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Dr. Paul Offit Blames Parents, Not Vaccines, For Immune System & Infection Concerns

DisgracefulBy Teresa Conrick

I would laugh at the irony if it was not so damn sad and wrong.  Paul Offit, a vaccine-maker, profiteer, and head of infectious disease at CHOP, the hub of vaccine industry central, is now asking how is it that children, who have a diagnosis of autism -- and their siblings, are not fully vaccinated?  For years now, the research is showing that autism spectrum disorder is an IMMUNE disorder , with the GUT affecting the brain , the bacteria of the gut abnormal ,  the bacteria types pathogenic , and also that the bacteria is tied to social impairment .  Vaccination has been implicated in changing the microbiome,  so to blame parents as the reason for their child's increased risk of infections, well, that seems pretty ignorant. The children are at risk of infections as they have a microbiome and immune system that have become dysfunctional, many after their first round of vaccines.  Parents did vaccinate but their child's health and well being took a drastic turn. Here is the information that Offit shared with The Inquirer :

"In March, a journal of the American Medical Association published a study defining a new group of children at risk for serious and potentially fatal infections.....Who was this new group? The answer: children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their younger siblings.... Investigators studied 3,729 children with ASD and compared them with 592,907 children without ASD. For vaccines recommended between 4 and 6 years of age (specifically, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, influenza, measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella), children with ASD were significantly less likely to be vaccinated than children without ASD. Their younger siblings were also less likely to be vaccinated.  Why were parents of children with ASD making this choice?  In 1998, British researcher Andrew Wakefield published a study...................."

MMR isn’t the only issue. Some parents have also worried that an ethylmercury-containing preservative called thimerosal, which was commonly used in several vaccines given to young children in the United States...Still, the fears persist. Why? Maybe it’s because the cause or causes of autism haven’t been found and because a cure doesn’t exist."

The study examined children with an asd diagnosis "between ages 4 and 6 years,"  and that would reflect the time that a second MMR is scheduled, and parents have reported seeing their children regress often after their first MMR vaccine or a combination with that vaccine.  Thimerosal, a mercury product, may be another player in microbiome dysfunction because - "Increased mercury levels were detected in stools after vaccination, suggesting that the gastrointestinal tract is involved in ethylmercury elimination , - and this -  "As TM (Thimerosal) exposure during the postnatal phase coincided with lactation, some of the TM was delivered through the milk to the GIT [gastrointestinal tract] and may have had an effect on the developing gut microbiome known to be sensitive to heavy metal exposure. "

Again, research on autism shows the IMMUNE SYSTEM, the MICROBIOME, and the MICROGLIA , to be huge players in the puzzle pieces of autism. More and more research shows that .... ..... "immunizations are among some of the factors that can shift the microbiota, and are being studied as potential drivers of the sudden increase in immune-mediated diseases in the developed world."  Here, we can see that vaccination with the live nasal flu vaccine has the potential to cause ear infections, ie- bacterial infections-- " LAIV may increase bacterial transmigration to the middle ear and could thus increase the risk of clinically relevant acute otitis media .  Research shows that children with an autism diagnosis get ear infections twice as much as their  non-asd peers .   LAIV will again be in use here in the USA in the Fall of 2018 . As far as neuropsychiatric symptoms, this study concluded  :

"Subjects with newly diagnosed AN [Anorexia Nervosa] were more likely than controls to have had any vaccination in the previous 3 months [hazard ratio (HR) 1.80, 95% confidence interval 1.21–2.68]. Influenza vaccinations during the prior 3, 6, and 12 months were also associated with incident diagnoses of AN, OCD, and an anxiety disorder. Several other associations were also significant with HRs greater than 1.40 (hepatitis A with OCD and AN; hepatitis B with AN; and meningitis with AN and chronic tic disorder)."

The increasing numbers of children who regress into autism, show chronic GI issues and microbiome bacterial dysfunction, then PANS, PANDAS , allergies, Primary Immune Dysfunction, Autoimmune Encephalitis, and seizures, then develop tics, severe OCD and anxiety, self- injurious behaviors,regress in language skills and more.....well, those parents are not going to vaccinate that child again after seeing what happened the first time with immunizations.  No.  Parents have seen that their child with ASD and their younger siblings are at increased risk of GI disease and immune dysfunction.  They witnessed it with their own eyes .  So, if parents are not vaccinating children with autism or their siblings,  it's because 20 years after Andrew Wakefield's "that study",  parents are still correct about what they are seeing with their child.  My daughter is very affected by a damaged immune system and autism.   Thank you to all of the researchers who do understand this and continue to follow this important research   in helping these very ill children.  

Teresa Conrick is Science Editor for Age of Autism.



I took a look at Pandora's Lab, a 2017 book by Paul Offit. You might be surprised to know that among the "victims of current culture" are e-cigarettes, GMOs and BPA. People don't like e-cigarettes because "no one likes the idea of a teenager smoking"; we don't like GMOs because the technology smacks of hubris, and we don't like BPA because it can leach out of plastic baby bottles. Oh.

Rachel Carson is one of the bad guys. Did you know that "[s]ince 1972, when the Environmental Protection Agency banned DDT from the United States, about 50 million people have died from malaria, most have been children less than five years old"? Including the phrase "from the United States" implies that 50 million people in the US died. (Even to claim that 20 million people worldwide have died from malaria is absurd, it seems, if the Wikipedia page on DDT is to be believed.)

The book ticks all the boxes for the corporate sponsors of the American Council on Science and Health, of which Offit is a trustee. Reading Pandora's Lab is embarassing, like finding your crazy uncle masturbating in the garage. The acknowledgements thank David Gorski for his careful reading of the manuscript. Thanks, Unc.

Read more about corporate front group ACSH here:

Hans Litten

Another Victory (& this time in Califor_N@ZI_land).
Is victory an infectious disease for which the CDC plans a vaccine against ?

California Defeats Monsanto in Court to List Glyphosate as Carcinogen

Where did the scoundrel Senator Pan stand on this ? I wonder ?

Jeannette Bishop

Offit wants to see an autism "cure" like insulin for diabetes, so that people will stop looking for "crazy causes and crazier cures" and just take all vaccines unquestioningly and then whatever insulin-for-autism drug possibly for a lifetime they come up with whenever autism comes up?

And he's optimistic that the vaccine-risks-awareness cat can be put back in the bag? Just like that?

I think we'd do much better seeing both (autism and diabetes) truly cured, largely via a vaccine-free but with detoxification-and-immune-system-health-restoration-as-need-be sort of way.



I keep wondering if there is some documentary film. A movie created and edited to show many, many, many of the home videos -- before-and-after videos.

Is there any aggregated film or movie with a lot of the growing-up videos of children, showing them before their vaccinations. And then after . . . ?

If there is not, why is such a thing not being worked on?

Fairly recently a movie came out which was mostly filmed using a cellphone -- about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The woman who made the movie used her own cellphone for segments. Other segments were her talking with other CFS individuals, in various places around the world. And it looks some shots were taken by someone else. The title of the movie is "Unrest."

Why doesn't someone make a documentary, not with "selfies" but with childhood videos? There must be thousands available . . .


Grace Green

Benedetta, I think you're right about the number of people on "the other side". It would be a very easy trick to pull off, to pretend there are way more of them than there really are, especially in these days of the internet and such communications.


Thank you Carol, Exactly.
My problems is; I have a knee jerk reaction when someone gets upon the TV or in a newspapers ---as telling the truth. Of for that matter text books.
Sigh, a life long problem that I may never be able to truly work through.


Do you all think that maybe after the times that Dr. Paul Offit keeps jumping up in front of us that it is just a small world.

Or do you all think that big pharma companies buy time on news stations; not as advertisement but as actually fake news and they have some kind of contract with Dr. Paul Offit that he is their official liar?

Hmmm, perhaps men like Paul Offit are rare in the world? I hope!

Mr. W

Taiwan, with a "97%" MMR vaccination rate, currently has numerous 30 year old airline workers/hospital staff coming down measles.

Hi Merck, why are you lying clowns pushing false claims about the effectiveness of the MMR, not to mention covering all the cases of autism for infants/toddlers induced by this particular vaccine?

Hans Litten

Dublin yesterday :

In a modern hotel on the outskirts of Dublin, Ireland yesterday something remarkable happened. As the sun shone people filed in to spend their day in a typically dark, and unremarkable, conference room. As they crossed the threshold expressions of surprise were exchanged at the number of other people there too. Rows and rows of those who had come, mainly from Ireland, to hear from an international group including scientists, parents and lawyers willing to share their knowledge and experience of the HPV Vaccine. A vaccine reported and lauded by health regulators around the world (with a few notable exceptions) to be “very safe” and that helps prevent cervical cancer. Statements repeated, without question but with added questionable claims in mainstream print and broadcast media, and not just in Ireland.


No way is this just about money ! Depopulation


Why would anyone listen to Paul Offit? It's conclusive: he lied by omission about his financial arrangements with Merck and then lied about his interactions with then-CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson. See:

Failure to disclose financial conflicts of interest is the reason the pro-vaccine extremists instruct us to disregard Andrew Wakefield. In Wakefield's case, though, we know these accusations are false. (See Callous Disregard, "Horton's Evidence.")

Angus Files

CHOP got,two.

Vaccines on the Chopping Block

For every $1 spent on childhood immunizations, the healthcare system saves $3 and society saves $10.

"Yet, vaccines — indeed, public health in general — stand to suffer in the current political climate. As Dr. Offit pointed out in a recent Daily Beast article, “The Trump White House is on the verge of delivering a one-two punch to . . . childhood immunizations.” So, what is the story and how might it affect you?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Pharma For Prison


Mark Wax

I have lived through the epic and murderous attitudes during big tobacco, agent orange and Vioxx. I continue to live the nightmare of heavy metal poisoning every day. I am never surprised at the lengths people will go to make a buck. We'd be safer had we not "evolved" among the animal species.

Diane Shears

Hans Litten

Environment prize goes to Flint water activist
The founder of a citizens' movement that helped expose the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, is one of the recipients of the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize.
Nearly 100,000 residents of Flint were left without safe tap water after lead began leaching into the supply. Mother of four LeeAnne Walters led a citizens' movement that tested the tap water to expose the health threat.

We can overturn\overrun & incarcerate these criminals.
We are likely very close to doing so already.

bob moffit

The vaccine industry's premier Marketing Director .. Paul Offit .. asks (I suspect while tongue firmly planted in cheek):

".......... Still, the fears persist. Why? Maybe it’s because the cause or causes of autism haven’t been found and because a cure doesn’t exist."

This marketing genius owes parents an explanation "why" his INDUSTRY has yet to identify the "cause or cure" for autism ... which has dramatically increased for decades in direct accordance with the vaccine industry's marketing director's "recommended and approved" schedule?

The likelihood the marketing director will EVER concede the common sense .. scientific impossibility .. of creating a "one size fits all vaccine" that will prove "safe and efficient" for all who dare use the vaccine is ZERO, ZILCH.

Vaccines are the marketing director's personal "golden goose" .. and as such .. he is the last person in the world that would kill the "golden goose" by seeking the "cause and cure" (vaccines) for autism.

Hans Litten

Dr. Paul Offit Blames Parents, Not Vaccines, For Immune System & Infection Concerns

This headline SHOULD read this way :

The Parents blame Dr Paul Offit & his Vaccines, For Immune System & Infection Concerns
(And we want him prosecuted for mass murder & further crimes against humanity.)

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