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Mysteries Behind the Gatti and Montanari Affair

Italy mandatesBy John Stone

Age of Autism has been reporting on two scientists, Antonietta Gatti and Stefano Montanari, who had their research seized (including their computer) by Italy’s “financial police” in a raid two weeks ago, just as Prof Gatti was preparing to testify in a military court case in Sardinia. On the face of the events followed a dispute between a non-profit organization and the scientists over their electron microscope. According  to a report in the Gazzeta di Modena by Miriam Figluola (24 February):

The non-profit organization accuses the professor of having used the tool for profit and not for scientific research, but there is a court ruling that authorizes Gatti and Montanari to be able to use the instrument and to be compensated for travel expenses. "Money that they never gave us," explains the doctor, claiming she is not an anti-vaccinationist and claims the abnormality of the times. The story has become a political case in Sardinia, because Gatti should conclude her evidence in court on February 28, but data on the analysis of samples taken at Quirra are in the PCs seized in the mysterious operation.

But it is also an unhappy coincidence that the former Italian health minister, Beatrice Lorenzin, put herself forward in the recent Italian election as a candidate for Alternativa Popolare party  in Gatti and Montanari’s home city of Modena, and has now been elected there. Lorenzin will be familiar to Age of Autism readers as the instigator under the Gentiloni government of Italy’s vaccine mandates following a deal with GSK. Notoriously, she also told Italian television that 270 children had died in a recent measles outbreak in London, in which claim there was not a single word of truth.

Of course, Gatti and Montanari’s findings are troubling for the mandates project because all the human vaccines they tested for micro and nano-particles turned out to be contaminated. Indeed, their results were confirmed, as reported here, by a European Medical Agency official, Melanie Carr, in the British Medical Journal last year.  Given the type of contamination (which will cause harm in the smallest quantities since the body has no means to process the particles), and the number of vaccines routinely administered to an infant, Carr’s claim that this was within acceptable limits looks slender indeed. Short of recalling all the products and admitting decades of negligence, it was probably all the EMA could do  - situation management. Last month Lorenzin was complaining that the Dutch had cheated in their bid to host the EMA when it leaves London following Brexit.

John Stone is UK/Europe Editor for Age of Autism.



I've been reading the new book by Katherine Eban, Bottle of Lies. It's about the problem of contamination in generic drugs: "The next day they found the secret formulation area and unearthed an unofficial 'investigation report' into the black particles. The report was not dated or signed but was written to the head of the plant. It made clear that the black particles were 'metallic' and had come from damaged heating coils inside a machine used to sterilize vials and cartridges before they were filled with medicine. The blistering heat inside the machine had broken down the coils. They had been repaired, but hadn’t been replaced due to cost. The medicine with the particles had been released to patients.

Baker [Peter Baker of FDA India Office] was staggered. It would have been one thing for the company not to know about the particles, or to accidentally order the drugs released. That would have been shoddy or negligent. But the plant director had ordered the insulin released, with full knowledge that the drugs were potentially lethal to patients. The metallic particles could easily cause an immune-compromised patient to suffer anaphylactic shock and die. Worse yet, Baker discovered that an injectable drug for the U.S. market, adenosine, used to treat an irregular heartbeat, was manufactured on the same secret line, and with the same perilous equipment. Though the unofficial report noted nothing about that drug, Baker was sure the results were no better."

When I read that part, it reminded me of this in a CHD article about Gatti and Montanari:

"A team of scientists used a highly sensitive technology—an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope equipped with an x-ray microprobe—to scan for solid contaminants in 44 samples of 30 vaccines. The researchers reported their results in the International Journal of Vaccines and Vaccination. They found widespread contamination by toxic aluminum salts, red blood cells of unknown origin and inorganic, foreign particle debris in aggregates, clusters and independent particulates. The composition of those clusters, the researchers observe, are consistent with 'burnt waste.'

Further analyses of those particles revealed them to be 'non-biocompatible and bio-persistent foreign bodies' composed of lead, stainless steel, chromium, tungsten, nickel, iron, zirconium, hafnium, strontium, antimony and other metals."


I agree with John Stone. If this all had to do with a microscope, why did they also confiscate their research documentation and their computers? Is it possible they had back-up documentation? I sure hope so.


This has now been cleared up. The raid was nothing to do with vaccine research:
"EDIT 25 FEBRUARY 2018 : Stefano Montanari yesterday specified, as it was understood, that the issues of vaccines and microscopy have nothing to do with the investigation of the Reggio Emilia public prosecutor's office:"

(Admittedly this is a Google Translate version: )

Original Italian:

Jeannette Bishop




I don't suppose any would be household name - they would of course appoint a disciplinary panel.


Is there anything to stop a website like this one, from making them household names?

John Stone


I don't suppose any would be household name - they would of course appoint a disciplinary panel.


But the General Optical Council has now "erased" him from its register of dispensing opticians.


Who are the members of that council?


at least i hope it doesn't


I do not believe Lornzin's "occupation" of Modena has anything to do with coincidence.

Tim Lundeen

Thanks, Angus re Ian Jordan. Fascinating!

John Stone

I suspect Italian politics has always been fairly populist. Beatrice Lorenzin is the lead candidate for the newly created "popular alternative party" but perhaps thought she would be more popular in Modena than Rome -presumably the pitch is that everyone likes her (except those who don't). But we are not looking at a history of mainstream parties like the UK or the US. In France Macron comes to office with a whole newly created party behind him, and suddenly he is mainstream too. But don't mistake the populists are there also for the highest bidder, as often as not.

Hans Litten

Thanks Angus . Very informative and interesting (knew there would be smthg to it !)

Beatrice Lorenzin was born in Rome on 14 October 1971.[1] Her father was Istrian Italian, forced to leave his home during the foibe massacres. After graduating from high school (classical lyceum), she enrolled in the faculty of law, but did not complete her studies.[2]

How does this qualify you to be Italys minister of health ?
Something is very amiss here !

Senta Depuydt

Great article...

By the way 600 votes on fake forms coming from Canada, San Marino and Germany have been sent through the various embassies of these countries to help Beatrice Lorenzin being reelected..
An official enquiry is open. Maybe she's just a poor victim of an 'antivaxxer' or rather of a vaccine injured person, but it then shows how popular she is... We know vaccines and elections have a love affair

Angus Files

Great result for the 5star movement.A big result for populism .The Globalists are quaking in their boots because there are so many of us, and a few of them dishing the poison on us.This is what happens when people get together-people power.Well done Italy and lets hope the Old Guard get the comeuppance they royally deserve.

Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

Hans we attended Ian Jordan and he is 1st class in a league of his own concerning glasses. We first seen him about 14 years ago and nobody hardly was talking colored tinted glasses.
One of his clever assessment techniques when dealing with our non-verbal low function hyper autistic son was to get him eventually, to hold an object in his hand with his arm out stretched and at the same time get them to look straight ahead.He would wait and my son, would hold the light object like this for a minute or so then he would put on glasses with different colors until the arm just flopped, dropped down usually he got it straight away ass most autistics are grey my daughter was red.
When this happened this was the brain relaxing it went into a state of relaxation from the stress of filtering abnormal amounts of particular colours of light.Normal vision does not have this fixed state of stress which is like looking at headlights of a car,or a bright light.When he got the flop he knew he had the right color.My sons were blue to start with and they made a difference and he was a lot calmer with them on. You can also confirm this by brain activity using a brain activity scan before and after glasses....getting an autistic like my son near a scanner -goodluck!

Ians work here

Pharma For Prison


John Stone


Very germane.

Hans Litten

Wow the BBC writes an autism article : (this warrants further investigation)

An optician who claims to be able to treat the vision of people with autism and brain injuries using coloured filters has been struck off.
Ian Jordan works in Ayr but has seen thousands of patients from across the UK and abroad.
He claims he has been able to transform the lives of patients with a range of visual problems by using tinted lenses.
But the General Optical Council has now "erased" him from its register of dispensing opticians.

John Stone


It is an interesting question - she has maintained a high profile political career leaping from one party to another for over decade, and now she has her own. And for some reason she chooses to stand in Modena, where she gets elected. The are stories of electoral irregularities involving her party but nothing very substantial at the moment. Obviously the cult of personality is a big feature in Italian politics, while all her manoeuvring over vaccines have had wide backing - including from Berlusconi and his Forza Italia, where she started her political life. Is she going to end up health minister again co-opted by Berlusconi?

This is not to say that I trust British and American politicians more, but there are aspects of it which are unfamiliar.

Angus Files

A very good article below where it explains how Pharma pull the "safe dose" from the pharma magic hat....Its safe because we say it is, all subjective, nothing remotely objective...

"You would also find that the amount of aluminum that is allowed in a vaccine is 0.85mg/dose (or 850mcg). However, there’s some important information missing when it comes to understanding why this amount was chosen."

Pharma For Prison


Hans Litten

Maybe I am deluded but I don't believe Brexit will ever occur.
They will fudge it , and the EMA will remain in London.

I want to try to understand people like Beatrice Lorenzin.
Is she a criminal ? Does she believe she has made "just" decisions ?
Does she belong to any secret societies ? Is she making these decisions for a driving ambition ?
Looking up on the net, she sure loves herself.

Braces on your teeth Beatrice ? at your age ?
What is wrong with these people ? Where is the rule of law ?

Vaccination is not above the law.

John Stone

This one?

Hans Litten

Where is the Times Article gone ?

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