How A Vaccination Can Cause Polio: Mechanism of Injury-Provoked Poliomyelitis
FluMist, HPV Vaccine, and State School Boards: All Politics is Local


Grace Green

Linda, that's a great idea. And don't forget, some of the children might like to take part too. What an opportunity for them!


"Watching your video is like seeing a gripping one-woman Broadway show."

You know what, Dr. Mumper, that is a seriously GREAT IDEA.
Except it doesn't have to be one woman. Who is up for writing a play? I'M NOT KIDDING.

Laura? Hilary, Kim, Anne, Teresa, Thinking Moms, etc. ! So many other talented, *crazy* mothers, fathers, scientists, doctors and nurses out there...

Elizabeth Mumper, MD

Watching your video is like seeing a gripping one-woman Broadway show. Thanks for telling your story in such a compelling way.


#crazy mom


WOW! One of the BEST videos I've seen, on ANY subject. The lyrics were pretty good as poetry.
We need MORE "crazy" MOTHERS like YOU!....

Brett Wilcox

Hillary, I love that you did this video at home with your kids doing their thing in the background. So real. Thank you!

Jeanne J

Hillary, that was ... AMAZING!!! You rock in stereo!!! Every word, every phrase was from the heart! God bless your talent and truth!

Angus Files

Well done!superb! from the #CrazyFathers..

Pharma For Prison


Jeannette Bishop

So well done! I'm sharing this where I can.

Laura Hayes

As I like to say, we are crazy all right, CRAZY LIKE FOXES.

We are also crazed...crazed to stop this Vaccine Holocaust...crazed to expose the non-stop vaccine lies...crazed to prevent what happened to our children from happening to other children...crazed to repeal and ban forever vaccine mandates...crazed to eliminate the dastardly and toxic concoctions know as vaccines...and crazed to help our vaccine-injured children heal and improve, no easy task, just ask any one of us.

I am crazed to the point that I write and speak often, trying my best to educate others regarding the dangers, inefficacies, and lack of need for vaccines. If you are interested to read, listen to, and watch this crazed mother, go to AoA's home page, click on Special Reports, and take a look. For my most comprehensive work to date, listen to my WAPF Presentation titled "Vaccines: What Is There to Be 'Pro' About?".

Thank you, Hillary, for being that crazy like a fox mother who is simply crazed about telling the truth about what happened to her child, and trying to prevent it from happening to others.

bob moffit

Agree with Annie ... THIS IS BRILLIANT!!!

All the "crazy mothers" that I know .. are not "crazy" at all ... they are instead .. WARRIOR MOMS.

God bless one and all ....


This is BRILLIANT!!!

Thank you!

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