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Deceased CDC Researcher, Dr. Tim Cunningham, Was NOT a Vaccine Whistleblower

Cunninghamby Ginger Taylor

ATTENTION: The report that Tim Cunningham, ScD, the CDC scientist found dead today, was questioning the vaccine program is FAKE NEWS.

The idea that his disappearance may be linked to comments made about the flu shot is a sourceless claim made by notable fake news publisher Your News Wire, and writer Baxter Dimitry, who has now made a habit of manufacturing quotes to bolster the vaccine corruption story. Of course it does not help our cause, because it is fake news. (Not linking so as not to spread the false story.)

In January Dimitry posted a story that claimed that, "A CDC doctor has warned this year’s “disastrous” flu shot may be responsible for the deadly flu epidemic sweeping the country.

“Some of the patients I’ve administered the flu shot to this year have died,” the doctor said, adding “I don’t care who you are, this scares the crap out of me.”

“We have seen people dying across the country of the flu, and one thing nearly all of them have in common is they got the flu shot.”

That quote was not a named source, it didn't say to whom and where the statement was made, and held no credibility.

Then the following month when Cunningham went missing, suddenly Dimitry announced that he was the anonymous doctor:

"In January, Dr. Cunningham shared his opinion that this year’s flu shot was behind the deadly outbreak of the flu, while warning that if his name was attached to the widely-circulated quotes, he would lose his job – or suffer an even worse fate.

Understanding the dangers involved in speaking out about vaccines in the current climate, we granted him anonymity in the article. However Dr. Cunningham told us we should go public should anything happen to him."

Again, no details on the statement, the meeting, what else was said, any proof of anything. No credible source.

And if Dimitry actually had this conversation with Cunningham, then why did he not go to the police and offer testimony and proof when Cunningham went missing?  The police themselves have said there is no evidence that the doctor was critical of vaccine policy.  Dimitry cares so much that he published the claim, but not enough to prove this claim to the authorities?  When a man's life is in jeopardy?

And honestly, the claim is just silly. A CDC scientist wants to express doubts about vaccine safety, so he chooses to do so to... a fringe news site? Not the Atlanta Journal Constitution, not Bill Posey, Not in public at the ACIP meeting, not Sharyl Attkisson, best vaccine reporter who even has her own show, and not even Ben Swann, amazing vaccine reporter who is in Atlanta and he could simply have coffee with and spill his guts. He doesn't even call William Thompson, who is still at the CDC, and ask for advice?

He thinks, "International vaccine scandal? I must contact Dimitri Dimitry at YourNewsWire! I mean, I fear for my life, and I could just get Thompson's lawyers to record my statements and get me whistleblower protection, but that seems like a lot of trouble. I am sure YourNewsWire will protect me from murder."

The same thought process I guess when Justin Timberlake decided to finally declare his anti-vaccine status to Dimitry rather than People, TMZ, the LA Times or Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Because Dimitry wrote that, “The whole concept of mandatory vaccination schedules is un-American,” according to Justin Timberlake, who says “Why risk damaging your precious child for the sake of the herd?”

“Take care of your own child. That is your duty. That is your God given right,” said Justin Timberlake, while readying himself for his long-awaited Super Bowl Halftime show appearance. “If everyone took care of their own children, we wouldn’t have to worry about taking care of the herd, or making anything mandatory, or any of that communist stuff.”

“I’d also like to know,” continued the Cry Me A River hitmaker, “why a child who has been ‘immunized’ is not actually immune to the disease… Why are these kids are always catching the very disease they are supposedly immune to?… and they spread these diseases too…”

“And yet sanctimonious parents of immunized kids, they get on their soap box and say my unvaccinated child is a threat to their child? Get a grip already. Isn’t your child supposed to be immune?”

Of course this interview never happened either. But feel free to believe that an international pop star paused his preparations for a Super Bowl Halftime show to grant a career ending interview to Baxter Dimitry of Your News Wire.

It is terrible that Cunningham has died. And CDC is acting a bit fishy. I hope that we get answers now that he has been found, but let's not spread fake news that he was a whistleblower. There is no evidence that he was.  People in our community have been looking for such evidence since Dr. Cunningham went missing. Unless and until some reputable source comes to light that he was questioning the CDC's vaccine program, our community should show Dr. Cunningham and his family the dignity that they are due, and not spread false rumors about the late public servant.

Should any new relevant information come to light, we at Age of Autism will be sure to share it with our readers.

Our condolences to the Cunningham family, and to all of Dr. Cunningham's loved ones.


Nicole Gayles

This makes 80+ doctors/scientists that have now gone missing only to later be found dead. How is it that none of these deaths have been linked? Erin @ Healthnut News has compiled a very thorough and lengthy timeline if anyone is interested in seeing it.

Catherine Dunne

More from JamesTrue @jarue369 Dr. Cunningham was CDC Team Lead Ebola/Zika Containment. May 11, 2012 UN bans Naled in the EU. Jun 20, 2016-Takeda Pharm. announces world's only Norovirus vaccine Jul 16, 2016- 11 California RNC staffers contract Norovirus in Cleveland Aug 1 2016-First US Zika outbreak reported in Miami-Dade and Broward Cty Sep 2, 2016- CDC Zika spray campaign along southeast coast kills 3 million bees Sep 6 2016- Takeda paid $20 million in US tax dollars to develop Zika vaccine Feb 11. 2018- Dr Cunningham leaves work early, doesn't feel well Feb 12. 2018- 5:21 AM - Dr. Cunningham texts his mom-"Are you awake?" Feb 12, 2018-9:12 AM Dr. Cunningham calls mom again. (no message) Feb12, 2018-Dr. Cunningham goes missing Feb12,2018-Takeda's Zika vaccine approved FDA fast track Apr. 5 2018 Dr. Cunningham's body found in river Did Dr. Cunningham see this pattern of virus-to-vaccine-to-money? His profile: close ties to family, community respected, into crystal-energy, career military, characterized as very traditional, a known mentor. Sounds like he'd be hard to corrupt.



I thought that too about the Sinclair Broadcasting script reading journalists until I saw this explanation from Sharyl Attkisson yesterday (she says it is not what it is being made out to be - it's ok):


If something looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck.. then it's usually a duck.

I'm with Bob on this one. Conan O'Brien was drawing attention to this as early as 2011. And it was no less scary then than it is right now.

The only thing this article has done for me, is make me step back and wonder about who Sharyl Attkisson really is.

bob moffit

@ Gary

I wholeheartedly agree with your observation regarding "Media Matters" being nothing more than an a well-funded organization to "smear" the reputations and careers of corporations and individuals who do not share their own "politically correct" .. which of course are any and all presenting "conservative" opinion and policies. A truly despicable organization .. fronted by a truly despicable man.

I also wholeheartedly agree with your observations regarding Sharyl Attkisson and Del Bigtree .. two individuals I have the utmost respect for .. their dedication to speaking truth to power .. as well as .. their courage to withstand the personally vicious "smear" attacks of those like Media Matters.

Unfortunately, Sinclair broadcasting did themselves no favor in having so many of their supposedly "independent newscasters" read from the same PREPARED SCRIPT .. on show after show .. making them appear as nothing more than "sock puppets" .. who .. like Baghdad Bob in Saddam's Iraq .. will simply READ whatever SCRIPT is placed in front of them.

I also agree with your closing comment: "We must be very careful what we believe in the media. We are being played like so many fiddles."

Amen to that .. it is not easy to determine "truth from fiction" in our BRAVE NEW WORLD .. where in 24 hours our instant tele-communications allows a "lie" to travel all over the world .. while the truth as Mark Twain said .. "has yet to put it's shoes on".

Hans Litten

something is so wrong about this story .
First he commits suicide because he missed a promotion.
Now he commits suicide because he got a promotion.
Jogging without any keys ? or anything else ID etc
7 weeks missing ! feb12th until now

John Stone


I don’t see why they are alternatives. There is a lot being spoken out here in this story a day and a half on - things that the family have said, things that the neighbours have said, inconsistencies in the CDC’s account - but the Yournewswire story was always made up.


Before he disappeared he told a neighbour to delete his number from her cellphone.

That is rather unusual behaviour not typical of someone who is suicidal?

Jeannette Bishop

@ Gary Ogden, thanks, more evidence that "partisanship" is part of the playbook IMO though...we've had a "choice," but not really, for a long time. Maybe this past presidential election was slightly different--I think there really was a split behind the scenes working to get "their guy/gal elected" this time around and it wasn't a "left"/"right" split (many prominent "Republicans" made it clear they couldn't support their ticket) -- but how to have a dialog about what might be going on, especially with people viewing things as "left" vs "right?" I'm at a loss personally, but the stakes are very high, particularly in terms of health I think.



I thought that too about the Sinclair Broadcasting script reading journalists until I saw this explanation from Sharyl Attkisson yesterday (she says it is not what it is being made out to be - it's ok):


You don't suppose that being a black CDC scientist that he was disturbed by what Thompson confessed is being done to black babies?

How could he not know?

Gary Ogden

Jeanette Bishop and Bob Moffit: The story Del showed at the end of that broadcast was a partisan political hit piece brought to us by Media Matters. Media Matters is David Brock, who is for sale to the highest bidder; he used to work for the Right, but a few years ago switched to the Left, and played a major media role in the 2016 election. Sharyl Attkisson's "The Smear" explains his modus operandi. Why did they produce this? Sinclair is owned by conservative interests. She explains in a post today that all the networks do this sort of thing, including CBS when she worked there. I have great admiration for Sharyl Attkisson's integrity as a journalist, and for Del Bigtree's integrity and good work. We must be very careful what we believe in the media. We are being played like so many fiddles.

go Trump

Thanks Bob...

... the video of Del Bigtree was absolutely FRIGHTENING .. MUST SEE LAST 3 MINUTES OF 16 MINUTE SEGMENT

Vaccines will certainly continue to be the "weapon of choice" by those seeking worldwide money and power for generations ...

... because the masses will no longer load themselves into railroad cars.

Angus Files

Found it shows which I think is must be his last work at the bottom

"Timothy J CunninghamJanet B CroftYong Liu[...]Wayne H Giles
Background: Although the overall life expectancy at birth has increased for both blacks and whites and the gap between these populations has narrowed, disparities in life expectancy and the leading causes of death for blacks compared with whites in the United States remain substantial. Understanding how factors that influence these disparities vary across the life span might enhance the targeting of appropriate interventions. Methods: Trends during 1999-2015 in mortality rates for the leading causes of death were examined by black and white race and age group. Multiple 2014 and 2015 national data sources were analyzed to compare blacks with whites in selected age groups by sociodemographic characteristics, self-reported health behaviors, health-related quality of life indicators, use of health services, and chronic conditions. Results: During 1999-2015, age-adjusted death rates decreased significantly in both populations, with rates declining more sharply among blacks for most leading causes of death. Thus, the disparity gap in all-cause mortality rates narrowed from 33% in 1999 to 16% in 2015. However, during 2015, blacks still had higher death rates than whites for all-cause mortality in all groups aged <65 years. Compared with whites, blacks in age groups <65 years had higher levels of some self-reported risk factors and chronic diseases and mortality from cardiovascular diseases and cancer, diseases that are most common among persons aged ≥65 years. Conclusions and implications for public health practice: To continue to reduce the gap in health disparities, these findings suggest an ongoing need for universal and targeted interventions that address the leading causes of deaths among blacks (especially cardiovascular disease and cancer and their risk factors) across the life span and create equal opportunities for health.

Pharma For Prison


bob moffit

@ Jannette Bishop .. thanks greatly for your link ......

The video of Del Bigtree was absolutely FRIGHTENING .. MUST SEE LAST 3 MINUTES OF 16 MINUTE SEGMENT

I highly recommend ALL take a moment and see just how bad things are in our supposedly "free press" .... IT'S HAPPENING TODAY FOLKS ... RIGHT HERE IN OUR COUNTRY

Angus Files

I just went back to a link today in the CDC which gave the Dr`s resume now gone...
The article below gives lots of unanswered questions ..

'Are you awake?': The final text missing CDC doctor, 35, sent to his mother before he vanished over two weeks ago - as police reveal he was sad about being passed for a promotion

The heartbroken parents to the missing CDC employee revealed his last text
Timothy Cunningham, 35, asked his mom the morning of February 12, 'are you awake?'
Police revealed on Tuesday he was upset about being passed for a promotion
The notable epidemiologist from Chamblee, Georgia, left work sick later that day
That was the last time anyone has seen or heard from him, family and police say
Parents Tia-Juana and Timothy revealed they received unusual texts and calls from their son the night prior
They said he had been dealing with both personal and work issues at the time
The Atlanta Police Department is now investigating Timothy as a missing person
The Morehouse and Harvard grad left behind his dog, SUV, wallet and phone, which loved ones say is unlike him

Pharma For Prison


Jeannette Bishop

Can't quote it exactly, but Dr. Thompson is recorded saying that some in the CDC do or are willing to do "vile" things. I suppose vile could cover a spectrum of disgusting behaviors. Though those holding bureacratic positions may only be servants to those who got them appointed in the first place. I can imagine an unelected governing-from-the-shadows situation where major shareholders know what and how to keep their pharma stocks booming and might be willing to do vile things, hire people to do vile things, to keep a lid on knowledge they feel entitled to profit by, or cover up evidence of crimes in the promotion of profits and/or agendas. This is more speculation, though. A clearly falsifiable report from a dubious source suggests to me, under the premise of that speculation, that someone might be deflecting investigation into a somewhat related truth by turning off those all-too-willing to be turned off, and giving a false trail to those who would tend to smell a rat. Maybe investigators should talk to Baxter about his sources and his associations. Did he just coincidentally make up a flu vaccine whistleblower story and then have a suspicious and convenient disappearance to assign to the prior story?


I admit I am very wiling to jump the gun and believe the worse of the CDC.
After all; they did throw data away that showed that children were suffering brain injuries from vaccines.

They are willing to kill and maim children.
Dr. Hooker and Dr. Wakefield really did fear for Dr William Thompson's life.

So, I will suspect and voice my belief that those; many of those; working in the CDC are more than able and willing to commit murder to hide themselves.


Keep in mind that William Thompson was "promoted" too and he reported that after he was outed as a whistleblower that he got a bonus.

While Baxter may not be a reliable source, lack of evidence does not mean anything. We know nothing about Cunningham's positions or professional and personal relationships. That would be for detectives to find out.

Catherine Dunne

According to the thread by @jarue369, Dr. Cunningham was the CDC team leader for Zika. A few days after Dr. Cunningham went missing, the company Takeda announced a new Zika vaccine. They even fast-tracked it. Takeda's vaccine press release came out the exact same day Dr. Cunningham went missing. why was he urgently trying to contact his mother on Feb. 12th? Is his disappearance connected to Takeda's massive stock drop in January? Why did the CDc first report him disgruntled, then report he was promoted?

Angus Files

get that John you`ve walked the walk`more than most.On reflection once I look down the sidebar of all the other nonsense,which hasn't been corrected, no doubt this article wont be either...I guess like other government hacks that get to print with impunity what they want, we just have to call it out for the crap it is.

Pharma For Prison


Jeannette Bishop

For another powerful demonstration of how fake our "news" is at this point, watch the last 3 minutes 35 seconds of the following link of the last Highwire show:

bob moffit

If this poor guy worked for the local grocery store or laundry .. no one would be speculating on the cause of his death.

However, he worked for the CDC .. an organization that has a well-earned reputation of lacking transparency of data .. consider .. Dr. Thompson's allegations .. a confirmed "whistle-blower" who .. for some unknown reason .. has never been called to testify before Congress.

Unfortunately .. the "source" of this information apparently has a reputation for being unreliable .. but then .. in my humble opinion .. so does the "target" of that information?

I think that is called a "conundrum" .. defined by Webster's as "any puzzling problem".

John Stone


Baxter Dmitry (I think that is the correct order) has recently produced unsourced, wishful thinking stories reporting the secret views on vaccination of Vladimir Putin and Bill Gates. I have spent a lifetime documenting everything I say, so I can attribute no value to his reports. That said it may be also hard to credit reports from mainstream sources.

Angus Files

are not bothered about being sued. I see they have updated the article and stand by what they are saying surely they would have to have hard proof of at least speaking to the Dr very sad for him and the family.

Pharma For Prison


Joe Burnham

There is a distinct difference between unlikely and fake news. Some of the of the reasons you give for dismissing YNW are some of the same used in the past by news outlets unfavorable to the AV community. This premise that we can label something untrue because it is likely untrue is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. Many we know are losing their ability to communicate on social media this very moment. Laws are being written as we speak to silence us under this guise. It's already happened in other, supposedly free parts of the world. There are many levels of reality in our community... some I'm not comfortable with and don't agree with. That doesn't give me the right, though, to use the same tactics of my enemy to distance myself from them. I'm a huge fan. Please consider alternative writing styles in the future. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

John Stone

Plainly we do not have much reliable but anything coming from 'yournewswire' is in itself worse than unreliable since they blatantly make things up.


Well, let's keep thinking logically.... Even if there was no obvious sign of "foul play", which is what they're saying now, that doesn't mean he wasn't murdered. And, even if it DOES look to trained investigators that he was killed, they may want to withhold that information while they continue to investigate. So, we just don't know for sure, - yet, - and we may never know. Accident, suicide, or murder? Whichever, it's sad for his family and friends, and I'm sorry. But I've also spent about as much of my time on this as I want to....
(BTW, I forget the guy's name, but he came up with "____'s Law", which says that any internet comment thread/discussion/argument that goes on long enough, *SOMEBODY* will bring up a comparison to Hitler or the Nazis'. Well, I propose "Bill's Law", which says that in ANY comment thread, some idiot just HAS to mention how much they hate Trump. (see above). C'mon, people! Fake news is fake news, and Obama and Trump and the Dems & Repubs are EQUALLY guilty!
Truth is, TPTB, - The Powers That Be, - the Globalists & Banksters & Billionaires, really DO NOT CARE which party or person is "in power", or in the White House, or Congress, etc., It's all the same to them, MONEY&POWER.)
Try to have a good weekend, anyway, and KEEP UP the GOOD WORK!


What was his job at the CDC again?


fishy, in he went home sick and ended up in the river.

Rebecca Lee

You are right, Ginger. And very sane and sensible.


News wire may be click bait but that does not explain this guy's disappearance.
The story continues to change. He was found in his jogging suit and yet he supposedly went home from work early because he was ill.

A guy who is so distressed that he is going to drown himself in a river, would make sure his beloved dog was going to be okay and would have left a note of remorse to his family whom he was very close to.

Although original reports stated he was upset because he did not get the promotion he thought he was going to get, that is now proven false (in the news) and he had just received a promotion so that does not make sense. He was called into the office to talk about something and came out very upset. Tells the neighbor to tell his wife to take his name off of her phone. What was he upset about? It is the CDC, there is no end to the suspicious things he may have uncovered just as AOA has. Disturbing stuff.

Family asking for peace. Just like Seth's family in DC. Peace because when you stir up a rats nest, the rats scramble and attack everything in site.

Angus Files

CDC releases statement on death of missing scientist Tim Cunningham
Strange dog left behind..could have been running heart attack fell in the river..

Pharma For Prison



Thank you AoA for keeping it real! Deepest condolences to the Cunningham family!!!


I would agree with you, Obama started the term "fake news." Look what Zuckerberg/Soris were up to-


Not trying to be partisan, sincerely, but I believe Obama was the first to coin the term "fake news".


Please don't use the term "fake news". It validates Trump's autocratic propaganda-speech intended to dismiss reality. Just specify the allegations and clarify that they are false, like an adult. Thanks.


Apparently Cunningham worked in the area of chronic, noninfectious diseases. May be he wanted to publish recent frightening autism epidemics data (1 in 20/10?) and CDC wanted to stop him. May be they actually did. I don't believe he was suicidal nor that it was an accident.


What we don't know is if the CDC thought Baxter's claim was fake. They may have believed it and acted upon it. After all, they believe that vaccines are safe and effective. They have shown that they don't need proof and they are so guilty and being outed right and left that they might not be able to think straight.

Ginger Taylor


There are inconsistances that need to be addressed, so your "something is fishy" is completely reasonable. But there is nothing anyone of us has been able to find that links any fishiness to vaccination. We can't even confirm that Cunningham even ever administered a flu shot.

So until someone has some evidence that there was anything vaccine critical going on, after a month of looking and finding none, we can safely call Baxter's claims fake news.

Joy B

I don't think we can say this yet. It doesn't matter WHAT these clickbaity sites say, indeed they may have the agenda of smearing the truth with hyperbole.

The whole thing is fishy. First it was reported that he'd lost out on a promotion, now they are saying that he in fact got it? So he had no reason to be suicidal, and didn't he tell several people close to him to keep their distance from him, as if he was worried that something bad might be coming down the pike for him?

Yeah probably just another successful scientist that decided he wanted to go to the river late at night. Let's see - Dr David Kelly in the UK, Dr Bradstreet, Bruce Ivins(anthrax attacks scapegoat)show many other scientists who threaten Pharma or MIC profits have died of suspicious "suicides"?

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