to solutions that get to the root cause of children’s issues, rather than a quick reaction that often stops at punishment.


April 6, 2018, (Ireland) Dublin People: School praised for asthma initiative

A NORTHSIDE school has been praised for embracing an asthma-friendly initiative.

An Asthma Information Evening was held recently at St Brigid’s Girls’ National School, Killester, where it was announced they got a bronze award for becoming the first asthma-friendly school in Dublin.

Ms Quinn highlighted how big an issue asthma is in Ireland and how Irish people are predisposed to the condition due to environmental and genetic factors and how there is one death per week due to asthma. …

Ms Quinn explained how one in five children in Ireland suffer from asthma, some diagnosed, some not.

April 7, 2018, Chicago Daily Tribune: How one suburban district is helping traumatized students succeed

Educators nationwide are recognizing that early psychological traumas can have a huge impact on children's brain development and learning.

Just how teachers and schools can support students affected by adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs, is not quite a science.

This school year, roughly 100 students in first through fifth grades at Perry Elementary School in Carpentersville struggling with emotional traumas and behavioral issues are receiving additional support in smaller classroom settings to improve their academic performance and overall health.

April 8, 2018, (UK) Liverpool Echo: What life is really like for families living with autism in Liverpool

Liverpool is aiming to become the UK’s first autism-friendly city – but what’s it really like for people living with the condition here?

The ECHO spoke to families affected by autism and found a mixed picture, with many saying parents are still struggling to access the help they need.

Around one in every 100 people in Britain is believed to be autistic, with boys more often diagnosed than girls. …

The city has come a long way – but there’s still a way to go”


Organisation Liverpool Autism Champions, works throughout the city to promote autism-awareness training in the workplace.


But Nicola Powell, whose son has the condition told the ECHO: “Support, resources and staff training in mainstream schools is poor and places available in specialist schools are extremely limited.

I don’t feel that things are moving as quickly as they should. We need to build more specialist schools that meet the needs of children in Liverpool who are on waiting lists and desperate to get the appropriate support in the right environment.”

Everything Liverpool has to offer has been through the hard work of parents and carers.

Louise McGuirk's ten-year-old son has ADHD, autism and sensory processing difficulties. She says she is extremely grateful for awareness courses but Liverpool needs more

The city has come a long way but still has a long way to go.” …



Robert M. HOwley

My Kathleen is 26 years of age and both her late mother Mary Howley and I were devoted to both our daughters. We are highly educated professionals and affluent despite not living that lifestyle. As an actuary who has a real interest in pulling apart the results of "studies" I can only say that you cannot have a genetic epidemic and in my business we put together many scenarios and wrote mathematical fiction. There are far too many highly educated people who know these child was vaccine damaged for me to ignore. I met Mark Blaxiill and the late Dan Olmsted and they are such highly intelligent people who question everything As a Jesuit educated man and someone whos has seen the CDC put its head in the sand, I can only say that had known what I know now I would have opted out of the vaccine schedule fo my girls. I was born in 1956 and got only two vaccines and I did have a bad reaction to the polio one. I did not get polio but all I can say is I never take a flu shot. As Mark Twain once said, "there are lies, there are damn lies and there are statistics" As someone who has looked at misused but allegedly "credible" statistic my whole career I have to concur with Mr. Twain. We have a generation of the sickest kids in any generation. Someone has to wake up.

Aimee Doyle

@Annie - you're right that people vote against lies they are forced to live.

I know that some people voted for Trump because he said he would do something about vaccines and autism. Unfortunately, although Trump may have "talked the talk" when it comes to autism and vaccines, he certainly hasn't "walked the walk." Every agency appointment he has made, from Tom Price/Alex Azar to HHS, Scott Gottlieb to FDA, and Brenda Fitzgerald/Robert Redfield to CDC has been a pro-vax pharma appointment.

And he's been silent about the autism epidemic ever since the election.

John Stone


In the U.K. we haven’t had an autism rate for children since 2005...

go Trump

It is almost time for the CDC to try to change the subject to the "New 1.8 billion dollar ZIKA vaccine" due to perhaps a dozen ZIKA cases in the United States.

They cannot discuss the "plane crash of Autism" that occurs each and every day.


What does that mean there are no new official autism rates? Will they be published?

Did they stop counting? Or are the busy re-analysing the data to make the increase disappear?

We will soon have a total of 7 different antigens a pregnant woman will be vaccinated against.

If you think Autism rates are high today wait and see what happens if we start vaccinating in pregnancy.


It looks like everyone is asleep at the wheel. Wake up!!


Apologies for being too macabre but this makes for a pretty big voting block. Jake Tapper on CNN the other day was berating a GOP represenative for Trumps "lies" making memtion of his assertiim the vaccines cause autism. Telling people a lie often enough may make some believe it, however when people are forced to live the lie they vote against it.

Aimee Doyle


You're right to ask whether more healing should be taking place. From everything I've read, the full recovery rate for children with autism is somewhere just under 10%. Children who are less affected are more likely to make a full recovery. However, whether a child recovers, and how much he/she recovers varies enormously. I don't think anyone knows why some kids recover and others do not. Or why some kids make more progress than others.

I have seen families do literally everything out there - biomedical, behavioral, educational, therapeutic, but not see a cure. Me and my husband have done everything from from the conventional to the alternative to the downright fringe. My son has made progress - he's gone from severely impaired to about the middle of the spectrum, but he will still need lifelong care and support.

I have never personally seen a fully recovered child (I've read about them), but I have seen kids who've made a lot of progress,even some kids who don't get a lot of intervention.

Yes, I personally think there's genetic vulnerability. And there are environmental triggers...my son started to plateau, and then regress, after his 18 month vaccinations.

Angus Files

Mark Twain warned: "Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint."
Sadly no misprints here .well done Anne

Pharma For Prison


Shelley Tzorfas

While taking a quick glance, only 65% of children had full vaccinations in 2015 but they already have 10 MILLION kids with Autism. Can't wait to see what happens when more kids have All of their shots of Aluminum, Mercury/Thimerosal, Cancer-promoting Formaldehyde, Human fetal cell DNA, peanut oils, cells of cows (With Leukemia) pigs dogs monkeys rats chicks insects MSG ether, squalene, antibiotics and more. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Massive-immunization-campaign-begins/articleshow/46834536.cms

cherry Misra

@ Bill, Congratulations on keeping an open mind and waiting for answers and asking good questions. Yes, if autism is an injury, then children can improve and that has been shown many times, There are children who have significantly improved from fairly severe autism, and it appears that in the best cases, the parents have implemented biomedical treatments and removed toxins such as mercury from the child.
Also, I myself, have seen in my nursery school in India , children with clear symptoms of autism, but not very severe- and sometimes those kids recover, without the parents really having much awareness that something was wrong. (I saw kids coming near to normal by age 4 or 5) Our great Dan Olmsted told me that this is known to the autism community and is called "autism lite". You will rarely hear about this however. The standard dogma is that autism is incurable
Years ago, Dr. Boyd Haley, mercury toxicologist, explained that in the severe autism cases, there is so much oxidative stress in the human brain that the body is unable to overcome it.
Few people would argue that autism is not at all genetic. The CATS Autism Study , done in California indicated clearly that autism is about 30-40% genetic. We already know some of the possible ways that this can happen. Lets put it this way- If you, Bill are genetically a slow excreter of mercury and you excrete half of X amount of mercury in 4 months, and I am a fast excreter of mercury , taking only two months to excrete the same X amount of mercury , well, sorry Bill- Its YOU who is more likely to become autistic if given vaccines containing mercury .
I am saying nothing about aluminium here, which is another toxic disaster for our babies and we had little information about its risks until the last few years.


So the increase in neurological disorder and chronic disease in American children is real and it's because of stress. OK, got it. I guess we have to extrapolate that to the whole world because,
as an EPA study noted, autistic disorder increased sharply worldwide starting wit birth years 1988-89: https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/057c/fe11ee64d757e1a7288ef211b477613f012d.pdf No problem. Now we'll invoke diagnostic changes and declare that the increases are simply an artifact of better diagnosis.

Hans Litten

Gardakil - Merck on Trial (could be a tipping point)


Her family firmly now believe that the vaccinations caused her illness because prior to receiving the HPV vaccination, she was physically active, and had not only participated in her high school basketball team but had also engaged in other athletic activities.

It is for this reason, that the family decided to file a case against the manufacturer of the vaccine, Merck, accusing them of:
1. Fraud and Deceit
2. Negligent Misrepresentation
3. Defective Product - Inadequate warnings & information
4. Medical Malpractice
5. Medical Battery


An 11 year old boy testifies in Maryland how wi-fi and wireless is "dangerous for my developing brain"

We need more of this.


Jeannette Bishop

I think the reportedly dead California bill SB 18, a "children's rights bill," should tell us how much access and control over kids across the U.S. is wanted by some. I don't think this bill was just a creation in Pan's mind and possibly the demonization of parenting nationwide will be followed by similar measures nationwide.


People across this country must turn off the distractions and resist their addictions to rise up and demand that the irradiation and poisoning of their children be stopped immediately. The lie that parents are at fault must be countered with the abundant research, including government research, and scientists now raising the issue around the world that behavioral and health problems and DNA damage are caused by wireless radiation.

We can do it if we break the SPELL that almost everyone is under and make people realize that we must fight back against this oppression.

Jonathan Rose

It sounds more like Goebbels, but Groucho did say: "Who are you going to believe? Me, or your own eyes?"

Sure, ACEs are becoming far more common. It used to be that children never had to deal with the loss of a loved one.

Hans Litten

Is The CDC Scheming For Another Autism Scandal Or Cover-up?

There’s an old adage that states, “Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.” Well, it seems the CDC is having trouble figuring out the latest statistics regarding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and has put off its latest stats report, which was to have been released March 30, 2018!

According to Big League Politics, there’s trouble at CDC on trying to agree on the latest ASD statistics, so their report will be postponed until they can agree on “consensus science” [1, 2] rather than actual, factual science sometime in late April or May.

Serious number crunching may have to take place since two previous CDC reports stated one in 68 U.S. children suffer with autism, whereas, independent reports place the figure at one in 36!
By Catherine J. Frompovich — April 4, 2018


Ah, reminiscent shades of what “colluders” and “consensus science” apparently did in reclassifying polio a couple of times in order to report favorable ‘efficacy’ rates for polio vaccines but, furthermore, to deflect from the reality that the oral polio vaccine given by the Gates Foundation in India actually caused 47,500 cases of polio, which “consensus science” renamed and classified as “Acute Flaccid Paralysis” – not polio after receiving the polio vaccine! Oh the semantic games they play!

Hans Litten


Does the man behind the name matter? To medical ethics, it does. Naming a disorder after someone is meant to credit and commend, and Asperger merited neither. His definition of “autistic psychopaths” is antithetical to understandings of autism today, and he sent dozens of children to their deaths.

Other conditions named after Nazi-era doctors who were involved in programs of extermination (like Reiter syndrome) now go by alternative labels (reactive arthritis). And medicine in general is moving toward more descriptive labels. Besides, the American Psychiatric Association has ruled that Asperger isn’t even a useful descriptor.

We should stop saying “Asperger.” It’s one way to honor the children killed in his name as well as those still labeled with it.

Edith Sheffer, a senior fellow at the Institute of European Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, is the author of the forthcoming book, “Asperger’s Children: The Origins of Autism in Nazi Vienna.”


Let me "think out loud" here, for a minute. Maybe we shouldn't be so quick to dismiss *any* "genetic" involvement? Yes, I think I understand why AoA rejects the "it's genetic" explanation overall, as not being a sufficient or correct explanation for the dramatic rise in Autism. But, whatever else might be involved, could some sort of epigenetic change be happening, also? If Autism was purely an "injury", which would be the case if vaxxes were the ONLY cause, wouldn't that imply more *healing* over time? Again, I'm only "thinking out loud" here. I don't have the formal medical school education to know for sure. And apparently, neither do the actual Medical Deities - M.D.'s..... Thanks, and

David Weiner

Groucho Marx may not have made that statement about lie-telling, but he was a very insightful political analyst. I love this observation: “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.”

Hans Litten

10M blows my mind !! This is way bigger than I realised .


Apr 05, 2012

Due to lack of basic equipment and improper diagnosis of autism, the disorder is growing in India which now has over 10 million cases. Experts say early detection of this incurable disease can help a child lead his full potential but many medical professionals are unable to detect the disorder.

India is home to about 10 million people with autism and the disability has shown an increase over the last few years. According to statistics by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in every 88 children today is born with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) against a ratio of one in 110 few years back.

On the World Autism Day, that falls on April 2, the Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment Mukul Wasnik said that there are many myths and misconceptions in the Indian society concerning the development disability. He said: "It is necessary that we create awareness on the condition through various forms of mass media."

According to CDC, autistic people are “a group of people with developmental disabilities characterised by impairments in social interaction and communication and by restricted, repetitive, and stereotyped patterns of behaviour”. The disease is found to be four times more prevalent in males than females.

David Weiner

The comment about blaming "old moms" for the autism epidemic brought to mind something I recently learned.

My youngest brother has Down Syndrome and I had always heard that being an older mom was a risk factor for this. My mother was 35 when she had him. A while back, my uncle, who had seen my posts about autism and vaccines, asked me if parents having children later in life could account for the epidemic. A little bit of research and analysis demonstrated that it could not be the explanation.

I recently read Dr. Mendelsohn's book "Confessions of a Medical Heretic". It talked about this issue in one section. It turns out that older moms having a higher risk of bearing a child with Down Syndrome is an example of correlation but not causation. The cause, in this case, is not advancing age, but higher exposure to medical and dental radiation. A woman's eggs do not just naturally degenerate over time. But older women, all other things being equal, will tend to have had a higher cumulative exposure to radiation than younger women. So the whole "older mom" story is really a deflection.

Hans Litten

Werent they supposed to issue a new autism statistic a month ago , and wasn't it postponed ?
Redfield might be behind it or the figures were so bad , they couldn't face the fallout ?

bob moffit

"The only task for the medical community and health officials was to pretend NOTHING WAS WRONG. The fact that 30 percent of parents reported that their child was normal and then dramatically lost learned skills and regressed into autism was never a concern."

For decades now public health officials .. all over the world .. have been very busy "normalizing" what was once immediately recognized as "abnormal". The bumper sticker would read: "normalizing abnormality".

Just finished reading what I understood was a recent book .. "Vaccination social violence and criminality, the medical assault on the American brain" by Harris L. Coulter. AoA's John Stone was kind enough to gently inform me this book was first published in 1990, making the information therein almost 30 YEARS OLD.

None-the-less I would highly recommend this OLD book for reading today .. because .. if nothing else ... everything Coulter warned would happen 30 YEARS ago .. has come to pass, including the fact that childhood development problems would become epidemic .. and .. PARENTS would continue to receive blame for their beloved children's "inability to sit still and listen" in class.

According to Coulter .. most of today's childhood development problems, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, etc .. are manifestations of minimal brain damage .. lingering neurological after effects of encephalitis .. which occurs frequently during extraordinarily high temperatures following recent vaccination.

This may 30 years old .. but .. to me .. it is even more powerful today as our schools are overwhelmed as Colter warned they would be.

It is time to end ... NORMALIZING ABNORMALITY.

John Stone


I believe Goebbels not Groucho but even then I shouldn't count on it.

PS I doubt whether any of us have inside info from the CDC (if that's what you are on about).

Hans Litten

Anne , any word on the postponed latest statistics ?

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”
Groucho Marx

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