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Garden States Sows, and Reaps... Autism.

Greetings_from_New_JerseyNOTE: Instead of closing factories and carnival lights, perhaps Bruce Springsteen will start singing about opening autism schools and sleepless nights.

By Anne Dachel

Wake up, New Jersey! Seriously! When the autism rate finally reaches one in 10 or one in 5, and maybe someone asks WHY, we’ll look back on stories like this one from My Central Jersey and ask why no one ever noticed the numbers continually increasing.


This is a feel good story designed to accustom us to more and more disabled children. It’s about spreading joy and helping special needs kids, which sounds good. It also has HORRIFIC AUTISM NUMBERS.

How is it possible to write like this, My Central Jersey? How dare you tell us that New Jersey has such an ever-increasing autism rate, far exceeding the national rate, WITH NO EXPLANATION! So in two more years, when the New Jersey rate is one in 28, will you be reporting that so casually too? Will autism ever matter in New Jersey?

***Mar 3, 2018, My Central Jersey: Somerset Hills YMCA, Rutgers athletes team up to spread joy

On Feb. 24, Somerset Hills YMCA, a branch of Somerset County YMCA, hosted its 13th annual Saturdays in Motion (SIM) Rutgers Day, in which 25 Scarlet Knights volunteered to support children with special needs.

Today, more than ever, children living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) need services and support. According to the CDC’s 2016 Community Report on Autism, the diagnosis rate of ASD in New Jersey is one in 41, compared with the national rate of one in 68. The New Jersey rate marks an increase of 12 percent from the previous one in 45 statistic released in 2014.
As a charitable organization, Somerset County YMCA seeks to provide everyone with the opportunity to learn grow and thrive by providing programs, like SIM, that meet community needs where other services fall short.



"...and the poets down here don't write nothin' at all
they just stand back and let it all be..."

Barry Stern

Several families in a northern Virginia school district migrated to New Jersey because the autism services there are much better. It would be worth a study to determine whether families are indeed migrating to NJ because their kids can get decent services there and the extent to which this is a contributing factor to NJ's high and increasing autism rate.

Hans Litten

Its 2018 , Fluoride is in court in California , lets pray that happens the way the good and the just want it to happen , and fluoride is dumped in the dumpster forever !

But what about the famous Mumps vaccine fraud and the case that was deferred until 2018 ?
Where are we with that ! Because if that were to go our way , MMR reputation is in tatters .

Things are going to get tough from now on with the InterNet lockdown they have turned on the last week. People have now got to make censorship an election issue. Its the only way.

Angus Files

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Pharma For Prison


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