Autism Lock In
Coordinated Care


go Trump

AoA comment #2 was provided years ago by an “unknown CDC official” ... it stated...

“There is nothing left to say on this issue.”


SO grateful for all of AoA's comments!!!

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you to all the AoA comment moderators and managers for facilitating the conversations that need to happen but don't happen in many other venues.

Aimee Doyle

Glad that AoA is here for our community. Thanks Kim - and everyone else who helps make this possible.

susan welch

Congratulations! I learn so much from the comments on this page. Also it is so good to feel, for the few minutes of every day, that I am in a community of 'like-minded' people.

Thank you for being there.

Donna L.

Love that you posted this on a Saturday morning. ;)

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