Medical Historian
DSM V Replacing ABC In Schools



My answer is Main Stream Media, which spearheads fear mongering for AAP, CDC and their owner BIG Pharma too.


Using fear to advance an agenda is never ok
We all agree.

I want to know if the fear of the disease
outweighs (dare i say "trumps" )
the fear of the injection


Thanks Cait from Canada for your comment which was full of common sense. I think it is arrogant for Americans to feel that we have nothing to learn from the experience of the rest of the world in regard to guns. I feel less safe that the NRA has bribed all of our representatives and even managed to make our President backtrack from his recent embrace of some regulation. The puppets are dancing to their tune, for sure. Much the same can be said, sadly, for the situation with vaccine and pharma issues. Children clearly come after money. Very shameful.

Cait from Canada

I think it's fair to say that the NRA uses fear to promote gun ownership and use, and the CDC uses fear to promote vaccine uptake. I'm not sure if that was Kim's point, or if – like the commenters so far – she is critical of the CDC etc. but thinks the NRA is just fine.

Any cursory comparison of firearm death by country makes it clear that American guns are not keeping you safe. For example, there have been more school shootings in the US in the past month than there have been in Canada in the past 10 years. The rate of homicide by firearm is about 7 times lower here than in the US, and the rates in European countries such as the UK are much lower still.

I agree that vaccines and anti-depressant use are probable factors in many school shootings, but easy access to automatic military-grade weapons is also a significant part of the problem.

The US needs better gun control laws, and the NRA is standing in the way of that.

cia parker

Not quite. Almost. The CDC exists to terrorize people into such fear of infectious disease that they will accept its death-dealing solution as the lesser of two evils. It would never admit that it's killing innocents, while that is the whole point of terrorism.



Hans Litten


"Terrorist organizations exist to murder innocents to scare the others into submitting to their demands. "

What you mean like the CDC ?

Jeannette Bishop

Funny, I've managed to live without noticing having been scare-mongered into anything by the NRA, but from my experience I'm a little too acutely aware that the groups listed just above the "Drops mic" (add ADA, probably AMA, etc) don't just use fear, they use it to get one to inject and swallow stuff, and subject ones children to stuff that triggers and enhances negative emotional states among which, I'm too well aware, is fear.

cia parker

It's silly to compare the NRA to a terrorist organization. Guns can be used to kill, but can also be used to protect the innocent. Terrorist organizations exist to murder innocents to scare the others into submitting to their demands. If I were at a site undergoing a terrorist attack, I would be relieved if there were someone with a gun I could get behind. We are already afraid because of the large number of hideous terror attacks occurring regularly. The NRA is not creating this fear, but offering a partial solution.

Gary Ogden

Thanks, Kim. Truer words than yours here were never written. Pardon my ignorance, but meaneth "drops mic?"

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