Stefano Montanari and Antonietta Gatti answer Questions about Their Research into Nanoparticle Contamination of Vaccines
IPAK Board Member Josh Mazer's Letter Regarding HPV Vaccination in Maryland

"Resilience" New Movie On "Adverse Childhood Experiences"

Blame parentsNote: My Dad grew up in the height of the depression.  He was in first grade in 1929. His Dad was an immigrant cobbler from Italy. He had nine brothers and sisters - hungry brothers and sisters.  And yet, he and his peers saved the world in World War II. Since Columbine, school shootings have been in relatively well to do districts, by kids whose lives may not have been 'easy,' but who weren't living in shelters wondering where there next meal would come from.  And they had copious medical care... Oh... wait.  Kim

By Anne Dachel

Spreading the latest REALLY BIG LIE about childhood disorders: THE FILM ‘RESILIENCE’

The masterminds of fraud and cover-up, the medical establishment and health officials, have devised the perfect explanation for the decline our children’s health and behavior: ALL THE BAD THINGS PARENTS HAVE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN TO THEM AT HOME. News reports are filled with the newly coined terms, “Adverse Childhood Experiences” (ACEs) and “toxic stress,” and they point accusing fingers at moms and dads everywhere.

Now there’s a supporting documentary called ‘Resilience’ that’s circulating internationally. (Trailer) Educators, parents and medical professionals are urged to view it in order to understand the “new science” on childhood behavior problems. It’s being taken seriously and countless news reports link the explosion in mental health problems in children and behavior issues at school to CHILDHOOD TRAUMA.

Somehow children today have to live in such negative circumstances that their emotional and mental health is alarmingly different from previous generations.  The child in the 21st century suffers more than children who were raised during the Industrial Revolution, Great Depression, world wars, or de jure segregation in the South.

One of the ACEs they’re talking about is poverty, although no one can dispute that being poor is nothing new in childhood. 

How did children survive these all these experiences in the past and somehow function without all kinds of accommodations?

We are not allowed to ask.
The same people who convinced us that all the autism overwhelming our children is the result of better diagnosing/no real increase are now successfully selling the latest REALLY BIG LIE. Here are examples of how the documentary is being promoted.

Feb 23, 2018, (UK) Orkney Orcadian: Childhood experiences documentary shown in Orkney  Resilience, a groundbreaking documentary on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) is available for public screenings in communities throughout Orkney, starting in St Margaret’s Hope next Wednesday evening.

Following a showing of the documentary last May, six Third Sector organisations formed an ACEs collective to look at how this new science can contribute to improving health outcomes and life circumstances for children, families and communities here in Orkney.

Local campaigner Kevin Denvir said: “There is a strong body of evidence emerging that confirms the experience a child has at home with parents is the strongest predictor of future health, happiness and success. Parenting, it transpires, has a bigger bearing on the well-being of our children than the school they go to, the incomes we have, the holidays they go on, the clubs they attend, those extra lessons or even possessions! A child’s emotional intelligence and sense of security is clearly linked to the quality of their relationship with their parents or key caregivers.

“Over 20 years ago a research study of over 17000 mainly middle class Americans, by Vince Felliti and Rob Anda, came up with the phrase Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). …

 “The Orkney ACEs collective bought the public performance licence rights for the film and intend to show it throughout Orkney over the coming months. It is hoped by raising public awareness and understanding of this new science we can better support people who have experienced ACEs and provide more effective help when and where it is needed.”

Feb 23, 2018, Catholic Herald, Diocese of Superior Herald: Viewing of ‘Resilience’

The Cathedral of Christ the King, Superior, will host a viewing of the film “Resilience” at 6 p.m. Monday, March 5, in Kress Hall. The film is a one-hour documentary that chronicles the birth of a new movement among pediatricians, therapists, educators and communities, who are using cutting-edge brain science to disrupt cycles of violence, addiction and disease.

“Resilience” delves into the science of Adverse Childhood Experiences and the birth of a new movement to treat and prevent toxic stress. Now understood to be one of the leading causes of everything from heart disease and cancer to substance abuse and depression, extremely stressful experiences in childhood can alter brain development and have lifelong effects on health and behavior. This free event involves viewing of the documentary and discussion.

Feb 22, 2018, Matawan (NJ) Patch: Documentary On Child Abuse Shown At Matawan-Aberdeen MS

The Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District presents a community film screening of "Resilience," next Thursday, March 1 at Matawan Aberdeen Middle School. All parents are invited to attend. …

"Resilience: The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope" delves into the science of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the birth of a new movement to treat and prevent toxic stress. Now understood to be one of the leading causes of everything from heart disease and cancer to substance abuse and depression, extremely stressful experiences in childhood can alter brain development and have lifelong effects on health and behavior. …

After the screening, attendees are invited to join a thoughtful discussion about the film and develop practical action steps that can be taken back to their respective practices. The film is ideal viewing for educators, administrators, health-care staff, parents, social workers, mentors, social justice advocates and anyone interested in the well-being of children.

Feb 21, 2018, Mount Vernon (OH) News: Several free film showings of ‘Resilience’ available  

In conjunction with Mount Vernon Nazarene University, Kenyon College, the Knox Health Department chronicles the birth of a new movement among pediatricians, therapists, educators and communities, who are using cutting-edge brain science to disrupt cycles of violence, addiction and disease.

Feb 21, 2018, Union, ME, Knox Village Soup: ‘Resilience’ screening, discussion

Broadreach Family & Community Services has received grant funds from the Maine Children’s Trust to purchase a license to screen the award-winning documentary “Resilience: The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope” across Waldo and Knox counties through the end of May. …

 “Resilience” (2016, USA) is a one-hour documentary that delves into the science of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the birth of a new movement to treat and prevent toxic stress.  …

However, as experts and practitioners profiled in “Resilience” are proving, what is predictable is preventable. Physicians, educators, social workers and communities are daring to talk about the effects of divorce, abuse and neglect … and using cutting edge science to help the next generation break the cycles of adversity and disease.


Feb 19, 2018, Wilmington (NC) Star News: The first 2,000 days of your life

There are 2,000 days -- or five years -- between the time a child is born and when he or she will begin kindergarten.

Many local organizations, community members, business owners and elected officials gathered to spread awareness of the importance of a child’s brain development during those first five years.

“Within the first 3-5 years of a child’s life, 90 percent of their brain development happens,” said Executive Director of Smart Start New Hanover County, Jane Morrow. “Everything that we see, hear, touch, how much we’re cuddled, or exposed to, the vocabulary we hear and all of the things we experience are making neuroconnections.”

Morrow said that when children have a nurturing and stable environment they thrive but when children suffer from neglect or are in an abusive environment, the prefrontal cortex doesn’t get the same chance to develop.

This year’s Summit has held at Lifepoint Church. Attendees watched a screening of, “Resilience,” a documentary that delves into the science of Adverse Childhood Experiences and a new movement to treat and prevent toxic stress. After the film, they broke into groups to discuss a strategic plan for the community to confront issues of toxic stress for young children in New Hanover County.

Feb 14, 2018, Wisconsin Public Radio: "Resilience" Documentary Draws Attention To Childhood Adversity

Around 683,000 kids were reported to be victims of abuse and neglect nationwide in 2015, according to the most recent figures from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  A documentary being screened across northern Wisconsin seeks to raise awareness of the long-term impacts surrounding childhood adversity.

Reba Rice, CEO of Northlakes Community Clinics, said they’re screening the documentary “Resilience” around northern Wisconsin. She said the film talks about adverse childhood experiences that create toxic stress when a child doesn’t have a safe and structured relationship with an adult.

“There are several possible examples," she said. "What the science has done is narrowed them down to ten specific kinds of either abuse, neglect, or family dysfunction.”

Rice said children need strong, stable adults who can help them become resilient and rebound from difficult situations. She said challenging childhood experiences can have a significant impact on kids’ mental or physical health because children are still developing. …

Child abuse and neglect also take a financial toll on the healthcare, education and criminal justice systems. One year of child maltreatment cases can cost around $124 billion over a lifetime, according to a 2012 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Feb 10, 2018, Fairfield (CA)Daily Republic: Solano plan: Toxic childhood stress has lifetime consequences  

One of the barriers to attaining a useful education is what medical experts call ‘toxic stress” during childhood.

The long-term stress can have a direct and negative impact on the child’s health as they age, but also carry serious lifetime consequences – many of which are the target of the 2017 Community Health Improvement Plan for Solano County. …

While many of the K-12 issues are the responsibility of the education system, members of the Board of Supervisors were told Tuesday that it does not all fall on the schools.

Gene Ibe, Family Support/Parent Education Program manager for First 5 Solano Children and Families Commission, said identifying adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs, is critical. Many of those are the result of abuses at home.

“It is important to understand ACEs because traumatic experiences in childhood causes what experts have termed ‘toxic stress,’ ” Ibe said. “It’s an excessive, persistent stress that a person’s own system can’t deal with any longer, and in children this can alter their brain and body development.”

The causes can be the result of physical or emotional abuse, or even witnessing long-term domestic abuse within the family. Living around alcohol and substance abuse is also a cause, Ibe said.

If a child does have developmental issues, then that hinders the ability to get a proper education, which in turn can lead to unemployment, poverty, homelessness – even premature death.

RECENT REPORTS FROM THE WORLD MERCURY PROJECT reveal how the dramatically increasing rates of neuro—developmental problems in children today are now referred to as mental health issues.  Since they can no longer be ignored, there has to be some explanation, and as we’ve seen, the “new science” on bad parenting is taking hold everywhere.

FEB 14, 2018, WMP: Related Epidemics? Teen Mental Health Crisis & Neurodevelopmental Disorders. Part 1 of 2

It has never been easy to be an adolescent, but by the look of things, twenty-first century teenagers may be having a harder time than ever. One contributing factor—the one that public health agencies and the media seem most willing to discuss—is a ballooning epidemic of mental health problems in teens. Meanwhile, an equally grim developmental disability crisis has been unfolding for years, affecting at least one in six American children and teens but receiving little attention.

Officialdom’s subtle sidelining of developmental disorders in favor of a focus on mental health is somewhat baffling, given that researchers frequently use the terms “neuropsychiatric” and “neurodevelopmental” interchangeably. This is particularly the case when they refer to diagnoses such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and other behavioral disorders. In fact, one of the most credible national surveys cited as evidence of the teenage mental health crisis (called the NCS-A and published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry in 2010) defines three behavior disorders (ADHD, conduct disorders and oppositional defiant disorders) as “mental disorders.”

The NCS-A was conducted with over 10,000 teens from 2001-2004. The survey found that half (49.5%) of U.S. teens ages 13-18 suffered from at least one mental disorder (see chart), including one in five with behavior disorders and three in ten with anxiety disorders. 

Feb 22, 2018, WMP: The Special Ed Epidemic: Burying Our Heads and Crippling Our Economy. Part 2 of 4.

A recent survey of early childhood teachers asked “What is your greatest concern?” The majority of teachers reported “Managing challenging behaviors in our classroom,” according to Mary Ann Hansen, the director of First 5 Humboldt, a county-based commission in California which provides programs for children under age 5. She went on to say “We hear this over and over again, that teachers are struggling.” Sadly, many students are also struggling as their needs are unable to be met in a classroom environment that lacks support, proper teacher training, and the funding necessary to provide a quality education which addresses their varying needs.

With an increasing number of children requiring special education services in the schools, significant demands are being placed on both special and regular education teachers. Learners with differing educational, behavioral, and medical needs are both financially and emotionally challenging for both their school districts and teachers alike. School budgets are being depleted rapidly as districts attempt to provide a free and appropriate education (FAPE) for all, especially when Individualized Education Plans (IEP) require extensive special services including speech, physical, occupational therapy, nursing, counseling, behavioral services, in-class support, and personal aides.

Providing for the many needs of children classified in special education costs our nation an estimated $50 billion annually, and that number is likely outdated as it is based on data from the 1999-2000 SEED study, which doesn’t reflect the rise in students requiring special education since 2000.

Somehow reeducating parents on what their roles are supported to be and providing more mental health services for children will solve the problem.  Meanwhile more and more disabled/dysfunctional students are flooding schools around the world; the costs are enormous and never-ending. And it doesn’t stop here. More new research links ACEs to chronic conditions like diabetes and asthma.

NIH/HHS: The Link Between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Diabetes 

Science Direct: Association between adverse childhood experiences in the home and pediatric asthma

It seems everything wrong with kids today can be laid neatly at mom and dad’s door.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



Get pure bentonite clay to create aluminum detox baths and masks - before the belligerent U.S. government bans this healing substance.

They won’t stop until all U.S. children are handicapped from vaccines, and tortured in mental asylums. Government run schools are almost identical.


"But we can control how many toxins we subject children to If we are willing"
amen, Mr Conte.

Brian Steere

Mind-capture is another term for social engineering - but one that I feel opens where our responsibility must awaken.
The undermined mind is a captured and managed asset, that thinks within the framing of mind control - that is - it is no longer aware and in connection with the movement of its own life excepting along permitted, filtered and distorted channels.
The technocratic control of people as 'systems' is underway as the extension of discoveries of scientific principles, and the implementation of Big Data is for this purpose - and is being rolled out globally (at great cost) without regard for apparent geopolitical boundaries - not unlike global 'medical' dictates (initiatives) such as vaccination agenda.
The mark of madness is when the ends justify the ends - and a fantasy of control can appeal in terms of promising a world without war, sickness, or evil. Such is the deceit in appealing to a false sense of protection by which to give power away and lose our own resilience and renewal for a system of thinking that is blind to who you are and what life is.
The challenge as I see it is not to 'take on' evil powers and become defined against them in their own framing -ie anti-vax - but to awaken and grow in a living witness to life that reveals the deceit as deceit - ie: vaccines are neither safe nor effective - except as a slogan of imposed group-think.

The mind-in-evasion dissociates to escape from its own denials in displacement of a fear-drive sense of self-disconnect. This operates collectively as power-struggle masking in manipulations of narrative control - such as corporates 'out-sourcing' pain, pollution and sickness to anywhere else for its own balance sheet and persistence as the giver of pain rather than the receiver of it. Getting 'power' from giving pain within a mind-capture of a corrupted sense of power, humanity and life.

Peggy Jaeger

More refrigerator moms stuff.!! This is a prelude to laws to take children out of their homes, away from parents, What...with them..? Genetic experiments gone wrong will likely become lab rats....Nazism all over again....

Autism uncle


Your past comments and now this one have convinced me you are really a "double agent" who, in truth, indeed wants to abolish our utterly destructive vaccine holocaust - since everything you say is so foolish, and reveals the idiocy of those blindly pro-vaccine.


See Public Relations Campaigns of Edward Barnays . He was the nephew of Sigmund Freud .
Same stuff ,different haircut different style of shirt and shoes ,now with the new scientific label called "Social Marketing"
A "Perfect Fake " because the "Best Fakes " have a smattering of "Fact " buried within them to appear more plausable ? ie , The richest man in the graveyard is usually the CEO Boss of a big organisation with an acute, chaotic, disfunctional lifestyle ,neglecting in the process their own health and welfare because of an organisational addiction for money and power gluttony.
The same [ACEs] study could easilly be transferable towards .
Perfume preferences and personality types .Myers-Brigs.
see The Psychology of Fragrance Selection . Dimensions of Brand Psychology . and attitudes ,personality and behaviour.
Smell is the only sense which has direct contact with the brain . Synthetic or Natural so use your sense of smell and you will easily be able to spot a big "Phoney Baloney" a mile away .
Slainte mhath , to your very good health and robust resiliance . If you have to attend a Social Marketing "Event with free buffet and drinks best to stick with the original criteria and guidelines of one's not enough ,three's two many ,two doubles and up the road is enough for anyone at a social marketing event or some people will end up sliding down the wall with their pants on public display ! Not a good look for health and social care leadership .

Frederic Chopin

So it's okay to blame vaccines or mouth microflora but not ACEs or fetal alcohol syndrome.


Parents and all sane people need to fight back against this heinous thinly veiled power play and cover up.

The ACE researchers claim that ACEs diminish life span by 20 years. So according to them, no children who survived the Nazi holocaust should have made it past about 55. Yet there are many living well beyond and into their 90s. BIG LIE is right.


I can't remember if it was in John Taylor Gatto's Underground History of American Education where I read or heard that when compulsory schooling first began in the 1880's, that the government's mantra was to "seize the children". The children had to be under government control and rearing in order for society to succeed according to the planners, the social engineers.

Quote from one of the Anne's articles:

"There are 2,000 days -- or five years -- between the time a child is born and when he or she will begin kindergarten."

K-12 isn't enough control. Now they want to seize them at birth.

Jeannette Bishop

"Mark Feb. 26, 2018 on the Calendar United States Courtroom expert testimony multi vaccines Torture"

Louis Conte

My dad came over from Italy on a boat. It took 45 days and the conditions were awful. When he got to Ellis Island the medical staff found a rash on his neck. As a result, he was held in a jail cell for six days until the rash cleared.

He learn to speak English by himself and lived in a cold water flat in New York City.

He did not develop autism as a result.

I believe the child abuse, sexual abuse and other negative childhood experiences can impact a persons health. However, we are not studying the impacts of the chemical toxic burden that children today face.

Life will always present stress. It is unavoidable. Life will always include tragedy, loss and other negative life events.

However, it is not until the past 35 years the children face the toxic onslaught they face today. Layer all of these problems over children who are packed with mercury and aluminum and you have the mixture needed for awful outcomes.

We can’t fix every aspect of society. People will be raised by good parents, bad parents or mediocre parents. Much of life is beyond our control.

But we can control how many toxins we subject children to If we are willing to confront the industry is pumping poison into our children and their environment.

Everything that we are seeing is a symptom of the Great Poisoning.


The only ACE for most children and young adults who developed brain disorders are toxic vaccinations, which were pushed on them by toxic, incompetent, corrupt pediatricians, politicians and genocidal pharma. Parents can be blamed only for their naivety and for trusting those criminal pediatricians.


So now parents can even cause diabetes and asthma??! This is beyond ridiculous! Maybe we're starting to see the net results of a public educational system that has spent the past few decades teaching to the test rather than fostering the development of critical thinking skills. Now we have entire professions primed to believe this idiocy without question.
I guess school systems could save money by cutting out all science programs (they clearly aren't using science anyway!) and put the funding toward leeches for the school nurses to administer and fainting couches for the poor, stressed out teachers.

Jeannette Bishop

Public health and some other population-wide, industrial environmental manipulating practices have poisoned and repeatedly exhaustingly stir up the very resilience organs of humanity starting day 1 in infancy ... and now they insist that obviously they need to take over "parenting" altogether they can really polish things off, I guess.


The last "documentary" trying to detract from vaccine injury that I looked into I discovered was funded by the same suspect entities (partly funded through a well known hospital system) we can all imagine here, and their "medical" advisors all ran in those same circles. Sadly, it had been directed by someone who had previously done some nice environmental science, conservationist style films. It aired on NOVA at the time, so my friend was SURE it was all accurate. In the first 15 minutes I could see how one sided it was, and so looked up the funding and advisory stuff for her to understand who, exactly, she was getting her information from. Most people don't understand that the most widely circulated information is nothing but corporate propaganda, while the untold facts are where personal empowerment lies. Would never think that the documentary format could be hijacked for corporate interests, erasing the lines between non-fiction and fiction.

Ya know, the average american would laugh in you face if you asked them to consider lending a complete stranger $20 without asking them any pertinent information, but will hand over their time, body, minds, and emotions to strangers because they don't realize that these attributes (body, mind, emotion, and time) are assets to be handled and protected and invested wisely. The pharmaceutical companies, in contract, have had no trouble at all conceiving that these assets are resources by which they can profit, and have been doing their best for decades to hide that from the general population., while wildly profiting from those resources themselves. It is a steady ongoing rain of wealth transfer that makes the periodic market crash look like a 10 minute summer cloud burst.

Sharon Kistler

Best way to sell Pharma's cocktail of psychotropics to treat the never-scientifically-supported theory of "chemical brain imbalance" is to render the parents even more helpless by blaming them and inciting guilt and shame so that they go along with Pharma's cocktail "treatment": anti-seizure meds, anti-psychotics and anti-depressants. This marketing works best when you have divorced parents who disagree and like to fight with one another. Surely, the controlling parent will fight to go along with Big Pharma's cocktail psychotropic treatment. Then, you will see, that poor child will go from an autism spectrum (possibly higher-functioning) diagnosis to a disabled, SSI, Medicaid, group-home locked-in situation for the rest of their short lives, just as Robert Whitaker so deftly described in his "Anatomy of an Epidemic".

But the awakened will refuse this nightmare, or if obstacles prohibit the outright refusal, the child-adult-caught-in-the-middle will have his opportunity to advocate to taper off these harmful medications, as long as he is verbal and has support. Fortunately, there are wonderful psychiatrists and investigative journalists who are exposing the truth about the pseudo-science of psychiatry and the swath of harm of psychotropics -- Dr. Kelly Brogan, Dr. Peter Breggin, Dr. Peter Healy, Dr. Peter Goetzche, Robert Whitaker and MAD in America, for example. I have found that this is one tough journey to be a part of, and we awakened families must unite to prevent its continuation.


I would say that being held down on a table and jabbed with needles (sometimes up to six at one time ) every couple of months for the first five years of your life should definitely qualify as one of their "adverse childhood experiences".

Patricia pratt

So how is it that history tells us a story of the trauma filled lives of children in the 19th (and beyond) century who worked in factories from dawn to dusk, who scrambled up chimneys to clear them, who went without food and shoes, who caught many deadly diseases such as diphtheria and cholera and small pox, who were neglected and beaten by gin filled drunken parents, who slept on bare floors or 7 in a bed......and yet how many got autism or autistic brain encephalopathy? One in many 1000's?? Their lives were trauma free?

Bonnie Camo MD

Looks like they're back to the "refrigerator mothers" theory of Bruno Bettelheim, which was refuted in 1964 by Bernard Rimland in his book, Infantile Autism.


How convenient that parents cause auto immune disorders such as asthma and diabetes! I’m just sad about how many people will fall for this

susan welch

How interesting that 'Powers that Be' think they can blame the new 'mental disorders' on parents. It seems to me that they are taking a chance that the public will believe them and, therefore, stop questioning why there is such a crisis in our schools and the health of our children. This will make the parents that DO know even more determined to get the message out to anyone who will listen. It will surely anger this community more than 'better diagnosis'.

A friend of mine has a great nephew who was diagnosed with autism a year or so ago. Whilst this friend was staying with me last summer, she watched Vaxxed. Long story short, she actually wanted me to send her a copy and gave the DVD to her niece this weekend. I have now ordered another 10 copies and hope to keep on getting the truth out to people. I believe that blaming the parents will be a big mistake and will only hasten the truth becoming public knowledge.

I'm sure it won't be long before the BBC show this documentary.


My Parents grew up in the 30s; in the Cumberland Mountains; in deep poverty.
My Mother remembers her and her brothers and sisters crying with dissatisfaction at the supper table and her mother promising that soon the cow would have a calf and there would be milk.
My own father was served a chicken legs, and I don't mean the drum, I mean the cooked scaly leg with the food attached, with claws. His aunt did that when he and his Mother showed up for a barn building. He was just a young boy and so he did not get any thing else.

They lived in a pristine environment except when the Cumberland River, and it's tributaries swelled out of it's banks. Then the flood washed the surrounding land, including the toilets located in the flood zone and spread typhoid. Too bad there was not a big push by the government through education to teach each and every family what to do with their waste.

The government did put in a new outhouse for the school though. Everyone showed up for it, and watched them put it in. They were all amazed at all the layers of sand, gravel, lime that was put in that hole. Then they were told to put lime down the hole every so often.
That was getting into the 50s though before that happened.

So, pristine was the environment that if a car came into the community that for days and days they could smell the car's combustion engine.

So, pristine was the environment that when the county doctor and his nurse came to the school in the fall to give the typhoid shot, the school kids most remembrance of them was the scent of rubbing alcohol as they came up the hill to the school.

Where there problems with health back then?
My Mother's best friend; a little red headed girl had seizures. Wonder how come. LOL.
They were called fits, the seizures went untreated; and really no one seemed to pay much attention to them.

As a matter of fact the 15 million that left the area; it is well established they had all kinds of auto immune diseases of some kind. That is what my cousin, and a nurse told me; as her sisters all had celiacs and had half their guts removed.


adverse childhood experience= parents are failures and need help from the nearly perfect health care system and big pharma.

smartphones= they are not able to control their behaviour well enough due to failing or having parents who failed at parenting

interestingly iatrogenic brain damage can lead to lack of impulse control, which will then lead to compulsive and repetitive behaviour which could manifest as excessive smartphone usage.


Parents with brain damage are unable to raise their even more brain damaged kids and are being blamed for not functioning 100%.

Iatrogenically damaged families are dysfunctional, true but somehow they are to blame for it that is the message.

bob moffit

"It seems everything wrong with kids today can be laid neatly at mom and dad’s door."

How convenient for the pharma industry ... it's not THEIR DRUGS AND VACCINES .. IT'S MOM AND DAD.

Got to give them credit .. to create a new "science" that "chronicles the birth of a new movement among pediatricians, therapists, educators and communities, who are using cutting-edge brain science to disrupt cycles of violence, addiction and disease" is absolutely brilliant on their part.

And so .. another childhood "disorder" .. ACE .. will be added to the ever-growing list of childhood disorders .. that were non-existent in all previous .. LESS VACCINATED GENERATIONS.


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