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I’m Talking to Me?

Ag Deniro
I’m Talking to Me?  WebMD Reports “Vaccine Skeptics” Are Swaying Parents of Children With Autism To Forego Vaccines. But Vaccine Skeptics And Parents of Children With Autism Are ONE AND THE SAME.

By Adriana Gamondes

A Case of Mass Soliloquizing

Do you talk to yourself? Do you tell yourself about the time your once-healthy children regressed into autism following routine infant vaccinations and try to urge yourself to cease vaccinating? 

Do you say “No, that can’t be!” and look aghast but then nod back wearily to yourself with an air of knowing gravitas and insist that it can indeed be while citing the 146 peer reviewed studies demonstrating a link? Do you counter with standard talking points from WaPost and million-dollar vaccine industrialist Paul Offit that vaccines are safe and effective, no proof of association, etc? Do you then force yourself to sit through the documentary Vaxxed and pull out full color historical charts belying the herd immunity theory?

AG Talking

Do you then roll your eyes at yourself but find yourself wrestling yourself to the ground and beating yourself up to convince yourself that yourself is right?




Well apparently you’re not alone. WebMD and researchers at Kaiser Permanente seem to think that autism parents are a separate group from vaccine skeptics and that we are exerting undue influence on we. 

From WebMD:

MONDAY, March 26, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- Vaccine skeptics appear to be swaying many parents of children with autism to forgo critical childhood vaccines, a new study suggests.

And the hesitation to fully immunize includes the children's younger siblings, the researchers added.

This means that "children with autism spectrum disorder, and their siblings, may be at greater risk of vaccine-preventable diseases," said study author Ousseny Zerbo. He is a postdoctoral fellow with the Kaiser Permanente Vaccine Study Center at KP Northern California, in Oakland.

But the greater risk doesn't stop there, thanks to a concept called herd immunity.

"In order to disrupt the chains of infection in a population, a large portion of the population needs to be immune to the infection," Zerbo explained. "A higher vaccination rate can break those chains of infection. This is why it is important for a large proportion of the population to be vaccinated."

While it’s true that more and more parents are deciding to forego vaccinating children from the start, can you guess who came first—parents reporting injuries to their children or those who take the warnings to heart?

By the way, the disclosures for the study being discussed, Children with autism, younger siblings are undervaccinated,  state:

The study was funded in part by a CDC grant… Some authors disclosed relationships with MedImmune, GlaxoSmithKline, and other pharmaceutical companies.

So who’s really talking to themselves in this scenario? Autism parents or the industrial echo chamber of scientists-for-hire, paid medical media like WebMD and corrupt policy makers?

Adriana Gamondes is a contributing editor to Age of Autism and one of the blog’s social media adminis



Well, if they were reviewing those families' medical files, you can be sure they already have the numbers that show how many of those unvaccinated siblings have been hospitalized, or have long term physical or cognitive disability, or have died from Hep B, pneumonia, chickenpox, measles, mumps, rubella, Hib, flu, meningitis, polio, diptheria, tetanus, and pertussis. Or in general, which kids are costing the most to treat medically - the vaccinated siblings of autism patients or the unvaccinated siblings of autism patients.. But how do you turn "0" into 75 page research article that's so convoluted that nobody will read it or if they read it they get no truth from it. Yea, I notice they never talk about which population would save our economy the most money in medical expenditures. Every other patient or human has a dollar sign attached to it by a health or life insurance company, but they seem to have no dollar value for unvaccinated people? Right. It's the dollar value nobody wants to know.
Where else could they have gotten "days sick" info in Kaiserfornia? Oh yea, schools. Oh wait, can't do that now, unvaccinated not allowed in schools. See how that works?


"In order to disrupt the chains of infection in a population, a large portion of the population needs to be immune to the infection," Zerbo explained. "A higher vaccination rate can break those chains of infection. This is why it is important for a large proportion of the population to be vaccinated."


Yet in the 60's, they were crediting vaccines with the worldwide eradication of smallpox. At a time when only 10% of the world had actually received a smallpox vaccine.

Shelley Tzorfas

I am trying to figure out the wording of the anticipated headlines;" Scientists Discover that Kids with Autism Have Less Vaccines Than the General Population" "Researchers Are Not Sure Why Autistic Kids have Less Vaccines Than Their Peers?" " Scientists Once Again Rule Out Vaccines as Having Anything To Do With Autism as They Find Out That Autistic Kids Have Fewer Vaccines."" Children With Autism Have Less Vaccines According to a Recent Study.." "Preschool Children With Autism Have Less Vaccines Than Typical Children". "A New Study Was Just Released Showing That School Children With Autism Actually Had Fewer Vaccines Than The General Population ".. That Should Put Parents At Ease When Vaccinating Their Children To Prevent Diseases.....Please let me know if you see any of these headlines, or similar headlines, in a town near you!

Jeannette Bishop

A "Because the effects of vaccinating would NEVER persuade someone to stop, so why???" study, I mean "study?"

Add it to the pile of evidence that vaccination is one of our more lyin'-tific endeavors, sorry, I mean denyin'tific endeavors.

Del Bigtree on this research:


John Stone

They don’t realise what bad, defective people they are! For myself I have never tried to stop anyone vaccinating, I have only focussed - and tried to document - all the lies that “they” tell. And there will never be enough hours in the day.


The study didn't address the question of why parents of vaccine-injured children refuse further vaccinations. That's supposed to be the subject of a future study.

Mozes skipped that part and used Johnny Carson's method (holding an envelope to his forehead and coming up with the answer.)

Donna L.

HA! Thank you, Adriana -- best laugh I'll have all day!


This is just sickening! It's akin to making people in Flint, MI pay for poison water. I don't know how the people who peddle this drivel sleep at night!


I hate to introduce politics too but Offitt is a bad boy and he and his friends need a spanking with a rolled up newspaper. Oh and by the way privatizing the VA would hurt a lot of vets who actually fought in wars even with heel spurs. Sad but at least the Koch brothers will be happy.


No kids here, but back in 2007 I was dealing with a sick dog that seemed to get sicker with each very visit, knowing that vaccines don't cause sickness or disease, I was at a loss as to why, about week after the yearly vet my dog would be so sick. Then I stumbled on the dog study that showed vaccinated dogs, but not unvaccinated, develop antibodies to their own tissues after vaccination. I believe it was a perdue study and it has since been lost to the web... But it opened my eyes and and I have been researching animal and human vaccines ever since. So not a mother to an autistic child, but I learned a lot with my first dog. My current pets were raised completely differently. Too bad my first dog was my canary in the coal mine.


Lyin’ Frank DeStefano is one of the authors of the “study” - so it is “thems” that is talkin’ to “themselves....”

Angus Files

Sadly I end up talking to myself regular as the autism one, is non-verbal- infact I was just out walking and saying what a nice day and what a difference it makes on the same walk without the rain and wind, backed up with the knowledge that if anyone came acrosss this strange person talking with nobody replying they would see himself and wouldnt bat an eye rather than talking solely by myself.You see there are pluses of having a non-verbal autistic person about.Denial kindergarten teachers got us past that one, they phoned us up and said look he isnt talking like he was before , he isnt eating like he was before,he isnt making eye contact like he was before,he isn't mingling with the kids like he did before..... there`s something not right with him?We cant have him with the rest of the kids they told us.Then it hits you its not our imagination then you move onto well what did cause it apart from being accused of Munchhausen by proxy when we took him to the quacks after MMR with puss coming out of his ears ,bright red with a rash, puffed out of all recognition,screaming a high pitched,and he /we hadn`t slept for 36 hrs ..the one thing we were kept getting told by everyone it wasn`t VACCINES oh! nothing to do whatsoever with VACCINES.

Anti vaccine and proud Offit..

Pharma For Prison


bob moffit

"MONDAY, March 26, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- Vaccine skeptics appear to be swaying many parents of children with autism to forgo critical childhood vaccines, a new study suggests."

This is classic example of "deflection" .. where the study accuses "vaccine skeptics" of swaying many parents with autism to forgo critical vaccines .. when in fact .. common sense dictates parents who witnessed their precious child "regress" .. diagnosed autistic .. AFTER being vaccinated.

I hate to introduce politics on AoA .. but .. such "deflection" is common .. consider .. former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's explanation for why so many did not vote for her .. blamed those women for voting as their husbands, fathers, sons .. wanted them to.

In other words, Hillary blaming men for women not voting for her .. and .. Kaiser Permanente blaming "vaccine skeptics" for swaying parents with autism to forgo critical vaccines .. are both classic examples of DEFLECTION.


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