Do as I say, Not as I Do
Correlation, Causation, Antacids and Allergies in Pediatric Population


Angus Files

Dan your right they blindly follow Rotarian Bill Gates. I had two Rotary members triumphantly inform me that they had,had their Flu vaccine-- I replied "As you know am` no proponent of having vaccines".

Bill not looking after the members for sure..not a surprise!

Pharma For Prison


Dan E. Burns

I've been speaking to Rotary clubs about my project. So many aging Baby Boomers are shocked by basic facts: increasing prevalence, mostly boys, many non-verbal ... facts I thought everybody knew. They don't. "Autism Awareness" doesn't seem to have penetrated this affluent, politically active demographic.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Kim, thank you for pointing out the absurdity of it all.
Eventually, when autism and all the other forms of toxic injury finally break the bank and destroy our way of life, we'll see the real insanity of "celebrating" a disaster.
Anne D., Media

False scientists harm children

The stark realities. It's not all Sheldon, or whatever his name is from Big Bang Theory. Go Kim!

Aimee Doyle

So true, Kim.

I don't understand why so few people "get it".


Well put.

Angus Files

The one saying that was said to us by my autistic sons Social Worker also a Classically trained Homeopath ,when my son was very young around 7 years old haswhich stuck with us,also she needed no explaining concerning vaccines and autism as you would guess,we were the knew guys on the block so far as she was concerned and we were handled remarkably well by her..she said..
"Mercury the winged messenger you will learn a lot" and how right she was, I even had to look up and see who Mercury actually was....I dont know if I would prefer ignorantly bliss or the knowledge,all I do know is nobody needed to be harmed the science on mercury was done hundreds if not thousands of years ago.

Pharma For Prison



Well put Kim. And asking this again: hasn't anybody here heard of patterning? Hasn't anyone in these programs Your girls go to heard of it? Institutes For the Achievement of Human Potential. People get better and/or so much better.

I'll happily tell anyone about it.

Mark Wax

The only way that Autism Speaks should move forward is to immediately shift it's platform to raising funds for the long line of adults suffering with autism who will not be adequately cared for by our society. We will need billions. We will need intentional communities. We will need more professionals with proper training. If acknowledging the source of all this misery is beyond the grasp of organizations that solicit money, at least mitigate the pain for those impacted. Americans are very decent people. Not so much for the so-called "leaders."

bob moffit

Kim .. your "Light it up True: Hardship" .. speaks for our entire community.

God bless ...

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