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College Paper by James Potthast, Adult with Low Verbal Autism: “Attaining the Information of the World”

Hope dandelionOur son James who is 18, has significant impairment from his vaccine induced autism. He fights a dysfunctional body everyday and I wish everyday that it didn't have to be so hard. But RPM the teaching method that gave James communication has changed his life. Hopefully any AoA reader has already heard about it but its good to be reminded and this essay will inform some of you about what the journey from silence to communication has been. He wrote it for his community college english class. The class was supposed to explore how they get and process information. A different question for someone with autism! Brooke Potthast

By James Potthast

English 112-003N

James Potthast

January 19, 2018

Information Literacy Narrative

“Attaining the Information of the World”

            My current environment stimulates and allows me to continue growing in my information literacy. I have a multitude of resources for receiving and sharing information. I am a college student, I listen to audiobooks and podcasts, I write a quarterly newsletter, I have a personal blog, and I often listen intently to those around me. I consider myself to be information literate. I am able to listen and process information presented to me in a variety of formats. I pride myself in the speed at which I can auditorily process information. However, all of this did not happen overnight. My journey from prisoner to college student is one of struggle in finding ways to access, use, and understand information.  

            Almost five years ago, I had very limited access to information, no ability to use the information I possessed, and was not being taught to understand what I heard daily. I have Autism and I am nonverbal. For this reason, I was denied access to information that I was presumed not to know or be able to understand. My learning consisted mostly of matching and repeating patterns. Then, one day my parents took me to meet and work with Soma Mukhopadhyay, and Autism and education specialist. I remember being taught a lesson about planes. I felt empowered by the fact someone felt I could understand a middle school lesson. I was asked questions to show my comprehension. Using a stencil board with the alphabet on it, I answered each question correctly. Everyone was surprised I could spell, and even more shocked I processed all of the information that was given to me. This day changed my life. I was given the opportunity to access information for the first time, and was able to express my understanding of that material. My shackles had finally been removed and using a letter board was the key that would allow me to freely explore the world.

            After this discovery, my parents decided that learning with a homeschool program would be best for me. A few months later, I became a homeschool student. I vividly remember meeting my teacher, Shannon. I thought she was so smart. I asked myself on many occasions if I would be able to work for a whole school day. At times, I needed breaks. The transition from not being able to communicate the thoughts in my mind to having an organized school day full of educational input was overwhelming at times. I would get tired easily, and get frustrated with myself for not being able to point at the letters as easily I wanted to. This process helped me build resilience as a learner. Now I was able to learn at my grade level. I had the opportunity of accessing the meaningful information that I always wanted.

            During this time and for the next year, I was also continuing to meet with Soma and mastering the use of my letter board. I worked on accuracy, fluency, and my teacher was also getting intense training. I was at the point where I could easily communicate my answers based on a structured lesson. I began to feel more and more confident in my communication skills using my letter board.  The letter board truly gave me a voice. Now, I was ready to use my voice to express my thoughts and feelings. When Soma first asked me an open ended question, I was nervous and excited. As she asked, “How do you feel about your parents?” I had never felt more empowered. I spelled out, “Mommy, I love you. Dad, thank you for being my best friend.” The words resonated as if they had come out of my mouth. At this moment I realized the impact I could have on others. My relationship with information had evolved from access and understanding to use and meaningfulness. I could add a personality to my voice and share emotions not just answer questions. The world was beginning to open up.

            By the summer of 2014, I had been homeschooled for a year and I was truly confident in using my board. I felt a significant connection to the world. Not only could I communicate and share information that I have learned and analyzed, but my mom had started a blog,, that helped me feel even more connected to others. She posted about my progress and also some of my essays. I felt like I was actually connecting with other people. One day that summer, my parents had a construction crew working on a project at our house. As I came out of my classroom and into the commotion of the kitchen, I heard several conversations and noises all at once. While my mom was busy in her own conversation, she noticed I was chuckling to myself, almost holding back a full belly laugh. She asked me what was so funny, so I decided to be honest and share. I spelled “the workers outside are having a conversation about you”. I couldn’t stop laughing. My mom joined me, but was also amazed that I understood their conversation because they only spoke Spanish. I didn’t realize I had picked up an auditory understanding of the language. Over time, I heard it spoken around me and learned along the way. What was most exciting for me was the ability to share a funny moment with my mom. I told her what I was thinking and she laughed with me. My personality was something I was going to be able to share along with my intellect.

            Just about a year ago, I began a new journey in my relationship with information. After three years of being in a homeschool program, which allowed me to learn many study and writing skills, I decided to become a dual enrollment student at Northern Virginia Community College. I knew there would be some challenges, but I was eager to continue my journey towards independence. Navigating my college experience is definitely a step in my path. My very first class was Introduction to Psychology. I had some anxiety as I sat in my first college class. The buzz of conversations and the feeling I was being stared at caused me to feel overwhelmed at times. However, my communication assistant helped me through it, offering me some tough love at times, and I was able to not only finish that class but four other classes since then. I am now eager to continue learning how to use the information I am given to best serve me and those around me. College has allowed me to look at information and school through a different lens.

            As a thirteen year old trapped in my own mind, I did not think I would be able to access information at will. I thought I would always have to teach myself from what I could overhear. The letter board has been the key to my freedom and my teachers have been invaluable in showing my how to use all of the information I learn in a meaningful way. I have become information literate because of my experiences and the guidance I have received. All of the knowledge I have come across is useless without meaningful application. I may have gotten a late start, but I am doing my best at taking advantage of my opportunities.



Thank you James for sharing with us. I am in awe. You are amazing.


Great stuff ! very happy to hear about this .
An open landsape ahead, with learning opportunities ,right left and centre to be explored and enjoyed .
" All the best "
Runrig - News from Heaven -youtube

Ken S

Great stuff!!

Thank you for sharing your epic, heroic saga.

Looking forward to more,

John Stone


I don't think anything has been cleared up in the sense that you mean. As above the charges seem to relate to whether Gatti and Montanari made money out of the use of the microscope. Why this should entail the removal of all their scientific records, which prevents Gatti from testifying in court cases is certainly at issue. It is not surprising Montanari was confused.

Angus Files


Pharma For Prison


Jeannette Bishop

James, thank you for writing about this. It's clear that you have some amazing talents that were locked up for a very long time and also that you have worked very hard to now be able to relay your experience and insights.


James you are brilliant! Thank you for sharing this!


James, how inspiring!! I'm so happy for you.

Sharon Kistler

I find this story so inspiring and heart-warming. Thank you so much for sharing. We can all learn and apply to our unique situations. I have a son in his late twenties who was high-functioning until he was misdiagnosed in the psychiatric world (around age 20) and put on a sinister combination of psych meds. But he is now on his healing journey, gradually tapering. I have great optimism for the return of Doug. And your story inspires me!

Hans Litten

VICTORY - I love it (come on Italy, follow suit and put Beatrice the Thief in her place)

God Bless Florida

After a deluge of vaccine bills threatening to strip health freedom flooded the FL legislature earlier this year, the concerted efforts of grassroots activists and independent media emerged victorious with all 4 bills now officially withdrawn and defeated.


What an incredible story - so well expressed, and very moving. James, I'm impressed with your determination and intellect. The fact that you just picked up Spanish to the point of being able to translate it when hearing it spoken is absolutely incredible. You saw the humor while I'm sure your mother saw even greater depth in your ability to understand the world around you. I wonder if you've ever tried an iPad in addition to your letter board - to aid in communication.

Hans Litten

This article should have been titled :

"This day changed my life"

Superb marvellous wonderful ......

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