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Guardianship and Medical Cannabis Case in Texas

GuardianshipNote: Is this about the cannabis or the audacity of trying something other than pharma's Risperdal for autism?


Texas judge weighs whether father who treated autistic daughter with marijuana is fit to be her guardian

Christy Zartler had practiced what to say, yet she was still nervous on the witness stand. She and her husband had always done what they believed was right for their autistic daughter, Kara. But now, the judge could decide they were criminals, or at least her husband was, and not allow him to be Kara's guardian.

Christy leaned forward, her glasses perched atop blonde bangs, as she listened to her attorney's questions. She glanced at Kara, her 98-pound 18-year-old, seated in a wheelchair by her own attorney in the courtroom in downtown Dallas.

"Mark, your child's father, was investigated by Child Protective Services for having administered cannabis vapor to Kara," her lawyer said. "Do you recall that?"  Read more here.


Full Spectrum Mama

This is devastating.

My heart is with this family, who should be together, living as they see fit!!!!!!!!!

go Trump

Prayers for the Zartler family.

A few days ago, another Texan, Glen Beck, was talking about how the Bill or Rights was being trashed in the United States. He went down a number of them but seemed to think “Amendment 7 / Trial by Jury” on issues over $20 was still ok....

Obviously, he does not know about the CDC Vaccine court,

I would hope someone in the area could drop off some information to him. He is in the Dallas area I believe.

bob moffit

It is positively frightening to learn how easily the government, in this instance, child protective services, can remove a child from the custody of their parents .. for using a substance those parents believe has been extremely beneficial to greatly improving the quality of life their daughter.

Odd government doesn't use the same due diligence when informed of the myriad of adverse reactions to "legally prescribed" drugs .. most of which are required to have a black box warning the drug may induce suicide or thoughts of homicide .. especially since many of those drugs actually reduce the quality of life of the patients using them?


A couple of vital points: The issue is not "legalizing cannabis", it's RE-legalizing cannabis. Cannabis was in the U.S. Pharmacopeia until it was criminalized in the early 20th Century. At that time, hemp and cannabis were essentially the same thing. But since then, both hemp and cannabis cultivation have gone in 2 completely different directions. Hemp is grown for seed, oil, fiber, and food, in MOST industrialized countries, including Canada. But not in PhRMA-controlled America. Very sad. Cannabis was cultivated to produce the "drug" "marijauna" by either small-time individual growers, or larger, organized crime-controlled growers since the early 20th Century. Most main-stream media insists on calling either "cannabis" or "marijauna" a "DRUG". "Marijauna" was a racist, fabricated term used to demonize weed. I can recommend Johan Hari's "Chasing the Scream", for a short but comprehensive guide to the failed, tragic history of the so-called "War On (some)Drugs(sometimes)". Despite being illegal, use of cannabis, in a VERY strict, scientific way, for medical purposes, has progressed far beyond what the main-stream media will admit. Delta-9-tetrahydracannibinol ("THC") is the family of chemicals which gives cannabis it's "high". "CBD", or cannabidiol, is a family of chemicals in cannabis that does not give the "high", but which has been PROVEN to be of great benefit for a variety of legitimate medical purposes, such as AoA shows with this article. The human body DOES have a "cannabinoid receptor network", and that's why cannabis is such good medicine for those who need it. So what's the big problem? Simple. PhRMA can't patent cannabis. I'm pretty sure you understand what that means....Fear, ignorance, and greed have kept what could have been life-saving cannabis MEDICINE out of the hands of the people, while giving us PhRMA's costly toxic *DRUGS*.....As to this particular story, having their severely autistic and self-injurious daughter smoke cannabis leaves is better than nothing, but a CBD oil preparation might be better. And, growers today are VERY sophisticated. By careful selection, strains of cannabis low in THC, and high in CBD, are regularly grown. As usual, the people are leading, and gov't is getting in the way....
(c)2018, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

Jeannette Bishop

As we are tricked, pressured into, and teetering on the brink of mandated poisoning of ourselves, and our children more so, we also are criminalized by the same policy makers for healing ourselves and our children:

I'm relieved this case went as it did, but it never should have been brought up. This is evidence of the character of our would-be-global controllers. There are many people taking paychecks, carrying out agendas they probably don't clearly see nor want to see, and a great awakening needs to happen so much more quickly than it is. Children and youth are living in torture, parents living in torture, too, as the system exploits the sicknesses it generates to transfer wealth from pensions and inheritances, even day to day living, in to the hands of a few who only offer oppression in exchange, and too often our children are dying young at the hands of their "care" and "protective" systems.

Angus Files

I am sure the girl and her Dad would prefer to be illegal,rather than legally dead.Well done the Dad.

Pharma For Prison


sessions needs to go

the people who should really be on trial-those who restrict this family access to a medical remedy.

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