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IPAK Board Member Josh Mazer's Letter Regarding HPV Vaccination in Maryland

GardasilNote: Josh sent this letter to "...every member of the Maryland state house and senate, and every school board member, and every member of the governor’s staff in Maryland." You can read the full letter with attachments here. From IPAK. The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge is a not-for-profit organization* which exists to perform scientific research in the public interest. We use the principles and practices of scientific research to help individual researchers, research teams, consortia, and companies push their project through roadblocks, or map their way around them via evidence-based alternatives.

The following is a letter dated February 21, 2018, written by father and IPAK Advisory Board Member and concerned citizen Josh Mazer. It highlights, among other things, an obvious increase in death due to all causes in the studies on Gardisil™ safety, and an increase in the relative risk of suicide among patients in those studies. Josh has given permission for anyone who can use the information contained in this letter in any format they choose to inform their own school boards, Boards of Health, legislators etc. that the people will not tolerate the use of public schools as a place to advertise Gardasil™, a faulty and defective product.  These are the facts. Feel free to cut and paste them into your own letters and emails. The evidence of unacceptable levels of risk of injury is overwhelming. It is the considered opinion of this scientist that support for Gardasil™ use on any population must be dropped in the United States of America and its territories. -James Lyons-Weiler, PhD, on behalf of The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge, its Advisory Board, and members of the Society for Pure and Applied Knowledge. 

Dear Maryland Senator,

I have great respect for Governor Hogan. I appreciate his empathetic desire to help reduce and prevent cancers that cause terrible suffering and death for Maryland residents and others.  A secretive campaign to market human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccinations in Maryland state schools is not a proper public health policy strategy to accomplish those goals.

A career registered nurse in Montgomery County schools gave me the two letters attached below (“HPV1” and “HPV2”). She told me that she felt she was being “forced” to market the vaccine to students, that she objected to the policy, and that she was scared to speak out for fear of losing her job.

The first letter  (HPV1 ) was authorized by  Dr. Ken Lin Tai , Director, Maryland Department of Health Center for Cancer Prevention and Control . Her office originated, wrote, and approved the letter.  Dr. Jinlene Chan MD, MPH , and  Dr. Dennis Schrader  signed off on it.  Per my conservation with Dr. Chan Thursday Feb 16 2018, 10:07am, it was sent to every school superintendent in the State of Maryland.

The second letter  (HPV2)   is from  Montgomery County Assistant Superintendent Dr. Johnathan T. Brice,  instructing all the principals in his district to comply with the DOH directive.  

The letters detail a surreptitious campaign to market the HPV vaccine in State schools. There was no public discussion, approval process, or any effort to inform parents. The ethical violation is obvious. Dr. Tai’s directive is strongly coercive state action interfering with free and informed consent – using words like “imperative” to give the vaccine, pressing it through schools, and blurring the line between mandated “school-entry” required vaccines and an ACIP-recommended vaccine.

In addition to the ethical concerns, the letters contain fraudulent information and thus potentially might be considered part of a conspiracy to defraud consumers and children in particular. The following  inaccurate statements in the Tai/Chan  letter are in quotes, with my rebuttal following:

  • “the critical public health crisis of under-vaccination of Maryland adolescents against HPV”- low uptake rates of HPV vaccine does not constitute a “public health crisis.” The uptake rate in Japan is now less than 1%, country wide.
  • HPV “pos[es] a significant public health risk” – not true. More than 98% of HPV infections clear naturally  (WHO info).
  • The vaccine can protect “before exposure” – Evidence strongly suggests that a significant proportion of preteens have HPV infections at the time of vaccination  that they acquired other than by sexual contact.  Children who are HPV positive at the time of vaccination (PCR or serology) are likely at increased risk of HPV infection  based on clinical trial data  (“negative efficacy ” for those positive for HPV at time of vaccination).


Angus Files


I agree with all you write .I just have to go by what I see and how the other side are reacting.Which I would say they are in a state of organised panic just now as the CDC budget gets cut.They have enough, I read to limp along until July 2019 and keep all the vaccine poison shops open that they have just now...after that its cliff time..with further cuts..Sadly for us where politics come into play is if Trump got in with our Bloc vote come 20/20 he will be looking to get us all back on side again he knows he is going to have to have done something pretty convincing for us to re-elect him for ..20/20 just now it really hasnt happened although I am over the moon with the cuts at the CDC where Obama Killary et-al were looking to increase its budget and expand....Even better I was listening to a radio show last week and the sentiment of the discussion was that if the Wakefield dilemma came along again there would not be enough cash-contacts-pharma clout to put it down..The Sunday Times was mentioned....loved it.Indirectly the cuts at the CDC are having an effect world wide slowly but surely.

Pharma For Prison



@Shelley Tzorfas
And, if that risk showing those already exposed to HPV have increased risk of infection, how do we know that this same mechanism is not happening in all vaccines for viral illnesses? Why would an HPV virus be any different than other viruses? Vertical transmission, also, may be nature's way of incorporating viruses successfully without further injury to to the next generation, unless it for some reason it becomes active in the system under certain specific conditions, and then multiplies in the body.
Maybe no vaccine for any viral illness should be given if a person is shown to have already been exposed to it. Synthetic chemical pollution, around us and injected in us, maybe is responsible for our bodies not keeping viruses in "sleep" mode, including the ones in the vials themselves.
If heat is one thing that keeps them "asleep", think about all the "cold" people, who have things like Raynaud's. Would their body's stay warm enough to fight viruses? Or people with other thyroid problems who's body temperature is low or in the case of celiac/gluten exposure causing low body temperature. Or people who don't exercise and get their body temperatures up? Giving Tylenol when vaccinating, or when sick, or even just when in pain, could lower the body temperature and prevent standard viral containment physiology.

Aimee Doyle

@Angus -

I somehow doubt the vaccine program will be a victim of CDC's slashed budget. Vaccines enjoy bipartisan protection. But hopefully I'm wrong.

While we're talking budget, I wish Trump would do something about research on treatment, therapy, and cure for autism. How about allotting some dollars to those kids and adults who are already vaccine damaged? And if he's ever going to actually drain any swamp, I wish he would start with the IACC.


For the registered nurse who feels she was being "forced" to market the vaccine to students ,that she objected to the policy, and that she was scared to speak out for fear of losing her job .
Good information to read for your situation at .
www.patientsfirst.org.uk/tag=Kim holt.html
Dr Kim Holt<< Patients First
There is a lot of support available ,you need to look at the best options, for your own personal circumstances .

Angus Files

The Pharma madness continues the HPV destroying the young girls heartbreaking to witness which I had the misfortune to see a young lady this week that left me shaking my head from side to side inside and calmly on the outside trying to confirm the mothers fears of HPV poisoning.

Ill add this here if its ok as I think it shows there is a fight back happening .The CDC swamp is hemorrhaging dollars a slow strangulation of its cash slowly the budgets for 2019 are proposed to down another 12% this is on top of the other reductions below.also agencies being transferred away from the CDC.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2016 budget was 6.6billion

The proposal would slash the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) budget by 12%, to $5.6 billion, compared to the 2017 level. Part of this cut would be achieved by moving programmes into other agencies, such as transferring the CDC’s occupational-health activities to the NIH. But other agency programs would see funding levels slashed, including a 43% cut to the agency’s $1.4-billion Public Health Preparedness and Response Program.


2018 budget below


The fiscal year (FY) 2018 President’s udget request for D and !TSDR includes a total funding level of $6,037,243,000 in discretionary budget authority and the Prevention and Public Health Fund (PPHF). This is an overall decrease of $1,222,431,000 below the FY 2017 Annualized Continuing Resolution (CR) level, which is a 17% reduction. The funding amounts and programmatic approaches described below are changes compared to the FY 2017 Annualized CR level.



Pharma For Prison



I suspect the anatomy of the "Big Scammer" fraud looks like this:

Have a product on the market that can do massive damage on a large scale. Figure out anyone who could threaten or oppose you, or who decides what is right and wrong, what is true or false.

Try to lure in as many of these authorities as you can making them believe they are doing the right thing while they actually do the dirty work for you. The deeper they are involved in the scam the more they will be in denial about it.

When the truth finally comes out, all of these institutions will protect you as long as the damage and the crime is so massive that no one can take responsibility for it or afford to pay for it.

You will never be found guilty because no one will ever want to admit that the scam they were part of actually existed.

Works like a charm.(See Gardasil)

Shelley Tzorfas

I have read that Untold numbers of children are BORN with HPV from Vertical Transmission or from the mother during the birth process. What do you think will happen when a child gets shot up for something they already have to supposedly Not get it? Medical Pandemonium as the body rages war within itself. Unearthly amounts of aluminum, A DEADLY ELEMENT enters the body and the brain similar to the way the football players experienced CTE and their brain frying outcomes brought with Aluminum in their hemispheres. How do we KNOW this HPV shot with enormous amounts of aluminum will destroy lives? We KNOW because untold amounts of girls have suddenly lost their cycles, become Paralyzed and DIED round and round the globe.

Hans Litten

thanks Susan :

1) Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS): VAERS is a passive vaccine adverse effect reporting system created under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 and maintained by HHS. VAERS review of HPV vaccine reports shows 54,105 adverse reactions. Among those, 2,227 are listed as “disabled,” 10,416 are listed as “did not recover,” 7,418 are listed as “serious,” and 409 deaths have been reported.

susan welch


Doctor K. Here is the complete letter.

Doctor K

Did the letter get cut off, or is that the entire letter? I seem to be missing the part you had alluded to in your introduction:

"It highlights, among other things, an obvious increase in death due to all causes in the studies on Gardisil™ safety, and an increase in the relative risk of suicide among patients in those studies."

It appears to be truncated or incomplete.

Thanks so much!

bob moffit

"In addition to the ethical concerns, the letters contain fraudulent information and thus potentially might be considered part of a conspiracy to defraud consumers and children in particular"

It's probably just me .. but .. I believe that deliberately spreading "fraudulent information" rises the level of guilt from "conspiracy to defraud" .. to a conspiracy to commit violent assault upon innocent victims.

Consider ... if the injuries associated with HPV vaccines are severe enough to include death .. that would most likely qualify for being prosecuted for manslaughter in a criminal court.

Hans Litten

How is it , so many people can all behave so unethically all at once.
The evidence against Gardasil is now so overwhelming and conclusive and yet the carnage continues.
Spontaneous menopause , MS , Leukemia , death in the 000's clearly.
Protests in Denmark, Japan, Colombia, Ireland, France, Spain and still they continue to pursue their murderous agenda. Who are these people, who are these monsters ?
Even the people at the top of the tree have no qualms about all this carnage and destruction.
Gerberding ? Margaret Stanley ? Oxford & Cambridge Universities.
Where is the justice ? How is this all going to end ?

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