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Breaking News: 1 in 59 children Born in 2006 have Autism, 1 in 36 between the ages of 3 and 17. What’s going on?

Big League Politics BREAKING: CDC Reports 20 Percent Autism Increase In Children

Big League PoliticsFrom Big League Politics: Read the full story here.


The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has finalized the numbers in its autism prevalence report.

The report states that 1 in 59 children in the United States have autism (as of 2006 survey), which is a massive increase. The previous CDC report, released in 2012, stated that 1 in 68 children suffer from the disorder.

The new report states that 1 in 36 children between the ages of 3 and 17 suffer from autism.

CDC also reports a 20 percent increase in the rate of autistic children at the test sites that participated in the previous 2012 report.

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The report has been delayed for weeks due to in-fighting at the agency over the numbers. READ ABOUT THAT IN-FIGHTING HERE.

Big League Politics received primary source documents from a CDC insider, who provided the following summary of the new CDC report:

“On April 27, 2018 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released the 2014 report of the Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network. The report declares that the autism rate for 8-year-old children born in 2006 was 1 in 59, by 15% from the rate of 1 in 68 described in the 2012 ADDM report2 and an increase of 20% for the sites (6 out of 11) that participated in the 2012 survey.

The authors declared their new findings, “provide evidence that the prevalence of ASD is higher than previously reported estimates and continues to vary among certain racial/ethnic groups and communities.”

Despite the fact that autism rates have risen from 1 in 149 in their initial 2000 ADDM report and from 1 in 10,000 in the earliest American studies, the new report only grudgingly acknowledges (on page 15 of 23) that “with prevalence of ASD reaching nearly 3% in some communities and representing an increase of 150% since 2000, ASD is an urgent public health concern.” Oddly, as it has become obvious that America has a raging autism epidemic, the CDC’s main goal in reporting autism rates is to suppress public concern over what is now a clear national emergency.  Read more here.



J.B. Handley just put something on his facebook about Autism Speaks might have jumped off the neurodiversity band wagon and said this:

"Did Autism Speaks just jump off the neurodiversity bandwagon?"

"However, prevalence estimates varied widely between monitoring sites, with significantly higher numbers at sites where researchers had full access to school records. This suggests that the new national numbers reflect a persistent undercount of autism’s true prevalence among the nation’s children."

Darn; I thought they (the CDC) must be using the school records, but last time we had the release on the newest stats for autism, the CDC statements on how they collected all the stats - confused me into thinking they did not use school records.

Of course, they have to use school records cause if they are depending on the pediatricians to diagnose autism from a mere 15 minutes or less office visit; that is mostly focused on the latest of many infections, that these kids can't fight off ; we all would still be saying autism - you mean artistic.

Of course it is the schools.

Soooooo back to my original question of why New Jersey is so much higher than the rest of the country - and Utah too for that matter: Is it because they have some unique set up with the school records that just flows into the CDC?

Jeanne J

Are your statements about autism coming from first hand personal (parent, relative, neighbor) or professional experience, or are you just repeating popular sentiment? As both a parent of an adult with autism (born at the beginning of the increase, in the 90's) and as an occupational therapist in special education since 1980, I never need the latest figures from the CDC to tell me what the my school system's population has already told me - there has been a steady increase in what we have called autism spectrum disorders, along with the co-morbid behavioral disorders. The biggest LIE about being "labeled" autism is parents are doing it just for services. If you know anything about the laws for special education any of the 15 codes, that includes autism, are eligible for services. They are driven by need. I have personally worked with children labeled autism that receive accommodations only and children labeled emotionally disabled, other health impairment (for neurological/medical issues) and orthopedically impaired that have a one on one. I work in a county system where a sizeable number of students come from affluence. I have personally met with parents who refuse to have their very autistic child coded as autistic, choosing speech/language impaired or learning disabled instead, and threatening legal action, if that choice is not accepted. Every year we have a sizeable number of kindergarteners that come in coded as developmental delay, and, again would have met the label for autism back with 1970's guidelines. Here is a list of things that you can't fake your way to an autism code that have had skyrocketed in numbers:
1. Autism self-contained classrooms, in my county alone, that have gone from 1 in 1982 to near 300 in 2018. These are classes that have a ratio of 6 children to 3 adults. You have to have severe delays across the board to get in them. And just so you know, 300 is a drop in the bucket of the total number of every type of classroom that serves the thousands of children now coded as autism.
2. The Maryland State Autism Waiver. The waiting list to get services was about 6 months long in the early 2000's to it being 8 - 10 years long in 2018. To qualify for the waiver, your needs would make you eligible for residential services, but utilizing services under the waiver allows the parents to manage you safely at home. So, non-REAL and SEVERE fakers need not apply. And why would a faker want to sit and wait anyway. My son was on the list so long, that he was only eligible for a year and a half worth of services before he aged out of the school system.
I would love to hear about your FIRST HAND experience with parents faking this diagnosis. Otherwise, please stop repeating FAKE NEWS.

Shelley Tzorfas

Worth repeating for those who claim Autism is over diagnosed when it is often Underdiagnosed.
From my point of view as someone who Never heard of or Saw an autistic kid until the 1990's and now sees one on every block or street, the actual numbers of kids with Autism are being underreported.The DSM 5 had a clever way to hide some of the ASD affected children. They made separate categories for social and speech issues. Parents were relieved to get a speech issue, not Autism. They will say that their child just has a speech delay. They will say that their child throws things in stores, has trouble with crowds, eats only few foods, doesn't come when their name is called, throws fits, can't sit still, jumps off a high ladder without realizing the impact, but their child just has a speech diagnosis. I personally have not seen 1 child correctly diagnosed in over 10 years and my career is working with children who have issues. Too bad for the parent who is relieved to Not hear an Autism diagnosis when the child is very young. If they had the real diagnosis, a lot of things could be done in those early years to recover the child and Get Rid of the diagnosis. The window of opportunity to recover the child closes as the child ages. The correct amount of therapies and the diversity of therapies would have been the crux of removing the need for the diagnosis in many children. One in 59 children with Autism according to the new CDC report is laughable. The other arm of the CDC previously said 1 in 36. In NJ alone it is already 1 in 34 children and the ratio is 4:1 for boys. Let's get real and stop this INFLAMMATION!

Posted by: Shelley Tzorfas | April 27, 2018 at 02:57 PM

bob moffit

@ Benedetta

"Utah has always been just about as high as New Jersey. Did the report say how Utah faired?"

Here is an article naming state requirements for vaccines:

Consider .. according to this article .. Montana has the lowest number of vaccines .. Conn has the highest. Curious to know the rate of autism in BOTH states?

Also to consider .. the following article from NVIC regarding "opt out" exemptions by state:

Which means ... just because 50 states "recommend" the same vaccines ... each state having "opt out" policies would certainly have less "participation" by children .. which would have to be considered if one was truly interested in determining the correlation between vaccines and autism.

Grace Green

Will, why would parents want services for their children that they don't need?! I believe ADHD/OCD/ dyslexia etc. are all symptoms of vaccine injury along with autism, which is considered by the medical profession to be a psychological disorder. It is not easy to get an ASD diagnosis, certainly in the UK, believe me.


Autism is over diagnosed! Don't get me wrong their is a big increase from the 1970's and most cases have environmental causes that go way beyond the vaccines. On one side ADHD/OCD kids receive an autism diagnosed by the pressuring parents to qualify for services they do not need. On the other parents of the regular intellectually disabled like autism diagnosis better because it is cool and hip and those with autism are more likely to be savants and or athletes than the general Intellectually Disabled population and they delude themselves about grandiose futures for their children of a rain man type character.


Utah was the highest but after this report it hands that crown off to New Jersey


Utah has always been just about as high as New Jersey. Did the report say how Utah faired?


I see that New Jersey has continued to go up and is the highest in the nation. They are going with; they have better diagnosis.
I do wonder though why New Jersey is higher. The schedule of vaccines is the same there right? They don't have more vaccines, given earlier than say in Kentucky?

They have plenty of big pharma companies but just because the stuff is made there does not mean that they use more vaccines on their kids.


It never said what the infighting with in the CDC was about.
It mentioned that they were going to use the new DSM manual, which that has been the plan all set up for a - a lot of darn years.

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