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Autism Lock In

Autism lock inThanks to AG for allowing us to run this photo she posted on social media. This is her hotel room - and the lengths to which she has to go to keep her son with autism from eloping from the room while they sleep. How many of you have done something similar?

I wish I had in Florida many years ago. You might recall that I wrote about Mia quietly leaving the adjoining room while we unpacked at Disney on a 2200 acre resort property. A travel agent named Carol found Mia in the glass elevator counting floors. Carol had a grandson with autism and knew that Mia, although 12 and gorgeous, was autistic. She brought her to the lobby safely, while I literally RAN around the Lake Erie sized swimming pool lagoon thingy screaming and  begging sunbathers to look for Mia. I was saying, "She looks like me, she has brown curly hair. She's autistic and might drown," over and over again.  I was sobbing. Sick.

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Happy Nor'Easter day. The rain is coming down in buckets here in Connecticut. Snow to follow. And strong wind. March is a lot like autism, in like a lion.

Have a good weekend. Thanks. Kim



Carter's Daddy

I do recall. And I relate. The drowning fear is the biggest part. People don't get it. Some gift.

Vaccine Injury HURTS

My son would bolt in parking lots and nothing I would do would stop him. He laughed hysterically at my panic —it was a fun mom game of chase. Finally, I had an inspiration. I got a toy pickup truck and some favorite character toys. The truck backed over the defiant-acting toy and it got squashed. He looked shocked. The next time we were in a parking lot i showed him a similar truck showed him it was bigger than him and —he got it. He never ran in a parking lot again. Miracle!

Angus Files

Gayle at least you tried your not the first to be outwitted by the determination and intelligence of the autism brain.I wont go into telling you the many ways to flood a house if your parents remove all the stoppers from the sinks baths shower trays and walk around with them in their pockets all day..I have a masters degree in that as well.

Whatever happened to
14 Aug 2017 - Tickets SOLD OUT for Empowering Individuals with Autism be Successful with Dr. Temple Grandin


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Gayle DeLong

@ Angus Files - We tried using one of those magnet locks on a sliding door. Our little darling Flora figured out how to remove the device. The loud sound meant she was caught once. The next time, she had a towel ready: She muffled the sound of the alarm, stuffed it into a satchel, and ran off to steal (another) ice cream cake from the local Friendly's while the rest of us slept unawares. Being sensitive to noise, she also had on a pair of noise-cancelling earphones. Who says our kids have poor executive function? When motivated, they can be brilliant! Now, if only we could harness Flora's talents in the service of good rather than evil.

Linda Higgins

When we would travel all of our luggage would be piled up in front of the door overnight - with a family of five, that meant about 10 suitcases/garment bags, boogie boards, a cooler, and our fold up wagon the would help us to carry our luggage for a week-long vacation (there would be luggage carts but we couldn't always count on finding them and we normally would stay at a resort with a kitchenette so lots of stuff). At the least we figured we would hear her moving the pile since she wasn't exactly dainty!


Never on vacation, but several times on simple outings to a park, a zoo, a department store.
Sheer terror is the only way to describe it.

On one occasion, a "friend" told me to relax; my daughter had been found. She couldn't understand my continued anxiety after the fact. Tone deaf ex-friend.

Angus Files

In the old days “a lock in” was when the Bar was kept open and the customers in the bar stayed until such time that the bar man wished them to leave...the old days..

On useful gadget depending on the child /adult is a door window sensor which works with magnets stick it - with blu tack or sellotape and its a useful alarm on any door window food cupboards etc..

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Maurine Meleck

Snowwomen and hugs.

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