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Have I Lost It? Promoting Medical Exemptions is not “Pro-Mandate”: No Litmus Test for Vaccine Risk Awareness

WaPo Reports Dr. Mark Geier May Receive Millions in Restitution

GeierNote: A decade or more ago, chelation and other forms of mercury/heavy metal removal were very much at the forefront of autism treatments. The pediatric vaccine schedule had been bloated with bolus doses of mercury and many parents saw success in remediating autism symptoms via chelation. Dr. Geier spearheaded a treatment with Lupron, to target testosterone with the goal of ameliorating AGGRESSION.  In 2018, Anne Dachel is writing about the skyrocketing rates of aggression in school aged children, with and without special needs or autism. School shootings are a regular occurrence. Had Dr. Geier been able to conduct his work, perhaps we might have had a mechanism to lower aggression. Alas, the powers that be (talk about your deep state, and I don't even know what that phrase actually means) have NEVER allowed a single autism "TREATMENT" outside of ABA and other non-medical interventions. 

As an aside, Lupron was not a poison being offered by doctors.  Back in the early 2000s my daughter Mia went to a pediatric endocrinologist in Cleveland at the prestigious Rainbow Babies and Children's' Hospital - the home of Dr. Max Wiznitzer.  This young doctor, a Dartmouth Fellow, immediately suggested LUPRON for my daughter.  Not for her autism, but for early development.  The press always portrayed Dr. Geier as a Mengele experimenting on our children. When I asked the Cleveland Doc what Lupron would do to Mia's seizures - increase them? Make them worse? He had NO IDEA. And yet he still was willing to put her onto Lupron. 

I hope that other doctors who have been pilloried by their "peers" for trying to help families drowning in the challenges of autism take a bit of hope in this news below. Try to read around the snarky nastiness that is WaPo when it comes to our kids. They are wretchedly unsympathetic to our plight.  Kim

Regulators who targeted anti-vaccine doctor may pay millions for humiliating him

Mark Geier built a medical practice in Rockville and a national reputation for propagating the discredited theory that vaccines cause autism. The Maryland Board of Physicians suspended his license seven years ago because he was treating autistic children with a drug considered dangerous for young people and not known to alleviate symptoms of the disorder.

But the regulators who stripped Geier’s credentials are now in the hot seat, ordered to each personally pay tens of thousands of dollars in damages by a judge who says the board abused its power in an attempt to humiliate the doctor and his family.

The board posted a cease-and-desist order on its website in 2012 alleging that Geier had improperly prescribed medication for himself, his wife and his son while his license was suspended. In an unusual move, the order named the drugs in question. Online critics of Geier took notice, mocking the doctor and his family in blogs and comments for their use of the medications.



Angus Files

George sorry meant to add below..Mr Geier is certainly giving everyone hope with this hard fought battle AND VICTORY!!

We got em!!


Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

George I agree it reads that way to, very interesting times afoot for sure.The deep state are flexing muscle by dropping the stock market yesterday..Trum could alleviate the US national debt overnight if he ever gets round to arresting Gates Soros and a few other Globalist criminal and you never know maybe enough left of the pot to send every American a $100 bill.

Pharma For Prison



Congratulations Dr. Geier. May be finally there is justice for good people and honest scientists and physicians.

George fullmore

Angus Files. To me the program sounds like a way to plant deep state members in the CDC. The article states many of them go on to work in different post in the CDC. The director would never make a difference when an agency is riddle with "epidemic intelligence service" members. It's the same thing you see happening with the FBI and Peter storzk, Lisa Paige is the same with all government departments.


Congratulations to Dr. Mark Geier and David Geier. I hope their award is not overturned, and that the people who signed off on this (many without even first reading the documentation) end up paying those out-of-pocket fines.

More callous disregard from medical unprofessionals. The arrogance and perverse glee board members took is sickeningly evident in their vile written communications.

As for the WaPo story, the author looks mighty young. But old enough to find control-c and control-v on his computer keyboard.

David Weiner


I would love to see RICO used to take down the vaccine industry, but I think that it is pretty unlikely to happen. Governments at at all levels and in many different ways have created and fed this monster and they are not going to incriminate themselves.

The only long-term hope, in my opinion, is for a separation of vaccines and state and, ideally, a separation of all health care and state. Not a popular view, I admit, but that is the only way that the courts can provide impartial jurisprudence, when they are not a "player", just a referee.

Angus Files

George I never knew that thanks, looked it up looks like they are part of the Trump slow kill at the CDC..


Rod is last man standing of all the signatories on the FISA... a week or two and he will be gone fingers crossed..

Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

I hope the meMbers of the board have to sell up their ill gotten gains to pay the Geirs-what they put about will come about just a matter of time.

Pharma For Prison


George fullmore

One thing I didn't even know existed and i would like to see more articles on is the Epidemic Intelligence Service which is a branch inside the CDC. DR. Nancy Messonneir got her start with the CDC from this branch, and is now in charge of and overseas the NCIRD, which is in charge of childhood vaccines, her brother is non other then Rod Jay Roseinstein Assistant Attorney General who appointed Mueller to investigate President Trump.

go Trump

Years ago, Dr. Giere worked for years to get the original DPT vaccine taken off the market.

Sadly, volunteer committees make suspension/ medical decisions which would never stand up in a court of law.

cherry Misra

Missing from the article, perhaps because it would not have been "balanced reporting" - is a description of the suffering children and their parents whom the Geiers wished to help.
I suppose that the use of Lupron could have saved a number of lives of aggressive, injurious autistic kids and their parents . Perhaps there would be better methods than Lupron, but we wont know that because the United States shuts down so many promising treatments for autism, and , of course, most research in that direction would , in the process, be shut down also.


Grace, my suggestion is that the phrase was cooked up either by Allen or by a PR shop, and propagated by a PR shop to supposedly independent media outlets with the aim of defaming the individuals to whom the phrase is applied. It's a little bit of trace DNA left behind because the defamers are too lazy to wear gloves, so to speak.

Grace Green

Carol, I almost wonder if the press might be crying "wolf" or playing devil's advocate with that phrase. If it's repeated often enough might people begin to wonder about the truth of it? And then investigate? Just a thought.

bob moffit

@ David

"I am happy to see this, because it is good to see the medical board punished and Geier compensated."

From today's local newspaper .. "Judge to drugmakers: Stop fights and curb opioid epidemic"


"The federal judge overseeing about 200 lawsuits against opioid makers would rather curb the epidemic than referee the litigation.

"About 150 Americans are going to die today, just today, while we're meeting .. and .. in my humble opinion, everyone (DEEP STATE) shares some of the responsibility and no one has done enough to abate it.

"Opioid litigation, which started as a trickle, reached a flood last year when about 250 cities, counties and states sued opioid makers, wholesalers, distributors and marketers.

"The lawsuits accuse the companies of misleading health care professionals and the public by marketing opioids as rarely addictive and a safe substitute for non-addictive pain medications, such as ibuprofen.

"A new wave of litigation from Detroit and other Michigan cities and counties accuses companies of violating the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act .. (RICCO) .. a law created to fight the mob and organized crime.

"In addition to litigation, congressional investigations are underway, examining such questions as how drug wholesalers sold more than 780 MILLION painkillers in six years to a single pharmacy in Kermit, West Virginia, where fewer than 400 people live.
As I said in my earlier post .. our only hope to restrain the evil forces of the "deep swamp" is the court system ... and ... prosecuting "drugmakers" for violating RICCO act .. an act meant to destroy the power of organized crime .. is in my humble opinion ... LONG OVERDUE.

As bad as the "opioid epidemic" has become .. responsible for thousands of lives being lost to addiction .. the "autism epidemic" in my opinion is worse .. affecting 1 in 48 boys .. for their entire lifetime.

In any event this article should be read in its entirety .. as many elements of the DEEP STATE SWAMP are mentioned for the roles they have played contributing to the opioid epidemic .. the very same DEEP STATE SWAMP cabal that has protected and promoted our vastly over-rated vaccine policies.

RICCO .. I like the sound of that.


From the WaPo article: "Mark Geier built a medical practice in Rockville and a national reputation for propagating the discredited theory that vaccines cause autism."

Gosh, that phrase, discredited theory that vaccines cause autism, has a familiar ring. Searching for that wording generates thousands of hits even when you remove "geier" from the results. Persons who espouse are RFK Jr., Jeffrey Bradstreet, Andrew Wakefield, Nico LaHood, "some," etc. The phrase even made it into Sherri Tenpenny's Wikipedia entry. If someone tries to remove the word "discredited" from that phrase in her entry, a little elf puts it back in.

Maybe it's just an iconic phrase like "Four score and seven years ago." Well no, it doesn't seem to be because it often gets tweaked with "widely," "completely," "thoroughly," "long," "long-," "now," "now-." So it's not necessarily perfect in its original form.

The first occurrence of the phrase I've found is from WaPo in 2010 under Arthur Allen's byline: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/09/27/AR2010092702342.html

Isn't there something called civil conspiracy?

David Weiner

I am happy to see this, because it is good to see the medical board punished and Geier compensated.

Note, though, that the punishment was for the violation of his privacy, not the board's PRIMARY crime, of punishing a doctor who was trying to do something innovative to help his patients.

John Stone


As you say a very snarky article from WP. Here they are insisting that it is still all fine and dandy to inject infants with mercury at 250 times the hazchem level: the science is in, it is all perfectly safe - the people who set out to destroy the Geiers’ reputations had no motive. How about the newspaper is not doing it’s job?

Grace Green

Bob moffit, what you say is equally true of the UK institutions. This is excellent news and not before time. The Geier family deserve credit for what they've done and compensation for all the trouble they suffered. I, too, can think of a long list of names of my persecutors who are living on fat salaries and should be sending me cheques!

bob moffit

..... "(talk about your deep state, and I don't even know what that phrase actually means)"

Admittedly .. this is only my personal opinion on what the definition of "deep state" is .. but .. I would describe the "deep state" as it pertains to public health institutions .. as being comprised of those unelected, unaccountable to the people, personally compromised career professionals .. fully invested in protecting their own personal reputations and the bureaucracies in which they have flourished for their entire careers .. rather than the people .. all having grown comfortably dependent upon pharmaceutical industry funding .. for the express purpose of pursuing policies and research approved and recommended by the pharmaceutical industry itself.

Indeed .. our ONLY hope to restraint the "deep state" is within the COURT SYSTEM .. where the "deep state" actors can be found guilty of "abusing their power" .. using their high positions of public trust to attack and persecute anyone who dares challenge their "deeply held .. bought and paid for .. beliefs" in the public square.

Unfortunately, at my advanced age . an admitted cynic .. I no longer have complete faith and trust in ANY institution in the USA .. none .. be it our politicians, justice system, intelligence agencies, academia, religion, military, media, on and on.

In any event .. it is very encouraging to read of the court's decision that ..... "the regulators who stripped Geier’s credentials are now in the hot seat, ordered to each personally pay tens of thousands of dollars in damages by a judge who says the board abused its power in an attempt to humiliate the doctor and his family.

The best thing is the judge's order that "each PERSONALLY pay tens of thousands" for their willing, eager, participation in trying to "humiliate the doctor and his family".

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