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Speaking in Pictures

by Cathy Jameson

I’m tired. I’m frustrated. I’m done with the media. Some days, I want to walk away. I think other parents feel the same. I can speak for other parents out there who feel the same way. They’re tired. They’re frustrated. They’re done with the media. They may want to walk away, too. But, the public is still being told to embrace and celebrate autism while also being told to ignore what parents of children with autism, like us, are saying.

For some of us, vaccines had something to do with our child’s autism diagnosis. Instead of listening to us for advice, the public is told to tune us out. Some do. And that’s their right. It’s a shame, though, especially this month with all the blue-washing that’s going on.

Photo credit: Karen Fuller

With as much information people have access to compared to when a lot of us parents started out, you’d think fewer children would be falling onto the spectrum. The exact opposite is happening. The more we’ve been ignored, the higher that autism rate rises. The higher other childhood disorders rise as well. What can we old timers do? Share more? Talk more? Write more? We’ve covered every single topic out there already!

I’ve already repeated myself a ton of times in writing, but I’m not ready to call it quits on this advocacy thing. So this week, I thought that I’d speak to other parents in pictures.


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I can’t say this enough, but young mamas and papas, please…


That’s because…


Forced vaccines right here in the good ol’ US of A? Yep. That’s happening.

If you don’t know your rights, or if you’re okay with the CDC’s schedule, take note of the possible path you/your child could be walking when you stick to that vaccine schedule:


And how many vaccines is your little bundle ‘due’ to receive? Here’s a quick comparison using 2016 stats:


What if it was you, the adult, who was being told you needed all those shots? Ever think about that?


It’s worth thinking about and asking about. I know it can be intimidating to ask questions, especially after…


It can be awkward, but it’s okay to know more. It’s also okay to to look up the information on your own. Your health and your child’s health is worth it. Even if you sound like a crazy person when you share what you’ve learned.


Honestly, I’d rather be crazy than ill informed, especially when it comes to knowing what to do for my child.

Speaking of being informed, here’s one way to do it. Read the vaccine package inserts, not just the 1 pager that your doctor or nurse tells you to read:


That’s because…


The CDC even states that…


Too many parents learned that the hard way and later realized that …


Which is why we want to be excited for you when you make announcements that a new baby is on the way, but this is how some of us feel instead:



We want to be excited, but new mamas are being told to ignore their instincts, to trust corporations, to put their faith in man-made products and to listen to paid pharma spokesmen instead. Don’t believe me? Check out what your AAP is saying about one of the most natural acts ever:


Breastfeeding isn’t natural? Um, yeah it is.

But there’s no money in that, so groups like the AAP, the CDC, and the FDA are constantly trying to remind us that…


It’s mind blowing what we’re told to believe. Focus should be back on the individual. In this case, the child…


You decide what goes in and on your child’s body. You get to pick what he eats, what she drinks, what hair care and hygiene products he needs, and which vaccines she will get.

That last product, which comes with no money-back guarantee, deserves as much research time as your baby’s crib, car seat and which type of paint you’re going to put in the nursery. Should you opt for vaccines, just remember that…


Nor can you sue the government should that decision go wrong…


And for those who poo poo parents’ decisions to opt out of vaccines or who want to blame disease on the unvaccinated, please remember that…


Instead of questioning me, I have a question for you…


Some of us come at vaccines at a different angle. Those of us whose child suffered greatly post vaccination were with the pro-vaccine crowd at one time. Lots of pro-vaxxers tend to forget that. At one point, we were with you 100%. But when our child was left with a host of medical problems, to include autism, our lives were flipped upside down and we were forced to rethink everything we were taught, told, and believed. That’s shaped me into the person I am today.

Who am I?

Well, besides being just an old, tired mom speaking in pictures this week…


Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Jeannette Bishop

@Cia, thank you! I'll look into the publication.

cia parker


I'm sorry, I can't find the Silvermark article. I looked in my commenting history and found it, but when I clicked on it I got the same Not available message I had gotten from searching for it with several search engines. I don't know what the problem is. I found this, which says that as of 2013 there had been no increase of non-B haemophilus infections in aboriginal children:

So I guess I'd have to say that I think that if at all possible, other measures should be taken to prevent Hib infection in a baby you were responsible for, including homeopathic nosodes, etc. But in the case of unavoidable daycare etc. etc., I would put the interest of the individual baby over the largely theoretical risk at this time of a possibly more serious epidemic caused by other pathogens taking the places the Hib pathogen used to occupy, before being prevented by the vaccine. Even if it weren't largely theoretical, I'd still put the individual interest over that of the herd. The sources I quoted agree that the vaccine is very effective and did wipe out Hib disease in vaccinated babies. And yes, it often causes peanut allergy (one in 50) and sometimes causes autism. But it caused severe Hib disease in one in 200 infants thirty years ago, and killed one in a thousand of them, disabling many of those who survived. Parents must be made aware of all of this and then left to make their choice. And it would be a tough choice for these daycare, non-breastfed babies.

cia parker

Sorry, that one didn't work either. I'll get the paper title when I get home.

cia parker


Here's the full link to the first one. I'll research the other things you said after a transition meeting that starts at my daughter's school in less then half an hour. They want to railroad her into a janitor job after graduation next year, which is what they put ALL their autistic graduates into. She wants to work in a pet store. I'm paying our autism advocate to be there and fight for us. I don't know why watermark.silverchair links are always so long.

Jeannette Bishop

@Thanks, Cia for further information. The first link didn't work for me, but the second link did. I do remember Dr. Thomas stating briefly in an interview (JB Handley's podcast I think) that now we're seeing meningitis on the rise from other strains, possibly suggesting the benefit seen at the introduction of Hib vaccine was being offset, but no discussion of morbidity or mortality. I need to listen more, but in the last half of Dr. Humphries 2018 Caljam lecture, the impression I gathered was that the overall burden of all H.I., preemies to elderly, has clearly outpaced the perceived benefit of Hib vaccine (maybe even more so among infants born to vaccinated mothers), this appeared to have been amplified by the use of the PCV, etc. so it is complicated and the data on the impact of PCV, and meningococcal vaccines is still coming in.

I'm not confident on the topic of original antigenic sin nor of my interpretation of your comments about DPT vs DtaP, but my understanding is that original antigenic sin is a principle potentially applied to any vaccine that provokes/programs the immune system differently than the natural disease in a way that leads to adverse outcomes when the infection is experienced by the vaccinated (is that all vaccines?). So, I'm guessing Dr. Humphries was saying that vaccinating against Bordetella Pertussis, possibly because it shared a common surface protein with Bordetella Haemophilus (what Hib used to be called), created a situation that increased risk for Hib meningitis (about 7:50 - 8:55).

If that turns out to be correct, for me a further question might be whether the switch to DtaP contributed to (or caused) the drop in Hib meningitis that was completely attributed to Hib vaccine? The graph shows a precipitous drop right before the 1990 version of Hib vaccine, with the earlier vaccine that purportedly had negative efficacy at least for a time as you stated, so that is curious to me. Also I ask could vaccinating some 18 months old infants not at 100% within the first few years reduce the incidence of invasive Hib that precipitously--among under five year olds I think-- while most of the population was still carrying that strain?

And a further question in my mind: whether the cessation of DTP/DtaP/Hib/Prevnar/Strep vaccines altogether and application of other treatments (vitamin C, etc) could facilitate a healthier balance? Or are we stuck with increasingly ineffective antibiotics and vaccines, and lots of antibiotic, vaccine, and possibly new bacterial infections inducing massive levels of disability?

cia parker

Thank you for the link, Jeannette! I listened to Dr. Humphries' talk. I think that what she says is similar to what vaccine advocates say about benefitting the community being more important than benefitting the individual child. I agree that it's very dangerous to alter the microbiome. Ideally all infants would be breastfed for years and stay at home, and get natural immunity through subclinical exposure to Hib and other meningitis bacteria. But at this time, there are few deaths from Hib F or from non-typable haemophilus strains, while before the vaccine there were many cases of death or disability from Hib infections. And the vaccine ended them.

Watermark article on Hib F:

And on non-typeable:

Nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae (NTHi) is present in the nasopharynx in approximately 50% of young children and is a common cause of localized respiratory tract disease, including sinusitis, otitis media, bronchitis, and pneumonia (12). Since the implementation of routine immunization against H. influenzae type b (Hib) just over a decade ago, nontypeable strains have taken on greater relative importance as a cause of bacteremia, meningitis, and other forms of invasive disease (27). NTHi is rarely a cause of invasive disease in healthy older children or adults.

Again, I agree that it is a danger, and a potentially greater danger in the future. But at the same time, the Hib vaccine caused over 10,000 dangerous cases of meningitis in babies in the US not to occur.
I'd like to know what Dr. Thomas has to say about this now. But in his book two years ago, he said: The Vaccine Friendly Plan, p. 125: "Physicians my age and older remember too well the hospitals full of children with meningitis, the airway emergencies with epiglottitis and the miracle that the Hib vaccine was when it was introduced in 1985. We saw this disease virtually disappear in a few short years. The unknown is whether these serious illnesses would return if we stopped this vaccine. I suspect they would, as the bacteria are alive and well in the noses of adults and older children today. ..

Postvaccine follow-up studies have shown a 71% decrease in Hib disease in under-five year olds from 1989 to 1991, and an 82% decrease in Hib meningits between 1985 and 1991.This vaccine alone is believed to have prevented more than ten thousand cases of meningitis. In 2011 in the US, there were only 14 cases of serious Hib diseases a year, and fewer than 250 non-type B or unknown types of Hib invasive disease respectively.

As I mentioned in the introduction, this vaccine was introduced during my training in the late 1980s, and we saw an immediate significant drop in the numbers of children with meningitis and serious Hib infections like epiglottitis and sepsis. A child with suspected epiglottitis who was often drooling and unable to swallow would be rushed to the OR,, where X-rays were taken and the airway stablilized by intubation (a breathing tube placed down your trachea to protect your airway). Once a weekly occurrence, epiglottitis is a condition basically unfamiliar to younger doctors who have trained since the vaccine was introduced. Had you walked the floors of Valley Med Center or Fresno Children's Hospital before then, you would have seen several young children with severe meningitis, many of whom would not be neurologically normal if they survived the infection. These are infections of the past, a testament to a successful vaccine."

So as of 2011, while there had been a huge reduction in infant deaths and disability caused by Hib, there were very few serious cases of other types of non-type B or other types. I would continue to strongly recommend breastfeeding and the avoidance of daycare, and the refusal of the Hib vaccine, but in cases in which daycare was necessary, I think the interests of the individual child might be best served by getting the Hib series. It is certainly a tragedy that we've tampered so much with nature. I will be glad to see what happens when we persuade parents to refuse most vaccines, and hope that children's health will improve. But at the present time, while it would serve the interests of humanity to leave the natural biome alone and not give any meningitis shots, I don't think it would serve the interests of those children caught up in our web of interference with nature who would die or be disabled by Hib meningitis if they didn't get the vaccine.

Jeannette Bishop

A further question (or cluster of questions) on the topic of Hib vaccination (and other bacterial vaccines manipulating the microbiome, or the immune responses maybe, of Waldeyer's Ring discussed by Dr. Humphries (link again: about 11 minutes ):

In this lecture she mentions that with Hib exposure the immune system builds up immunity via repeated exposures (or responses) to the bacteria over time, and it sounds to me like those bacteria were naturally still populating the Waldeyer's Ring, but kept in check ( 27:25 in the video ). The aggressive antibody vaccine derived immunity is different, and removes the bacterial presence from the this immunity different enough that it creates the conditions that are making PANDAS and PANS so prevalent (either through serotype replacement or maybe original antigenic sin in response to Hib exposure or related bacteria)?

Is that possibly a contributor to why 1989 (about when they started using the first Hib vaccine in 18 months old infants--a vaccine with negative efficacy, but oh well--and shortly thereafter in 1990 the toxoid carrier version was given to 2 month old infants) was pinpointed in some research as the year the autism epidemic began to rise globally?

Another question that occurs to me, were some of our injured early victims of non-encapsulated forms of haemophilus influenzae infections that were more chronic in some way, rather than clearly invasive, and have gone largely undetected?

If autism rates increased further with the use of Prevnar, which was observed to further contributed to the rise of non-encapsulate H.I., this could be a mechanism IMO, and it wouldn't even be a mechanism that we pin down based exclusively on individual vaccine exposures as it affects the microbiome for all of us...

And our injured were given immune compromising metals in all this process (which could be the main driver, but maybe some of the problems with detoxification of these metals lies in the fact that the immune system is chronically active trying to fight infections novel to our species, species that might mutate more readily in the immune-compromised, while the immune system is poisoned in an allergy and autoimmunity provoking way, maybe continually consuming resources needed to promote detoxification...a cluster of vicious cycles potentially).

Jeannette Bishop

@Cia, so sorry! I left out the most pertinent piece of information....

cia parker


Do you have a link to that lecture by Dr. Humphries? I tried to google it myself but couldn't find it.

I don't think it would be original antigenic sin from the DPT that caused the rise in Hib disease. I think original antigenic sin once the DTaP was received was because the vaccine does not include a toxin called ACT, formed after the infection is underway. And so the vaccine only teaches the immune system how to react when faced only with the pathogenic vaccine ingredients, and not how to react conclusively when ACT is included. The old DPT did include some ACT, but the acellular version doesn't. So even if a person gets many DTaPs, he may still get pertussis, because it's not very effective to start with, and even when he recovers from it, won't have the permanent immunity he would have gotten if he had gotten the disease without ever having gotten a vaccine for it, because his immune system was programmed with information which left out the ACT component. And can never be reprogrammed.

I think the rise in clinical Hib disease (fourfold between 1942 and 1968) was because the DPT (as well as other vaccines) is well-known for suppressing immune function for at least a month after the vaccine is given. That's why they used to suspend DPT vaccination during polio outbreaks, as it was so well-known that a child who had gotten the DPT in the month before developing polio was much more likely to get a crippling case of it. And it's the reason why, at the beginning of the use of the Hib vaccine, some children developed a fatal case of Hib disease within a short time of getting the Hib vaccine. Both the DPT and the Hib vaccine weakened immune response so that what otherwise would have been a mild or subclinical infection instead became a serious, out-of-control infection.

As for other, similar infections arising as a type of serotype replacement, I'd have to say that all that we know must be compiled, rates of death and disability included for each, and a comparison made between our situation now and the situation in 1992, the peak year for reported severe Hib disease infections. And let parents have access to it to discuss with each other and with friends and relatives. I also think that healthier alternatives to daycare, where all sorts of serious contagious diseases can be spread to very young children with undeveloped immune systems, must be set up and supported largely through government grants, to make them affordable. Single caregivers who care for only one infant or toddler each would be the best. At this time, very young children who for whatever reason HAVE to be in daycare, also NEED to be vaccinated for at least some of the diseases, to prevent these diseases in very young babies and children. After the age of three, their immune systems have become strong enough in healthy children to take on the challenge of the usually mild childhood diseases. I would not make it mandatory, I guess private daycares could make what rules they pleased, and we'd just have to keep track of the outcomes in all the many different situations.

cia parker


I completely agree with what you said. The government must be taken out of the equation. There must be NO vaccine mandates of any kind, but parents MUST be allowed to get their children the vaccines they think might be advisable. And parents MUST be told that they need to do independent research on vaccines and VPDs and not just accept what the CDC/doctor says as the last word of God. But forbidding all vaccines, which is never going to happen, would be a morally wrong action to take as well.

cia parker


I was also wondering if Dr. Thomas was assuming that most children in daycare would continue getting the Hib vaccine, so that there would be little danger to an unvaxxed child anyway. Of course there is no doubt that it's better not to get it if you don't need to. But it's back to whether or not he'd want to reinstitute the situation the way it was in the years right before the vaccine. And it might be better for the community to just let one child in a thousand die of Hib disease, but is that what the parents of the children involved would choose? Dr. Moskowitz said that the whole issue was one of great complexity. There is no one right choice that would serve the best interests of everyone.

I don't think the all or nothing approach serves anyone's interest. Does anyone have any information on how many children got autism if they only got the DT series after the age of two? Or asthma, allergies, etc.? How many if they got only the DT series and Hib? I've never read anything about negative outcomes in children getting only one or two of the safer vaccines. Well, peanut allergies from Hib, which is certainly very serious. If we were to ban all vaccines, some people would die as a result. Just as if we mandate vaccines, some people will die or be disabled as a result. I'd say we need an information bank with outcomes of all vaccines given, with a record kept of the ages at which they were given and the total number and types, and timing, of vaccines given. Crunch the data. And that would make it easier for parents to make a decision.

David Weiner


I would have no problem with parental choice if the type of informed consent that you described were in fact operating. But we know that this is rarely the case. Exceedingly few parents, or even doctors, have the relevant knowledge that you do.

Just to be clear, I did not mean to suggest that YOU would terrorize people into vaccinating. Clearly you are promoting a rational risk/benefit analysis. But fearmongering is the way that the CDC, many pediatricians, and other promoters of vaccines operate. They instill so much fear that it is difficult if not impossible for many people to think rationally on this matter.

As I have always contended, the only way we can work out a sensible approach to dealing with infectious disease is to remove the government from the equation. Remove the mandates, the false education, the inadequate and fraudulent research, and the constant fearmongering. Allow people to decide what to do, given all potential options, in a free market setting. It can be done, but first people need to come to understand that the government agencies are not doing their bidding, by any stretch of the imagination.

Jeannette Bishop

@Cia, I would recommend this lecture by Dr. Humphries regarding, Hib, PCV. The chart @ 17 minutes summarizes the of the effects of Hib vaccination on haemophilus influenzae alone. Note that we haven't figured out how to vaccinate against non-typeable h. i. and that form mutates more readily. This data wasn't even published until 2010, after using the vaccine for more than two decades. How many pediatricians today even know this is what has happened?

The rest of the lecture goes into other changes seen in the population due to this vaccine and related vaccines including recent observations of other non-typeable strains appearing.

@7:48, an important question to consider, did Hib arise due to original antigenic sin caused by the use of pertussis vaccination?

cia parker

Do you have a link to the interview with Dr. Thomas? I was aware that he seemed to have changed his opinion on vaccines since the publication of his book two years ago. I'd like to know if the children he thinks did better without the Hib vaccine were breastfed and/or in daycare. I certainly agree that it's better not to give it, keep the child at home or with a single caregiver, and breastfeed until self-weaning. But how would he feel about reinstating the situation he describes in his book: in the '80s he said there was always at least one child hospitalized at his hospital with a clinical case of Hib disease, all of them serious, and not infrequently fatal. All of that stopped with the vaccine. Would parents agree that it's better to just let one in a thousand die rather than get the vaccine in the appropriate cases? What if we did reinstate that pre-autism reality? Would everyone here be comfortable with consigning a certain number of people to death or disability rather than permit them to get the vaccines which would probably have prevented those outcomes? Is it a case of just being affected by current reality, without remembering how it used to be?

cia parker


They were saying for a while that serotype replacement would lead to increased pneumococcal infections moving in to the places vacated by the Hib vaccine, and then that increased meningococcal infections would move into the places vacated by Prevnar. This was, is, possible, but so far it has not been a problem. Pneumococcal disease is common, has always been common as far as I know, but is not nearly as deadly as Hib disease, although it does cause a certain number of deaths. Meningococcal disease is extremely serious, but has always been rare. Thirty years ago one in a thousand babies was dying of a Hib disease infection, but there are nowhere near that many dying now of either pneumococcal disease or meningococcal. And not of Hib disease either, as several of my sources said, Hib disease was virtually wiped out within a few years of the introduction of the vaccine. And it DID introduce peanut allergy, which causes some deaths every year, but not nearly as many as died of Hib disease. I would urge parents to become informed on this topic and make their choice. If a lot of parents refuse the vaccine and use daycare, do not breastfeed for very long, then, as Dr. Thomas said in what I copied from his book, it would probably come back and would probably kill many babies again. You're right, vitamin C works extremely well to treat nearly anything. But if I had a young child, I"d want to see studies showing how effective C was in treating a large number of children with each disease before I felt that that was sufficient. Although if I had a child with a disease, I would certainly give him C and make the hospital give him IV C if he were hospitalized. I would give parents all this information, about the homeopathic nosodes as well, and then let them choose. Several studies in South America have shown that taking graduated potencies of homeopathic nosodes on a scheduled basis over several years resulted in antibody formation to the disease in the blood. I am looking forward to learning more about that in the future, see how effective they are at disease prevention and how long the protection lasts. It may be that that will ultimately be the way that we go.

I would not terrorize anyone about polio or any other disease. I would ask them to learn the facts and make their choice. In the '50s, everyone knew or knew someone who knew, children who had been suddenly struck down and crippled for life by polio. Sometimes it killed, but not usually. It would, again, be up to each parent to decide how frightened they were at however likely it was in their place and time that a child contract a crippling case of polio. Terror and horror are not appropriate words to use. The bare facts are enough. Healthy children would suddenly feel poorly, sometimes collapse, and in a certain number of cases would lose the ability to move one or more limbs. Sometimes permanently. I can see why that scared parents. And, as Dr. Moskowitz said, the polio vaccine is probably as safe as it's possible for a vaccine to be. If diphtheria came back, we can't say how many it would affect, especially because once even a few children died of it, nearly everyone would get the vaccine for themselves and their children. But, as Dr. Moskowitz said, tetanus and diphtheria have a high death rate even with the fastest and best hospital treatment. I say high, in an American hospital it would probably be a ten to twenty percent death rate. It would be for each parent to decide which he or she feared more, the disease or the vaccine. Tetanus has always been rare and would probably continue to be. At one time diphtheria was very common, and it choked children to death. I guess I'd have to say that to me that is a horrifying prospect.

We need more information, but we have enough to go on for now. All the writers I cited provided good evidence on the effectiveness at least of these four vaccines. No vaccine is ever 100% effective. A parent would have to decide if she felt that a 90% reduction in the death rate was good enough to take the chance of the vaccine, or if it would have to be 100% before she would get it for her child. Obviously I personally think that a 90% reduction is good enough, but to each her own. But they introduced the measles vaccine, and within a few years, children stopped getting measles. Bad idea, but did it stop measles infections? Yes, for the most part, it did. Stopped getting rubella. Stopped getting chickenpox. Stopped getting Hib disease. Stopped getting tetanus. Rabies is very rare now in dogs and cats: when someone dies of it, it's usually from a rabid bat. And the reason it is rare is because nearly all pets have had numerous rabies vaccines, too many, and they can cause cancer and permanent fearfulness. Just something to consider and research to find a compromise course of action. Dogs no longer get hepatitis or distemper in the US. Because of the vaccines. I think I fully recognize the dangers of vaccines. But when I imagine my child being crippled by polio, convulse to death with tetanus or choke to death with diphtheria, I really think that I'd rather get these few vaccines and take the very small chance of vaccine damage from a minimal number given past infancy. For those children for whom the Hib vaccine might be appropriate, it should be given past four months old: children are protected by placental immunity for at least the first six months, and longer if the mother breastfeeds. But that one would have to be given to babies in daycare at the age when the disease would be most dangerous. But I'd also consider how likely it is that it would occur where I lived. If there were even a fair likelihood, I'd get at least these vaccines for my child.

But a choice is mandatory. And adequate knowledge of both disease outcomes, both typical and extreme, and of vaccine damage, must be made available to every parent. And parents must be free to get even the vaccines I think are more dangerous than they are helpful, like hep-b for healthy children, MMR, pertussis, measles, flu, Gardasil. I cannot guarantee that no one's child will die of these usually mild infections. It would have to be left to the parents to choose.

Laura Hayes


Agreed! Just because the possible course of an infection might be somewhat frightening does not mean or ensure that the vaccine designated to target the supposed prevention of it is safe, effective, needed, or wise.

More importantly, at this point in time:

Vaccines have no right to be on the menu of choices.

That is the issue at hand and the crux of the matter.

Grace Green

Laura, I agree with what you've written in your two comments here. Additionally, I would like to say, the fact that there are very nasty diseases out there is no justification for the development of vaccines. People have always died of something, and doctors, instead of adding new and horrendous ways to die or chronic conditions to live with for decades, should be searching for ways to mitigate or resolve the natural diseases. Prevention by healthy living, natural remedies and homeopathy are some of the methods they could be researching. That's my view. Thank you for your tireless repetition of the cause.

David Weiner


I am sympathetic toward a more rational analysis of which, if any, vaccines people should use, but I think that there are things that you did not mention that should be considered.

Regarding Hib, I recently listened to an interview that J.B. Handley did of Paul Thomas about a year ago. He talked about the success of Hib that you described, but he also said that other bacterial infections became common after Hib. So it seems as though the vaccinators maybe won a battle here but did not win the war. And that is something that ought to be carefully considered in all of these types of analyses. What will be the long-term impact? Because these new vaccines only seem to give rise to new types of susceptibility and a resulting "arms race". And Thomas admitted that his unvaccinated patients did better than the ones undergoing his "vaccine friendly plan". He believes that being unvaccinated is the best choice now.

There are many things I might say regarding the wisdom of vaccinating for polio, but I will just bring up one issue here that many seem to lose sight of: doctors who used high dose IV vitamin C to treat serious cases (most notably Klenner) were able to prevent lasting harm. So the bottom line is that, even if polio were to become a risk, people should not be terrorized into vaccinating for it. Doctors should treat it with vitamin C and we should not lose any sleep over it.

Laura Hayes


Herein lies a part of the problem, when those, like yourself, know firsthand of vaccine-induced health, development, and livelihood destruction, but continue to defend vaccines.

As a colleague wrote to me yesterday after reading my comments here:

"People are in love with the phantom miracle that a vaccine represents."

I do not agree with what you wrote, but will not dissect it similar comments of yours have been excellently countered by others here on AoA before.

The fact of the matter is that not one vaccine has ever been properly studied, or been proven safe, effective, or needed...not one...and as such, not one should ever have been approved, recommended, sold, or administered.

I think it is also important to note that the term "effective" should not be used when a treatment can cause that which it is said to prevent (renaming the infection to hide that fact is wrong), fails to prevent that which it is said to prevent, causes that which is worse than that which it is said to prevent, makes one newly susceptible to both acute and chronic health conditions in both the short-term and the long-term, contributes to scores of new epidemics of diseases and disorders, reduces or completely eliminates the transference of immunity from mother to child, and causes recipients to die sooner than they would have without the treatment.

cia parker


I think that in some cases it's pro-child to choose a vaccine. Like most of us, I am against most of them, and everyone in my family has been severely damaged by vaccines. But there are two sides to this. I think a good case can be made for giving a child older than two the DT series.

Dr. Randall Neustaedter, like me, is basically against vaccines, but says the following: "Parents can pick and choose from the list of vaccines based on their own individual family’s needs and their own research. They may decide that some diseases pose enough danger to their child to risk the adverse effects of the vaccine. Even a parent who has rejected most vaccines because of their potential adverse effects may choose to give one or a few individual vaccines. Typically, tetanus is a disease that concerns many parents. Since the vaccine causes less immediate severe reactions than others, because the vaccine always works to prevent tetanus, and because tetanus represents a life-threatening situation when it does occur, parents who refuse other vaccines sometimes opt to get the tetanus shots for their child. A parent’s concern may be greater for a very active child, especially around horses, since both these factors increase the risk of wounds and exposure to tetanus. Other families may be considering travel to areas of the world (Asia or Africa) where polio still exists, and they will consider giving that vaccine even if they realize that polio does not occur in their own part of the world.
Typically, parents will avoid and refuse specific vaccines for two reasons. Either they fear serious vaccine reactions because of a vaccine’s history, or the disease causes so little concern that the vaccine does not seem necessary to them. Other diseases represent a greater threat, and parents may feel more secure giving the vaccine than risking the disease in their child. When parents make an informed choice, they will be taking responsibility for their own child’s health care, doing their best to ensure that child’s safety and future. An informed choice requires information."

Tetanus is always a possibility, and about half of tetanus cases are from an inapparent, superficial wound. If you don't know you have it, you can't disinfect it to prevent tetanus. And it still kills in about ten to twenty percent of cases when it occurs, even with the best of hospital treatment. The vaccine is very effective and usually safe when given as one of very few vaccines, given after the age of two.

Diphtheria was a horrifying disease that killed hundreds of thousands of children in the nineteenth century, called the "child's angel of death." It killed many thousands of young children in the US. It can usually, but not always, be treated with antibiotics. And it also has high mortality even with hospital treatment. I think it is reasonable to get a child the DT series. Of course the vaccines can damage, but so can tetanus and diphtheria.

Polio was wiped out by the vaccines in developed countries. It's gone now, and the vaccine is not needed, but if it came back here, I"d recommend the polio series, and if it came back, I think we all recognize that almost 100% of parents would get the vaccine for their children. Dr. Moskowitz gives the pros and cons at the website linked, but says that the polio vaccine is as safe as it's possible for a vaccine to be.

"So even in the case of the polio vaccine, which appears to be about as safe as a vaccine ever can be, the same basic dilemma remains. Perhaps the day will come when we will be ready to face the consequences of deliberately feeding live polio viruses to every living infant, and admit that we should have left well enough alone, and addressed ourselves to the art of healing the sick when we have to, rather than the technology of eradicating the possibility of sickness, when we don’t have to, and can’t possibly succeed in any case."

Hib meningitis was a devastating disease only thirty years ago. Yes, its incidence rose because of the DPT introduced in 1948 and because antibiotics became less effective in treating it. It may be that if everyone stopped giving the pertussis and most of the other vaccines, Hib meningitis would not come back, but that's not something any of us can know at this point. Yes, breastfeeding prevents it or attenuates it, but it means that mothers have to breastfeed until at least eighteen months, when the greatest risk of death from Hib meningitis has passed. For babies who are not breastfed and are in daycare, I think it's a reasonable decision to get them the Hib vaccine after four months old, not needed after 18 months old. But it has to be up to the parents, and it WILL cause peanut allergy in one in fifty children. The parents would have to discuss the risks on either side very carefully.

Aviva Jill Romm, Vaccinations: A Thoughtful Parent's Guide, p. 81: "In 1984 at least 20,000 cases of invasive disease occurred in the US, with approximately 12,000 of these resulting in meningitis (the others in cellulitis, epiglottitis, etc.). These rates are the highest ever recorded. it is important to note that the disease has increased at least fourfold since 1946. Approximately 85% of all cases of invasive Hib occur in children under five years old, its being very unusual in infants under six months old, especially those that are breast fed. ..In the absence of prompt and effective medical treatment, the disease has a high mortality rate of up to 5%, as well as a high rate of seizures and other complications of the nervous system, up to 30%. Neurological complications include hearing loss, language delay or problems, learning disabilities, retardation, seizure disorders, and vision problems. Other complications include pneumonia, pericarditis, abscesses, septic arthritis, cellulitis, bacteremia, and epiglottitis."

Dr. Paul Thomas, The Vaccine Friendly Plan, p. 125: "Physicians my age and older remember too well the hospitals full of children with meningitis, the airway emergencies with epiglottitis and the miracle that the Hib vaccine was when it was introduced in 1985. We saw this disease virtually disappear in a few short years. The unknown is whether these serious illnesses would return if we stopped this vaccine. I suspect they would, as the bacteria are alive and well in the noses of adults and older children today. ..

Postvaccine follow-up studies have shown a 71% decrease in Hib disease in under-five year olds from 1989 to 1991, and an 82% decrease in Hib meningits between 1985 and 1991.This vaccine alone is believed to have prevented more than ten thousand cases of meningitis. In 2011 in the US, there were only 14 cases of serious Hib diseases a year, and fewer than 250 non-type B or unknown types of Hib invasive disease respectively.

As I mentioned in the introduction, this vaccine was introduced during my training in the late 1980s, and we saw an immediate significant drop in the numbers of children with meningitis and serious Hib infections like epiglottitis and sepsis. A child with suspected epiglottitis who was often drooling and unable to swallow would be rushed to the OR,, where X-rays were taken and the airway stablilized by intubation (a breathing tube placed down your trachea to protect your airway). Once a weekly occurrence, epiglottitis is a condition basically unfamiliar to younger doctors who have trained since the vaccine was introduced. Had you walked the floors of Valley Med Center or Fresno Children's HOspital before then, you would have seen several young children with severe meningitis, many of whom would not be neurologically normal if they survived the infection. These are infections of the past, a testament to a successful vaccine."

As Dr. Moskowitz says, the whole issue is one of enormous complexity. But the major reason that none of us has had or seen anyone else have tetanus, diphtheria, polio, or Hib meningitis is because nearly everyone has gotten the vaccines for them. If those were the only vaccines that children got, there would be few severe reactions. At this time, newborns are given the hep-B vaccine and then they get a large number more vaccines at two, four, six, twelve, and eighteen months old. Most of them for diseases which do not present a big risk. But I think we should not assume that if no one vaxxed for anything, that none of the diseases would ever come back to kill or cripple many children. I would not adopt the position that if my child died of one of them, which would probably have been prevented by the vaccines, I still wouldn't regret my decision not to vax him, because even if he died, at least his brain and immune system were not damaged by vaccines. When I was a child, everyone had gotten the DPT and polio series, and no one had ever seen or heard of autism. And no one died of diphtheria, tetanus, and I only knew one person crippled by polio, because her parents had not gotten the polio vaccine for her. Hib meningitis wasn't a big problem then, and that issue was years in the future.

I love and respect the authors cited above, Dr. Neustaedter, Dr. Moskowitz, Dr. Thomas, and Aviva Jill Romm. All of them are basically against vaccines, but believe there is a place for some of them, again, to prevent child suffering and death. My father saw a man die horribly of tetanus in his father's doctor's office in Louisiana. My mother cried all her life when she remembered her little neighbor who died of diphtheria, both these deaths in the '30s, before the widespread use of the vaccines. This decision must be left up to the well-informed parent, but no one should think that the diseases were never as bad as vaccine damage.

Laura Hayes


I loved your creative and powerful article...until the last meme.

When one knows what you and I now know about vaccines, how can one be:

"Pro-child", but not "anti-vaccine"? Which toxin-containing, poison-filled, improperly-tested, corruptly-approved, and wrongly-recommended vaccine, not to mention combination thereof, would be ethical, safe, and health-inducing to inject into a child?

"Pro-family", but not "anti-vaccine"? Which health-, development-, fertility-, and longevity-destroying vaccine, not to mention combination thereof, benefits a family? Many of today's parents will not have grandchildren due to the vaccine-induced injuries and vaccine-induced premature deaths of their vaccinated children. Many of today's couples have been financially devastated by their children's vaccine-induced health and development problems. Many of today's couples have divorced due to the extreme stress experienced when raising, taking care of, and seeking help for vaccine-injured children and/or dealing with the sorrow, fury, and aftermath of having a child killed by vaccines. Many of today's siblings will be faced with taking care of their own children, their vaccine-injured siblings, and their aging parents...which will in turn place additional stresses on their marriages. None of these vaccine "side effects" is "pro-family".

"Pro-community", but not "anti-vaccine"? All one needs to do is read Anne Dachel's daily reports about how our schools are being bankrupted and destroyed by the ever-increasing number of students with health, development, and behavioral issues to know that the adverse effects of vaccines, and the many other ways in which are children are being poisoned, are not creating healthy and sustainable communities.

"Pro-science", but not "anti-vaccine"? There is absolutely no valid science to support that even one vaccine is safe, effective, or needed...none. There is ample evidence, however, that vaccines have caused grave harm, to the point of death, have repeatedly failed, and are not needed to combat and survive infection. Therefore, not even one vaccine should ever have been approved, recommended, sold, or administered, much less mandated...not one.

"Pro-research", but not "anti-vaccine"? There is abundant research that shows that vaccines cause harm and do not work as claimed. Research does not support the use of vaccines.

"Pro-health, pro-well being, and pro-safety", but not "anti-vaccine"? See all of the above. Read the daily articles and comments here on AoA. We all would not be here if the health, well being, and safety of our children and grandchildren had been maintained, protected, and enhanced by vaccines. The exact opposite has resulted, and that is why this forum exists.

"Pro-government transparency and pharmaceutical company accountability", but not "anti-vaccine"? Both government and industry have a decades-long history of lying to the public about vaccines. Not one word from any government regulatory agency or pharmaceutical company can be trusted when it comes to vaccines. Whistle blowers from both government and industry have come forth to expose fraud and corruption with regard to vaccines, but they are often silenced one way or another. With a lying government and a lying vaccine industry controlling the vaccine narrative, one can have absolutely zero confidence in vaccines.

"Pro-honesty", but not "anti-vaccine"? Who could you honestly tell that even one vaccine is safe, effective, and needed?

"Pro-critical thinking", but not "anti-vaccine"? After employing critical thinking, which vaccine(s) could you ethically and wisely recommend?

"Pro-freedom", but not "anti-vaccine"? Presently in the U.S., the choice for many is freedom or vaccines. Which would you choose? And let's consider the "freedom" of our vaccine-injured "free" are their lives that have been robbed of both health and independence?

The continued stating of "I am not 'anti-vaccine'" by those on "our side" led to the title of my 2016 WAPF presentation:

"Vaccines: What Is There to Be 'Pro' About?" by Laura Hayes

I am still waiting for the people to whom I have directly asked that question to answer. To date, not one has.

Hans Litten

"You wouldnt feed your dog the stuff in infant vaccines. "

Posted by: Bumperstickers | April 16, 2018 at 05:34 PM

The latest Ty Bollinger series about Pet Vaccines said the average lifespan of a golden retriever in the 1970s was 17 years of age.

And now after the Dog vaccines that have proliferated , the expected lifespan is about 9.
I had a vaxxed Golden myself that made 11 or so , and succumbed to a terrible cancer.

Were Pet vaccines the testing ground for these "Pharma Monsters" I wonder ?
Is this what we can expect in the human populace ? a collapse in lifespans (along with everything else - autism , SIDs , diabetes , anorexia , obesity , MS , ALS , sterilisation etc etc)?

I suspect the true carnage is yet to come !


My child was brain-injured by a vaccine but I am SO glad he didnt get chicken pox! Said no mother ever.


Every provaxxer is one severe vax reation away from becoming vax hesitant.

If you are so devoted to herd immunity why dont you go get all the shots on the schedule and save an infant from getting the shots.

I saw my child get hurt by a shot. If i say nothing I am complicit! If I stay silent my child suffered for nothing. If I speak out in love your child might be saved.

Most of the exvaxxers you fear are more up to date on their shots than you are. Go get YOUR MMR for herd immunity.

people who attack exvaxxers want you to think Moms are stupid.

I have a right to bodily integrity and autonomy.

Keep your shots out of my body and out of my baby.

You wouldnt feed your dog the stuff in infant vaccines.

Patience (Eileen) Simon

Cathy, someone asked me the other day if I could talk about anything other than autism. No! Autism has been the focus of my life for 50+ years. I have again submitted my request to members of the IACC to discuss midbrain damage caused by environmental exposures and asphyxia at birth.

I anticipate, again, that parent comments will only be summarized and not discussed at the meeting this week, April 19. I like your pictures. Thanks.


21 billboards in every city USA.

Aimee Doyle

Thanks, Cathy - for putting all these pictures together!

Helpful and succinct!


Kudos, Cathy! Succinctly put.

And to paraphrase Albert Einstein (hat top to bob moffit) ... Vaccination without education is the height of ignorance.


"I’ve already repeated myself a ton of times in writing, but I’m not ready to call it quits on this advocacy thing."

Cathy, I think many 'antivaxxers' speaking up about vaccine injuries are like you. It's not so much that they don't want to call it quits, but they can't! It's an overriding, often an all consuming thing.


Bob-"A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth" I wish Einstein were alive now to see what our foolish faith in the medical authority has done to our children. What was once a condition so rare that no one ever heard of it is now an epidemic of historic proportions. The need for research to find the answers to cure/reverse what has happened is crucial to saving our children's future lives. I will never give up hope for a cure because someone out there will find it.

Jeannette Bishop

Thanks, Cathy. The Beaker meme unfortunately/fortunately really resonates in a mixed feeling sort of way...

Peggy Jaeger

OH MY GO..SH..! Oh, am I SHOUTING... ? YES...I AM..!! Dear Cathy Jameson...Today, You have put my Life in a quandary.!! ALL of what you've said and what you've shown is so Succint and important and Needing Releating Over and Over...I was trying to copy a paragraph to head up the post I intended to .. repeat...and I kept extending the copy area. I just couldn't cut out anything...!! And the posts..!! They also are so absolutely important and well stated..!!! This, being Autism Awareness month, this column and answers ought to be on the front pages of every newspaper in this land..! Thank you thank you....grandma peg


Brilliant! Laughed out loud that breastfeeding is unnatural and makes you an anti-Vaxxer. Guess breast milk is the kool aid! Hopefully they keep coming up with more desperate ridiculous stuff, making it completely obvious that the emperor has no clothes.

cia parker

Great article, stunning memes! I think, though, that the one saying that children in 1962 got a total of 5 doses of vaccines is incorrect. At that time, babies and children at a minimum got the same five doses of DPT that they do now of DTaP. Plus, many physicians thought it was even better to give it every year or so. There were no dangers, right, so why not? I'm from that era, and my mom kept a shot record which shows that I got my eighth one, dT, at age 11. Then, at 19, the dT that paralyzed both arms and caused MS. All of them mercury-containing. I was given FIVE injected Salk polio vaccines before I was five. Then two oral Sabin polio vaccines after it came out. Also two smallpox vaccines. And that is doubtless why I have such serious neurological disease now. I don't know how many Asperger's people, and others, from my era got that many shots, but I'm sure it's quite a few. That was the age of Crest toothpaste, of which my father was a devotee, and better living through science. My parents, like most adults then, had seen or known of many people who had died of the contagious diseases and were completely unaware that vaccines had any downside at all. And so they acted as was logical given the information they had learned. And then they later died of Alzheimer's or Parkinson's as the result of their not knowing.

bob moffit

Cathy .. thoroughly enjoyed your "Speaking in pictures" column today .. this google definition explains why:

"A picture is worth a thousand words" is an English language-idiom. It refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image or that an image of a subject conveys its meaning or essence more effectively than a description does."

Some of my own favorite quotations .. lacking pictures .. that "convey meaning or essence" today:

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority: it's time to pause and reflect" Mark Twain

"Three things that cannot be long hidden, the sun, the moon and truth" Budda

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize" Voltaire

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it" Goebels

"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance" Albert Einstein

"A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth" Albert Einstein

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