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Beatrice Lorenzin Put at the Head of Global Vaccine Strategy at White House in 2014


By John Stone

According to an Italian government press release Italy and its recent health minister, Beatrice Lorenzin, were placed at the head of global vaccine strategy at a meeting at the White House in September 2014. Lorenzin has figured prominently these columns for some months for having struck a deal with GSK for inward investment, including a likely agreement about vaccine mandates, for dirty tactics against proponents of choice, and for having made up a completely fictitious story about 270 child deaths from measles in London in pursuit of her vaccine strategy. Presently she is at the center of allegations of electoral fraud. The text of the release reads:

Italy leader for vaccination strategies worldwide Press release 387


Washington, 29 September 2014 - Italy will lead vaccination strategies and campaigns in the world over the next five years. This was decided by the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) held last Friday at the White House. Our country, represented by the Minister of Health Beatrice Lorenzin, accompanied by the President of the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) prof. Sergio Pecorelli, has been commissioned by the Summit of 40 Countries, at which also spoke US President Barack Obama.

"It is an important scientific and cultural recognition to Italy, especially at this time when hostile attitudes against vaccines are growing - said Prof. Pecorelli - We need to intensify information campaigns in Europe, where anti-vaccination phenomena are growing. This is an operation that Italy intends to conduct with the active involvement of all the players, including the Universities. To prevent the spread of diseases that have been eradicated for some time in Western countries and which, in addition to the dramatic impact they have on avoidable deaths and diseases, impose significant costs on health systems ".

"On the topic of health we must strengthen international cooperation - said Minister Lorenzin - The theme of vaccines will be one of the priorities during the Italian semester of the European Presidency. Our country is at the center of the Mediterranean area and the many international crises have led to massive new migratory flows. Controls should be strengthened against reemerging endemic diseases such as polio, tuberculosis, meningitis or measles. If we want to avoid the collapse of the Old European health systems we must strengthen the vaccination processes for all people living in Europe. Italy, through the Mare Nostrum operation, has carried out over 80,000 health checks in recent months. We already have enough experience to coordinate prevention campaigns against new possible epidemics ".

"But Italy's commitment to this campaign - continued Pecorelli - in favor of vaccination will also be implemented with the involvement of the universities, starting from important experiences already gained with the Health 10+ project, promoted by Healthy Foundation in two Regions, Lombardy and Veneto. Initiative that now will extend to 7 other regions, going to junior high schools to talk to children (and teachers) about correct lifestyles and vaccinations. The project will be presented on 3 November in Rome, during the meeting on vaccination policies promoted by the Ministry of Health and AIFA as part of the events of the Italian Presidency semester "

It is, of course, a strategy not about the advancement of good medical practice but the suppression of informed medical consent, any research critical of the vaccine program and of legitimate free speech.  It promotes the benefits of the vaccine program and the fear of infectious disease beyond any rational level - Italy introduced emergency health laws without any emergency, while becoming the prototype for the rest of Europe. And it all goes back to the White House and President Obama.  

Photo shows (from the left) Ranieri Guerra, Italian Embassy Scientific Councillor in Washington, AIFA President Sergio Pecorelli, Bill Corr US Undersecretary for Human Health Services (HHS), Italian Health Secretary Beatrice Lorenzin, and Italian Deputy Ambassador in Washington, Minister Luca Franchetti.

This is the Italian text:

Washington, 29 settembre 2014 – L’Italia guiderà nei prossimi cinque anni le strategie e le campagne vaccinali nel mondo. È quanto deciso al Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) che si è svolto venerdì scorso alla Casa Bianca. Il nostro Paese, rappresentato dal Ministro della Salute Beatrice Lorenzin, accompagnata dal Presidente dell’Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco (AIFA) prof. Sergio Pecorelli, ha ricevuto l’incarico dal Summit di 40 Paesi cui è intervenuto anche il Presidente USA Barack Obama.

“È un importante riconoscimento scientifico e culturale all’Italia, soprattutto in questo momento in cui stanno crescendo atteggiamenti ostili contro i vaccini – ha dichiarato il prof. Pecorelli - Dobbiamo intensificare le campagne informative in Europa, dove sono in crescita fenomeni anti vaccinazioni. Si tratta di un’operazione che l’Italia intende condurre con il coinvolgimento attivo di tutti gli attori, incluse le Università. Per prevenire la diffusione di malattie da tempo eradicate nei paesi occidentali e che, oltre all’impatto drammatico che hanno su decessi e patologie evitabili, impongono costi rilevanti ai sistemi sanitari”.

“Sul tema della salute dobbiamo rafforzare la cooperazione internazionale - ha affermato il Ministro Lorenzin - Il tema dei vaccini sarà una delle  priorità durante il semestre italiano di Presidenza Europea.  Il nostro Paese si trova al centro dell’area mediterranea e le molte crisi internazionali hanno portato a nuovi imponenti flussi migratori. È necessario rafforzare i controlli nei confronti di malattie endemiche riemergenti come polio, tubercolosi, meningite o morbillo. Se vogliamo evitare il collasso dei sistemi sanitari del Vecchio Continente dobbiamo rafforzare i processi di vaccinazione verso tutte le persone che vivono in Europa. L’Italia, attraverso l’operazione Mare Nostrum, ha svolto oltre 80.000 controlli sanitari negli ultimi mesi. Abbiamo già sufficiente esperienza per coordinare campagne di prevenzione contro nuove possibili epidemie”.

“Ma l’impegno dell’Italia per questa campagna – ha proseguito Pecorelli – a favore della vaccinazioni si realizzerà anche con il coinvolgimento degli atenei, partendo da importanti esperienze già maturate con il progetto Salute 10+, promosso da Healthy Foundation in due Regioni, Lombardia e Veneto. Iniziativa che ora si estenderà in altre 7 Regioni, andando nelle scuole medie a parlare ai ragazzi (e ai docenti) di corretti stili di vita e vaccinazioni. Il progetto sarà presentato il 3 novembre a Roma, nel corso dell'incontro sulle politiche vaccinali promosso da Ministero Salute e AIFA nell'ambito degli eventi del semestre di presidenza italiana". 

 John Stone is UK/Europe Editor for Age of Autism.


Davide Suraci

In Italy, at this time, doesn't exist a party antivax. The coalition (M5S, LN) that won the elections betrayed the expectations of voters who were made to believe that they would eliminate mandatory vaccinations.


anti vax parties won italian elections

Hans Litten

There is an elephant in the room ! Del isn't what ?
So is Beatrice Lorenzin a doctor ? a scientist ? is Beatrice anything except a scoundrel ?


Del Bigtree is not a scientist
March 16, 2018 / vaccinesworkblog

On October 12, 2017, Del Bigtree, a former producer of the television talk show, The Doctors, producer of the film Vaxxed, and founder of something called the Informed Consent Action Network (ICANDecide), sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) wherein he outlined what he perceives as their “failure of HHS to conduct the proper science required to demonstrate vaccine safety.” This letter accuses HHS of everything from ignoring vaccine risks to not doing proper safety testing.

John Stone


Yes, it would not surprise me if Rutherford was involved in some way - I though at first it was BBC Radio 4, which leads straight to Rutherford rather than the TV channel BBC4. But whatever, it is somewhat less high profile than if it was on BBC1 or 2. It may be that an independent documentary maker has sold it to the BBC, rather than it being one of their regular science or current affairs programmes.

susan welch

John, Thanks very much for the info/links in your post. Not sure why this documentary has been made, but I am very suspicious, especially in view of the fact that one of the presenters is Dr Hannah Fry. Dr Fry is a mathematician and last year she had a programme on Radio 4 with Dr Adam Rutherford (The Curious Cases of Rutherford and Fry).

Could the government, with help from BBC, be trying to reinforce the vaccine programme because of the increase in vaccine hesitancy? If so, the odious AR would be delighted, I'm sure.

Just a thought

John Stone


Thanks for this - of course one the greatest worries in all this is scientist created superbugs. We remember the hyping last decade of first avian flu, and then swine flu to the advantage of the industry. Both, of course, were farragos. We were told avian flu was going to wipe out half the planet by the Chief Medical Officer, Sir Liam Donaldson, and we were told there was no chance of it crossing the species barrier by Sir David King, the Chief Government Scientist (who was of course right). Oddly enough, although both gentlemen were reported in the media, the media never reported that there was major dispute going on. As we saw with the swine flu nonsense the ability to create a safe and effective vaccine at a moment's notice (or any kind of effective flu vaccine) was absurd, irrespective of whether you had manufacturing capacity). I note my letter only yesterday to BMJ yesterday which quoted infectious disease expert Tom Jefferson:

"Improving the quality of evidence is desperately needed as shown by the scores of examples of clinical trials that have been abandoned or distorted that have come to light in the last decade. Pandemic planning also requires some rethinking as the millions of pounds spent on a dubious pandemic with equally dubious fixes has shown. The close space of time of these “revolving doors” makes me wonder whether the government has objectively and properly overseen the decision making which has led to such important public positions being filled by senior industry figures. Can one walk away from leading industry, or rubbing shoulders with it, and perform an important public health function with impartiality? HM Government seems to think so, but if you are unsure (as I am) you may be given pause for thought."




I also remember an absolutely hair-raising BBC Horizon documentary 2006-7 about how avian flu was going to wipe us all out - it was trailed on TV for weeks ahead.

I am not sure that pandemic planning is itself a stupidity but it does not help if the industry if the pharma lobby hi-jack the agenda. Jefferson also noted of the appointment of Jonathan van Tam:

"Last but not least, another academic with extensive ties to industry over influenza and pandemic planning (and another ex-employee of GSK, Roche and Aventis Pasteur MSD), Jonathan Van Tam has been appointed Deputy Chief Medical Officer responsible for emergency preparedness and pandemic planning. This is a similarly senior position which holds great power and will potentially involve committing huge quantities of taxpayers’ money to projects preparing for future emergencies, which may or may not come about. It is also a very delicate role as the amount of lobbying and corporate pressure applied on governments before the 2009 influenza pandemic shows."


susan welch

John Stone - sorry not related to this post, but wanted to alert you and other UK readers to the following:

Next Thursday, 22nd March at 9.00pm on BBC 4 'Contagion! The BBC4 Pandemic'

'Greatest risk to British society, according to the Government, is a flu pandemic. Don't worry, the BBC is here to help' The crit. from Radio Times then goes on to explain that the idea of the BBC project is to find out 'where best to target vaccination'. Then goes on to say 'It's public broadcasting at its best'

There you have it - the BBC, with the help of government propaganda, has created a project that will save the UK from a flu pandemic that would have killed a huge percentage of the population. Aren't we lucky!

Jeannette Bishop

Re military readiness, I believe many war (and other aspects of "life") policy drivers are looking to technology like drones and robotics and AI for the future. I don't know how many fully able-bodied men or women, relatively able to think for themselves especially, they feel they will need to keep things going the way they are accustomed (or maybe better in their minds), in the future, and I don't know how much opposition to speeding such agendas they face.

Probably related to this issue, trillions of dollars are unaccounted for in just DoD and HUD alone:


I think all we can say we know is that reversing and preventing vaccine injury for the majority has not been and is probably still not among the expensive agendas that some believe we do not need to be bothered knowing about.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Hera | March 12, 2018 at 01:02 AM
The strongest comment I have read in quite sometime !

I recommend you have read Vaccine A by Gary Matsumoto.
Maybe you already have.


It is kind of ironic though that vaccine injury is already decimating the military.
When career military have their children or themselves injured, then where will the next military generation come from?
Long term military members with all their experience and knowledge leave the military because they realize their is no protection from repeated vaccine injury. If you look at my husbands military chart, the vaccine injury wasn't even listed, because it is something most military doctors know is better ignored than written down. Our younger sons chart has no mention of the anthrax vaccine that husband received, even though they asked us to list pre birth environmental health exposures that might have caused his birth defects. Any thing else, they were willing to write; anthrax, too hot politically to write down.
So, there is no paper trail showing what is happening; just people quietly leaving the military, quietly telling their families and friends not to join, quietly telling their kids to find a different career;family after family after family, quietly getting injured, and quietly leaving the military for good.
Willingness to die for your country is one thing; willingness to be poisoned for no reason by your country is something different, and we are already seeing that the military has already had to lower its health standards for recruiting.
Probably the only thing that could actually help would be acknowledgement of vaccine injury, and giving the right to refuse vaccines to the military members. In the past, having these massive numbers of vaccines never needed as a requirement to fire a gun or get on a boat or a submarine.
I think the idea that is is only effecting a few unfortunate individuals is completely wrong; what would be more accurate is that the military is trying their best to hide from the huge scope of the problem.
I suspect every individual has a vaccine tipping point; my husband was fit, healthy, did fine with multiple vaccinations, until finally he was given one too many, and then he started reacting badly to most toxins in his environment ( he even started being allergic to weed killer)
Basically, saturating troops with vaccines and other toxic medicines until they reach chronic illness point,not recording the bad reactions, and then wondering why the military has retention problems; a recipe for disaster that the military has created for itself.


Hi Francis,
The sad thing is that a public discussion of vaccines is probably going to help military readiness. Speaking as a military wife;
My husband as with all active duty members had no right to refuse any vaccine. There was no choice of deployable/non deployable; refusing a vaccine was punishable by court martial.
So, repeated vaccine injury can only be avoided by leaving the military.
My husband had a reaction to one vaccine that left him allergic to his own sweat for 6 months. He got fatigued much more easily; there was no way to protect him from more reactions without leaving the military, and at that point his health had already been damaged.
Our son was born with multiple disabilities; military members aren't stupid, and after realizing that birth defects tended to occur in families where the military members had been forced to take the anthrax vaccine, the chiefs started quietly warning their men not to plan on having children soon after the vaccine. How many more people left the military because they knew they could be forced to have a potential birth defect causing vaccine, or forced to suffer through any of the other autoimmune issues that came for many with the anthrax vaccine?
My older son would most likely have followed his father, grand father and great grandfather into the military, but we all advised against it, because of the vaccines.
Meanwhile, another multi generation military family friend of ours, who would have been career military, is now being medically discharged, because following the tender medical care of the military, which of course included multiple vaccines, he has suddenly in his thirties developed autoimmune ( type 1 ) diabetes and is now insulin dependent.
it is of course possible to hush up the statistical likelyhood of injury from vaccines by using clever statistical numbers games, but hiding the reality of injury from the people experiencing it; fancy words don't make their injuries go away, nor do they engender trust in the people who caused the injuries, then tried to pretend they didn't.

Aimee Doyle

@Francis -

I understand the importance of military readiness, but I think with education, Republican Congressmembers and Senators can be made aware of the autism epidemic and the impact of that epidemic on every sector of our society. If the MIT Professor who predicted a 1 in 2 autism rate by 2025 is correct, there won't be anyone left to go into the military.

Angus Files

Another thing hes not doing is telling people to get the flu vaccine like many World leaders Presidents before him...oh! how they are annoyed!


Pharma For Prison


bob moffit



Francis Weibel

"Republicans are in control in Congress right now - they control the House and the Senate, and key committees, like the Government Oversight Committee. Why aren't they doing anything?"

The answer is: a public discussion of vaccines and autism will negatively impact military troop readiness, and Republicans (like most Americans) put a greater value on military readiness than on preventing the suffering of a few (powerless) individuals.

A public discussion of vaccine safety would result in:
* fewer individuals signing up for the armed services.
* fewer service members re-enlisting resulting in the loss of irreplaceable experience
* more service members refusing vaccines (and thereby being undeployable).
* troops unable to deploy because of (deployable) troop shortages.
* ships stuck in port because of troop shortages.
* the armed services lowering their standards for enlistment of new enlistees.
* pressure on the government to raise troop salaries and go further into debt.

We need to recognize the role military readiness has on the public discussion of vaccine safety.

Aimee Doyle

Very disappointed that Trump has done squat on the autism issue - in fact with his appointments to HHS, FDA, and CDC (pro-vaxxers all) he's simply ignored the epidemic and made it worse.

And it's not just Trump. Republicans are in control in Congress right now - they control the House and the Senate, and key committees, like the Government Oversight Committee. Why aren't they doing anything? They could hold hearings anytime they wanted to. Why hasn't Republican Bill Posey publicized the whistleblower documents? He could put them on his website, he could talk to colleagues in the House, he could discuss it at town halls with his constituents.

I think the IACC frustrates me the most. What a waste of government funds! Why isn't the Government Oversight Committee looking into this? The Government Accountability Office did an analysis a number of years ago...and crickets.

Autism increased under Clinton's watch, increased under Bush's watch, increased under Obama's watch, and is now increasing under Trump's watch.

Perhaps it's time to quit hoping for Presidential action and focus on Congress for a while. It seems the party in control of things should be doing more.

david m burd

From For all: "Trump better stop this disaster that is, after all, the very health and heart of the nation." Well said.

Every day, over 5,500 American babies and children are permanently damaged, ruined, or killed by the Children Immunization Schedule pushed by CDC and their acolytes, and by U.S.automaton "pediatricians" fulfilling their "Well Baby" visits' dogmatic vaccination quotas.

Over 5,500 every day; derived from 50%, of a typical 4,000,000 (million) babies born every year.

Every day, 5,500 more American children now need a lifetime of medical care, this day, the next, and the next; I need not list all these tragic conditions, as we all know what they are, as typed into the CDC ledgers every day, every week, every year.


Political Pharma Policies fur Prison!
Reminds me of a Glasgow street song we used to sing at " The bad yins" the "Bullys" in the school playground.
There is a happy land .
down in Duke Street Jail,
where all the prisoners stand,
tied to a nail.
Bread and watter fur their tea ,
ham and eggs they never see
dirty watter fur yer tea
There they live in misery
God Save The Queen!
Adam Mc Naughton- Duke Street Jail. Song - youtube
If the Jails get too full up ,there's a couple of North Sea Oil Platforms currently out of use .
Residents could walk bacwards in a circular fashion ,in aa sunwise direction all day long if they so wish ,with plenty of fresh air and sunlight to aid their Corrective Lifestyle mentality , and vaccine hygiene delusions "
I worked in Dachau General Hospital in the early 1980's .I have seen the big reference books In the ward dr's office, with all the photo's which were not in the Dachau correction halls [ concentration camps ] visitor centre . well there was not a sign up on the wall saying "Verboten" "Forbidden Books"
Once looked at , never forgotten! The staff were great staff to work with as well. I dread to think what they are thinking about the current health and social care climate . I'm gessing the colour will be draining from their faces, at the very thought of it !


Although many of the 'powers that be' must be sociopaths, they can't all be. For those that know, but do nothing, they must be living under a permanent cloud.


Yes, unfortunately they can all be sociopaths.

There is no other explanation for how any human being, can knowingly do this to innocent, defenseless children.

For all

Susan, yes what a complete disappointment Obama was. Autism increased many, many times under his watch. I remember seeing a town hall meeting where he addressed someone in the audience about autism. He *seemed* genuine. What a let down, especially after the congressional hearings!
Trump better stop this disaster that is, after all, the very health and heart of the nation. We already are unable to hide the high numbers affecting the school and social services systems. We will not be able to scrape a decent army together. Surely Trump understands this as an economic disaster. I pray somebof the other big issues get dealt with soon, so that his attention can focus on child health. Woe to any who would keep denying their plight.

Angus Files

Very true John, she`s a very suitable candidate for most political party these days..what happened to beyond public scrutiny which was the old standard .Party Perfect ,is what Hitler started of with evolving to his plan for a master race, its scary to think that many of the Pharma players today are the descendants of the Hitler strategists for his master plan.

She makes excuses for the crimes committed that she sees and asks for more crimes to be committed via more mandated vaccines by coercion more like Pharma Political Psychopath Party.

Great article.

Pharma For Prison



"Initiative that now will extend to 7 other regions, going to junior high schools to talk to children (and teachers) about correct lifestyles and vaccinations. "

Notice "junior" high, not high school. Get them while they're young. High school age might be old enough to know better. Teaching "correct lifestyles". Would love to see that curriculum.

Great journalism John. Thanks again.

susan welch

Well said, John.

How much longer can they use propaganda to cover up the truth? When will people realise that the science is on our side and that pro-vaccine promoters will never have a discussion with any of our experts? Obviously they cannot, because they would lose hands down.

And yet still the majority of people believe them. The power of propaganda is very difficult to penetrate. The only reason our numbers are increasing is because the number of adverse reactions has increased.

I won't be around, but would love to see how these terrible decades will be explained in the history books (or whatever passes for books in the future).

Although many of the 'powers that be' must be sociopaths, they can't all be. For those that know, but do nothing, they must be living under a permanent cloud.

Lastly, I have to express my sadness at President Obama. I was so happy when he became President. What a disappointment he turned out to be!

John Stone


It is in my opinion pure fascism. It puts policy ahead of science, the safety of children or freedom of speech. Lorenzin's egregious lie about 270 children dying of measles in London exemplifies problem - to justify the policy she has to hype the threat, just as health officials have hyped the threat over so many infectious diseases, the effectiveness and safety of the products, to get their way. Meanwhile, they steal our freedoms, damage our children, hi-jack policy and make huge amounts of money for their pharma cronies. The reality is that they are incapable of winning any argument by playing straight, and as the damage mounts up they have to silence all opposition.

Angus Files

How arrogant, no vaccines no school ,great vote winner that!!


"As for the vaccines , Lorenzin was clear: "In this country of ours, on the one hand you ask for the law and on the other to circumvent it.The law is this and is made to be respected.If you have not booked and you are not in order with the vaccination booklet, you do not go to school at school.They are different if for health problems of the child or problems of local health authorities, you have the appointment after March 10th, then there is no problem.On the social networks - he continued - was made a campaign of misinformation against vaccines, and it is a very serious matter.I say do not be afraid of vaccines, I say as a minister and mother, do not put at risk the health of children, they put at risk those who say the opposite " . The minister was reminded that Salvini said he was not against vaccines but that 10 are too many. "Salvini said a bunch of bales - Lorenzin replied - he does it by smoothing the hair, too many vaccines, and who decides it, Salvini, and in France, then, there are 11 scientific institutions that decide it and do not inoculate you. vaccines together It is serious that a party leader says things that are not correct: mothers and fathers mothers and fathers, doctors do doctors and politicians take a step aside on things they do not know ".

Lorenzin remembers having voted the civil unions law convincingly . "I was against the step child adoption, which is the window through which the rented uterus enters, is the abomination for women.The rented uterus is the reduction of the woman to an object and the children who become they are also their object ".

" The goal of Civic People - assures the minister - is to interpret the spirit of tranquility and reasonableness without forgetting the effects of the crisis that has laid down families.It is first and foremost to avoid that with strange proposals of government you return to the street box, as in the Game of the Goose, and secondly it is necessary to take care of those who have been left behind due to the crisis, of families and territories.Milan is not Naples or Palermo, and it is also necessary to deal with these territories that have remained behind. % is within the reach of popular Civics if the Italian citizens will make a choice for an independent political force, free, that has no powers behind, money, sponsors or editors: we are as you see us.We have done so many good things for the country by demonstrating know how to do and we have candidates who come from civil society and very different political experiences that provide experience and passion.If we reach 3% we would be 3 0 MPs and we could affect health, welfare, work and the environment ".

" Voting is very difficult - concludes Lorenzin - and the chances of error are very high, I have talked to so many people, from nurses to notaries, and it is difficult to explain it The only way is to open the card and vote for the symbol of the party that is chosen, I hope it is Civic Popular, and the vote goes to the uninominal candidate and to the proportional part ". This was stated by Beatrice Lorenzin, leader of People's Civics at the Facebook-Ansa Forum, talking about the voting methods with the ballot provided by the Rosatellum.

Pharma For Prison


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