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Documentary Film 'Sacrificial Virgins' Wins Major Australian Award But Is Ignorantly Attacked in London Times

Sacrificial Virgins
By John Stone

Joan Shenton's film 'Sacrificial Virgins' about the victims of HPV vaccination which received a major Australian  film accolade at weekend as been the subject of biased and ignorant attack in the London Times by journalist Kat Lay.  A once great newspaper is again engaged in hate journalism and the aggressive suppression  of dissent. Age of Autism reproduces  some of the responses:

From Prof Chris Exley:

Regarding the reference to ‘hard science’ made by a fellow scientist. I sent the below message to the journalist who wrote this piece, she chose to ignore it.

 I am informed by Joan Shenton that you will be writing in The Times tomorrow about the HPV vaccination programme and that you will not be very complimentary about her films.

 I agreed to be interviewed by Joan because we have an established research programme funded by many supporters including the Medical Research Council that is investigating aluminium adjuvants used in vaccines. I am attaching some of our recent papers on this subject to this email.

We are learning a great deal about the biological activity of aluminium adjuvants and some of this research makes it very clear to us that many of the serious adverse events which occur following vaccinations which include an aluminium adjuvant are directly due to the aluminium adjuvant.

We do not work on vaccines per se and we are well aware that many find it unpalatable to suggest that vaccines which include aluminium adjuvants are not safe for everyone. However, this is the case and we have known this since the 1960s (see;

HPV vaccines include aluminium adjuvants and Gardasil includes an aluminium adjuvant which is propriety to Merck and which they have flatly refused to send us samples of so that we can test it as we have tested other aluminium adjuvants used in human vaccines.

Our knowledge on aluminium (which is arguably second to none) tells us that this aluminium adjuvant in Gardasil is likely to be especially toxic and is being used by Merck simply to ensure that they get the highest possible titres against the antigens used in their vaccine. Without such titres their vaccine would be useless.

You may not be aware that the safety of aluminium adjuvants for use in humans has NEVER been tested. There is no requirement to do so. Safety tests for Gardasil and Cervarix vaccines used aluminium adjuvants as their placebos, as their controls. An unacceptable practice which has yet to be rectified for these vaccines.

We are the world’s leading authority on aluminium and human health and I only consent to contribute towards documentaries such as Shenton’s because of the need to make the actual science known, not just what the government and vaccine manufacturers want everyone to know.

I hope this email is helpful to you and I look forward to reading your fair and balanced piece in The Times tomorrow.

Professor Christopher Exley PhD FRSB

From Steve Hinks:

 It is generally accepted by most health professionals that all medicines, including vaccines, can have side effects and some are serious. The vaccine manufacturers certainly accept this. Even the Supreme Court confirm that patients have a legal right to an informed choice.

 Some vaccines, especially the recent genetically modified ones with high aluminium adjuvants, are a cause for concern. I am co-founder of the Association of HPV Vaccine Injured daughters (AHVID) and represent 550 families, all who had their daughters vaccinated with HPV vaccine (so please don’t call us anti-vaxxers) – we were all told that it is ‘safe & effective’ by the NHS. We were told the chance of a serious adverse reaction is 1 in 1 million. If you read the vaccine manufacturers patient information leaflet (PIL) it is very much more transparent but most of us were denied the PIL.

 27% of our daughters had a serious long-term adverse reaction within 24 hours of vaccination, many within minutes or hours. Some were hospitalised immediately. Some had adverse reactions to each dose but were told the symptoms could not be due to the vaccine

 When you ask parliamentary questions or raise freedom of information questions you find that there have been over 9,000 Yellow Cards reporting adverse reactions, including over 3,000 considered serious and several deaths. The MHRA acknowledge only c.10% of serious adverse reactions are reported.

 If you go onto the WHO Vigiaccess global database of adverse drug reactions for HPV vaccine you will find 305,014 adverse drug reactions in 83,396 reports including 445 deaths (including 23 sudden death), 1,052 neoplasms (including 168 cervical cancers and 25 carcinoma in situ), 460 cases of POTS and 144 cases of CRPS.

 It is not even known if the vaccine will ever prevent a single case of cancer! The manufacturers only claim that it is ‘intended to or ‘expected to’ reduce a handful of strains believed to be involved in cervical cancer. There are over 200 strains with at least 40 believed to be involved in cancers. If you go onto the government statistical websites (ONS, England and ISD, Scotland) you will find an increase in cervical cancer diagnoses in the 20-24 age group and yet most young women up to the age of 26 should be vaccinated by now.

We have a legal right to an INFORMED choice.

From Amanda Dew BSc (Health Sciences)

Where is the science to disprove the link between the HPV vaccine and the thousands of cases of autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, neurological disorders and adverse affects on the reproductive system? Just because it isn’t being investigated in the U.K. does not mean it is not being researched. Scientists across the globe (eg Kanduc, Ozawa, Hineno and many others) are proposing that molecular mimicry is causing the body to attack self-molecules that share Segments similar to the vaccine ingredients. If you don’t seek you will not find it. Ms Lay mentions 900 deaths from cervical cancer/yr. how many in teenagers ? Zero. How many cervical cancer cases under 20 years old. Virtually zero (up to 4/year). How long does the vaccine last ? 9.4 years (see Diane Harper; Gardasil lead scientist). The vaccine may not work as cancer rates are not falling. It may be very dangerous in fact. More girls have died and reported it as due to the vaccine (6) than from cervical cancer. You, Ms Lay, are highly disingenuous by stating that the illnesses are not caused by the vaccine, when you have no idea at all.

This press announcement of the award:

Vaccine documentary series Sacrificial Virgins wins Australian Best of Festival award for its international investigative journalism


  Watchdog film

Watchdog Best of Festival award for Sacrificial Virgins

March 04, 2018, Brisbane, Australia. Press Dispensary.A documentary film trilogy, Sacrificial Virgins – which investigates widespread global concerns over the safety of the controversial HPV* vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix – was today doubly honoured with awards for investigative journalism at the Watchdog Film Festival, held in Brisbane, Australia.

As well as the prestigious Best of the Festival award, Sacrificial Virgins won the Watchdog Spirit Award in recognition of the investigation “in search of truth and justice” by film-maker Joan Shenton and her colleagues, notably director Andi Reiss and film editor Ollie Richards.

Festival founder and director James Hyams, himself an investigative journalist, said: “Shenton's thorough, transnational investigation in search of truth and justice deserves recognition and thus the Watchdog Film Festival has awarded her and her team the Watchdog Spirit Award. Individuals such as Ms Shenton and her team play a very important role in identifying and documenting questionable practices within institutions with the hope of increasing accountability and initiating changes for the betterment of society.

The announcement of both awards was made at the screening of a special “festival cut” of Sacrificial Virgins. James Hyams added: “Joan Shenton's documentary Sacrificial Virgins questions the safety of the HPV vaccine by illustrating that many individuals correlate the onset of a disability or the death of their daughter with the vaccine. Shenton questions medical professionals about the methodology of the HPV clinical trials and develops a case that further scientific research needs to be conducted to alleviate growing concern about the risks and benefits of the HPV vaccine.

Joan shenton

Joan Shenton

Joan Shenton, who wrote and narrated Sacrificial Virgins, said: “For the investigative journalism in Sacrificial Virgins to be recognised in such a way by the Watchdog Film Festival is incredibly rewarding. Investigative film-making, often done in the shadow of powerful commercial and political concerns that don’t want you to be heard, can be lonely and sometimes a little frightening. Professional appreciation, especially of such a calibre, touches our hearts, not least when we are told the awards include Best of the Festival.

She continued: “These awards go not only to us as film-makers but to the families of the medical victims we filmed, who every day are battling against extraordinary odds to make better lives for their disabled daughters and, in some cases, to find justice for the daughters who are no longer with them.

The films establish that there is no evidence that the HPV vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix, in guarding against HPV, will also protect against future onsets of cervical cancer because there is no scientific evidence that HPV actually causes such cancers. However, the films demonstrate plenty of evidence that, after receiving the vaccines, countless young women worldwide have experienced life-changing neurological damage. Yet these vaccines are pushed onto whole populations in many countries through national vaccination programmes. The important thing now is to stop the vaccination programmes until further research into the long term effects is evaluated.

Shenton concluded: “Our hope is that Sacrificial Virgins helps the combined efforts of campaigning and legal action in getting these drugs taken off the market until independent, ethically conducted research shows that the benefits properly outweigh the risks.

Sacrificial Virgins is on YouTube as a trilogy at .


Hans Litten

Posted by: M. Patrice | March 08, 2018 at 02:14 PM

I totally agree with your sentiment.

What is wrong with these people ?

M. Patrice

What is wrong with these people. This is such a sacrifice. More poisons for profit. Merck should be held for crimes against humanity.


See-Same stuff with different style of caps and cap badges ? At
Amazing Grace [2006 film] Ioan Gruffudd as William Wilberforce and Benidict Cumberbach as William Pitt the younger .
Amazing Grace Soundtrack - youtube Soundtrack ending of this film still relevant today. With a good pipe band and drums parade . A goosebump version of what is achieveable still today!
Make sure you know your own value and worth ,and it is certainly not getting sold for the price of a mandated,economically traded vaccination schedule and the rest of it eg Voixx whic was not fit to be on the Mercat place square, in the first place .

Hans Litten

I think this comic reply is worth more analysis :

Avicenna (aka comic genius or idiot - which is it ?)
1 day ago

Dear Exley
The Federal Drug Administration, FDA, is acutely aware of the required risk/benefit ratio needed for vaccines to be regarded as safe and effective.

They passed Gardasil on 30 000 trialmpatients closely observed and has ‘placebo’ patients with the aluminum adjuvant you wrongly demonize AND saline.

Bottom line aluminum and saline the same, active vaccine exceptionally safe and given to over 200M and counting.
Exley, the regulatory authorities keep a close eye and withdraw products with the slightest perceived problem.
Exley, are you related to Wakefield by any chance?


Here's one of the recent articles waxing lyrical about the elimination of cervical cancer in Australia in forty years from now. Professor Ian Frazer, the co-inventor of Gardasil, says that if one hundred percent of women participated in regular screening there would be no cervical cancer "even without the vaccine"...

So there it is, straight from the horse's mouth... In spite of the fanfare, even the inventor is saying - Gardasil is unnecessary and you can prevent a hundred percent of cancer without it.

(how did The Guardian let this slip through??? )


LOVE it!!

Laura Hayes

Thank you for this article, John.

Gary Ogden: I just posted the comment below to the HHS initiative, which you mentioned in your comment. I hope other AoA readers will comment, too.

"It is critically important to expand the categories put forth in this HHS initiative to also include the following groups: parents, adults, children, foster children, foster parents, caregivers, legal guardians, conservators, employees, and all military personnel. No person should be denied the right to file a complaint when their rights, freedoms, and conscience with regard to healthcare have been violated, including with regard to vaccination decisions.

It is a fundamental human right to decide what one does, or does not, allow into one's own body, and that of one's child. When one wants to decline or refuse any medical treatment or procedure, a simple "no thank you" should always suffice, without any government interference, coercion, cost, or penalty.

There can be no informed consent when medical mandates exist. The two are mutually exclusive. A society which calls itself "free" cannot have medical mandates of any sort."

Linda1: Thank you for the link to the Health Impact News article. I just left Sarah Dilley, MD, a lengthy voicemail expressing my horror at this HPV vaccine trial! I hope others will contact her, and the university, too!

Cait from Canada

Not only was Gardasil not tested against a true placebo, but the study protocol encouraged investigators to classify adverse events — particularly if they occurred outside the 2 week window following vaccination — as "NEW medical history". In other words, not connected to the vaccine.

Hans Litten

I will be contacting all 4 of these prize winners asking them for comment regarding the Professor Exley's brain revelations !

If these 4 are worth £250k each , Exley is worth 100M Sterling all day long .

Four dementia scientists have shared this year's 1m Euro brain prize for pivotal work that has changed our understanding of Alzheimer's disease.
Profs John Hardy, Bart De Strooper, Michael Goedert, based in the UK, and Prof Christian Haass, from Germany, unpicked key protein changes that lead to this most common type of dementia.
On getting the award, Prof Hardy said he hoped new treatments could be found.
He is donating some of his prize money to care for Alzheimer's patients.
Much of the drug discovery research that's done today builds on their pioneering work, looking for ways to stop the build-up of damaging proteins, such as amyloid and tau.
Alzheimer's and other dementias affect 50 million people around the world, and none of the treatments currently available can stop the disease.

Shelley Tzorfas

I have read that some babies are already born with HPV. It is through"Vertical Transmission." That puts the UNTESTED infant and child who already has HPV in their system at double jeopardy if they get the series of HPV injections where so many before them became Paralyzed or died from the shots. Why not force the vaccine makers to test every child, teen and young adult to see gif they already have the HPV? This is Logical. Vaccine makers do not want to foot-the -bill. They would rather have untold amounts of injuries, than have some inconvenience. The NYTIMES, LATIMES,LondonTimes seems to be in favor of vaccines no matter how many infants, babies, children, toddlers, teens, adults or seniors suffer paralysis, SIDS, SUDS, SADS, Seizures, auto-immune illnesses and deaths directly within hours of vaccines.


Thanks John ,this is so serious I'm left speechless apart from wanting to go "Cussin The Air Blue"
William Wilberforce put the evils of people herding in the merkat place square in his time to an end .
Is this is a modern day version of people herding through vaccine and prescription drug trafficking?
William wilberforce 1759--1833 said
Having heard all of this, you may choose to look the other way , but you can never again say you did not know .
Amazing Grace -Ending --youtube .


"At the Oscar ceremony we were told that we should listen to actresses who say they've been manhandled by Hollywood bigshots. And we certainly should listen (even if some of these protests are belated and hypocritical). But now the media tells us we should ignore, ridicule, or silence girls who have been crippled for life by the HPV vaccine. Perhaps we should start a new hatchtag: #MeTooGardasilCervarix. Then maybe people will start to realize that some Harvey Weinsteins wear white coats."

Now THERE'S a thought!!


A couple of days ago, I heard a story on the local NPR radio station. (I call NPR "National PROPAGANDA RADIO", because they are so blatantly biased in favor of PhRMA, who are major "underwriters", and funder$ of NPR....) The gist of the story was about how in Australia the whole HPV Vaxx campaign was going to (possibly) "eliminate HPV cancers".... and glowing reports about what a wonderful thing the HPV "jab" was.... It seems obvious to me, that the *timing* of that story was intended to coincide with the award mentioned above.
We truly ARE living in the times of FAKE NEWS.... Sad, really....


Gardasil, like most other vaccines did not have proper placebo controls.

They excluded all patients suffering from autoimmune disease then the Gardasil adjuvant was used as a placebo control.

This is fraudulent $cience. Everyone who has genetic vulnerability to adjuvants is excluded from the trials and then they compare the effects of a substance with the effects of the same substance.

A nonsensical design.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Ottoschnaut | March 06, 2018 at 07:34 AM

I fear the worst & that the Gardasil vaccine is a mass Sterilisation vaccine after having watched the documentary "Injecting Aluminium" .

And now because of all our excellent efforts their only course of action is to shut down the internet :

susan welch

Excellent post. Thank you John.

Gary Ogden

Thanks, John. No doubt the Australian government is having a fit, too. By the way, we have only 21 days left to make a public comment on the regulations to be written by the new Religious Freedom Division at Health and Human Services. Docket No. HHS-OCR-2018-002. They are amenable to adding vaccines to the regulations. See the Bolen Report, today's post, for easy entry to the comment portal.

Angus Files

Just digging through the vaccine patent web found this ...

"For the average medical consumer, if the bond between the DNA and aluminum were electrostatic, it would be much like when you rub a balloon against your head until the static electricity builds up to the point where you can stick the balloon to a wall. As you may have noticed, given a short period of time, the balloon loses the static electric charge and falls off the wall. This is much the same as a vaccine in which the bond between the antigen and adjuvant is electrostatic. Once the vaccine is injected, the recipient’s normal pH level reduces the electrostatic attraction making the antigen and adjuvant separate from each other.

On the other hand, if the bond between the DNA and aluminum is chemical, it is more like taking a blob of super-glue and sticking the balloon to the wall. In this instance, no one knows how long the bond will remain intact.

In light of this substantial difference, Dr. Lee concluded:"

Pharma For Prison


Jonathan Rose

At the Oscar ceremony we were told that we should listen to actresses who say they've been manhandled by Hollywood bigshots. And we certainly should listen (even if some of these protests are belated and hypocritical). But now the media tells us we should ignore, ridicule, or silence girls who have been crippled for life by the HPV vaccine. Perhaps we should start a new hatchtag: #MeTooGardasilCervarix. Then maybe people will start to realize that some Harvey Weinsteins wear white coats.


Thank you John for this excellent reporting. Amazing that these scientists are being ignored. I look forward to seeing this documentary.
Read yesterday that an Alabama hospital is going to start an HPV vaccine trial on postpartum women ages 16-26 because uptake is low and they need to figure out a way to get it into people so they're going to prey on the psychological vulnerability of women who have just given birth. I imagine they have no idea to what extent the vaccine will affect the newborn.

Angus Files

Merck playing ball with nobody, sending no samples of its adjuvant anywhere - well suppose... we,might want to make it at home for our own use acouple of drops each day.. NOT..... They call us anti-vaccination. I stop and wonder at the anti-humanisam of it all.If they want population control the killing and maiming in the worst wars in history pale into insignificance compared to vaccination.

HPV looks like its going to be Merck`s best maiming and killing machine to date.

Pharma For Prion



HPV shot is not a “cancer vaccine.” It’s a vaccine against HPV.
The HepB vaccine is not a “cancer caccine.” It is a vaccine against Hep B.
Calling the HPV shot a “cancer vaccine” is deliberate fraud- part of Offit’s playbook to not disclose it is a vaccine against an STD.
Does The Times even mention “std?” I can’t read behind the paywall...

bob moffit

"If you go onto the WHO Vigiaccess global database of adverse drug reactions for HPV vaccine you will find 305,014 adverse drug reactions in 83,396 reports including 445 deaths (including 23 sudden death), 1,052 neoplasms (including 168 cervical cancers and 25 carcinoma in situ), 460 cases of POTS and 144 cases of CRPS."

How public health officials of any country member of the WHO .. can WILLFULLY ignore the stunning statistics regarding "305,014 adverse drug reactions for HPV vaccines" .. is positively frightening.

In my opinion .. not only frightening .. also CRIMINAL.

After all, if those global public health officials thought for a moment the 305,014 innocent victims were suffering the ravages of a "disease" .. rather than a "vaccine" .. I suspect their reaction would be quite different than simply ignoring what scientific evidence clearly suggests "caused" them.

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