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The Putative role of Environmental Aluminium in the Development of Chronic Neuropathology in Adults and Children

AlMetabolic Brain Disease, July 2017


The conceptualisation of autistic spectrum disorder and Alzheimer’s disease has undergone something of a paradigm shift in recent years and rather than being viewed as single illnesses with a unitary pathogenesis and pathophysiology they are increasingly considered to be heterogeneous syndromes with a complex multifactorial aetiopathogenesis, involving a highly complex and diverse combination of genetic, epigenetic and environmental factors. One such environmental factor implicated as a potential cause in both syndromes is aluminium, as an element or as part of a salt, received, for example, in oral form or as an adjuvant. Such administration has the potential to induce pathology via several routes such as provoking dysfunction and/or activation of glial cells which play an indispensable role in the regulation of central nervous system homeostasis and neurodevelopment. Other routes include the generation of oxidative stress, depletion of reduced glutathione, direct and indirect reductions in mitochondrial performance and integrity, and increasing the production of proinflammatory cytokines in both the brain and peripherally. The mechanisms whereby environmental aluminium could contribute to the development of the highly specific pattern of neuropathology seen in Alzheimer’s disease are described. Also detailed are several mechanisms whereby significant quantities of aluminium introduced via immunisation could produce chronic neuropathology in genetically susceptible children. Accordingly, it is recommended that the use of aluminium salts in immunisations should be discontinued and that adults should take steps to minimise their exposure to environmental aluminium.


Evidence of the neurotoxicity of aluminium cations (Al3+) includes: an association between chronic aluminium exposure and the development of AD; the involvement of aluminium adjuvants in the development of ASIA; and epidemiological evidence pointing to an association between the use of aluminium adjuvants and ASD. There is good evidence to suggest that immunisation may accelerate or precipitate the transition between subclinical and overt symptomatic autoimmune conditions within the first 30 days post-immunisation, particularly in those younger than 50 years of age. The immune response to immunisation may be influenced by variations in HLA, TLR and cytokine genes. Moreover, aluminium exposure is associated with the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines and chemokines and with the development of chronic oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction and glial activation or dysfunction; these changes in turn are associated with ASD.




Swindled by Bee Wilson discusses the adulteration of food in Britain and the United States in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Alum, usually a hydrated double sulfate salt of aluminum, was used in cities (primarily) to whiten bread and was suspected by some doctors to cause diarrhea, dyspepsia, and other ailments. Though banned in bread in 1758, random testing showed that it was still in use into the 1800s.

Alum was used as an adjuvant in early vaccines.

Jeannette Bishop

Highwire episode, contains footage from international autoimmunity conference, an interview with Dr. Christopher Exley:

Characterization of injected aluminum toxicity compared to oral exposure from Dr. Gherardi:


Geesh; My chain has been jerked around by all of this for the last 30 years. I wanted to know why, why, why.

For years it was that darn pertussis toxin; It alone could do this sort of thing.
Then it was because it was in with other bad pathogens like diphtheria.

Then it was about the mercury.

Sure we knew the aluminum was in there in the background lurking around, like formaldehyde and that stuff that lets things cross the blood brain barrier - sorbet or what ever 80.
Oh geesh there really is not blood brain barrier when it comes to the lymph system cause they just found the lymph system lurking within and well hidden in the blood vessels of the brain.

I can't keep up except those boozoooooos at the HHS had to darn well know for the past 30 -40 -5- years what aluminum did. William Thompson knew exactly what mercury was doing, and it was just those little nothing tourettes tics. Yeah, he knew that they all knew what mercury did, and they knew what aluminum did too.

Justice delayed is justice denied. I hope for the day to see many suffer for this, to go to prison. I now see that is not likely at all.
The best we can hope for is this stupid game ends, and they stop hurting more people. Which really is a lot. Still there are people within the government that have feed off of all of us so long ----

david m burd

Hans, You probably know that preterm infants are vaccinated as IF THEY WERE FULLTERM, but most probably do not, so here is quoted from the CDC regarding preterm babies.

"Vaccination of Preterm Infants" (from the current CDC website):

"In the majority of cases, preterm infants (infants born before 37 weeks’ gestation), regardless of birth weight, should be vaccinated at the same chronological age and according to the same schedule and using the same precautions as for full-term infants and children. Birth weight and size are not factors in deciding whether to vaccinate a clinically stable preterm infant (11-15), except for hepatitis B vaccination. The full recommended dose of each vaccine should be used. Divided or reduced doses are not recommended.

Decreased seroconversion rates might occur among certain preterm infants (i.e., those with low birth weights [<2,000 g]) after administration of hepatitis B vaccine at birth (16). However, by the chronological age of 1 month, all preterm infants, regardless of initial birth weight, are likely to respond as adequately as larger infants (17-19). Infants weighing <2,000 g born to HBsAg-negative mothers should receive the first dose of the hepatitis B vaccine series at chronological age 1 month or hospital discharge, if hospital discharge occurs when the infant is younger than one month of age. Preterm low-birth-weight–infants born to HBsAg-positive mothers should receive immunoprophylaxis with hepatitis B vaccine within 12 hours after birth. The initial vaccine dose should not be counted toward completion of the hepatitis B series, and 3 additional doses of hepatitis B vaccine should be administered, beginning when the infant is aged 1 month. For mothers with unknown HBsAg status, hepatitis B vaccine is recommended within 12 hours of birth regardless of low-birth-weight status."

(My further comment): For many years now, here in the U.S., according to the CDC, almost 10% of births have been preterm -- many extremely low weight (as cited in the above quote) as well as being one or two months premature with development far from being as per full term. Yet, incredibly, they are then subjected to vaccine injections as if full term(!). Yet, as the CDC states all vaccine doses must be the same volume as given full term infants. In my view, permanent damage or death to preterm infants via all the vaccines' excipients and antigens have resulted in the U.S. infant mortality being the worst in the Western World. It's hard to believe how draconian are our brain-dead Government Vaccine Leaders.

david m burd

Hans, thanks for supplying the vaccine makers' info, including the lack of true placebo(s). As one example of their data, here copied is their Pediatric caution:

"Pediatric Use:
Vaccination of infants less than 9 months of age IS CONTRAINDICATED because of the risk of encephalitis. (See CONTRAINDICATIONS and ADVERSE REACTIONS sections.)"

This perfectly shows how incredibly dangerous are vaccines: Precisely when a baby passes the age of 9 months (all babies) then somehow they are no longer in danger of encephalitis CAUSED by the vaccine! Like magic! Of course this applies, literally, to all vaccines injected via the Magical U.S. Immunization Schedule dogmatically coerced onto all American babies and children.

Hans Litten

Absolutely SHOCKING !

No placebo-controlled trials to assess the safety of yellow fever 17D vaccines have been performed.

Hans Litten

Conclusion :

Aluminium has no known beneficial physiological action in the human body and some genetic polymorphisms predispose to a greater susceptibility to its adverse effects. Therefore, a strong case can be made for avoiding unnecessary exposure to environmental sources of aluminium salts, especially on the part of children, pregnant mothers and women of child-bearing age who may become pregnant. Such avoidance need not lead to hardship or inconvenience; aluminium cookware may be replaced by safer alternatives, while aluminium-containing antiperspirants, potentially implicated in the rise of cases of breast cancer particularly affecting the upper outer quadrant of the mammary gland, may be replaced by non-aluminium versions. The use of aluminium salts in medical products is a more contentious issue. While antacids are available which do not contain aluminium salts, the avoidance of immunisations which do not contain aluminium salts as adjuvants has wider political and financial implications. It would seem prudent to try to find an alternative to aluminium adjuvants as soon as possible and phase out their use.


Two of the largest mass vaccination campaigns against yellow fever ever seen in the world have begun in Nigeria and Brazil. Both campaigns, which are supported by the World Health Organization, aim to prevent the spread of the disease.

Nigeria plans to vaccinate more than 25 million people throughout the coming year, making this the largest yellow fever campaign in the country's history. In preparation, the World Health Organization has trained thousands of health care workers on how to administer the vaccine.

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