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How A Vaccination Can Cause Polio: Mechanism of Injury-Provoked Poliomyelitis

My Letter to the 73 British Members of European Parliament on "Vaccine Hesitancy"

image from www.eu-patient.euby John Stone

Two weeks ago AoA published an unsigned letter to  European Parliamentarians about a proposed resolution on "vaccine hesitancy" to Members of the European Parliament which could lead to the extension of vaccine mandates across the Union and a clamp down on free speech. The resolution in its present form asserts vaccines to be "safe" without any qualification. I have now sent my own letter individually to all of the 73 British member of the Parliament. A final vote on this could happen as early as the beginning next week - so we are close to the last opportunity to lobby the Parliament. European citizens can find the details of their representatives here.


Dear ____,

I am writing to all British members of the European Parliament with the deepest concern about the proposed “vaccine hesitancy” resolution. The Parliament is poised to further protect an industry from scrutiny which in itself urgently requires investigation. In its present form it will not lead to confidence.

The resolution comes before the Parliament amid mounting evidence of vaccine harm in published scientific literature. For too long politicians around the globe have depended on bureaucracies to wage war against infectious diseases without taking adequate steps to ensure the independence of the advice, and contenting themselves with bland assurances that everything they collectively sanction is safe and effective. By now infants are met not long after birth with a barrage of vaccines for diseases which in many cases are either not so dangerous or not so common, without any wider evidence that this is a safe thing to do - meanwhile each of the products have acknowledged risks and side-effects in the small print, even before we consider the problems of cumulative exposure, bad synergies, contamination in manufacture, toxic excipients etc. The bureaucracies choose whatever “facts” suit them, and they have created a pipeline for their products to be administered to children at public expense.

Absurdly, the EP Health Committee have complained about the relative expense of vaccinating children compared with the beginning of the millennium without considering all the expensive new products governments have willingly added to the schedule in the interim - nor the expense of all the new products the industry connected bureaucracy are likely to sanction in future. In the UK the director of Oxford Vaccine Group which develops vaccines is also chair of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation which recommends them to the schedule.

The invidiousness of the process was recently demonstrated in successive complaints by Nordic Cochrane against the European Medical Agency, first to the agency itself and then to European Ombudsman over its handling of reports about HPV vaccines. The complaints involved conflicts of interest, exclusion of contrary expert evidence, bias in selection of data, lack of evidence for the safety of aluminium adjuvants (which are contained in the majority of other vaccines as well). The fact that both the EMA and the EO rejected these representations out of hand does nothing to enhance the reputation or trustworthiness of those institutions, or of the programme. By now there is a large bibliography on the harmfulness of aluminium in scientific literature but our governments march on regardless.  Most disturbingly we now have the Italian parliamentary commission into military deaths written by senior scientists declaring the risk of multiple vaccines. There is nothing open and shut about vaccine safety.

All this might count for little if our child population in the UK (where we have a long schedule and high compliance) was bursting with good health, but actually we are drowning in disability and chronic disease, particularly neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism. While this escapes the main news (or is hidden in stories about lack of provision) the official schools data shows the problem to be completely out of control (not to mention completely unexplained). A BBC news report from SW London last year hinted at 300 new cases of autism per borough per year. Last year the number of diagnosed autism cases in Scottish schools leapt by 11.5% from 1 in 51 to 1 in 46 (but for younger children the rate will be much higher). In Northern Ireland the level was already reported at 1 in 40 in December 2016. Everywhere the trend is dynamically upwards. These are cases which will cost multiple millions each over a lifetime. Having scapegoated Dr Wakefield the Department of Health prefers to say nothing, but the situation is already catastrophic in population terms, and the costs increasingly unsustainable.

It is always possible to highlight this or that statistic which shows an infectious disease to be on the rise, nor is the death of any single child to be taken lightly, but we are getting into dangerous waters if we place the programme on a pedestal, unable to discuss its dangers while deliberately suppressing evidence of harm by waging hate campaigns against the people who report it. This is not privileging science, it is privileging the bureaucracy and pharmaceutical industry over ordinary citizens. Inevitably, such moves must lead to distortions of policy and harm to the community. Nor is it a proper way to conduct policy in a democratic, open society.


John Stone (UK and European Editor, AgeofAutism.com)



Regarding Fred's comment on medical injectables: All medical injectables should be held accountable to high safety standards so we don't harm sick patients, but it's illogical to compare sick care to preventative health care. We would like to be absolutely sure that we are not taking healthy children and making them sick.

John Stone


I don’t know and while I agree that it is quite an interesting question I believe everyone ought to have a right to privacy - even if they don’t always get it.


John I have a question for you. Do you know if Prince William and Princess Kate's two children received their required vaccinations at the required time? Is there a way for you to find out about it?
I would be curious to know the answer. Please try to investigate this issue about the royal family's children.


Thanks John,disecting the delusional data delinquency makes for hard reading and awareness of total synergistic regulatory failure to establish adequate health and safety risk assessments for vaccine standards. sold as safe and effective ?
Health and welfare safety carnage for people also Sammy Salmon and Tammy Trout in community Fish Farms . Standards endorsed by RSPCA as adequate and acceptible ?
See Death rate at salmon farms doubles to 20 m fish a year at www.thetimes.co.uk 7 July 2017.
and Salmon producers agree to publish reports on fish deaths at www.holyrood.com/articles.
The vaccine directive and dictatorship merchants / barra boys, really are trading "Up the wrong lobby "
There is no "Vaccine Hesitancy" apparent. As no respect for the state of their vaccine health and safety risk assessments = Vaccine consent, witheld, and not available.

John Stone


Not much of an argument is it -if it isn’t safe it isn’t safe.

Frederic Chopin

John, if Gatti had had the guts to test other medical injectables I dare say you'd want to ban all medical injectables. No insulin or antibiotics or transfusions or IV fluids or anything.


Oh, dear; I did forget that Beatrice Lorenzin was given special kisses and hugs and power from Obama.
Thanks for the reminder John.

John Stone


Apart from anything else it is hard to see if you cannot ensure non-contamination, that you can ensure that the level of contamination is at a “safe” level. It is a situation inherently out of control. Nor are small particles listed as ingredients.

At least in U.K. we have warnings on products for people with nut or gluten allergies - that might not be completely free. We don’t have warnings on vaccines about micro and nano particles.

John Stone


It is a dismal thought that Coulter wrote that 28 years ago, and look where we are now!

Frederic Chopin


Nobody's arguing with their results - it's their conclusions.

Angus Files

Exactly Hans do as we say not as we do to ourselves. An example yesterday was Zuckerberg(F?) being summoned to Congress surrounded by his mini 16 manned gunned to the teeth bodyguards and one at the same time Zuckerberg is the strongest anti-gun campaigner. This just highlights the omnipotent position these people see themselves in. With vaccines they don’t make the laws for themselves just the rest of the human population needing removed.

Pharma For Prison


bob moffit

@ Anne & John

Presently reading a book .. "Vaccination Social Violence and Criminality .. the medical assault on the American brain" .. by Harris L. Coulter .. wherein Coulter makes a strong argument .. "the "developmental disabilities" are nearly always generated by encephalitis. And the primary cause of encephalitis in the United States and other industrialized countries is their childhood vaccination program".

If Coulter's theory is right .. babies who react to early vaccines by experiencing extraordinarily high temperature .. which may last for hours into days .. suffer "minimal brain damage' due to their adverse reaction, which has all the earmarks of "encephalitis".

Eventually these "minimal brain damages" result in behavior now commonly recognized as ADD, ADHD, etc

According to Coulter ... In past epidemics the most striking feature of the recovered encephalitis patient was hyperactivity ... inability to sit still or remain in one place, a perpetual urge to move about, often accompanied by excessive talking, at home or in school, a restiveness which immediately became intolerable to those in the vicinity ....... hyperactivity and attention-span difficulties are, of course, among the most common sequelae of vaccine damage ...."

If nothing else .. Coulter offers a plausible and possible explanation for what has happened to recent generations of school children .. who are unable to "sit still and pay attention".

Again .. "correlation" of so many ADD, ADHD diagnoses to the most heavily vaccinated populations does not PROVE "causation" .. but .. the theory sure sounds plausible to me.

Unfortunately, I join Coulter as he worries .. "If catastrophes such as the vaccination program are not to be repeated ad nauseam in the future, the legally privileged position of the medical profession must be modified".


John and Fred--Paul Offit, Poul Thorsen, Coleen Boyle, Eric Fombonne, Frank DeStefano, Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp, Tanya Bhasin---"You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy." Obi-Wan Kenobi

John Stone


It is impossible to praise you highly enough for you relentless pursuit of these stories - and you have been as thorough scouring the British media as the US. Some of them betray the hard data, others just hint at what might be happening - the opening of a new school or unit, presented as good news stories (and I suppose for the immediate beneficiaries they are) but of course these are things that government are being forced to pay for. Other stories are about shortage of resources - some incidentally mention the immense rise in demand, but of course now it has been going on for three decades. And still we are in denial across every aspect of public life.

Back at Christmas 2016 I published the new autism figures for Scotland. The story came up on google news, if you typed in autism and Scotland, then it vanished and all you got were the good news about Christmas shows for autistic people or with autistic people. The truth had to hidden from the citizens of Scotland - perhaps the UK’s thuggish science media agencies were involved. A month later AoA was dropped from google news. Where will it end?


It is interesting that there is talk of falling vaccination rates across Europe, whereas the UK has maintained high compliance with a very long schedule - and no doubt we are bearing the heaviest consequences with the US.


At what point will man realize that he has made himself an endangered species?

Hans Litten

It seems resistance against vaccination is surfacing everywhere you look : (Turkey)


The number of families refusing to vaccinate their children increased to 23,000 last year according to one expert at a symposium in Antalya, warning that once this number reaches 50,000, there is a serious risk of deadly epidemics among children.

The head of the Turkish Association of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, professor Alpay Azap, described vaccinations as one of the most incredible discoveries of humanity. “They are lifesavers. Every year, 2 million to 3 million people don’t die thanks to vaccines,” he said, adding if vaccinations spread to less developed regions of the world, this number could very well increase to 5 million.

The four-day symposium will focus on infectious and noninfectious diseases, vaccines, AIDS, tuberculosis and diabetes, and will allow experts to share their experiences.

Speaking there, Azap said the anti-vaccine movement has become a serious threat around the world. “The numbers of families who refuse to vaccinate their children increases every year. The number was 11,000 in 2016, and it increased to 213,000 last year.”


Thank you, John, for all your efforts to wake people up in the U.K.
I’m worried that those in charge are too much in denial to really look for the cause. Meanwhile the decline and fall of education in Britain is in the advanced stages.
The stories about what’s happening are endless. DISABLED CHILDREN are taking over! Below are stories that prove my point. It isn’t just autism. It’s all the neuro—developmental damage, just like we’re seeing here. Reports calmly tell us over and over…THE NUMBERS ARE INCREASING and so are the costs.
The press tells us not to worry. They say that nothing is wrong with all the changes in children today.
A perfect example is the April 8, 2018 story from the Liverpool Echo: What life is really like for families living with autism in Liverpool https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/what-life-really-like-families-14505856
You can see photos of smiling moms and kids happy about autism. Liverpool wants to be known as the “UK’s first autism friendly city.” The story also announced, “Around one in every 100 people in Britain is believed to be autistic.” Adults too? It seems with absolutely NO PROOF, we’re to believe that autism is just a normal condition among all age groups. (We just haven’t been able to find it in middle aged and elderly folks like we can in kids.)
The press has been lying to us about autism for two decades. Now it’s not just kids on the spectrum, it’s loads of young people with all kinds of social/emotional/behavioral problems. Here are some from the last month and a half.
April 8, 2018, (UK) South Wales Argus: Newport special needs school to be expanded by 50 places
“NEWPORT'S only dedicated school for youngsters with special needs will be expanded by 50 places if a decision is signed off next week. …
“A council report said the school, which also operates at sites in Brynglas and Eveswell and is open to children and teenagers aged from three to 19 had found itself under increasing pressure with the number of youngsters in need of specialist education….”

April 5, 2018, (UK) Wessex 96/97.2 FM: Multi-million pound investment for special needs education in Dorset
“Over the last 22 months, Dorset has seen a 49 per cent increase in children with an Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP). …
“A new special school is also due to open in Bovington next September (2019). Funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency, it will provide places for another 160 children with autism, as well as social, emotional and mental health needs. The school will support pupils from Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole. …
“There are also plans to provide additional bases for children with social, emotional and mental health needs in the future.”

April 5, 2018, (UK) Bedford Today: New school for children with special needs planned for Kempston
… “We’ve already got some brilliant special schools in the borough, but there’s also massive demand and it’s something which the system is catching up with. ‘As a Bedford boy it’s brilliant to see this coming to where we live.’…
“While there is already pressure on the limited number of school spaces for children with disabilities and SEN in Bedford Borough, it is believed an extra 700 such places will be needed by 2030. …”

April 3, 2018, (UK) Telegraph and Argus: Protest unsuccessful as Council passes cuts to disabled children's services
“Dominic Wall, head of Southfield Special School, said there is a “growing demand for children with complex needs” in Bradford.
“He said: ‘In the past three years it has gone up in excess of 25%, but we have not had increased government funding to match the growth, but we get a fixed amount per place.
“‘In the past two years we have had to take £5 million from normal schools to fund the high-need block.’ …”

April 3, 2018, (UK) Guardian: Teachers have sounded the alarm – it’s time to listen
“For many children, the Easter holidays are in full swing. But spare a thought for the more than 4,000 children who have learning disabilities. They won’t be taking a break from school: they’re stuck at home for the long-term, as no local schools can take them.
“The number of children with special educational needs in England without a school place has more than doubled from 1,710 in 2016 to 4,050 in 2017. …
“Parents have told me of the battle to gain a diagnosis for their children, who are often written off by teachers as troublesome and disruptive, especially in the case of autism.”

April 2, 2018, (UK) Sun: BAD EDUCATION—Teachers ‘headbutted, spat at and have eyes gouged by kids as young as FOUR’
“The claims were made at an education conference, where staff have lifted the lid on outrageous and shocking behaviour seen at UK schools.
“The extreme violence has even forced some teachers to change the way they dress in order to avoid being harmed by students.
“Teaching staff across the country have also reported suffering dangerous levels of anxiety when heading into work. …
“She said: ‘In the last two years behaviour in children has increased to an extremely violent level.’ …
“Kelly, who is the only dedicated SENCO at her school, said she was repeatedly called to deal with a four-year-old boy who ‘scratched, gouged eyes, and pulled hair’.
“She said: ‘The last two years have been the worst I've ever had in my [16-year] teaching career.’”

April 2, 2018, (UK) Independent: School mental health problems extend to primary-age pupils amid cuts to support
“Primary school children are showing signs of mental health problems – including anxiety, panic attacks and depression – amid cuts to specialist support, a new survey of teachers suggests.

“The vast majority (96 per cent) of teachers say they have come into contact with pupils of all ages experiencing mental health issues, according to research from the NASUWT teaching union.

“Of these, around one in seven (14 per cent) said that pupils experiencing these difficulties were aged between four and seven, while over a quarter (27 per cent) said they were aged seven to 11. …”

April 1, 2018, (UK) Telegraph: Special needs children 'paying price' for education funding 'crisis'

“…Meanwhile, a separate survey by NASUWT union has shown more than a half (59%) of all special educational needs teachers said they had been attacked by their pupils in the last year.
“Staff among the 1,615 polled said they had been head-butted, punched, kicked and spat on - including, in a handful of cases, on a daily basis….”

Mar 31, 2018, (UK) Hartlepool Mail: Government accused of failing to address worries over Hartlepool schools funding
“The council added a 2.6% ‘high needs’ funding increase for children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities is not enough to meet ‘unprecedented’ levels of demand and the town faces a shortfall of £825,000 a year.”

Mar 30, 2018, (UK) Get Surrey: Parents secure legal aid funding to take county council to court over 'unlawful' £21m savings to services supporting children with disabilities
“According to SCC, the number of children with a statement of special educational needs or an education, health and care plan (EHCP) has increased by 44% from 2010 to 2018.
“In an attempt to tackle the ‘unprecedented increases in demand’, SCC has boosted the overall budget for children, schools and families by £25,377,000 from £454,738,000 (2017/2018) to £480,115,000 (2018/2019).”

Mar 30, 2018, (UK) Swindon Advertiser: Wooden Spoon funds £14,500 sensory room at school
“SPECIAL needs school Crowdy’s Hill opened a new sensory room this week thanks to a £14,500 donation from local charity Wiltshire Wooden Spoon. …
“The sensory room has been created at Crowdys Hill School, in Jefferies Avenue, whose students are aged between five and 19 years with both moderate and complex learning and medical needs including autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, diabetes, epilepsy, global developmental delay and cerebral palsy. ….”

Mar 30, 2018, (UK) Lancaster Evening Post: Rising number of exclusions at Lancashire schools
“A report presented to county hall’s education committee revealed 346 exclusions across primary, secondary and special schools in 2016/17.
“The number has risen from 305 the previous year in addition to 6,700 fixed-term exclusions.
“6,700 disruptive children excluded from Lancashire schools

Mar 29, 2018, (UK) Gloucestershire Gazette: Special free school to open at Marlwood School
“The school, which will be the second of its kind in South, will be based on the Marlwood School site, offering 112 places over a three-year period for children aged two-to-19-years-old with severe learning difficulties, autism spectrum disorder and with profound and multiple learning difficulties.”

Mar 26, 2018, (UK) Huffington Post: We Need To Understand Why So Many Children Are Unhappy—With such a rapid rise in demand for mental health services, it’s urgent we understand the causes of poor mental health
“…There’s been a dramatic increase in self-harm – 19,000 children were admitted to hospital last year after hurting themselves, a 14% rise over three years. More and more young people tell us they feel anxious, depressed and have low self-esteem. It’s thought that as many as one in ten children has a diagnosable mental health condition and referrals to specialist treatment have gone up 44% in the last three years. …
“Mental health problems in childhood left untreated can lead to a lifetime of mental illness. …
The Government has rightly recognised that urgent action is needed, and has brought the Departments of Health and Education together to work on improving children and young people’s mental health. Spending on Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services is increasing by £1.4billion over the next five years. …
“We need to get to the root of the problem. We need to understand what is causing so many children to feel depressed and anxious …”

Mar 25, 2018, (UK) Maidenhead Advertiser: New Dorney school creates safe learning space for children in care
“The head of a new school for young people in care says it aims to put each child at the centre of everything it does.
“Stephen Rodgers is head of education at the Eton Dorney Residential School, which has room to house six young people and 18 day spaces for 10 to 18-year-olds. …”

Mar 23, 2018, (UK) Wigan Observer: Plans to close all Wigan special schools met with backlash
“Education chiefs in Wigan have been criticised for launching a consultation with options that include closing all the borough’s special schools.

“The controversial suggestion is contained in a survey asking parents for their views on ways council chiefs can increase the number of places available for children in the borough with special educational needs…

“‘We currently do not have enough places in the borough and need to expand and we want to ensure that we have considered your views on how we do this before we make some proposals.’ …”

Mar 19, 2018, (UK) Grimsby Telegraph: Pupils to make a splash in new school hot tub
“A Grimsby school has thanked parents and volunteers for their wonderful donations, as it officially opened its new hydrotherapy hot tub.
“Staff members, parents and volunteers gathered at Cambridge Park Academy for a special ribbon cutting ceremony, as they officially opened their new hot-tub facility that will allow students to take part in hydro and sensory therapy. …
"‘We are using it to provide hydrotherapy, along with sensory therapy, and we have found that with some of our students that it has a brilliant calming effect them on as they get in the water for a dip.’ …”

Mar 17, 2018, (UK) Scotsman: Low level disruption – the new ‘norm’ blighting our schools
“ ‘Low level bad behaviour’ has become the norm in many secondary schools across Scotland, the leader of one of the country’s teaching unions has warned.
“Seamus Searson, general secretary of the Scottish Secondary Teachers’ Association, said unacceptable behaviour was on the increase, impacting on pupils’ education and hampering recruitment to the profession. …
“Figures from the Scottish Government in December revealed that 26.6 per cent of pupils have additional support needs, ranging from dyslexia, ADHD, and autism to behavioural and emotional problems. …”

Mar 10, 2018, (UK) Leicester Mercury: Why pupils at Leicester primary school are doing yoga and meditation
“Yoga, meditation and mindfulness are just some of the activities pupils at Eyres Monsell primary have been taking part in.
“Activities aim to foster a sense of calm and self reflection, as well as making youngsters ready to learn. …”
Mar 7, 2018, (UK) Spalding Today: Bourne special school set for growth under SEND plans
“…Willoughby School which currently caters for children aged two to 19 with moderate to severe learning difficulties, has backed a new model for special education unveiled by Lincolnshire County Council. …

“Mr Husbands said: ‘I am delighted that Willoughby School is included as part of this SEND strategy as demand for special school places in Bourne and Lincolnshire is extremely high. …’

“Mr Husbands revealed that ‘significant capital investment’ at Willoughby School would result in ‘additional classrooms and specialist facilities built to meet the growing demand for special school places’”.

Anne Dachel, Media

John Stone


Yes, I fear so. But they don't have to be experts on Andrew Wakefield.



Nordic Cochrane Centre states:
“We believe that EMA is more concerned with protecting the vaccines and the drug companies than with protecting patients.”


Then on page 31, Nordic Cochrane throws Andrew Wakefield under the bus to disassociate their efforts from his.


Can we pay pediatricians and MEP's for titre draws?

Angus Files

meant to add, if they were seriously thinking of cost they would administer vaccine dose by body weight- surely Chop?

Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

Exactly John the MEP`s make the scenes of Napoleon the pig from G Orwell`s Animal Farm look quite sane..

"Old Major dies three nights after the meeting that united the animals. Over the next three months, the more intelligent animals begin to approach life differently. They now anticipate the Rebellion, for which they assume the task of preparing. The pigs take on the task of organizing and teaching the other animals because they are “generally recognized as being the cleverest of the animals”

Pharma For Prison



Thank you, John, for combating invidiousness in vaccine policymaking and spotlighting others pushing back against the corruption. To expand on your link to the Nordic Cochrane Centre, its slogan is this:
“Trusted evidence. Informed decisions. Better health.”

Sadly health care consumers have little or none of those three goals, as current adverse health outcomes attest. Instead profiteers have created cures that are worse than the disease, and institutionally cemented them — disallowing consumer input or disagreement.

In the November 2017 letter criticizing the European Medicines Agency John cites, the five signatories from Nordic Cochrane Centre bravely rejected the ”substandard way that EMA evaluates science.“

Nordic Cochrane criticizes, among others:
- “lack of public safeguards against poor conduct,”
- no disciplinary committee, 
- members allowed to have conflicts of interest,
- factual errors and inconsistencies,
- misreporting of active ingredients as placebos,
- lack of access to EMA’s documents.

Said Cochrane, “[T]he Ombudsman on many occasions has chosen to trust EMA’s scientific assessments, which are based on the data the drug companies gave them, even though EMA knew that the companies could not be trusted.”

How can sound scientific decisions be made when data is excluded, either by incompetence or for convenience? Cochrane stated that Sanofi had been asked to search for data on specific symptoms including “dizziness, palpitations, rapid heart rate, tremor, fatigue and fainting, but the company ignored these clear instructions and instead searched on three symptoms: ‘postural dizziness’, ‘orthostatic intolerance’ and ‘palpitations and dizziness.’ As terms used in reports of harms are the ones used by the doctors reporting them, such search terms will yield few results,” Cochrane said.

Regarding key players, do keyword searches:
“Guido Rasi” patent “conflict of interest”;
“Andrew Pollard" “HPV vaccine”;
“Enrica Alteri” Merck.

John Stone

It is just surreal - MEPs bothered by the fact that they are paying 68 times as much for vaccines as 2001 but they don't think about the children....

Angus Files

Superb John many thanks..

"By now infants are met not long after birth with a barrage of vaccines for diseases which in many cases are either not so dangerous or not so common, without any wider evidence that this is a safe thing to do "

The science moral long gone when the same vaccine is injected in to a newborn as a 160lb adult.with the same amount of aluminium,the same amount of mercury,and not to mentions all the rest of the toxic dump Science what science, where!!

Pharma For Prison


John Stone


I fear it started in the White House in 2014 following the Thompson revelations


John Stone


Gatti and Montanari's microscope, computer, and records have been returned:


Beside that, as I pointed out, their results were confirmed by the European Medicines Agency back in February 2017.


If we look at Dr Carr's language it is not an assurance:

"The presence of minuscule trace amounts of certain inorganic particles in vaccines is not unexpected and the manufacturing process for all parenteral preparations is designed to ensure that any such traces are kept within safe limits."

"designed to " is simply aspiration - if they were designing anything it would exclude all particles, while the problem that Gatti and Montanari point to is the body has no means to deal with any injected particles (unlike the particles we inhale or digest).

Of course, it is meaningless to talk about small amounts - we were never talking anything you could see.


Why are all of these different countries being so aggressive about vaccines all at the same time ?
Can it be a co-incidence ?
I don't think so. I feel like it could be part of Agenda 21. Why should the rates of autism keep getting higher and higher, they should stay at the same level, unless something is being added to the vaccines that effects more and more children. Vaccine companies can add whatever ingredients they like as long as they are in trace amounts .
Right now I'm reading a book called "The Great Hunger" about the potato famine in Ireland. A million people starved to death and there wasn't enough help coming from England, Queen Victoria donated 2000 pounds, one of her friends was planning to donate 10,000 pounds but somebody said "You'll embarrass the Queen", so he cut down his donation to only 1000 pounds. Nobody gave them the help they needed. With the autism epidemic they also are not helping, they should be doing everything they can to stop the epidemic instead of ramping it up , lying about it, and forcing poisons on the children, There is something really sinister about this.


As always thank you John Stone!!!!

NJ parents should know that Holly's Law allows for a titre draw to exempt your child from a second MMR.

Frederic Chopin

John, I mean Gatti? Still??

Shelley Tzorfas

Move over Italians...The British Are Coming...

Laura Hayes

Jonathan Rose,

Thank you for the inspiring video clip. We need MANY more expressions of outrage just like that one in NJ. We need to return to the government fearing the people (i.e. freedom), versus our current situation of the people fearing the government (i.e. tyranny).

Here in CA, things don't work quite like they work in NJ. If you so much as clear your throat loudly during a hearing in CA, the hired thugs come running and immediately escort you out. We saw that on more than one occasion during the SB277 hearings. We, the citizens of CA, are not allowed to speak, other than to state our names and whether we are for/against, much less state facts, expose lies and corruption, recount personal experiences, express outrage, or demand our rights and freedom. Here in CA, hired thugs also man the microphones as we state our names and for/against, and immediately turn off the mic should a citizen dare to state anything beyond that. We are to remain silent and obedient at all times here in CA.

Let us all be inspired by the protestors in NJ. Let us all become louder and louder and LOUDER. Let our elected officials be loudly reminded whom they are to serve.


Two words:

"Vaccine rapaciousness"
"Vaccine mania"
"Vaccine fanaticism"
"Vaccine delusion"

Jonathan Rose

Laura, I'm as outraged by the New Jersey bill as much as you are. But even though the legislative committee hearings were announced quietly and with very short notice, 330 angry protesters showed up at the state capital, as opposed to just a half dozen supporting the bill:


The legislators were clearly shaken by the protests, which they hadn't expected, and which received a lot of media coverage. It made the front page of our local paper, which reported that parents talked about "vaccine injuries" -- not "alleged vaccine injuries". I might add that many of the protesters said that their children were not vaccine injured -- and that they wanted to keep them that way. So the word is spreading. And yes, by all means let's publicly protest.

John Stone


Yes, I am pleased to confirm that I hold those people in great respect, just as I am sure you admire Paul Offit, Poul Thorsen, Coleen Boyle, Eric Fombonne etc.

John Stone


Thanks. It is hard to know how it will go down. Only about half the British MEPs seem to be the traditional parties (a lot of U.K. Independence Party and several Greens) and even then we have no political tradition of enthusiasm for mandates in the U.K. (the BBC and mainstream media seem to make the running). Perhaps if it makes one or two think word will travel.

Of course, we have already seen people fill the streets in Italy (tens of thousands week after week), and even Heidi Larson seems to think mandates will diminish trust - you bet!


if you want to see some good lying watch this irish docu on gardasil that vaccine adviser!

Laura Hayes

Great letter, John. In CA, letters from citizens go unread and unheeded, and most likely directly into the trash can...all while industry checks, and also those from affiliated trade industry groups, are deposited to bank accounts to purchase and secure votes for dangerous, rights-stripping, poisoning-of-the-population legislation.

This morning, I first read about the expanding tyranny and medical fascism in NJ, and now this. Vaccine legislation worldwide is still in the “getting worse” stage, which may be a response to the public becoming “more aware” stage. Time for the “refusal and rebellion” stage.

Frederic Chopin

Pulyiel, Mawson, Exley and even Gatti! Pulling out all the stops, John - jolly good!

Hans Litten

I think the Italians may have done the whole of Europe a favour here .
Imagine if you will , Italian like vaccine protests all across the EU simultaneously.

The election result out of Hungary today has got to have helped us too surely ?

It looks very much like the BREXIT vote was the correct decision.

Gary Ogden

Excellent letter, John. Thanks.

John Stone

An element of almost comedy here was that the Parliament's health committee were bothered by the fact that the cost of vaccinating an infant was 68 times that of 2001 without examining the machinery to license and recommend new products.

John Stone


I think influence is wielded in different ways with the same result. I don't think the British parliament or even necessarily the European one are directly awash with pharma money in the same way, but they are in there lobbying - no one in public life dare stand very much out of line without stick being wielded and I am sure pharma pack parliamentary committees with their friends. Licensing agencies like the MHRA and EMA are almost entirely run on pharma money and are completely conflicted.

Of course, I have also recently drawn attention to the appointment pharma execs to senior government positions.

bob moffit

John .. just curious about UK Parliament members .. do they have the same "conflict of interests" when seeking election .. accepting MILLIONS over a career .. from the same morally/ethically bankrupt "pharmaceutical interests" .. that we have here in the USA?

In other words .. has the UK Parliament been "bought and paid" for .. as Congress is in the USA? Does the UK allow the pharmaceutical industry to ADVERTISE on television/radio/newspapers .. as they do in the US?

Greatly admire your dedicated efforts to bring sanity into the UK Parliament .. hope you have a better result in DRAINING THE SWAMP in the UK .. then we have had so far in the US.

Jenny Allan

Heartfelt Thanks John

susan welch

An excellent letter, John. Hopefully it will make the, mostly, incredibly uninformed MEPs think about the reality of vaccines - and maybe even question the propaganda they have been fed by all agencies.

Jeannette Bishop

I hope and pray the parliamentarians carefully reflect upon this letter and all related lobbying.

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