Comprehensive Nutritional and Dietary Intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorder—A Randomized, Controlled 12-Month Trial
#SaidNoMother Campaign on Facebook Addresses Vaccine Injury

Schools Becoming the New Mental Health Institutions

Abadnonned schoolNote: Here are some of Anne's collected media stories about the changes in schooling in the First World. We had a 16 year old female make a credible threat in my town on the day of the Walk Out. A boy shot two students this week in what was called by morning cable news "school based domestic violence," and the Austin Bomber turns out to be a white, 23 year old Conservative Christian male.   Hardly out of school.

By Anne Dachel

How come schools all over the world are making dramatic changes in order to address mental health/behavioral problems in children, without anyone asking why?

Lame excuses about BAD PARENTS/BAD HOME LIFE are being talked about without challenge, as if homes in the past nurtured kids and there was nothing like this.

The situation is bad..........the cause is somehow social. Imagine if someone started talking about the ENVIRONMENT. Routine exposure to known neurotoxins isn't  even considered. So let them spend vast sums to hire more experts and address social emotional issues ....all the while things get worse and worse.

HOW long can we blame the parents?  Look at the EXPLOSION IN SPED PART I also attached. IF YOU SCROLL down, it starts at the end of 2016 and continues through the first couple of months of 2017.... I'm now on EXPLOSION IN SPED PART VII. Over and over......thousands of stories over the past year attest to the end of childhood as we've known it. How can this not be a crisis?

Columbus, MS: 9 year old shoots and kills 14 year old sister.  Pediatrician calls this trauma…it has lasting impact on children.

Charlotte, NC: County to add more mental health therapists and social workers

Attleboro, MA: School population declines while there is ‘growth of social and emotional issues and increased special needs.’

 Special education now accounts for about one-third the school budget, and costs have been rising from 6 to 10 percent a year. Just over 18 percent of local students are in special education. …

***CT Mirror: Increase in aggressive violence in CT schools. “The behavior is getting worse.” Teachers are assaulted, rooms are cleared to protect students, AND IT’S BLAMED ON TRAUMA AT HOME.

“Students who are disruptive are not receiving the help they need,” she said. “The bottom line is there are many children who are hurting today, more than at any other time in my career.  …

“Students who are disruptive are not receiving the help they need.” …

School staff also need to know that help is a phone call away when student behavior does reach a crises level – such as throwing chairs and desks at staff, as teachers testified last week had happened in their schools.

Vermont: State plans to prevent childhood trauma.  (It alters brain chemistry and behavior.)

Terre Haute, IN: Indiana officials to increase guidance and support to schools. CDC shows 2/3 of students have been affected. State senate passed a bill to PREVENT ACEs. (No details given.)

Wakefield, RI: Town council concerned about mental health needs of students. New people have been hired to help kids.

Psych Central: New study shows kids with aggressive behavior have problems with executive brain function.

Waco, TX: National legislation to stop school violence and “identify persons who may have violent tendencies so that we can start trying to work with them to deal with those issues.”

Oakland, CA: Story about a 9 year old’s suicide. We’re told 2-3 percent of children are depressed.

Tampa Bay: Stunning story about the number of weapons found in city schools. Example given of autistic student stabbing another student.

San Diego: Editorial by former teacher claims ASD is overdiagnosed and blames school violence on lack of traditional family values. There has to be some explanation for the dramatic change in behavior of students.

Salt Lake:  Utah Arena adds ‘sensory room’ to help kids during basketball games or concerts.  People can stay to watch performances because kids get 15—20 minute break “to settle down” and “cool off.”

Canada: Celebrity MD from the U.S., Dr. Drew Pinsky blames bad homes for adolescent mental health violence and school shootings.

UK: Grimsby school gets hot tub for “sensory therapy.” It has‘brilliant calming effect.’

***UK: Scotland has INCREDIBULE ACCEPTANCE OF DISABLED CHILDREN. In a story about “bad behavior” … “unacceptable behavior”… “the norm” in Scottish schools, …it’s clear that SPECIAL ED STUDENTS are the real story….

Figures from the Scottish Government in December revealed that 26.6 per cent of pupils have additional support needs, ranging from dyslexia, ADHD, and autism to behavioural and emotional problems.  

Students in SPED are not those with cognitive/learning problems. These are kids with behavioral problems.

Perth, Australia: Students increasingly attack teachers. System not supporting teachers.




i don't think it's about the number of disabled children.
It's about the number of disabled children's mothers

Thank You Anne for all U do!

Aimee Doyle

@Jessica - "Opioid crisis (60,000 deaths a year!!) is a prime example of the corruption between pharma/doctors/govt. ALL our Govt regulatory agencies are only looking out for corporate financial health and not your children’s health. CDC/HHS/NIH/FDA/EPA/DEA/USDA/FCC

How about the Republicans on this site urge the House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform (chaired and majority Republican) to hold hearings? Start with the CDC and move on from there. And while you're pushing for vaccine hearings, push for wi-fi hearings, push for GMO hearings, etc.

I'm a political independent, and they won't listen to me. But if enough Republicans make noise, hearings should start happening.


How to make a Nation drop to its knees,

We are poisoning our children. A silent pandemic of neurodevelopmental toxicity is disabling our children. The Root Causes are from 4 major poisons.

1. Fluoride. Just look at the bag at the MBTS water plant, its states POISON. Here are 500 studies that show the danger:
50% of children have dental fluorosis

2. GMO foods, since 1990’s Glyphosate has been in 80% of our food supply. Monsanto, the same company that brought you agent orange has altered our seed supply with poisons that destroy our gut microbiome that results in brain harm. Studies: Entropy Seneff/Samsel 2013, Seralini 2012 and more….

3. WIFI radiation. Neurological damage to brains of developing children Studies: Hensinger Wilke 2016, Havas 2013, Levitt Lai 2010 and more…. Pediatric Neurologist & Neuroscientist Dr. Martha Herbert Harvard/MGH: “EMF can certainly contribute to degrading physiological integrity of cellular and molecular level” “contributes to chronic illnesses”
“thousands of papers document adverse health and neurological impacts of EMF”

4. Vaccines: 72 doses (24 doses in 1983) of formaldehyde, animal/human DNA, GM bacteria and viral DNA, MSG, polysorbate 80, mercury, and the big one Aluminum:
4,925 mcg by 18 mos. old.
Studies: Grandjean Lancet Neurology 2014”Environmental toxins are causing widespread brain injury and loss of a generation of children”, Umar Exley 2017, Seneff Liu 2012. Gherardi 2015. 145 Studies show Vaccines DO cause autism:

1 in 6 children have developmental disabilities.
8 million children are on damaging psych meds. 11% of children have ADHD. 50% of children have chronic illnesses. 20% of children require special education services.

Solutions to the 4 poisons.

1. Drink spring water. Ask your town BOS to remove fluoride from the public drinking supply
2. Eat only organic food with no pesticides/glyphosate
3. Get a for your router/modem and electric meter or replace your electric/water/gas meter with analog.
4. Learn Natural Immunity. It works and lasts a lifetime. We didn’t survive for thousands of years because of “lifesaving vaccines”. The human body is remarkable to heal given the correct nutrients. Vaccines do not give immunity. Do the research.
If your child is already injured due to the 4 poisons, there are many non-toxic nutrient based detox protocols. We are healing children with ASD, ADHD, Tics etc. (autism spectrum disorder) with these detox protocols. These conditions are not a life sentence.

Medical mandates are politics pretending to be science. Mandates (fluoride, vaccines) and “Uninformed” Consent (gmo foods, wifi radiation) amount to human experimentation and are in violation of our constitutional freedoms and universal human rights.

Opioid crisis (60,000 deaths a year!!) is a prime example of the corruption between pharma/doctors/govt. ALL our Govt regulatory agencies are only looking out for corporate financial health and not your children’s health. CDC/HHS/NIH/FDA/EPA/DEA/USDA/FCC

We now live in the information age. All the above studies and healing protocols are recognized by thousands of grass roots organizations. Here a few of them.
The Mom Street Journal
Thinking Moms Revolution
Moms Across America
March against Monsanto
Weston Price Foundation
World Mercury Project
Physicians for Informed Consent
I Can
Environmental Health Trust
The Drs. Wolfson
Green Med Info

Our Nation is only 5% of the world yet we take 50% of all drugs. We have the sickest children in history; we must change this to save ourselves.

bob moffit

I think we can all agree on one thing .. there is SOMETHING desperately wrong with the physical and mental health of children today .. as evidence of their poor physical and mental health are everywhere .. most notably in our schools.

Unfortunately .. the problem is identifying the "contributing causes" for our children's deteriorating health .. and .. the growing consensus among EXPERTS that it is "BAD PARENTS/BAD HOMES ... merely continues the EXPERTS .. since the beginning of time .. who have ALWAYS blamed PARENTS .. their favorite target .. allowing THEM to avoid THEIR own accountability .. beginning within HOURS of birth with that dreaded HEP B vaccination.

Public health in most developed countries .. is presently "circling the drain" .. soon to sink into a global sewer of political/corporate/public health corruption .. built and maintained by EXPERTS.

Angus Files

The correlation here is that in Americas past they used to have "Blab Schools" which were vocal and the only teacher qualifiction was being able to read.

Nothing to see folks move on..

"A vocal school, blab school or ABC school or Old-time School was a type of children's primary school at some remote rural places in North America, outdated and obsolete as the 19th century progressed. The school children recited (blabbed) their lessons out loud separately or in chorus with others as a method of learning."

Pharma For Prison


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