Breaking News: 1 in 59 children Born in 2006 have Autism, 1 in 36 between the ages of 3 and 17. What’s going on?
From ABCs to IEPs Social Emotional and Behavioral Problems Plaguing Schools

From ABCs to IEPs Anne Dachel Reports on Radical Changes in Schools

Abadnonned schoolSince January 2017 I’ve been gathering stories about kids in schools. Here is what I’ve put out on Age of Autism. They’re just a sample from a whole lot more, well over 3,000 in my files. Stories are never about declining numbers or situations getting better. I can’t imagine what I’ll find a year from now.

April 18, 2018, Tell a lie enough times, and it becomes the truth…ESPECIALLY IF PEOPLE WANT TO BELIEVE IT!

April 12, 2018, Nothing To See Here

March 27, 2018, ABCs Are Becoming IEPs in Education as Mental Health Issues Beset Districts

March 22, 2018, Schools Becoming the New Mental Health Institutions

March 12, 2018, DSM V Replacing ABC In Schools

Feb 26, 2018, "Resilience" New Movie On "Adverse Childhood Experiences"


Feb 20, 2018, American Education Becomes Special Education

Feb 12, 2018, Weekly Update: The Decline of Modern Education Continues

Feb 8, 2018, Special Education Engulfs Modern Education

Jan 27, 2018, Dachel Interview: The State of Special Education An Inside Look

Jan 23, 2018, Student Violence Against Teachers Escalating

Jan 9, 2018, Anne Dachel On the Shift from Teaching to Trauma Management in Our Schools as Special Education Needs Grow

Nov 28, 2017, Behaviors, Special Needs, Psychiatric Diagnoses: The Decline of the American Education System

Oct 18, 2017, Institutions of Learning Are Becoming Mental Illness Institutions

Sept 25, 2017, American Schools Faltering Under the Weight of Mental Health Issues in Kids

July 28, 2017, Special Ed Should Be Renamed "Regular Ed"

July 27, 2017, When Schools Become Health Clinics To Meet Special Ed Demands

July 25, 2017, Frog in a Pot: Special Education in Great Britain


July 24, 2017, The Fight is on in Ireland

July 21, 2017, Britex Special Ed Style As British Students with "Mental Illness" Expelled in Droves

July 15, 2017, Dachel Wake Up: Special Ed Numbers Exploding

July 10, 2017, Dachel Wake Up: Sped Directors Have No Job Worries

June 26, 2017, Schools: We're Drowning in Special Needs Students

June 23, 2017, Australia Returns to Penal Colony Roots: For Kids with Autism



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