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Vaccine Dissidents: What Should Our Long Term Goals Be?

AofA Op EdBy David Weiner

Here, I will be laying out a vision for the end state that our movement should strive for. It is simply not adequate to (only) react to the onslaught of attacks from those promoting 24/7 vaccination. We must also have our own vision for how things should ultimately work.  I am going to assume that the reader is already alarmed by the problems that vaccines are causing, so I am not going to cover that ground.

In order to come up with a satisfactory solution to any large, complex problem, the first step is to determine its root cause. Now some would say that the root cause of the problem is the vaccines themselves. I take the view that the vaccines should really be considered proximate causes. Below I will list out several, more fundamental causes and then I will go on to discuss the implications of this set of causes. This analysis refers to the U.S. system, though many of these phenomena apply globally.

  1. Coercion: Vaccines are mandated and exemptions to them are in some cases very limited and are generally unpublicized. Sometimes these mandates come directly from governments. Other times they come from colleges which receive a lot of government funding. In some cases, such as hospitals requiring employees to take the flu shot, they may appear to be “private” initiatives, yet Obamacare has incentivized these programs through its Medicare reimbursement formula.
  2. Inadequate and Poor Quality Research: There are various facets to this issue. The FDA has given approval to vaccines based on too short of a study period or studies lacking a true placebo. It has done a poor job of post-approval monitoring. It has not responded to allegations of fraud in the research that has relied upon. The CDC has committed fraud in its own research and it has funded and promoted research done by scientists lacking integrity. Furthermore, the CDC has failed to conduct necessary research to evaluate the long-term impact of taking the full slate of vaccines that it has recommended.
  • Promotion via Misinformation and Fearmongering- School children are indoctrinated to believe that vaccines are a monumental scientific achievement and an indispensable tool to prevent harm from infectious disease. Doctors licensed by the state get a similar education, emphasizing the need to give vaccines on schedule, and downplaying the risks that they present. Government officials and state-licensed doctors provide wrong and misleading information, on an ongoing basis, through major media outlets which denounce and do not give adequate exposure to vaccine critics.
  • Lack of Legal Liability - Congress has removed legal liability for doctors, drug companies, and those ordering vaccines. There is good reason to believe that this action was responsible for the explosion in the vaccine schedule following its passage.
  • Development of Vaccine Schedules - The CDC has created schedules for every citizen, for which vaccines to take and at what ages. This can be viewed as an exercise in central planning and, as we have seen with full-blown Communism, central planning can never work to achieve its stated objectives.
  • Creation of Vaccine Monopolies - Governments have granted licenses to pharmaceutical companies to allow them to sell vaccines on their schedules. In some cases, they have an exclusive monopoly for a type of vaccine and in other cases there may be a small number of other companies’ products available. Governments have also granted patents on these products, so that other firms cannot sell a similar product and, thus, they are able to charge monopoly prices for these products. When combined with mandates, government promotion of vaccines, and lack of liability, these measures have made it highly lucrative for drug companies to expand the vaccine schedules rapidly.

If we go through the above list, we see that governments have played a key role in all of the major causes of the vaccine problems that confront us. Taken collectively, we might refer to these initiatives as the “Government Vaccine Program” and say that the root cause of our vaccine problems is the existence and operation of the Government Vaccine Program. The solution? Abolish the Government Vaccine Programs, in their entirety, so that we have a complete separation of vaccines and state. Now some readers might ask if this is really necessary. Maybe we can resolve these problems via reform instead. Maybe the vaccine schedule can be scaled back, the disclosure of vaccine risks increased, etc. But those who have been paying close attention must admit that the Government Vaccine Programs are highly resistant to reform. Their defenders deny problems, they increase their bloated schedules, they threaten dissidents with punishment, etc. They persist and ramp up despite knowing that they are causing massive harm. In short, our governments have effectively declared war on their people. Of course we vaccine dissidents have no interest in fighting a war. We want to live our lives, raise our families, and contribute to society. But we have been confronted with a stark choice: allow the Government Vaccine Program to continue and to destroy our civilization or dismantle the Government Vaccine Program.

While the primary objective of this article is to lay out what our long-term objectives should be, I will speak briefly here about the main way we will progress toward the point where the Government Vaccine Program can be demolished. In a nutshell, we need to continue the work that we are doing to destroy the vaccine “brand”. Vaccines have the acceptance that they have today because most people have positive associations with them in their mental imagery and thoughts. Through endless repetition, people have come to believe that vaccines are safe, effective, necessary, that they save lives, and so forth. By countering these lies and persuading a critical mass to believe otherwise, the vaccine brand will be destroyed and then the whole apparatus of fraud and coersion (the Government Vaccine Program) can be deep-sixed.

Still, we need to think very carefully about how things should work in the absence of Government Vaccine Programs.In the sections ahead, I will address how things could work in such a world and address some potential objections to what I have set out.

In a world without Government Vaccine Programs, and certainly in the near-term aftermath of them, many parents and others will still demand some form of protection against harm arising from infectious disease. However, instead of there being a monopoly, one size fits all solution to this concern, there will be a variety of approaches and products made available through a competitive marketplace. Some may prefer to rely primarily on nutrition and herbs to protect themselves. They could do so on their own or rely upon trusted organizations, such as the Weston A. Price Foundation, for help in developing appropriate protocols. Some might prefer  homeoprophylaxis, the homeopathic counterpart to medical vaccines, to provide protection against certain infectious agents. Others might still want to use medical vaccines, but going forward these products will need to pass a market test in order for them to be made available, rather than simply stamped Safe and Necessary by rogue government committees. They will need to be certified by competing private firms, rather than licensed via a monopoly government agency. People relying upon such firms will look to organizations that have developed a reputation for integrity and for providing sound assessments. Also, such medical vaccines will need to be safe enough that they can be insured and offered at an affordable price. It is unclear if or how many vaccines will be able to survive the market test. If it turns out that none do, then that is the market’s way of telling people that they should look elsewhere for protection from harm from infectious disease. Of course, an open and competitive market is a dynamic one and there may be many other approaches developed that we can hardly even imagine today, even through use of electronic instruments. While it is impossible to predict precisely what the market will look like, we can say for sure, that it will be much more diverse, satisfactory, and economical than the current monopoly Government Vaccine Program.

While the abolition of Government Vaccine Programs will drastically reduce harm going forward, and the financial costs that go along with that, it will not undo the harm already done and will not address the issue of families who did not received satisfactory financial compensation.  Two steps will need to be implemented here. First, all doctors and other healers who are working to help those who have been harmed will need the freedom to do their work. They will need to have the latitude to try unconventional measures, without the threat of having their licenses revoked. And healers who are finding success will also need to be given the freedom to advertise their successes, without incurring the wrath of the FDA or other such bodies. Still, despite their best efforts, it is possible that some will never fully recover. For them, a reparation program will need to be established to buy structured settlement annuities to take care of the vaccine injured for the rest of their lives. No longer will parents need to lobby governments on an ongoing basis, to get funding to make sure that their children will be taken care of.

I am sure that readers will think of potential objections to what I have set forward here, so I will address a couple of them that I am sure will come up:

  1. That all sounds good, but it will never happen. Here I will say that none of us know the future. When a critical mass of people come to realize the truth about vaccines, which I think WILL eventually happen, there is going to be a lot of outrage and disillusionment and people who might scoff at such a proposal today, will be a lot more receptive at that time, IF we are able to clearly articulate and promote our vision. Surely, the (slavery) abolitionists were told that slavery had been around for thousands of years and that it could not be eliminated. However, they recognized that slavery was immoral and uneconomical, they were persistent, and they were ultimately successful. One could say the same thing about the early efforts of women seeking equality before the law. I am sure that a lot of people said that things have always been that way and it will never happen … until it did.
  2. Can we really rely upon competing private firms to certify vaccines (or other alternative products)? Will they really appear on the scene? The first thing to realize here is that the system of competitive private firms providing certification ALREADY works in many different contexts. For example, there are firms certifying kosher food, certifying the skills of auto mechanics, certifying electrical appliances (Underwriters Laboratories). When services like these are provided by competing firms, it opens the door to improvements in the way that these evaluations are done and to reductions in the costs for providing such services. This is in stark contrast with the way government monopoly agencies operate and the great resistance such bureaucracies have to innovation. It is also crucial to realize that such firms live or die based on their reputation and their track record. They have a strong incentive to get things right, so as to not lose business to other firms. Will such firms come to market after the FDA monopoly on vaccine review has been taken away? We have every reason to believe so. Whenever there is a true consumer demand for a good or service, a firm will find a way to offer it. Even in today’s environment, we see that savvy people look to the Cochrane Collaboration to provide unbiased, informed evaluations of drugs and vaccines. This is precisely the type of institution that SHOULD be making these determinations, not corrupt government agencies which pay no price if they lie to us or make horrific mistakes.

    David Weiner has a longstanding interest in health matters and liberty. His writing focuses on the intersection of these topics, on how our health systems and our societies in general would be far better off if we had genuine health freedom.


Terry Peters

Your article and the comments provide insightful, knowledgeable, and succinct avenues of approach.
My belief is that the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, which released vaccine manufacturers and purveyors from liability, was the turning point. It opened the gates to this vast, insidious push for 24/7 vaccines for the world's populous. Cut off the head . . the snake dies.

bob moffit

@ Peggy J.

"This, imo, is the only way there could be for a DNA epidemic as a cause"

I highly recommend this excellent interview on VAXXED with a doctor regarding the dangers associated with fetal cells in vaccines .. in which the doctor blames the inclusion of "fetal cells" into vaccines for numerous diseases ..

Peggy Jaeger

Recently read an article speaking of how low levels of various hormones in the Mother's body being out of whack is a probable cause for her child developing autism. From an M.D. who was studying hormonal imbalances ... such as those that cause thyroid dysfunction and how that greatly affects the offspring. I'm not a usual supporter of DNA imprinted causes but found this idea to be very interesting. I never thought about imbalances in the Mother could be a factor but when an embryo can't get the hormonal support it needs when developing, the child is going to be affected. This, imo, is the Only way there Could be a DNA epidemic.... as a cause. Most of us have seen the results of a seemingly normal child who develops Autism or ADD's,,etc. Developmental,disabilities,,after vaccines. Perhaps vaccines were the volatile and vital, push over the edge of hormonal imbalances. I still can't overlook the contents of vaccines, their schedules and the many deaths occurring in babies to young Gulf War Vets.... statistics that are kept under cover or not made notable.

Also I can't forget how many pets I've had affected from reactions after vaccines.....something very wicked is going on with the vaccine programs,,for sure.


Every SSRI prescription carries the revocation or the 2nd amendment rights of its recipient. What could any modern day object?

David Weiner

@Aimee Doyle,

I agree that our governments are highly unresponsive to the citizens and are largely just doing what the lobbyists want them to do.

Not sure that this will change until there are enough voters who understand what is going on and who will vote politicians out who do not do the right thing. The government will not do anything on its own initiative. When politicians are forced to choose between doing the bidding of their campaign-funders and saving their own careers, then their own self-interest will kick in.


Gayle; I thought so too.

That is because we are on the outside looking in and it looks pretty good.

Example here; I ran into an old high school buddy recently, and I started talking to him. He made a slip of the tongue of how young adults now a days don't know how to work, I deduced problems.

I then started slowly coaching him about things of mental illness, linked to vaccines and the immune system. This and that.

Yeah, I found out that he had had a ton of trouble with is son. He had burned their trailer down as a 12 year old. His son as a full fledged adult had kicked him in the face, and he still had a huge scar right below his lip. That he had missed school, had trouble in school and his wife had hide it from him. Now he kept getting fired from jobs, and was seldom employed.

Then he instantly became ashamed and put his eyes to the ground and said, "Your kids are your life, your hope, your most prize thing on this planet and so I just hate to tell anyone how he really is. I want to be so proud of him and I am not, I want to hide that."

So, Gayle
Look at the drug addiction rates. I have questioned my friends whose kids ended up having drug problems. They all say that their kids had some kind of mental ill problems before the drug problem came along and made it much worse. Some say depression problems, others mention bipolar. Bipolar is usual not diagnosed until people are in the mid twenties.

The older you get Gayle the better your vision will become on this. You will be amazed.

Aimee Doyle

@David -

I'm not so sure our government (state and federal) still works for the people who vote. There are a number of issues which have broad public support (more than 80%) and yet change doesn't take place at the state or federal level.

You're right that people can force change, but it takes an enormous number of people to counteract the lobby and money power of special interests. And I think Pharma is more than just a "special interest" - it is one of the most powerful lobbies in our country.

So, from a practical standpoint, how to you think we can persuade Congress and state leaders to change vaccine mandates? I think a good start would be to have the Government Oversight Committee have hearings, so more people can become informed. And right now, all three branches of government are controlled by Republicans, so voting Republicans can start to effect change. And perhaps legislatures in red states could start to change mandates there?


I would like to know the answer to the question of why there are LUCKY people who managed to escape the vaccine injuries that my son and so many thousands have suffered from. Was my son's immune system more vulnerable to vaccine injury, including getting epilepsy from the vaccines? Why are so many people I know who have adult children the same age as my son injury free and living normal lives while we are left to suffer and wonder why our children were so unlucky to succumb to vaccine injury? My husband and I have big families with children who are totally unaffected and perfectly normal. I am angry that our son was the only one affected even though I know thousands have been vaccine injured just like he was.

David Weiner

Aimee Doyle,

I agree that Pharma strongly deserves to be condemned.

According to Dr. Mendelsohn, it was the pediatricians who pushed through vaccine mandates.

On this issue, and on many others, there are always special interests who are trying to utilize State power for their own purposes.

But the fact remains that it is governments who set up these agencies, vaccine schedules, mandates, etc. And they are the interface with the people. We have no leverage over pharma. If enough people get fed up, though, we can force government to make changes though.

Rebecca Lee

How about sending all the officials at the CDC to jail and the Pharma people, too. How about liquidating all the assets of the manufacturers and using the money to pay damages. That's and Idea that appeals to me.

Aimee Doyle

Why isn't anyone here blaming Pharma? Pharma is the puppetmaster. Pharma has the money and the power. If you don't tackle a problem at the root, I don't think you get very far.

Pharma money buys Congress Members and Senators at the federal level (both Republicans and Democrats) - who have the power to hold hearings. Where is the Republican controlled government oversight committee on this issue? Where is Bill Posey with the whistleblower dox?). Pharma money buys state legislators - who legislate vaccine mandates at the state level. Pharma money buys government workers at the CDC, NIH, and at least some of those scientists who serve on the IACC (these are the people who regulate and who would do the research necessary to both prevent and alleviate autism). Pharma money (much like the tobacco industry) buys science. Pharma money buys media (TV, print, Internet, mainstream, alternative) compliance - all those pharma ads bring in a lot of revenue. Pharma money buys PR campaigns and appeals to "public health". And of course, Pharma money buys doctors and other health care providers. Pharma money provides medical school education (both the basic med school education and continuing medical education). All of these forces contribute to the creation of mandates.

Big pharma is where it begins and ends. You can change out any of the other players, and new bought players will take their places.

Jeannette Bishop

I would also propose that ending the near government monopoly on education provision might be a potent facilitating path towards obtaining health freedom from the compulsion some have to control us.

Angus Files

Agreat article David thanks.No prizes for understanding why the Governments never wanted to keep the monopoly of manufacturing and selling to its captive market if it was such a sound and safe science.


"Timeline Entry: 1898

Britain Allows Exemptions

The British Vaccination Act of this year provided a conscience clause to allow exemptions to mandatory smallpox vaccination. This clause gave rise to the term “conscientious objector,” which later came to refer to those opposed to military service. By the end of the year, magistrates had issued more than 200,000 vaccination exemptions.

Antivaccinationists in England, other parts of Europe, and the United States were active in publishing, speaking, and demonstrating about their objections to vaccination."

Pharma For Prison


Shelley Tzorfas

Regan is the very person who signed papers taking away LIABILITY from Vaccine maker's and as a result kids went from a few vaccines to 74 or more. That One act has lead to the destruction of nearly an entire generation of our kids and soon to be a second generation of our children. Why did he do it? He did it because vaccine maker's were Losing lawsuits of untold millions of dollars because children had seizures, brain encephalitis also known as Autism, diseases and deaths FROM VACCINEs and they told him they were not going to make anymore if he doesn't Protect them. Now their damages can be kept secretive because there is a hush-hush federal vaccine court of which journalists barely write about while the news says nothing. Vaccine maker's have Become our Government.. Brown said, In the Great Green Room, There was a telephone and a red balloon.... And a little old lady whispering "Hush..."

cia parker

We need to push for, first, no mandates. Two: accurate information which is as complete as possible as to disease incidence, and disability and death caused by the disease in that area both before the vaccine and currently (and on how pertussis has become a lot milder than it used to be, since it was still very dangerous at the time the first vaccine was introduced), and information on reactions to that vaccine in that area, and how reactions may have increased with the increasing number of vaccines routinely given. Three: I agree, accurate information as to how all the VPDs can be effectively and safely prevented with homeopathic nosodes (see the book The Solution on this), information on the symptoms of the diseases so timely treatment can be sought for the potentially deadly ones, and on naturopathic, vitamin, and homeopathic remedies available to treat them.

I don't see how they could make the vaccines much safer. Every vaccine's purpose is to cause inflammation to cause the formation of antibodies, and that's what causes most of the problems. People need to think about it very carefully before getting any shot for themselves or their children, in full awareness that every vaccine is capable of causing death or permanent disability, and that is by their very nature. It would be good to seek an adjuvant other than aluminum, such as calcium phosphate, but I don't know if it would be satisfactory. Parents must know that the more vaccines you get, the more likely it is that you have a severe reaction, by both the statistical odds and the accumulation of toxins and immune system reactions, each of which weakens and confuses it. Parents need to know that they should choose at most a small number of what may be the most necessary vaccines, in full knowledge that even that may cause severe reaction. All of this is information which should be given to all parents, all adults too, before they get the flu vaccine, for example, or any other.

But I wouldn't want to be the one confronted by the parent of a child who died of a VPD based on advice I had given not to vaccinate. I wouldn't ever say Your child will NOT get ---, but WILL have a severe reaction if you give him the vaccine for it. Who knows if he or she would or not? We can and should give the odds, but that still isn't the full picture. We've all read at this point accounts of healthy kids suddenly getting and dying of flu or meningitis. There are no guarantees either way, but there are ways to increase the odds of resisting, benefiting from, and treating every VPD. However, if anyone gets severe problems with breathing, altered consciousness, inability to bend the neck, paralysis, convulsions, bruising without apparent cause, or symptoms of dehydration, they'd better get standard allopathic diagnosis and treatment ASAP, and give homeopathic and naturopathic remedies as adjunct treatment.


No. Just no.

That list is largely irrelevant. They are symptoms not causes.

The two causes are:

1) Fear of germs and contagion.

2) Deification of doctors.

In that order.

People accept pathetic safety standards and tort law immunity and mandates because they're just that petrified of germs.

They trust that vaccines work and germs are to be feared because their doctor tells them so.

If you want real and permanent traction then you explain to people that doctor offices are filled to the brim with the germs of sick people so doctors are either lying about the dangers of germs or doctors are easily the most dangerous people in society.

John Stone


I am no great ideologue but it is certain that without the removal of manufacturers liability in the US in 1986 this particular global nightmare would not have happened. In the U.K. there is still theoretical liability but it will be politically blocked, but obviously the blocking of access in the US courts was critical to the operation.


The further away from free market principles, the greater the damage. It starts with individual rights being subverted as you mentioned in the "coercion" section. Free markets also require equal protection under the law, which is being violated with the liability protection granted to the vaccine industry. That should be flat out illegal. If that had not happened, imagine the innovation that would have occurred over the past 30 years!! If they had been sued into oblivion as they should have been in the 80's, we would probably have some other safer form of "immunization" today that has nothing to do with injection.

Mark Wax

While daunting, a major step is to apply pressure via lawsuits for the vaccine injured. To do so, we need to get changes made to the Vaccine Act of 1986. An immediate goal is to remove the statute of limitations provision that essentially removes tolling and gives petitioners in USCFC to only 36 months. Since SCOTUS would not act or rule, getting the Congress to make the changes is necessary. It could be done with a one page amendment. I suspect a flood of activity given how many have already been suppressed by this denitla of due process. We can make advances from that starting point in the Courts.

bob moffit

I agree wholeheartedly .. our government today no longer resembles that which was described by Abraham Lincoln in his famous Gettysburg Address:

"this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

In my humble opinion .. I believe the government today ... serves to protect the vested interests of financial "stakeholders" .. while ignoring the vested interests of the people they were sworn to uphold.

As a senior citizen .. I believe the closest we came to regaining the government that Lincoln sought to preserve was the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 .. who on his Inauguration Day .. spoke of the very same government failures of today .. by recognizing: ''Government is not the solution to our problem,'' President Reagan told the nation. ''Government is the problem.''

I also share Dave's "hope" that "when a critical mass of people come to realize the truth about vaccines" ... the false narrative of "safe and efficient .. one size vaccine fits all" will crumble .. as quickly as did the Berlin Wall .. which was destroyed in a single night .. after the people tore it down using their own sledgehammers to do so.

As Jesse Jackson is famous for saying ... ALWAYS KEEP HOPE ALIVE!

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