Computers and Records Seized of Dr Gatti and Dr Montanari
Why Did Italian Polizia Raid Gatti and Montanari’s Residence and Offices and Seize Computers? on Escape Plan When Students are Disabled

Alone At SchoolNote: This is such an important subject, and one that brushed my family last week. The day after the shooting in Florida, my daughter's high school had an unscheduled dismissal for a water problem. I came home at 11:28am to find a school bus waiting in front of my house. My first thought was "Oh did I miss a half day?" I did not. The district put my pre-verbal daughter with autism onto a bus without contacting me and confirming I would be home to bring her in the house safely. The district sent an email 40 minutes before dismissal.  - and while I check email often, I don't check it every 15 minutes and I do not have alerts since I run no fewer than 6 email accounts for various parts of my work and other areas of my life. My phone would be blowing up all day. 

The robocall came to my house house phone 10 minutes after her bus arrived. The robocall came to my cell 25 minutes after the bus arrived. And a Robotext arrived 30 minutes after the bus arrived saying the buses were on their way. In light of Florida, I wasn't going to lose my mind over the mistake. My girl was safe. But the teacher should have called me on my cell to make sure I was available. I called the Superintendent and suggested a new system for the kids with special needs. "Make sure you reach a parent or guardian." He agreed to look into where the school had gone wrong. I think it was simple - CALL MOM. Common sense. In a lockdown emergency - I promise you that none 0f my three could stay quiet to avoid detection. Would they be thrown into the hall to save the other students and staff? Are those seclusion rooms soundproof?  That's another post. Kim


How to Keep Students with Disabilities Safe in Lockdowns, Evacuations, and Other School Crises

With lockdowns and evacuation drills becoming a regular occurrence in schools, students with disabilities are often faced with disruptions of routine, unrealistic behavior expectations, accessibility problems, and other challenges that may not have been addressed in the IEP and remove necessary supports. Friendship Circle asked Dr. Dusty Columbia Embury and Dr. Laura Clarke, who’ve written about safety and students with disabilities, to answer some questions about how schools can include these students in their planning for unexpected events and how parents can make sure their children’s needs are accounted for.

Introduction from Dusty and Laura

We are passionate about creating and sustaining inclusive settings and experiences for all children, and we began our research about school safety and children with significant disabilities after the Newtown school shooting.

What started out as a panicked conversation between friends who both have a child with a disability turned into research about what kinds of safeguards are in place for children with disabilities in a school crisis. Our article in Teaching Exceptional Children, “Supporting Students With Disabilities During School Crises: A Teacher’s Guide,” was the result of this research, and our work in this area has continued as we work with our friends at Scenario Learning on their school safety online course for school professionals and through workshops and trainings with school districts interested in creating safety plans that address the most vulnerable students.

What are some issues with lockdown drills that parents of kids with disabilities should be aware of?

Dusty: It depends on the student—but we know that practice for emergencies like a lockdown or a natural disaster can present challenges to our students. When I think about my own student, I think about the (often loud) disruption to the routine and not knowing what is happening. Changes, especially frightening ones, present difficulties for my student and many other students. When she was younger, my concerns were that she would shut down and be unable to move to safety on her own and might lash out if others attempted to move her to safety. Read more at here.


Aimee Doyle

"What is the trigger which triggers the trigger finger?"
In other words, what is the ROOT cause of these mass-casualty school shootings?
Without exception, all these shooters have suffered from psychiatry and prescription psych DRUGS.

I agree we need to address the root causes, but in the meantime, can we consider that it's not a good idea to sell guns to people who are mentally ill?


My son came home an hour early from his day program once and luckily I was home. I did not get a call telling me he was coming home one hour earlier than usual. Thank God I was home and he was safe. Schools and Day programs must review with staff, teachers, and bus drivers to always call home to be sure someone is there and insure their safety.


Anyone on this site who is worried about their kids should not be okay with selling AR15s to mentally ill teenagers. So choose one or the other.


Just adding to Bill's comment...

Levi with another great article AND terrific video exposing the ROOT causes we Never hear about from MSM.


I must repeat what the lame-stream media refuses to discuss:
"What is the trigger which triggers the trigger finger?"
In other words, what is the ROOT cause of these mass-casualty school shootings?
Without exception, all these shooters have suffered from psychiatry and prescription psych DRUGS,
which have been PROOVEN to cause suicidal and homicidal thoughts and behaviors in a certain percentage of those who are given these drugs.
Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It's 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins.
Thanks for giving me more food for thought....
KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, People!
(c)2018, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction


Irresponsible and thoughtless. These are the people in charge of her daily care and who are supposed to be teaching her how to care for herself. So glad that she is safe, no thanks to them.

John Stone

Unless something is done to reduce the component elements of such situations they will probably just go on escalating in frequency - Kim, this is no idle question.


"Would they be thrown into the hall to save the other students and staff?"
That is a terrifying thought that hadn't occurred to me, but you're a step ahead to be thinking it. How do we protect from that?

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