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"Resilience" New Movie On "Adverse Childhood Experiences"

Stefano Montanari and Antonietta Gatti answer Questions about Their Research into Nanoparticle Contamination of Vaccines

Italian GestureNote: The temps are heating up in Italy as vaccine mandates have created havoc and agita for families. And most recently,  two scientists had their offices raided and data, computers, etc. confiscated. Here they are below talking about their research. Remember, ""To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." (Voltaire)  In 2018, pharmaceutical companies have strong control over governments. And here in America, they cower and hide behind the NRA while our bambini die - a double insult. Kim

English language interview with Senta Depuydt in Brussels, 9 February 2017




Hans Litten

These raids & seizures & all the other strange coincidences that we have all witnessed over the last decade demonstrate that we are in the fight of our lives , for sure.

Cunningham - who was promoted to commander in the US Public Health Service last July, had worked on the government's response to both Zika and Ebola outbreaks. With two degrees from Harvard's School of Public Health, he had been named one of The Atlanta Business Chronicle's "40 under 40" award winners.

Patricia pratt

This is fascinating video John. More is promised? They refer to another one tomorrow...My first immediate thought was about the work of Dr Judy Mikovitz (which was also confiscated and her office and home were raided and her computer and notes removed). and was based upon her discovery of retrovirus's in vaccines from the lab producing them. Now, thanks to more advances in technological techniques, this couple have discovered the existence of 'nano particles' which, once they enter the brain tissue, unlike ingested or inhaled particles, cannot be removed by the body. And like retrovirus' should 'NOT, in fact MUST NOT be found in vaccine fluids'.....I know I shall be corrected if I am wrong but this appears to be leading us yet again in the direction of inevitable lab pollution during the process of manufacture. One important point was the fact that in one vaccine for animals an entirely clean vaccine was found.. I am looking forward to this couple revealing how this occurred i.e. it IS possible to manufacture a CLEAN vaccines. Their discovery is hugely significant.

John Stone

Thank you Dr Montanari, Dr Gatti (and to Senta Depuydt) for this very clear( but shocking) explanation of their findings.

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