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Autism Risk Increased through Structural Variants Inherited from Dad

Italian Doll with Measles a Throwback to An Era Before Sickness Meant Terror

Measles dollNOTE: In 1962, my sister received a dolly named Hedda Get Better. Hedda had measles, a smiley face and a sleepy face. Shelly played Mommy and nursed Hedda back to health. In 1969, the Brady Bunch sitcom featured an episode where all six kids got the measles - panic ensued - because the girls wanted Marian Ross as their doctor and the boys wanted Tom Bosley - the future Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham from Happy Days.  I wrote about the Hedda doll many years ago - the post is below. I have the Hedda doll in my house - my sister found her on ebay.

Now, Italian toy makers are reminding parents and annoying pro-pharma, pro-vax folks that measles was a common childhood illness - long before the vaccine became available.    You see, if parents start to realize that pharma and doctors have sold them a bill of goods that has devastated pediatric wellness, there will be a costly mutiny.  From EuroNews:  Read more and comment at the site.

An Italian toy maker has been accused of trivialising a serious childhood disease with the new edition of its popular Cicciobello doll, which children are invited to treat of the measles.

The blonde doll, Morbillino, comes with accessories including wipes, cream and plasters, to make its red spots disappear in an instant.

The name Morbillino is a take on the Italian word for measles, "morbillo".

Here's my post about Hedda.  Kim

Wayback machine

Here's a Best of.....

By Kim Stagliano

Let's take a trip back to Christmas, 1962. A little girl named Michele had a Christmas wish for Santa. Michele wanted to play Mommy. Mommies used to take care of sick children. It was part of their job description. Sniffles and sneezes, spotty rashes and wheezes. That was childhood, after all. Get sick, build an immune system, grow up.  Michele got a wonderful new doll from Santa that year. Her name was Hedda.

Bella bday 002

Hedda slept through the night like a dream.

Baby smiling 

Hedda smiled at her Mommy

Baby in between 

Hedda had one more face. In 1962, it was a face that every Mommy recognized and knew how to care for and love. So did doctors. In 2009, this face would instill fear, panic, disdain, loathing and angry cries that Michele was a very, very bad Mommy to Hedda.

Bella bday 004 

Hedda had the measles!  See the little hole in her mouth for the thermometer?

Yes, in 1962, measles were a common childhood illness. And little girls played with dollies that had the measles, and made them all better. So did doctors for children who got the measles. The full name of the doll was "Hedda Get Better."  Michele is my big sister. She found a Hedda doll on ebay this Fall and sent her to me. Perhaps I'll invite Hedda to Autism One, if she's feeling up to it.

How about your child? Is there a magic button you can twist so that he/she gets better? I wish there were. For each of us.

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism.



Totally unrelated -- but,really-- is any of this crap truly unrelated?! Yes -- as the world knows a mass killings recently hit us here in Toronto. Listening to the non-stop news coverage, and the finding that the attack was not terror related, I started pondering whether there was an autism angle. Surprise surprise.....

Shelley Tzorfas

Thanks Laura and to this generation of moms being bullied into getting their innocent children shot with poisons. Women are bullied into this, bullied into working when their children Need them, bullied into institutional day care centers and institutional vaccines. Bullied in the courts, bullied into low wages, bullied in the educational, psychiatric, and other systems.

Laura Hayes


I had almost the same thought as you...we need the American version of this doll!

Even better, though, might be a children's book...very basic...for young children...which on the left page shows a picture of a child with an infection, such as chicken pox, what it looks like, how long it lasts, time-proven, common sense, risk-free treatments for it, etc., then on the opposing right page, it shows a picture of a child who had the vaccine for that infection, and the consequences that have occurred (for but one example, at age 2, my son had the varicella vaccine, while sick and on Septra, and that was the final straw, and his final vaccine, rendering him completely mute...until months and months of expensive ABA therapy brought forth the return of a few sounds). Other adverse reactions that have occurred are reported here: And here:

I know there was one book like this already, "Melanie's Marvelous Measles":

We need MORE! Any authors/illustrators out there?

No doubt, the book would need to be self-published, unless Skyhorse Publishing was game to publish it.
I think it could be a very powerful tool.

Laura Hayes


Excellent point you make, which Dr. Sherri Tenpenny makes often, too.

We have been taught and indoctrinated to fear the mild, self-limiting, treatable, acute infections for which there is a vaccine. What happens is that the vaccines then cause DISEASES that are lifelong, disabling, health-destroying, fertility-compromising, and longevity-reducing.

Pharma then laughs all the way to the bank...raking in the profits from the billions of doses of vaccines people have been duped into permitting...then raking in more ill-gotten and obscene profits from the Rx and OTC drugs people often resort to after they have been vaccine-injured...then raking in even more as those Rx and OTC drugs cause devastating side effects for which people often turn to even more Rx and OTC drugs.

Pharma has the masses where it wants them...somewhere between sick and dead for as long as possible...dependent on their damaging and deadly products. They rest assured that they never serve prison time for the harm and deaths they cause, and any lawsuits lost for their non-vaccine products (for which they can't be sued) are simply factored in as the "cost of doing business" and passed on to consumers in their myriad, seemingly unending array of Rx and OTC drugs.

I know you know all of this Shelley, but perhaps someone else reading this is new to this information.


Have the people that died been identified by any media outlet? Do we know what their vaccination status was? What their living conditions/health status was?

Shelley Tzorfas

Great post Kim. Could we consider stop calling things like Measles or Chicken-pox "Diseases?" They were not previously called "Diseases." They were just plain illnesses that lasted a week or two with the mom being home, ice-cream and love. Somewhere in the 60's or 70's they were renamed as Diseases as a way to frighten people. That worked. Diseases are long term things like some Cancers, not a week or two home with a loving nurturing mom and pistachio nut ice cream..


"An Italian toy maker has been accused of trivialising a serious childhood disease..."

Anyone want to open a doll factory?

John Stone


I didn't know you could get to AoA through pinterest but there have been some funny things going on today.


is pinterest blocking aoa?

Mindy Ross-Knaster

I am so glad you posted this. The amount of wrong informatin that is the common thread today is the reason so many kids are as sick as they are. Measles is a childhood disease. It is a common disease but Big Pharma and the AMA has made it more serious than it was. Yes people die from illnesses but more genetic mutations are created by the vaccinations than by the illness themselves. I am so sick of this "Vaccinate Your Kids" Rhetoric shown even in tv shows. SVU had an episode where they put a mother on trial for not vaccinating her child.
If you disagree with the "Vaccines" you are the bad one.
Well, as the mother of two autistic sons who changed after they were vaccinated, I have become
an advocate of information first then let each parent make the decision for their child.

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