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Vaccination Future: Inject a Polymer Into the Body with Timed Release Vaccines

Future shockNote: From the "what could possibly go wrong," files.  Imagine injecting a polymer patch into the body that would release vaccination doses as it breaks down over time "...allowing all childhood vaccines and boosters to be given at one time." Into infants. In developing nations. With limited access to healthcare. All at once.  How does any scientist think this is a good idea? Maybe cancer care is next. Show up at the Mayo Clinic, get a bolus timed release dose of radiation and leave with glowing skin.  And you can cook  your dinner in your hand. Lord oh Lordy, Lord.

From Guardian UK

New technology could allow multiple vaccines to be delivered in single jab

Multiple injections for vaccinations could become a thing of the past, according to scientists who have developed an approach for delivering many doses of different substances in just one jab.

The technology involves encapsulating drugs or vaccines within tiny particles made of biodegradable polymers. Depending on their makeup, these polymers break down at different points in time, releasing their contents into the body.

Researchers say the approach could allow multiple vaccines to be delivered at once and remove the need for booster jabs. It may also prove handy in treatments for allergies, diabetes and even cancer where multiple injections are needed.

Researchers say it could prove valuable in developing countries, potentially allowing all childhood vaccines and their boosters to be given in one shot.

“One of the main limitations there is access to vaccines and the fact that you have to come back several times in order to get immunity from the pathogen,” said Ana Jaklenec, co-author of the research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “A child or a baby is usually seen once, sometime around the birth time by some sort of healthcare worker.”

Writing in the journal Science, Jaklenec and colleagues describe how they developed the novel technique using biodegradable polymers already approved for use in humans.

The process, they reveal, involves making tiny silicone moulds – rather like ice cube trays – into which the biodegradable polymers are pressed and removed to form an array of box-like structures, each about 400 micrometres across. These are then filled with the required drug or vaccine and allowed to dry.  Read more here.



Many in a one time vaccine that releases various vaccines over the childhood years is pretty darn scary.

But there are still things out there that are just as scary. What will be the next choice of an adjuvant?

What comes after aluminum? Not squalene I think.

Here is one using diatomaceous earth. It is 80 to 90 percent silicon. Yeah, the cure for, or at least the hope of getting the aluminum out of our kids brains right now.

Yeah, plenty scary.


diatoms and diatomaceous earth as novel poultry vaccine adjuvants.
Nazmi A1, Hauck R1, Davis A2, Hildebrand M2, Corbeil LB3, Gallardo RA4.
Author information

Diatoms are single cell eukaryotic microalgae; their surface possesses a porous nanostructured silica cell wall or frustule. Diatomaceous earth (DE) or diatomite is a natural siliceous sediment of diatoms. Since silica has been proved to have adjuvant capabilities, we propose that diatoms and DE may provide an inexpensive and abundant source of adjuvant readily available to use in livestock vaccines.In a first experiment, the safety of diatoms used as an adjuvant for in-ovo vaccination was investigated. In a second experiment, we assessed the humoral immune response after one in-ovo vaccination with inactivated Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) and DE as adjuvant followed by 2 subcutaneous boosters on d 21 and 29 of age. In both experiments, results were compared to Freund's incomplete adjuvant and aluminum hydroxide.No detrimental effects on hatchability and chick quality were detected after in-ovo inoculation of diatoms and DE in experiments 1 and 2 respectively. In experiment 2 no humoral responses were detected after the in-ovo vaccination until 29 d of age. Seven d after the second subcutaneous booster an antibody response against NDV was detected in chickens that had received vaccines adjuvanted with Freund's incomplete adjuvant, aluminum hydroxide, and DE. These responses became significantly higher 10 d after the second booster. Finally, 15 d after the second booster, the humoral responses induced by the vaccine with Freund's incomplete adjuvant were statistically higher, followed by comparable responses induced by vaccines containing DE or aluminum hydroxide that were significantly higher than DE+PBS, PBS+INDV and PBS alone. From an applied perspective, we can propose that DE can serve as a potential adjuvant for vaccines against poultry diseases.


I know the one-shot vaccine sounds like a figment of imagination that could or would never happen. But it's true. Vaccine zealots have been planning a one-shot vaccination for decades. I learned about it several years ago when I read the book, "The Politics of International Health: The Children's Vaccine Initiative and the Struggle to Develop Vaccines for the Third World," which is available on Amazon. This book names names and chronicles the history of the world's vaccines for children movement. Exposed within the pages are stunning examples of greed, pride, rivalry and the recklessness of inevitable government and nongovernmental entities that are fighting to be first to get the recognition for creating a one-shot-fits-all. Why do you think they are so gung-ho supportive of the pentavalent, which we all know kills countless children every year, but which health authorities steadfastly insist is merely a "coincidence when they die?" If the majority of children can't handle a pentavalent, how could they possibly handle one with dozens, perhaps hundreds of antigens, in it, even if they are delayed release? The fact that they're talking about this publicly now tells me they're on the verge of a real one-shot sample to try on what will probably be unsuspecting clinical trial subjects. Children are expendable, you know. Especially with the lure of fast-tracking and extended patents.

susan welch

From the picture it looks as if you could pull it off so, in the horrendous event of mandates, would be preferable to having something injected.


i do no think we will ever see this but it would be great for "Big Scamma" if we had an all in one vaccine, justify forced vax for a select few vaccines and put in dozens of useless vaccines in it. You can not even refuse them anymore or come up with a better schedule. There is only 1 vaccine no exceptions.


Are you sure this didn't come from PSEUDOSCIENCE Magazine?....
We all need to realize, that "new innovations" such as this are inevitable.
It's the "march of progress", it's the "advancement of science"....
As our over-industrialized society grinds forward, more people will be employed as "research scientists", and this is what they *DO*......
I have noticed over the past 2 - 3 years, much less mention in advertising in general, of "nano-this", and "nano-that". We know that "400 micrometres" is VERY small, but *how* small?
Is there some real-world object we can compare this size to?
As I said, much of this "scientific advancement" is inve$tment-driven, which means that somewhere, "they" will be looking for a marketable product to earn $$$ returns on....


Yeap, Like I said, go after aluminum, they will change it to something else, and things are going to get a lot worse.

The Original Someone #1

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, for starters, if the recipient suffers a severe side effect (or two, or ten?!) post vaccination with these time-released nanoparticles from the patch, how can the nanoparticles along with their "payload of bacterial and "Virus-Like Particle" antigens" be removed from the recipient? Is there any kind of antidote for a baby, chld, or adult should they experience a serious problem with the material that was micro-injected into them? Where do the nanoparticles go in a person? Where do the nanoparticles congregate, and what do they do in the human body, exactly, before they biodegrade? What harms can these nanoparticles cause in an animal or human body? Is anyone bothering to try to find the answers to these questions, or are they just planning to go "all sciency" on us without any proper testing prior to mandating these next-generation vaccines for all of us, as withholding such brave, new, "lifesaving" vaccines would be considered "unethical"?

Angus Files

Great better than multi dose vaccines so that you cant tell which component is killing you-apart from all Offit.

And when it goes wrong how do the halt it...Silly me vaccines are pure science the Holy Grail is spoilt compared to vaccines...

Pharma For Prison


Hans Litten

Well I for one think this is a good thing.
If it means all the (guilty) doctors become redundant , marvellous I say.

Met a doctor recently and asked him if he took the flu jab , he couldnt look me in the eye when he assured me that he was frontline and of course he had to take the flu vaccine.
It was the clearest case of blatant lying I have ever seen. They know !

bob moffit

"The process, they reveal, involves making tiny silicone moulds – rather like ice cube trays – into which the biodegradable polymers are pressed and removed to form an array of box-like structures, each about 400 micrometres across. These are then filled with the required drug or vaccine and allowed to dry. Read more here."

When will the MADDNESS END?

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