Schools Becoming the New Mental Health Institutions
New Study Shows Children Had Increased Hazard of Acute Respiratory Illness Post Influenza Vaccination

#SaidNoMother Campaign on Facebook Addresses Vaccine Injury

Said No Mother

Joshua Coleman has started a hashtag on Facebook called "#SaidNoMother in which Mothers and Fathers are creating memes with their child's vaccine injury story expressed in deliberately crushing fashion. If anyone can read them and not feel at least a twinge of sympathy surely he or she is not human. Vaccine injury is so often the butt of late night comedian "jokes" and outright scorn in the media, as if injury can not exist. It exists. From this we know.  Check out the campaign all over Facebook. 

"The four months I had with you was enough," #SaidNoFather Will Zeilinski, Father of Willow, who died following her 4 month shots.

Create your own meme. 




John Stone


Brzezinski was talking out of his backside - if you massacred a few million people in the past no one even noticed (apart from those it was happening to). Greater stealth is needed to today.

I don't know about all those ancestral families or the Bilderberg group that you keep going on about - I would have thought Bill Gates was a good starting point. But of course it is philanthropy.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Aimee Doyle | March 26, 2018 at 02:56 PM

Zbigniew Brzezinski: (Obama's life coach)
“in earlier times, it was easier to control a million people, literally, than physically to kill a million people” while “today it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people.”

Hans Litten

Who are and what exactly define the "deep state" - corporations?

Posted by: Aimee Doyle | March 26, 2018 at 02:56 PM

According to Gore Vidal , the 20 families. The family\owners of the corporations.
But the Bilderbergers in general. The elite secret societies.
I think JFK had true power, perhaps the last one to have done so.
Bill Clinton was plucked out of relative obscurity (American Made ?)
Jimmy Carter was plucked out of relative obscurity.
Barrack Obama was plucked out of relative obscurity.
Ronald Reagan was another occasion when the US electorate rebelled (& he was shot remember).

Aimee Doyle


- So are you saying that the President of the United States, the US Congress, the head of federal agencies - none of these have any power to do anything? What about the media - are the conservative media like Fox News also powerless?

Who are and what exactly define the "deep state" - corporations?

Hans Litten

So, please explain why you aren't blaming any of the people who actually hold power?

Posted by: Aimee Doyle | March 23, 2018 at 04:50 PM

I am blaming them. Republicans or Democrats , Conservatives or Labour , the whole rotten charade is a smokescreen. These parties that you actually think oppose one another are all part of the same team - that is part of the trick - the illusion of choice where there isn't any.

The labour party here (the party of the working class people) in the UK are the ones who recently fluoridated the water of the city of Hull (Andy Burnham , Alan Johnson )

And it was in a Labour Party controlled area of Blackpool South where fluoride was added to the school milk of 10,000 infants. Public Health England pah !

The same year several scientific publications finally admitted Fluoride to be a pervasive neurotoxin and carcinogen . Lancet & BMJ

There is a layer above our puppet and clearly controlled compliant government , international in scope , who are often called the "deep state" - its very real.
My hope is the new populist parties emerging almost everywhere are real !
As regards the US , we got off lucky avoiding Hillary (that much I know for certain).

Grace Green

I've been struck by one of the trolls on that hashtag, who actually apologized to parents of seriously ill children, saying his/her criticisms were not intended for such people. Surely that would include all of us/our children on AoA? I've only come across one case of a parent complaining about her child's autistic behaviour because it was hurtful to her rather than to the child, everyone else is concerned about thier loved-ones' serious health problems. I wonder again if there is a misunderstanding happening - namely that the trolls are talking about people like them who have a purely psychological problem? It would be good to get a dialogue going. Remember, those people are autistic and find it hard to understand another point of view!



"who are the unelected entities? Are you talking corporations? Lobbyists for corporations? The players need to be identified before anyone can effect change."

That's the $64,000 question (lol dating myself :).
The entities hide behind puppets and in some cases, layers of puppets. Some of them are obvious. Others not so. It's hard to know exactly who is pulling all the strings.


Ok, here's my meme:
By 'meme' i mean . one letter difference:

So glad that unless my children are injected with an indemnified, unregulated, product,
under litigation, and made by a company that killed more people then the Viet Nam war,
they should not be able to go to school:
#said no mother ever

cia parker


I also LOVE all the cuts Trump is making! I also say YES! every day when I read about new savings of thirty billion dollars cut. Jubilant that the Taylor Force Act passed.

It's hard to say what we should do when the vast majority of Americans don't believe in vaccine injury. In a democracy, that just about zips it up. Who cares about the apparent minority seriously injured by vaccines? Millions upon millions just IMAGINING their vaccine injury, just seeking something to blame for their unfortunate fate. The fantasy of horrific diseases only kept at bay by vigilant and endlessly compassionate scientists aided and abetted by governments which love the quick fix of vaccines to vanquish the monsters, by the entire medical cartel, by nearly all of the media and almost all the educational institutions... Such an ennobling and comforting fantasy.

It may be that an essential factor is that everyone has been brain-damaged by vaccines and is delayed in their development, clinging to fantasies rather than getting woke and taking action. But at the current rate of increase of autism, it won't be long before half of legislators see it happening in their own families, and it may be that that's what it's going to take.

Angus Files

Some cuts being made here by the Trumps - every sentence makes me say YES to myself..although this is not hat was intended by the writer.

"Sadly, this is just one example of the impact of cuts to America’s international affairs programs. Last week, the Administration proposed a new cut of 30% to the State Department, USAID and other development agencies, including a 23% cut to global health programs. At a time of growing dangers threatening America — whether from ISIS, famines or pandemics — we cannot afford to pull back from the world."

Pharma For Prison


Aimee Doyle

@Linda1 - who are the unelected entities? Are you talking corporations? Lobbyists for corporations? The players need to be identified before anyone can effect change.

@John - I agree that government (US and International) has not done much to rein in corporations. I agree that the government should. That's partly why government exists - to regulate excesses of industry. In the US now, the Republican party controls the government (through Trump appointed agency heads) and Congress, and I don't understand why they are not being held accountable for their lack of action.

I also agree with Hera that politicians are pragmatists. But ultimately they are responsible to the people who elected them - and I don't see a lot of grassroots push - or even commentary on this site - to make the current party in power do something about vaccines and autism (or even vaccines and child/adult neurological injury in the larger picture). And where's Fox News on this issue?

Finally, I agree that public awareness is growing - but I get frustrated that it's growing so slowly - and that it's not accompanied by much effective action. The autism rate is 1 in 36 now! Half of US children suffer from some kind of chronic condition!

I know my senators and representative are tired of hearing from me on this issue - and they don't really care anyway because I'm a political independent. But Republicans should have some sway over a Republican Congress and a Republican President and conservative media.

John Stone


It is not a question of letting the corporations off the hook, but in the end if this has been allowed to happen it is because of the failure of good government,the state and politicians who are by turns lazy, cowardly and corrupt. Have a look at my essay for Independence Day. Back in 1961 - and he was not the first - Eisenhower pointed in his farewell speech to the danger of corporate bureaucracies taking over government for their own purposes. In the first place we need government to hold corporations to account and everyone needs to show up this shoddy bunch of politicians (of all parties and in many countries) who have failed us so badly.


Because unelected entities are controlling the Republicans.
And the Democrats.
And anyone else who gets close to power.


Aimee Doyle,
the trouble is that politicians, all politicians, are pragmatists. Their is money to be had from the pharmaceutical lobbying folks, and any politician who mentions vaccine injury gets harsh handling in the media.
Just as with the #metoo movmeent, there needs to be so much push from the ground swelling of public opinion, calls to senators and representatives etc, that it becomes politically unsafe to ignore the vaccine injured and vaccine safety voting block. We need to teach the public about what is happening.
Probably part of what got Trump elected was the vaccine safety vote; he was the best we had on offer to protect our kids from vaccine mandates, and California showed that we could lose even basic medical rights , guaranteed under the Nuremberg convention. Has he done what I hoped for? No.If a better option comes up for vaccine safety and medical rights, would I support them instead? Definitely yes.
Every time we tell our story, every time we let others know about vaccine injuries, we are slowly informing people of the risks.And the more scientists and doctors, who can be convinced to look at and identify the whys and hows of vaccine injury, the better. In the end the truth will out, but change doesn't happen without a lot of work.And we have to make the change so the politicians have no choice,. And I do think that letter campaigns etc help, because they make politicians aware that we are there, and we are wanting them to fight for us. The one politician that was getting mail a while ago and asked us to stop calling etc, so he could focus on making changes; in retrospect, we should not have stopped. Until a change actually happens, they need to know we are here.

Aimee Doyle

@John - "the cancer is in government"

Why is government solely to blame? Pharma makes the products, markets the products, buys the media ads, co-opts doctors, massages the scientific research, contributes to political campaigns, sees that Pharma-friendly individuals are hired into government agencies (check out that revolving door)...why are you letting the corporate world off the hook here?

I'm not saying government isn't part of the problem - but the people in charge of government such as the Trump-appointed heads of agencies, Congress, and the media DO have the power to do something. And they don't do anything. You say that government is the "cancer." How exactly do you expect any changes to be made if those in charge of governing - and overseeing government - essentially abdicate their power to Pharma?

And I'm not being snarky here - but I would love to see evidence of where Republicans are "tightening the mandates." I haven't seen or read anything about that. And Republicans may have a "better record" (and I agree conservatives are more likely to be sympathetic to an anti-vax position) but overall the autism rate keeps going up and what is happening to children generally is horrific. Clearly more needs to be done and isn't being done. And yes, I blame those in power for choosing to do nothing. And unfortunately, Republicans are generally less willing to pay for the supports and services that become necessary once children are injured by vaccines.

I'm not going to address what might or might not have happened under a Clinton presidency - that's not what we're dealing with now. With change, you have to start where you are. And I'd like to see some action from those who are in power.

John Stone


Politicians from all parties across the globe have connived at this situation - I documented recently how the Obama administration engineered the present drive towards compulsion in Europe. The Republicans have been completely useless at stemming the march, but they have better record on the drive to tighten the mandates (which surely would have been fast forwarded if the Democrats had been in office under Hillary Clinton). But fundamentally it does not matter which party, the cancer is in government.


@Aimee Doyle
Thanks Aimee! I would like to see some focus on the questions you raised.

Aimee Doyle

"But government put mercury in our mouths.
Government puts fluoride in our water.
Government puts fluoride in childrens milk.
I have been looking at vaccination everyday for 10 years. Its a total fraud.
Vaccination is a crime against humanity. Every vaccine harms.
Government allows the proliferation of aluminium (Bread, water, vaccines).
The science is with us, they have nothing but the lamestream media holding this holocaust together.
Government is guilty. Government & medicine is my enemy."

Then WHY doesn't the Republican controlled government DO something about this? Republicans control the Presidency, Congress, and the Supreme Court. Republicans chair and hold the majority in the Government Oversight and Reform Committee in the House of Representatives. Republicans governors control 33 states. Trump has appointed Republican heads to a majority of government agencies. Fox News is controlled by Republicans.

So, please explain why you aren't blaming any of the people who actually hold power?

Hans Litten

Posted by: Claire Mc Mahon | March 23, 2018 at 02:32 AM

Given your tragic story, I am almost afraid to reply. We all have similar tragedies.
My child is still alive but maimed for life (everyday is a huge struggle, it never ends).

But government put mercury in our mouths.
Government puts fluoride in our water.
Government puts fluoride in childrens milk.
I have been looking at vaccination everyday for 10 years. Its a total fraud.
Vaccination is a crime against humanity. Every vaccine harms.
Government allows the proliferation of aluminium (Bread, water, vaccines).
The science is with us, they have nothing but the lamestream media holding this holocaust together.
Government is guilty. Government & medicine is my enemy.

Claire Mc Mahon

My beautiful 14 month old daughter died 7 days after MMR, HIB MEN C, PCV vaccines. She was ill at the time of vaccination and the nurse told me it would be OK, it wasn't. Through my own investigations I discovered that my child was overdosed with vaccines. The doctors and nurses lied and lied to cover their own butts. Several times I requested a toxicology test and never got one, GOSH also destroyed my daughters blood samples within 3 days of her death and long before the inquest concluded. The coroner was deceitful and tried to conceal further evidence, his experts lied by saying a child could receive thousands of vaccines and they would be safe- tests have never proved this. There have been zero tests that prove all the vaccines my child was given are safe. Medical records vanished, what I did manage to obtain showed how the doctor and her husband altered them to cover up. I've been stoned walled by every UK government authority in trying to get the truth about my little girl's death but I still believe in vaccination, I still believe in the medical establishment, I still believe in medical science, I still believe that government authorities will do the right thing #SAIDNOMOTHEREVER


Dear Doctor, Thank you so much for being more worried about whether you got the bonus for 100% vaccinated kids in your practice, than about helping the kids who suffered vaccine injuries #saidnomotherever

Laura Hayes

If you need help submitting your own contribution (like I did!), send a picture of yourself and your quote to Olivia Mikos at She will post one meme per person. Thank you, Olivia!


Thanks Josh for initiating this campaign!

FYI- For the tech-impaired, you can just load the app "mematic" on your phone to make a meme of your own.

susan welch

Thanks, Joshua Coleman, for coming up with this extremely effective campaign.

It is incredibly sad, but has taken off on both Twitter and Facebook and will, hopefully, make parents more aware of the reality of vaccine damage.

It's not just Mothers, either. There are a few from Fathers and yesterday I saw one from a Grandmother.

Well done, Josh!

Jaye Procure

Mine would be:

It has been so much fun living with the arthritis that raged after my postpartum MMR! Was my poisoned milk tasty?

I know you appreciate never knowing a healthy mother. Your intellectual disability probably keeps you from noticing...


Jeannette Bishop

I hope this breaks through the fear-shuttered-I-don't-want-know-what-I-don't-know mindset in some major way.

OT...someone in the youTube Hirewire chat today says that Ivanka Trump brought up that the U.S. ranks highest in SIDS on the stream titled "Generation Next: A Whitehouse Forum."

Laura Hayes


Thank you for this brilliant social media campaign. Praying it reaches many, saves lives from vaccine carnage, and helps end the Vaccine Holocaust.

Here is my submission for the campaign, soon to post:

My husband and I prayed for the opportunity to aid and abet our pediatricians in the poisoning of our children, multiple times, during their most critical times of development. We are so thankful for the "Best Outcome/Most Successful Poisoning", which was inflicted on our now 24 year old son: severe and permanent brain damage, nervous system decimation, gut destruction, inability to communicate, and dependence on others for life. During what should be our "empty nester" years, we thoroughly enjoy caring for the equivalent of a toddler...until the day we die...then leaving that responsibility to his siblings. #SAID NO PARENTS EVER!!!

Hans Litten

Old-Thinker News | September 4, 2010
By Daniel Taylor

The global elite has launched a world-wide operation against an unaware population to reduce and control fertility. Vaccines and even staple food crops have been modified to achieve these goals.

If you can’t seem to bring yourself to believe that such an undertaking is possible, or that there are human beings willing and capable; Look back in time, this kind of conspiracy isn’t new, in fact this kind of control was idealized by Plato some 2,300 years ago in his momentous work The Republic. Plato wrote that a ruling elite should guide society, “…whose aim will be to preserve the average of population.” He further stated, “There are many other things which they will have to consider, such as the effects of wars and diseases and any similar agencies, in order as far as this is possible to prevent the State from becoming either too large or too small.”

The activities of the ruling elite in controlling population, writes Plato, must be kept secret. He writes, “Now these goings on must be a secret which the rulers only know, or there will be a further danger of our herd… breaking out into rebellion.”

Peering back into the mists of time and history reveal that there is truly nothing new under the sun. What has been done will be done again, and the 21st Century manifestation of global elites have advanced tools at their disposal.

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