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Four Letter C Word that Kim Rossi Hates?

Age of autism Twitter CULTBy Kim Rossi


Yeah, that was a clickbait headline. Today's post is short and sweet. And snarky. The best kind! LOL!

Yesterday I got the RT (return Tweet) in the above photo in response to a Tweet where I talked about my gorgeous, severely autistic 23 year old daughter and the #SaidNoMother hashtag being used by parents whose kids have been killed or seriously injured by vaccinations.  I appreciate that Eve thinks we started the hashtag, because the tag is just so good. But all credit goes to Joshua Coleman, activist and father of a severely vaccine injured son himself.

As far as the Jenny Cult comment - Jenny and I will chat about this on April 3rd when I guest host her Sirius Satellite Radio program. Feel free to call in, Eve. Really. We'll take your call and treat you with more respect than you showed either Jenny or me. Maybe you have autism. Maybe not. No matter. If Jenny or I could help you in any way, we would. That's how Jenny rolls - despite the vicious attacks she faces every day. And if you knew even the first thing about me, you'd know I adore my girls even though I would cure their autism in a New York minute; and spend my working days trying to help out in the community.

I invite all of our readers to listen in to The Jenny McCarthy show on Sirius STARS on April 3rd, 10 - noon EDT.  Decide for yourself if we  get all.....culty.

Speaking of Jenny. She created her own #SaidNoMother meme about her son Evan and his life shaking seizures:

Jenny SaidNoMother
Eve uses her own hashtag - #ActuallyAutistic.  I applaud her ability to type and am amused by her instinct to throw shade at MOTHERS OF ACTUALLY AUTISTIC people. Namely my 3 girls.  Think about it - Eve has or had a Mom. I hope that her Mom tried very hard to help her succeed in life. As I do for my three girls who are (new hashtag!) #ACTUALLYSOAUTISTICTHEYCANNEVERLIVEALONEHAVECONSTANTCAREWILLNEVERDATEFALLINLOVEGET



Kim Rossi - formerly HashStag...  ;)

All I Can Handle 160Kim is the author of All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa from Skyhorse Publishing and Managing Editor of Age of Autism. She lives in CT with her three daughters, who are now young women with autism.



Whileyou have a point about vaccine injury, I also don't see why folks with vaccine injury that resulted in autism aren't allowed to speak up under a hshtag that seems to be being used to say they don't have autism, or at least tha tif they do, they don't have any right to talk about what happened to them
And of course, not all vaccine injury results in autism. Some people die, are paralysed for life, are born with multiple birth defect s( anthrax vaccine babies) etc,
perhaps for those who choose to, #ActuallyAutistic#ActuallyVaccineInjured would cover it.

With as much censoring of vaccine injury as is happening right now on google and other search engines, it is good to tell as many people as possible what has happened, in as many ways as possible.

Grace Green

Barry, you're right about the use of the word "autism", and I've long been uneasy about it. I've given up trying to get a "diagnosis" for that reason, and I'm happy to stick with the description of vaccine injured. I wonder if we all changed to that label whether it would silence the trolls. I suppose the problem arises when trying to obtain services. What would the service providers say if we all referred to autism as vaccine injury every time it was mentioned?!

go Trump

CotIV .... Thank you for your "Vaccine Cult" comment today.

Probably one of the ... all time best ... @ AoA

Kim, can we send out a T-shirt ???

Gary Ogden

Deborah: I agree wholeheartedly. Kim, and the rest of the AoA staff are among the best, most honorable examples of what human beings are capable of. Tenacious, tough, brutally honest, and loving parents. Talented writers they are, as well. Kim's sense of humor helps keep us all from insanity. I'm still chuckling over the Comet song.
CotIV: Good call. The vaccine purveyors are indeed a cult. Some religions are like this at times, but at least they don't charge for their services.
Bill: Good one! Yup, (real) science don't lie!


"Researchers behind a new study published in Science Translational Medicine analyzed data from epidemiological studies and mathematical models and found that recent outbreaks of mumps have been largely in people between the ages of 18 and 29 — most of whom received the recommended two shots of the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine as kids."....<--cut-n-pasted from Yahoo! just now....WTF? OMG!....

No, I'm not trying to change the subject! So, if I believe this "Eve Reiland" woman, Age of Autism is behind the (#saidnomother) Twitter campaign? And that's a (supposed) "Jenny McCarthy cult"?....
Can I LOL? Please, can I LOL?....
I look forward to reading AoA everyday, and I know better than THAT!....
My point is that there's a *TON* of myth-information, confusion, mis-communication, and outright
PROPAGANDA out there! But there's a whole lot LESS of it on AoA, for example, than there is on Yahoo!....
KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, people!
(In plain English, "most recent mumps cases were in MMR-vaxxed folks" ~that's what SCIENCE says!
So based on that FACT, we COULD conclude that MMR *CAUSES* mumps!.....)....right?....


Kim, please know that many Warrior Mama's are reading and loving your posts. I sometimes am emotional as I read, and other times I'm emotionally exhausted after reading, so, I haven't the energy to articulate a witty response. I wish you had a symbol (like FB's thumbs up) to easily indicate we agree, appreciate and support you!


Well written. I don't have Sirius and if you could please let us know if there will be a link for us to hear it? Keep up the good work. I knew the hashtag of real moms (dads, grandparents) will grow so fast because our "movement" is powerful and winning. What are we winning against? We are winning against the lies and evil. We are winning that we don't take bolony from the liars or people that still have their heads in the sand. This #saidnomother will make people read it and think and research and will save lots of babies, adults, and grandparents.
Wake up people and listen!


There's an astroturf pong to her enterprise.


Few if the Vaccine Freaks really understand the irony of calling people who question vaccination a cult. Let's look at that word and what it means.

1. - Cults oppose critical thinking. - You are to believe what they tell you to believe and nothing else. ("Get your damned vaccines!")

2. - Cults penalize members for questioning or leaving. - If you question vaccines, that means you are a heretic and must be shunned by being labeled as an anti-vaxxer.

3. - Cults emphasize special doctrines. - You must only read the studies they tell you to read, and you must perform the rituals (vaccination) that they tell you to do without question.

4. - Cults require inappropriate loyalty to their leaders. - You do not question the word of the doctors and scientists who have created the sacred vaccine. They are always right. You must never say a derogatory word to hint that these scientists could be wrong or that they could be biased, especially if those doctors/scientists are named Saint Offit or Saint Orac.

5. - Cults use fear and intimidation to keep their members in line. - If you don't get the sacred vaccine, you will die.

Yes...the irony is truly profound.


and always refer to our kids as Actuallyautistic? I'm one of an increasing number of Actuallyautistic adults who recognizes, largely thanks to the efforts of all you amazing Moms and Dads here, that my condition was caused by vaccines.


Autism is just a name, that was invented by the medical community.

It allows them to discuss vaccine injury, in a way that excuses themselves from actually having to refer to it as vaccine injury. While simultaneously framing something that should be pretty obvious to anyone, as a mysterious disorder with an unknown cause.

And every time we refer to our kids as autistic, we are playing right into their hands.

If were going to refer to our kids as anything, I think it should be ActuallyVaccineInjured


I looked at Eve's Twitter profile she is an autism mom and claims to have autism herself. Could you imagine?

"The only #AutismMom is an #Autistic Mom. Stop erasing my identity. Very-nuerotypical-friendly. Autistic and proud."

She has a website. An article on there bashes the #saidnomother campaign. Something about all the memes are white neurotypical women.

I think white women especially white mothers of "autistic" kids who speak of
their children's vaccine injury are over taking white men as the acceptable group to hate. In this fake era of "acceptance".

Angus Files

Someone who criticizes disabled kids and parents my first reaction is ,are they of right mind then my 2nd instinct is always yep! they are,and talking C--P gloves off!!

Pharma For Prison


Grace Green

Kim, you're right, of course. Why don't we take over their ActuallyAutistic hashtag as they've tried to do with our Saidnomother, and always refer to our kids as Actuallyautistic? I'm one of an increasing number of Actuallyautistic adults who recognizes, largely thanks to the efforts of all you amazing Moms and Dads here, that my condition was caused by vaccines. Also, would it be possible to let some of those critics comment on here (preferably without any of the F or C words I've been shocked to see on Twitter), so we could have the debate with them? I'd love to have a go!

bob moffit

Know absolutely NOTHING about Eve .. except .. her tweet exhibits an unnecessarily mean spirited attack .. lacking any empathy/sympathy for the suffering of others .. which appears to be a necessary quality to bolster one's personal reputation within the ... "cult of neuro-diversity".

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