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How A Vaccination Can Cause Polio: Mechanism of Injury-Provoked Poliomyelitis

Polioby Bernadette Pajer

Polio is an enterovirus, and it's not the only enterovirus capable of causing paralysis. Enteroviruses are fairly common, most people who become infected have no or few symptoms. If symptoms develop, they are like a cold or mild flu. One enterovirus that has been in the news lately is called "EV-D68" which can cause polio-like paralysis they call "acute flaccid myelitis (AFM)". CDC acknowledges this.

What turns an asymptomatic or low-symptom harmless enterovirus infection into an ER visit and hospitalization? In 1995, researchers figured out that with the polio enterovirus, it was intramuscular injections within 30 days of being given a live polio vaccine. They were studying cases of "provocation" poliomyelitis following receipt of live polio vaccine.

Like other enteroviruses, 95% of polio infections are asymptomatic or very mild. Polio only very rarely leads to paralysis. Researchers in 1998 stated: "Muscle injury due to injection of vaccines or therapeutic agents is common in medical practice. It has been observed that, if concurrent with PV infection, such injury may increase the risk of neurological complications."

PV is polio virus, but as noted above, other commonly circulated enteroviruses can lead to paralysis.

With children today being given so many intramuscular injections so often throughout childhood, odds are a seemingly well child will actually be infected with (and successfully fighting) an enterovirus when given a round of vaccines.

And with the ACIP dangerously telling pediatricians it's OK to vaccinate mildly ill children, those who have earaches or are on antibiotics, the odds increase that a child infected with an enterovirus will be given a round of vaccines, possibly leading to AFM.

How can this be prevented?

Steps include not vaccinating anyone when they are ill or on antibiotics, and screening non-symptomatic children for enteroviruses before vaccinating. There are solutions, but 10-minute "well-child" visits and the financial drive to adhere to the CDC schedule makes solutions inconvenient. Lives are sacrificed for the sake of fast patient turnover, convenience, and insurance reimbursement.

This is but one example of why the entire vaccine industry and policies need to be reformed. First Do No Harm.


Mechanism of Injury-Provoked Poliomyelitis
Matthias Gromeier, Eckard Wimmer
J Virol. 1998 Jun; 72(6): 5056–5060.
PMCID: PMC110068

Skeletal muscle injury is known to predispose its sufferers to neurological complications of concurrent poliovirus infections. This phenomenon, labeled “provocation poliomyelitis,” continues to cause numerous cases of childhood paralysis due to the administration of unnecessary injections to children in areas where poliovirus is endemic. Recently, it has been reported that intramuscular injections may also increase the likelihood of vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis in recipients of live attenuated poliovirus vaccines. We have studied this important risk factor for paralytic polio in an animal system for poliomyelitis and have determined the pathogenic mechanism linking intramuscular injections and provocation poliomyelitis. Skeletal muscle injury induces retrograde axonal transport of poliovirus and thereby facilitates viral invasion of the central nervous system and the progression of spinal cord damage. The pathogenic mechanism of provocation poliomyelitis may differ from that of polio acquired in the absence of predisposing factors.


Grace Green

You might be interested in the true story "Wide-eyed and Legless" by Derek Longden, about his wife who had an illness some years ago involving paralysis, which was diagnosed as "imaginary", but I thought sounded very much like ME. It turned out her mother remembered she had had a bout of polio as a child. An absolutely hilarious read, in spite of the tragic outcome. And keep reading on here - we never give up hope!


I was given the live polio vaccine, one dose, when I was a child. By that evening I was showing signs of polio and taken to er. After a week or so of muscle cramping, as my parents described them, I was back to normal. Here I am 30 some years later with a paralyzed leg and what Drs describe as probable ms. I'm still trying to get a diagnosis and doing physical therapy. I was so glad to read this and possibly find some answers. Very interesting


Has anyone been able to find out how many of the victims were vaccinated recently? It is a simple question: what percent received a vaccine within a few weeks before contracting AFM. I do not see how the answer could hurt anything but not answering it and not even considering is looks very much like a potential cover-up.

Jeannette Bishop

Interesting twitter thread by Forrest Maready:

Frederic Chopin

"You really believe that people are checked for autoimmune conditions before being offered vaccines?"

I never said that, but apart from a regular history and physical why would they be?

"There is no protocol to take blood tests for [IgA] deficiency before giving the oral polio vaccine."

Nope. It's a mild immunodeficiency in which OPV isn't necessarily contraindicated.

"The only reason he is not potentially still shedding the virus right now is because I refused it for him."

Probably not

"How many years do you think the kid should stay at home isolated following live virus vaccination if they have [IgA] deficiency?"

None. Why would he?

"Roughly two months of being potentially infectious for anyone who is vaccinated."

Remember you're talking about the attenuated oral vaccine, not wild-type polio. And when we previously needed to vaccinate large populations of the unvaccinated in areas with poor sanitation that 2 months of shedding had the advantage of secondarily vaccinating lots of other people.

"...any type of polio infection, including in some cases sub clinical infections, can result in post polio syndrome 15 to 40 years later."

How would you know anyone had had a subclinical polio infection decades ago? Think about it.

And why do you keep putting multiple sclerosis in quotes? Don't you believe in it?


You really believe that people are checked for autoimmune conditions before being offered vaccines?

I sometimes wonder in what world you live.

There is no protocol to take blood tests for IG A deficiency before giving the oral polio vaccine.
Yes, we don't use it (here) right now. ( In India of course, we are still cheerfully churning out 30 year live polio virus carriers so they can go on infecting people....)

By the way, my oldest son ( it turned out much later that my family has IG A deficiency) would have been given the oral polio vaccine. The only reason he is not potentially still shedding the virus right now is because I refused it for him. There is no regular checking for immunodeficiency prior to vaccination, and without a test (which happened many years later, for a different reason), we and the doctors who were planning on turning him into a polio "typhoid Mary" would never have known.

Of course regular folk, with no known immunodeficiencies at all, have been known to shed the live polio virus after vaccination for up to five years. Whats five years of infecting the herd with polio worth? I suppose "lets vaccinate you so you can infect everyone else", while honest, isn't exactly the catch phrase they are going for. Even the literature given out states that the average person will shed the virus for 6 to 8 weeks. Roughly two months of being potentially infectious for anyone who is vaccinated. So, as sensible concerned citizens we isolated anyone who had the oral polio vaccine and therefore could shed that virus ( to immunodeficient people, mostly, the ones we are so concerned about when we talk about herd immunity) for two months, right?

We did do that, right?

Of course, we also have no information on how many years people with mild immunodeficiency will continue to shed live measles virus from the vaccine, or live chickenpox. Given that there are no safety studies I have found, what is your best guess? How many years do you think the kid should stay at home isolated following live virus vaccination if they have IG A deficiency? If we are really about protecting the herd, are we going to say people with IG A deficiency should stay home, what 3, 5 , 7 or 15 years to protect the herd after an MMR or after varicella? Or are we just going to make really sure not to study this because it is not really about protecting people at all? What would you do with these potential doctor created, vaccine created, carriers? Isolate them? Or send them out into the world because they were "good people" and took their vaccines, and if they damage other people it doesn't really matter? Apparently a standard blood test for everyone for autoimmune deficiencies before vaccination is too expensive to help prevent possibly THIRTY YEARS of spreading the virus. What a public health bonus that is. We vaccinate to spread the illness, and then pretend it isn't happening.

Re post polio syndrome; any type of polio infection, including in some cases sub clinical infections, can result in post polio syndrome 15 to 40 years later. Live polio vaccine certainly causes sub clinical infections; it can as even you have acknowledged, also cause real polio. You haven't quoted any long term safety studies ( 15 to 40 years for the oral polio vaccine) because you and I both know there aren't any. You can't get post polio syndrome unless you have had polio, or had the polio vaccine. Tons of people ( what, very roughly half a million in the U.S. alone) who have had the oral polio vaccine are "coincidentally" coming down with "Multiple sclerosis" (basically identical to post polio syndrome) in about the right time frame and are paralyzed. Your certainty that these huge numbers of paralyzed people aren't caused by the live virus vaccine exposure, given that it has already been proved to have caused just this; is seriously optimistic.

Frederic Chopin


"Post polio syndrome is similar. A dormant polio virus stays in a person's system."


"[Concerning OPV] some people continue to shed live polio virus for years (in one case as many as thirty years!) after the vaccination."

Yes, in rare cases people with immune dysfunction haven't cleared the live attenuated virus for years (which is why we don't give live virus vaccines to people with immune dysfunction), but that has nothing to do with post-polio syndrome. Post-polio syndrome is a poorly understood recurrence of paralytic symptoms that can occur in people who survived paralytic polio many years previously. Although the mechanism is not entirely clear, what is clear is that it isn't a chronic polio infection.


Frederick Chopin,
The numbers of paralyzed people in the U.S. NOT including cerebral palsy and spinal injury are huge. ( Though it is also interesting to note that some "spinal cord injury" has "no known cause".How's that? I realize that includes no data available, but still...)
However, JUST the numbers of people paralyzed with only a diagnosis of "Multiple Sclerosis" is 18% of 5.4 million people.
In answer to your question, Post polio syndrome is very different from acute polio from the live virus vaccine. ( Though I would also love to know the source of your number of cases, and how it was researched..)
To explain Post polio Syndrome though,
Basically, a good comparison is chickenpox. As you probably know, either chickenpox, or the chickenpox vaccine which contains the live virus, can remain dormant in a human being for many years. Eventually, many years later, this dormant virus from the vaccine, ( or from the natural infection) can cause problems, specifically, in that case, shingles.
Post polio syndrome is similar. A dormant polio virus stays in a person's system. Many years later, ( 15 years, sometimes even 40 years) a paralysis results that highly resembles multiple sclerosis. Now we know that everyone who was given a an oral polio dose has, thanks to the vaccine, now got live polio in their system. We also know, from some studies, that the live polio presence isn't a transient thing; in fact some people continue to shed live polio virus for years ( in one case as many as thirty years!) after the vaccination. (Talk about creating a typhoid Mary!..)

As far as I can find, there has never been a long term study ( and it would have to cover 15 to 40 years) to demonstrate that giving live polio virus doesn't also eventually result in post polio syndrome, and there does not seem to be any reason why the vaccine version of live polio wouldn't have the same effect as any other form of dormant polio virus; ie potentially eventually causing paralysis 15 to 40 years down the line.

No long term safety studies, a biologically plausible mechanism, and many people demonstrating the paralysis and symptoms you'd expect from post polio syndrome; yes, I've thought about it.

Frederic Chopin

Hera, we aren't talking about spinal cord trauma or stroke or cerebral palsy. And what do you mean by "post polio syndrome"? You mean vaccine-induced polio from OPV? As in 996,582 Americans diagnosed with MS really have vaccine-induced polio? In a country of 325 million when the risk of vaccine-induced polio is 1 in 2.6 million? Have you thought this through?


Frederick Chopin,
Do you know the rate of paralysis in the United States? per the Christopher Reeve Foundation, 1 in 50. 5.4 million people.
That's horrfiying.

So, paralysis abounds, and it is being diagnosed as "multiple sclerosis" in 18.6% of the 5 .4 million
paralysed people.

Given that oral polio was a live virus vaccine, I wonder how many of these "MS" victims are actually suffering from post polio syndrome?

As an acknowledged scientific fact, injecting live chickenpox via a vaccine can, years later, cause shingles. Is there any actual research that shows that swallowing live polio virus won't, years later, result in post polio syndrome? Heartbreaking if we were in fact vaccinating people into later paralysis. Maybe this is the real reason the oral polio virus is no longer being used? (Except, of course, in third world countries where poor kids and their parents have almost no recourse if vaccine injured; it's bad enough to try and get help in our first world countries.)

Grace Green

Thanks for updating me on that. I received the injections, but in those days it was that alone with no other. My sons had the drops (without the unhealthy sugar lump!). Now, I'm the one with Myalgic-encephaloMYELITIS, I wonder if there's any connection there. Many of the young women and men who have had the HPV vaccine seen to be coming down with M.E. type conditions. I also notice in this paper references to the neurons, and wonder about the paralysis of MND.

John Stone


I am not sure exactly when oral polio vaccine was dropped but presently polio is incorporated in the U.K. into Infanrix Hexa with DTaP, Hib and Hep B.

cia parker

It was around 1963, shortly after the introduction of the Sabin oral vaccine, that this became the universally recommended one. It may have been in part to avoid the provocation of the injection, but I think it was mainly because it was closer to the natural oral infection route, and infection with the live virus led to longer-lasting immunity. But since in rare cases it could CAUSE polio paralysis, all developed countries have given only the injected version for over twenty years now. In India they give the oral vaccine many times to small children because it works better then our limited (four injections in the series) killed-virus recommendation, because our method isn't very effective in an tropical environment with endemic polio.

Frederic Chopin

So the theoretical argument is that IM injections aren't safe because they could cause NP-AFP? The odds of getting NP-AFP in the US are less than 1 in a million, and many cases aren't due to Enteroviruses.

cia parker

While injections DID and do increase the risk of polio paralysis, Angus is right, agricultural chemicals also increase the risk even in the absence of any injection. DDT was a major one, and other fungicides and pesticides have also been implicated. There are probably other factors as well, but since we would never be able to eliminate the possibility of chemical intoxication being present in any individual case, we might as well stop there. We should be cautious about believing that if only we eliminated all injections, there would be no paralysis caused by enteroviruses.


How many of these studies does there have to be to punch through the greedy group think of medicine?

So, polio was associated with tonsil removal as well, as polio being associated with some type of injection.
Polio should also be associated with some poison; whether and insecticide or heavy metal, or arsenic treated sugar cane. Yeah, Dan's theory should be pushed hard and he should not be forgotten.

Grace Green

They appear to have suspected this since 1955. Could this be the reason why the polio vaccination has been administered orally since the 1970s?

Angus Files

I remember Dan talking about the virus possibly being linked to fungicides and I thing transporting the virus to dangerous areas the spine.Professor Exley has proven with aluminium similar route -with aluminium piggybacking onto cells and entering the brain.

Pharma For Prison


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