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Listen to Patrick Colbeck’s Speech to the Michigan State Senate on the Risks of Wi-Fi

WifiBy John  Stone

Age of Autism has traditionally focused on the issues vaccination and autism, but we ignore the expansion of Wi-Fi at our peril. Senator Colbeck criticizes the Michigan Senate’s indifference to the safety of citizens and particularly children with the rolling out of 5th Generation WiFi transmitters (soon to be hitting us on the streets of London too).

Video courtesy of Environmental Health Trust

Sen Colbeck comments:

"Article 4 section 51 of the Michigan Constitution States: 'the public health and the general welfare of the people of the state are hereby declared to be a matter of primary public concern. The legislature shall pass suitable laws for the protection and promotion of public health.' Despite the convenience and the enormous economic growth potential associated with the Internet of Things our primary concern as legislator is not convenience, noe economic growth. As much as I love technology as per our Michigan constitution the public health and general welfare of the people of our state are supposed our primary concern...This convenience comes at a price and it comes at the price to the health of many of our citizens most notably children babies in the womb and even adults who suffer from hyper sensitivity to wireless transitions".

"A few weeks ago I distributed sample data to each of you from scientific studies...complied by bioinitiative,org. ..the adverse health effects are very serious."

"Many of us are rightly concerned about the hazards of cigarattes, lead levels..and other harmful substances...but I regreat to inform you that we need to add electromagnetic radiaiton from wireless technology to this list."

The literature about the dangers of Wi-Fi radiation is voluminous and convincing, and yet here - as in so  many other fields - we are rushing to our doom helped on our way by a zombie class of politicians and journalists.

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.



Dr. Martin Pall presents the science to the NIH:


"Michigan state Senator, Patrick Colbeck, has impressive technology credentials, including working on the space station and monitoring electromagnetic interference. He is opposed to rolling out 5G technology because its high radiation levels can cause cancer and autism. Colbeck says the legal process for stopping 5G installations at the local level is rigged, because it relies entirely on safety standards set by the FCC, which now is staffed by former telecommunications insiders."


New report out of Sweden:

"Mobile phone radiation can weaken brain performance"
JULY 19, 2018

Swiss researchers have confirmed the potentially damaging impact of the frequent use of mobile phones among adolescents.

A study found that the so called figural memory performance – the ability to remember abstract forms – can deteriorate if the brain is often subjected to high frequency electromagnetic fields, according to the Tropical and Public Health Instituteexternal link.

The research included more than 700 teenagers from German-speaking Switzerland over 12 months for the first large-scale study of its kind, the institute said in a statement on Thursday.

The results are in line with findings from a 2015 study among more than 400 teenagers, the scientists say.

The latest study found evidence that radiation has had a significant impact on the right half of the brain - where the figural memory is located -, among adolescents who hold the phone to their right ear when making a call.

Sending text messages or surfing the internet has had no noticeable impact, according to the scientists.

However, more research is needed to determine the significance of the research and to exclude other factors, they added.

The study was carried out in cooperation with a European Union research programme, Geronimoexternal link, and was co-funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation."

VIDEO "Is 5G Mobile Wireless a Health Risk" at link:

Jeannette Bishop

Helpful letter on this topic:


Pro-wireless trolls are everywhere. A number of years back on a certain forum I suggested the dangers of cell phone radiation and was immediately berated by some guy. I couldn't help thinking: Who are you and what are you getting out of this? Why the ferocity? An answer quickly presents itself. These are the financial beneficiaries of the industry.

Donna L.

Lol, Linda!
Really dumb move on Gorski's part, equating criticism of Big Wireless with criticism of vaccines...once the innocent/uneducated masses get wind of how they've been lied to by the telecommunications industry, it's only a hop skip and a jump to realizing they've been just as had by the medical/vaccine industry.

David Weiner

This may help to contend with the onslaught:


OMG! I posted about the Democracy Now piece before I listened to the end. At about the 14 min mark the interviewer says that David Gorski (idiot for hire, "ORAC") has published an article ridiculing The Nation's expose!

How many industries does Gorski work for?


"How Big Wireless War-Gamed the Science on Risks, While Making Customers Addicted to Their Phones"


Excellent article in April 23, 2108 Issue of The Nation:

"How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones Are Safe: A Special Investigation - The disinformation campaign—and massive radiation increase—behind the 5G rollout."


You're welcome, Grace :).

Grace Green

Thanks Linda. Bookmarked.


European documentary just released "Digitropolis"
Exposing The Dark Side of #IoT & #5G Full Documentary Multi Dutch+English Subtitles 1080p

susan welch

This issue was covered on Highwire just now. Very scary and interesting.


Here is Dr. Martin Pall arguing against the same roll out but in California. Dr. Pall is an expert in how EMF affects the body. His presentation is more detailed than Dr. Colbeck's:

David Weiner

Thank you, Linda. My pleasure.


Thank you so much for covering this, John.
Senator Colbeck is the only American legislator who has told the truth about the effect of this technology. The most incredible aspect of this story is that as an aerospace engineer and system designer of the International Space Station, his professional opinion should be valued and yet, even though he provided all his colleagues with scientific studies, he was ignored and the bill to approve 5G was almost unanimously passed by these bought ignorant idiots. This is the tragic state of our Union.

Moraq, interesting (and sad) about the homing pigeons where you live. There are some articles about the effect of EMF on birds and the environment at Here is one that tells about species extinction:

David, great article about Dr. Milham's work. So glad you shared.

Jeannette, metal on the body can act as an antenna drawing the waves to the body. The other day I saw a youtube experiment using bra underwires as a radio antenna.


Thanks John and Angus ,very interesting article .
We're semi -rural within Lady so and so's Estate .Meeting the homing /racing pigeon people often and having to get the two cairn terriers back onto their leads ,as they would eagerly damage a valuable racing pigeon as a scoobie -doo snack !
The pigeons are all confused, they should very quicly circle once or twice and find their direction .
Wi-fi is annoying and interfering with the birds direction capabilities ?
See -plain language format explanation for toxic saturation at individual single cell level .
Bioelectric and Bioelectromagnetic Fundmentals of cell. youtube
Professor Chris Exley and the very competent and capable ,Gatti and Montanavi's work is showing unidentified "Floaters " in the vaccine syringes and small glass vials.
See Pineal gland -anatomy ,physiology and function - very interesting endocrine gland !


Most "conservatives" and "pro-lifer" including the Trump deception are bought out by industrial interest or are the leader of those interest. especially the industries of pharmaceuticals, petroleum and now information technology. This bill against wifi in school almost certainly will not pass if there even was such a bill in the first place.

Angus Files

Great article John.I know people who 10 years ago planted fast growing Spruce trees around their house to reduce the EMF.If you drive past the house all you see is this clump of trees no sign of the house can be seen.
There are plenty of websites giving advice how to protect you and your house from EMF ,its a science and very interesting. The Faraday cage,is what your looking to achieve and the best EMF
signal detector is you mobile/cell phone.Those waves are the most penetrating if you get a phone signal your being bombarded.The simplest way of envisaging what needs to be done is to take two aluminium chip/crisp packets turn the packets inside out aluminium out then put one inside the other and stick your mobile phone in-between the two bags and try to ring it -you shouldn`t get a signal.Now apply that to your house.
The best place to start is web sites that specialise in EMF protection.EMF also stops you from detoxing when your sleeping at night so switch off all wireless,mobile phones etc even that radio alarm gives off EMF.
On ebay you can buy a geiger counter for measuring EMF radioactive waves for £10 which is very cheap.When the geiger counters first came out and available for rent ,only for weekends it was £60 for the weekend but now you can purchase them for under £10 probably because of demand this has reduced the price.I even made an EMF free bed but I`m not posting that as it is on the fringes. I got the idea from a man who had a house next to one of the Russian spy snooping left over from the cold war based in Aberdeenshire Scotland.His house was in direct fire of these massive radio waves and he had to build himself this EMF free bed just to get to sleep.

Were lucky as were rural and its difficult to get a mobile signal and I have the house ethernet connected and we switch it all off at night so this reduces any electricity circulating at night time.We can only do what we can do that`s our limit -we cant afford the aluminium interlocking laced fabric for curtains,maybe one day!

Pharma For Prison



I am so glad to see this important topic covered by AoA! Thank you!

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you. This important work by Senator Colbeck needs to be undertaken by every public official rather than facilitating the "smart" and 5G rollouts.

From personal experience, I think one can expect particularly harmful synergy between vaccine metals, dental work, and other such bodily pollutants and this lethal technology, though I wouldn't want exposure to any of these alone.

Possibly related, there is a zika vaccine in development that uses some kind of electric pulsing to "introduce the DNA sequence into the cells."

Maybe we should be that much more worried about all the DNA fragments contaminating various vaccines whilst in our irradiated environment?

The screening process, graphed in Figure 1, removed out more than half of study participants (I'm not sure why participants need to be naive to dengue) and I noted that the reason for one removal is that he/she had a metal implant. It's as if these researchers already have a pretty good idea what enhances the risks of their new vaccine (which may eventually be recommended for everyone without such discretion).

(Trying to convey my experience without knowledge of technical details here:) While in the continually-pulsed-by-neighbor's-meters environment of my home, proximity to metallic items is especially problematic. Curved (like eye glasses, pots & lids, the concave side of spoons) or more multi-angular metal surfaces (wrinkled aluminum foil, CDs, glittery Christmas cards) particularly make me sick if I just hang out around them (after removing the most potent wireless devices that would cause me immediate tissue heating and/or fevers, and take days to "recover" from just a few minutes exposure). These irradiated metal items seem to have some kind of amplifying, maybe frequency altering effect as they (I'm guessing) reflect the ever-present radiation in various ways. I can't help thinking about what that maybe means for any individuals with metal laced tissues, aluminum containing granulomas, surgical implants, aluminum loaded white blood cells, or carrying any metal on them while exposed to this radiation.

Another possible vector of harm that Forrest Maready brings up in his book Crooked is bacteria that can shed their cell walls to enter other cells to replicate for survival, possibly causing chronic infections. He said it's known that microwave radiation can induce this abandoning of the cell wall. He speculates that aluminum in the body might encourage this, also. Since most of us are now essentially living in a low level continually operating microwave, and among any tissues saturated or maybe just laced with aluminum/metals and/or in proximity to metals the exposure is probably significantly different for those areas, I think it is definitely reasonable to speculate that EMP irradiated aluminum is capable of provoking these intra-cellular bacterial infections.

David Weiner

Thanks for sharing this, John.

Wireless technology and 5G definitely pose significant risks. I would also encourage readers to familiarize themselves with the research of Samuel Milham. I am providing a link to an article I wrote last year which discusses some of the key findings from his book Dirty Electricity.

Donna L.

What a brave, brave man in a nation of sheep. I hope he stays safe.


God Bless the Senator for pointing at this coming avalanche. 5G, other frequencies of electro-magnetism and like vaccination are so supported by moneyed interests that he'll have an herculean task.

Tim Lundeen

A couple of links for more info: and

Dr. Martin Pall's talk at autism one:

It's not just wifi, any electromagnetic radiation is potentially inflammatory. House wiring, cell phones, wireless house phones, microwave ovens, solar power, electric cars.

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