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Michelle Guppy Asks: Is My Suffering Showing?

Said no mother michelle
Note: Thanks to Michelle Guppy for allowing us to excerpt from her blog From Hell to Hopeism. Her son Brandon is a gorgeous young man with autism who is wracked with seizures. Michelle and her family fight a fight few of us can imagine. I have 3 kids with autism and would struggle to carry Michele's burden. Yes, burden. One of our roles at AofA is to show all sides of autism and to expose the agonizing underbelly of this diagnosis. Few write with the heart and guts that Michelle brings to her blog.  Bookmark From Hell to Hopeism.

By Michelle Guppy

It is bittersweet seeing all the #saidnomother images.

Let alone the 7,000 names written in blood, sweat, and tears on the VAXXED bus that symbolize lives lost or forever altered by adverse vaccine reactions.

The sadness of all such awareness campaigns is too profound to put in words.

And then to add insult to injury upon injury, we have April.  National Autism Awareness Month.  Which for those of us who have seen the truth happen before our very eyes, should rather be named, "National Vaccine Injury Denial Month" where the book "Denial" by Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill is required reading.

I guess with the epidemic numbers of those affected by 'autism' growing exponentially every reporting year - those who even came up with such a month for society to be made aware of such a disorder - had to quickly back-peddle where instead of seeking to understand why - we now have an entire month to "light up" and "celebrate" the "new normal" that is here to stay.

Which is why most like me go into hiding this month.

It's hard to decide which is more unbearable -- living this "Life with Autism, Seizures, and a side of PANDAS" caused by vaccine injury -- or enduring a month that "lights up" and "celebrates" the chronic, painful, life-altering-for-all-involved disorder as if it were no big thing.

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go Trump

If you line up the 1.5 million Autistic children in the United States one foot apart ... the present line is about 285 miles long.

Those lining up for "ADHD meds" about 10 times that long.
Why would our world class medical system every want to change this flow of money ???

Autism Speaks long ago became a "McAutism website" with little concern buy raising funds from Blue Chip companies to finance an endless search for exactly nothing.

Aimee Doyle

@Bob -

Absolutely agree with you. Someone at AS should have spoken up. I know that Suzanne Wright tried at one point - writing an essay about the more challenging aspects of autism. She was criticized intensely after she wrote it, and it's impossible to find that essay now. It is practically Orwellian, the way the original AS perspective has been scrubbed from the website and related publications.


"Neurodiversity provides a handy narrative." Agreed.


Neurodiversity provides a handy narrative that government and industry need.

Autism Speaks provides the branding conduit for those affiliates' shared priorities.

bob moffit

@ Aimee

"I am no fan of Autism Speaks. But I think it's important to remember the vocal lobbying of the neurodiversity movement is what is behind AS's decision to stop looking for a cure and push the bright side of autism. When AS has had campaigns about the more challenging aspects of autism, they have been intensely criticized for presenting the disorder in a "negative light."

I can remember how encouraged I was to learn that Bob and Susan Wright had formed "Autism Speaks" .. especially after viewing the following ORIGINAL AUTISM SPEAKS VIDEO that was played on Don Imus popular NYC "television simulcast" radio show. Here it is .. 13 minutes of TRUTH .. titled: Autism Every Day

And so .. in my humble opinion .. the "blame" for AS "decision to stop looking for a cure and push the bright side of autism .. belongs SQUARELY UPON THE VERY BROAD SHOULDERS OF WHOEVER AT AUTISM SPEAK FAILED TO DEFEND THEIR FILM AGAINST THE IMMEDIATE VOCAL OUTRAGE OF THE NERUO-DIVERSITY MOVEMENT.

It's probably just me .. but .. I will never understand WHY Autism Speaks decided not to defend those families TRUTHFUL PORTRAYAL IN THEIR FILM .. choosing instead to embrace the neurodiversity movement's portrayal of autism as a GIFT?

Unfortunately, not only will I never understand WHY ... I will also never forgive them for what they did.

Jeannette Bishop

@David Weiner, you don't really have to convince me. But this is what leading aluminum safety researchers have put into writing to the CDC as well as on record for the world, FWIW, and I don't think this is a small personal risk on their part that they are taking, though I'm sure motivated by preventing a huge level of very real harm to the world population (that's my view of this compilation by J.B. Handley in addition to appreciation of the health info summarized within it that might help some in my family... I'm hoping).

And there is danger in my mind in pressuring the CDC to "study" aluminum, but I hope the facade of their "integrity" is cracked enough that more would require, maybe help fund, because the corporate controlled institutions aren't going to fund, independent aluminum risks research and implement their own vaccine (and other sources maybe) moratoriums in the meantime, if they read this and related information that is out there...

John Stone


I think AS will just repeat whatever the PC message is of the moment.

Aimee Doyle

@nhokkanen - "too many people have bought into the smarmy advertising facade perpetuated by Autism Speaks."

I am no fan of Autism Speaks. But I think it's important to remember the vocal lobbying of the neurodiversity movement is what is behind AS's decision to stop looking for a cure and push the bright side of autism. When AS has had campaigns about the more challenging aspects of autism, they have been intensely criticized for presenting the disorder in a "negative light." At the Congressional level, the neurodiversity movement insisted on the name change from Combating Autism Act to Autism Cares Act. And the neurodiversity voices seem to dominate media stories.

So the problem is deeper than AS, although AS may be the most public face of "bluewashing".

David Weiner


I agree with you that the nature of the "autism awareness" must change along the lines that you have described.

I disagree with the quote about the urgent need for more research into aluminum. The burden of proof (of a reasonable and well-defined product safety level) is on the vaccine manufacturers (along with the medical profession and the governments who are approving them, creating schedules, and mandates). They have failed miserably in this regard and there should be a moratorium on the use of vaccines, unless and until they are able to meet this burden of proof. It is not incumbent upon the parents or consumers to set out an airtight case for exactly how vaccines are producing all of the harm that we are seeing.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you. It's far past time to turn this month of baby-assaulting denial into vaccine injury and risks awareness month, I believe also with a need for a healthy dosing of pro-immune system health interventions education, as fear of germs and real health information suppression, probably also a strong desire to not become acquainted with the actual character of those shaping our "disease prevention programs" and "healthcare systems" has goaded the entire U.S., perhaps world, population on to baby disabling enabling.

Some awareness to share:
"The Center for Disease Control’s claim on its website that 'Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism' is unsupported with respect to aluminum adjuvants and this claim stifles the important research to determine the safety of aluminum adjuvants used in vaccines. As an expert in the field of aluminum adjuvants and aluminum toxicity I solemnly declare that more research on the role of aluminum adjuvant in vaccines and neurological disorders, including ASD, is essential and urgently required."

Laura Hayes


Thank you for speaking truth to tragedy. The constant sugarcoating of what has BEEN DONE to our children is insane, unethical, and immoral. We need to be exposing the ugly truth at every about the heinous and lifelong vaccine-induced about the vaccine-induced premature about insurance denying that which would actually help the about the corruption that underlies vaccines from manufacture to mandate and about all of us who will never be able to enjoy the "empty nester" about the daily and monumental challenges of living with and caring for those whose health, cognitive abilities, social skills, independence skills, nervous systems, immune systems, and brains have been DECIMATED by vaccines...and talk about the independent, vibrant, and fulfilling lives that have been wrongly taken from our children.

Yes, we all need to be talking up a storm, calling spades spades, DEMANDING the immediate banning of vaccine mandates with zero compromises, DEMANDING the immediate and full return of individual and parental rights with regard to medical decision making with zero compromises, and DEMANDING the immediate repealing of the 1986 Act.

To stop the Vaccine Holocaust, the vaccinating needs to stop. It's that simple. Then, we need to help the victims and their families, and imprison those responsible for the destruction of so many lives.

cherry Misra

One autism topic which no longer seems to come up ( with the public health folks ) is the most obvious of all : What is the cause of autism.? Strangely, after autism was proved to be more environmental than genetic (via the CATS autism study) , the interest in finding the cause seemed to wane.


Michelle says it best:

“The suffering that goes on behind those photos is unimaginable and unbearable and to make a mockery of that by celebrating or lighting up anything blue this month is reprehensible.”

Thank you.

Too many people have bought into the smarmy advertising facade perpetuated by Autism Speaks. It’s difficult to dialogue with others who are unfamiliar with the real autism. You have to first scrape off their many layers of false perception, the Rain Man savant comparisons and utter void concerning knowledge of actual mental and physical affects. It becomes another source of frustration and psychological exhaustion.

Shelley Tzorfas

"Vaccine Injury Denial Month," I "2nd the motion."

bob moffit

Michelle reminds us the Vietnam Wall was NOT meant "to reflect on the 58,220 who did not survive the war" .. but ... to remember the 58,220 who "suffered greatly".

It is no accident that our country and government somberly reflects upon the supreme sacrifice paid by those valiant men and women whose names are listed among the 58,220 on the Vietnam War MEMORIAL WALL .. while at the very same time country and government appears uninterested in reflecting upon the supreme sacrifice so many of our valiant/courageous children have and continue to pay .. 1 in 68.

After all, those valiant and courageous Vietnam Veterans are justifiably remembered as warriors who paid the ultimate sacrifice in a war at the behest of their country .. while the ultimate sacrifice of our innocent children .. at the behest of their country .. must be dismissed as necessary "collateral damage" .. because all involved lack the courage to admit the sacrifice of our children is the direct result of a war where their "best of intentions have gone horribly awry".

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