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Did Chinese Scientists Find Autism’s Missing Puzzle Piece?

Medium 404This post by JB Handley is no longer available on the Medium.com site. However, the WayBack Machine has crawled and archived it.  Ain't technology grand? Medium site. Small tolerance for content that doesn't appease the pharma gods. Thanks to Adriana G. for finding this post on WayBack. K

Did Chinese scientists find autism’s missing puzzle piece?

BY J.B. HANDLEY February 22, 2017

Scientists appear to be far closer to explaining the mechanisms of action within the body that cause autism. Most of the research that has created this understanding has been published in the last 36 months, and largely from international scientists in Canada, France, Israel, and China. Four clear, replicable, and related discoveries explaining how autism is triggered are forming an undeniably clear picture of autism’s causation, and possibly ways to alleviate the symptoms, too.

PASADENA, California — When Caltech scientist Dr. Paul Patterson passed away in 2014, I had little appreciation that he had triggered a chain of events over the course of his career that may now provide a clear and unambiguous explanation of how and why my son developed autism back in 2004. Knowing exactly how my son’s autism was caused is incredibly important to my wife and I, because the more information we have about causation, the more chance we have to do something about it, and perhaps recover my son from an affliction now impacting 1 in 48 American kids.

What you’re about to read is the product of more than two dozen very recent peer-reviewed published scientific studies, with really no original thought by me. I’m a businessman and a father, but what follows is a “grand theory of autism” so complete and well-supported that I think it deserves the attention of every member of the autism community. When the totality of this explanation became clear to me, not only did my jaw hit the floor, but I was immediately consumed with thoughts about how this clear explanation might impact the way we treat our son’s autism, and I hope it does the same for you and perhaps your doctor as well. What I’m certain of is that this “grand theory” needs to be heavily debated, and I hope by putting it in the public realm I help move it along that path. (I’m indebted to an anonymous scientist who runs a website called Vaccine Papers, where many of these insights came from. I will quote VP throughout this piece, referring to VP as “VP.” I highly recommend you read the totality of his website, where the explanations are far more scientific than what you will read here.)

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the final piece of this puzzle came from China. I’ve listened closely to the stories of American scientists wanting to study autism and complaining that any studies that are even remotely controversial are nearly impossible to fund or get approved. As you will see, Chinese scientists do not appear to have that same constraint. In a way, many American, Canadian, and French scientists have pioneered a pretty clear picture of how autism is caused, and the Chinese helped tie it all together. That’s at least my interpretation, please make your own judgment.

Discovery #1: “Maternal Immune Activation” can cause autism

Caltech’s Dr. Paul Patterson

While Dr. Patterson’s passing wasn't something I was aware of at the time, it was certainly recognized by the scientific community, of which his obituary from Caltech explains in great detail. Dr. Patterson’s “research focused on interactions between the nervous and immune systems — a connection that was not universally acknowledged in the early days of neuroscience” explains his obituary, “he became intrigued by epidemiological studies that had linked a severe viral or bacterial infection during pregnancy with the increased risk of a woman giving birth to a child with a neurodevelopmental disorder such as schizophrenia or autism. Patterson and his coworkers reproduced this human effect in mice using a viral mimic that triggers an infection-like immune response in the mother, producing in the offspring the core behavioral symptoms associated with autism and schizophrenia.”

In 2006, Dr. Patterson introduced his complex understanding of the interaction between the immune system and neurodevelopment through an excellent article in the Engineering & Science journal, titled Pregnancy, Immunity, Schizophrenia, and Autism. I hope you’ll take the time to read this for yourself, Dr. Patterson does a great job of explaining his discovery to the uninitiated, it’s really a seminal work. Here’s a quote:

“As we learn more about the connections between the brain and the immune system, we find that these seemingly independent networks of cells are, in fact, continually talking to each other. As an adult, the activation of your immune system causes many striking changes in your behavior — increased sleep, loss of appetite, less social interaction — and, of course, headaches. Conversely, stress in your life (as perceived by your brain) can influence immune function — the brain regulates immune organs, such as the spleen, via the autonomic nervous system.

Recent evidence shows that this brain-immune conversation actually starts during the development of the embryo, where the state of the mother’s immune system can alter the growth of cells in the fetal brain. As we shall see, such alterations can lead to an increased risk of schizophrenia or autism in the offspring.”

Are you with me so far? Basically, what Dr. Patterson is saying is that if a pregnant mother gets sick (virus, bacteria) while pregnant — an event that “activates” her immune system — that activation can impact the neurodevelopment (how exactly the brain is constructed) of her fetus, potentially leading to neurological problems after birth. Dr. Patterson took this explanation a step further, explaining that the brains of people with autism reflect the immune system activation that took place, even decades later, as he cites valuable work being done at Johns Hopkins:

Read the rest here at The WayBack Machine.



What took them so long? Ramble me this @FredriChopin. Handley, Rossi, Stone - y'all got my back right?


Jeanette Bishop
Mike Adams the Health Ranger's stuff was taken off by the gobs on U tube, he is in big trouble with the thought police too.

He was recently on Del Bigtree's "HighWire". They were thinking that instead of googling U tube or the such that they - Well I am not sure what they were suggesting, but it was something different?

Does anyone know?.


If Hotez is talking about the Courchesne study when he writes, "a vaccine given in the first year of life could not possibly cause a total reorganization of the brain architecture, it just defies reason,” then he's misstating the authors' conclusion. What they wrote was: "In conclusion, we identified discrete patches of disorganized cortex in the majority of postmortem samples obtained from young autistic children that we examined.

"Total reorganization" is probably not what the authors mean by "discrete patches of disorganization."

Jeannette Bishop

A lot of censorship and "technological failures" (of various sites and topics, various youTube channels, various methods of interference) have been happening in March. What's to come in April?

Recently released recordings of Twitter execs talking about implementing shadow banning those expressing views they don't approve of has me looking at some online anomalies differently.

I used to just see some of my comments on youTube simply disappear when I log out, especially comments in prominent discussion threads on vaccine issues. Now, that doesn't appear to happen on my computer, but I really have no idea what others can see (and no reason to think youTube, or maybe outside interferers, have suddenly become all for open dialog). I do see reasons to suspect there is more sophisticated software manipulating things (not quite perfectly yet--I've seen replies disappear, someone replied to me twice indicating that their first reply "just went poof" and I suspect it was my comment that was actually the "poof"-worthy one, and I've received "replies" that seem to belong to another comment thread... but most of the time I just get the company of a couple of trolls--who knows if they're human trolls or not--with little sign anyone else is reading, thumbing up or down anything I do).

I also now see short videos put out about a new vaccine in the works, or pushing the flu shot, something current on the vaccine topic, and see a train of lamely positive comments that have to be either from bots or people incentivized somehow to briefly post something positive with no indication they are even aware or barely aware of the topic of the video ("this is great!" "good news!" "check this out!" "so very important" "exciting!" "liked!"...). I'm leaning towards the bots idea though, and I think this is a practice that could also easily become more sophisticated.

The demonetizing by youTube of sites or select videos that voice opinions they want to silence probably should have been a jumping off point for me (a private venture can do that if they are up front about it IMO, one profiting from a taxpayer funded, government managed resource as arguably many the major corporations are now...?). The practice of shadow banning really crosses a line for me. This attitude that one can deceptively provide a limited "social media experience," a manipulated social experience, while still marketing and data mining those using their sites they obviously view as little more than resource fodder, truly part of a herd they get to steer and manage and secretly or overtly mute them at their discretion, using them to attract sponsors, manipulating their experience to see if they can manipulate behaviors, marginalize the viewpoints they and their friends want to censor, literally working to trick and stampede people into harming themselves and others in the case of vaccination particularly...to me, it just feels immoral to use or participate in these sites in any way that facilitates what they do and where they aim to take things.

How can we get above board media platforms, secured against outside manipulation too?

Angus Files

"using a viral mimic that triggers an infection-like immune response in the mother, producing in the offspring the core behavioral symptoms associated with autism and schizophrenia."

Probably the al in the dose... oops! the public are not meant to know Chop.


adjuvants potentiate the immune response, thereby ensuring the potency and efficacy of typically sparingly available antigen. Their concomitant critical importance in ...

Pharma For Prison


cherry Misra

I dont think it is worthwhile to speak to Dr. Peter Hotez. What can one say to a person who wants to imagine the human brain as having "architecture" , as compared to biochemical functioning.
Thanks for the your great effort and for providing us so much useful material . but what overwhelms the mind is the realization that all this knowledge could have remained of scientific interest only, if doctors, in their arrogance had not paused for one second to think that tampering to such an extent with human bodies could have terrible consequences. Or is it the human greed more than the arrogance; here we go again .


How disappointing that articles citing peer reviewed, already published information are being censored.
Maybe AofA should consider adding an easy "print" mechanism to the site so that people can more readily preserve history while these invisible influencers do their best to rewrite it. Seems reckless to depend on the way back machine, as if it can't also be breached. Granted I have no technological proclivities so I don't know what it probable or not.

Frederic Chopin

Man that is a rambling mess.

susan welch

Thank you so much for this. It is an excellent article and great that it can now be used, despite the abhorrent censorship from Medium Glad, though, that JB will be finding another, safer, platform.

Hopefully all the new trolls (haters) on the #saidnomother campaign, together with the increasing censorship of any of our truth, means that we are having an impact and they are beginning to panic.

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