17 Year Old Man with Autism Spends Night in Frigid New York Temps After Wandering
Age of Reactive Attachment Disorder?

Florida School Shooting - and the State of American Education

Candle-light-i-will-give-the-light-in-the-dark-djokomuljantoThis is one of the times I wish with all my heart Dan Olmsted was alive to help guide this conversation.  On Wednesday, a 19 year old kid shot and killed 17 students and faculty at a Florida high school. The initial reports show a boy (yes, I know he is a legal adult) with a tragic past, adopted at birth (that's not the tragedy) and then orphaned again as both his adoptive father and mother died. His Mom died just months ago. ( The media seems to delight in calling her death a 'flu" death - had she died of anything else, would that be relevant?)  He struggled in school. He was expelled.  He was in the mental health system. There is even a report that says a family let on that he had been diagnosed with autism.   Lord help all of us. Autism as we know it is not vicious, vengeful rage. Ever.  Our Anne Dachel has been writing about the explosion of violent behaviors in American schools from kindergarten through 12th grade. Shootings are the most violent example - and are all too common. 

Politics. Florida is a red state. Connecticut where I live some 15 miles from Sandy Hook is a blue state. Guns. Meds. Mental health. Second Amendment. HIPAA. Forced over-vaccination. Video games. Lack of ability to cope with adversity. Helicopter parents. Trophy for all sports.  Black box warnings. What else is part of this topic?

I pose a simple question that has no simple answer. "What do you think has happened to American children?"

Don't bother telling us that these are actors and there was no shooting, we won't publish those comments.  



Angus Files

Hi Grace they flipped for whatever reason I guess we dont have previous history of the criminals so whether it was a one of or not we cant see.The school killings are diffrent to everything that has come before so far as I can see.I think there were always ``mad` people about and I guess in `peaceful times` its more documented.I always think of the Norsk Berserker`s who were the pick of the crop in a battle...decedents and the dna of these people will still be with us today and I would imagine that this type of person would have a lower threshold of control but then again maybe not.Many of the best fighting forces are the quietest in day to day life stick them into battle they change no explaining it.

"The concept of ‘berserk’ also turns up independently of ‘berserker’. The idea of ‘going berserk’ could apply to more than just the members of a warrior brotherhood. Harald Hardråde (Hardruler) “went berserk” at the 1066 battle of Stamford Bridge, for example. "


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John Stone


I see your point about not naming perpetrators, although I think it would make it too easy for the authorities to engage in cover up - and we know where this is leading already ie suppressing evidence about medications etc. We are getting to point where these events are so frequent that going down in history is pushing it, more like just making a temporary impression for these little big men. I suppose they are all male.


Hi John Stone,
You are very right that the mix of increasingly mentally disturbed kids and easily available guns will continue to create a potential for nightmare scenarios In the U.S. Your comment wasn't smug, it made sense; I was just trying to share some of the challenges and complexities in the whole situation.
Psychotropic drugs causing violent outbursts and disinhibition, media coverage of the shooters rather than the heroes, violent video games, and a lack of moral compass and empathy are probably all contributing too. Some of the shooters have said they wanted their name to go down in history;perhaps it is also time to consider not publicly naming these people, rather like the way we don't name rape victims, though for a very different reason..

Grace Green

Angus, your list of international mass killings is interesting when looked at retrospectively. I find it very illuminating to do this in my own life. For example, what was about to happen in Germany in 1913? And in Japan in 1938? Tensions rise in whole societies for socio-economic-political reasons, and perhaps those already suffering from life threatening stress and deprivation are the first to succumb to the pressures.

The Original Someone #1

@ Barry,

It appears we have trolls here who want to adversely affect our relationships in cyberspace. Just lovely. Thanks for letting me know this also happened to you. It is a way to hijack a thread, I guess, and cause division.

cia parker

It wasn't a public school shooting, but remember the shooter from the tower at UT Austin, was it in '66 or '67? He killed a number of people.

cia parker


They don't treat strep with antibiotics in the UK? I didn't know that. There was an outbreak of scarlet fever (related to strep) last year in the UK, Mike Stevens' son had it. He was treated with antibiotics. I don't think they should start them until at least two days after the sore throat begins, to give the body time to make antibodies, so the problem doesn't recur, but then I think it's probably a good idea, in order to prevent rheumatic fever and other complications. And also just to stop the extremely severe pain.

I agree with stringent testing of potential gun owners to assess them for physical and mental stability. I thought they already did it, but for some reason a lot of people were falling through the cracks. But I think we all agree that Nick Cruz should not have had a gun. He would not have passed any fitness test.


@ Cia Parker,
Just so you know, sadly, there are two different "Someone"s posting on this very thread. I only posted the first "Someone" comment two up from Bob's (which was the very first comment below). Just wanted you to know that. I have yet to read the other "Someone"'s comment or comments, which apparently have been inflammatory in some way.

Confusing, I know. Anyway, I will have to change my "Someone" name to something else now. Just great! Not really, but oh well....


This same thing happened to me here before.

Confusing is one word for it... but creepy is the word that I use to describe it.


@ Cia Parker,
Just so you know, sadly, there are two different "Someone"s posting on this very thread. I only posted the first "Someone" comment two up from Bob's (which was the very first comment below). Just wanted you to know that. I have yet to read the other "Someone"'s comment or comments, which apparently have been inflammatory in some way.

Confusing, I know. Anyway, I will have to change my "Someone" name to something else now. Just great! Not really, but oh well....

Angus Files

After the Flower Power years there seems to be a massive hike..mmm didnt vaccines increase then and Valium use...Semi`s were invented in 1885 by the Germans...

"Of the 67 shooters in the last 30 years 65 had mental health problems 55 obtained the guns legally"

Mass Shootings
Mass shootings have been around for a long time in America. But public, random violence is on the rise.

Mass Murder:
One aggressor.
Kills at least 4 others.
In a 24 hour period.

The earliest
1913–Ernst August Wagner–Stabbed wife and four children, drove to Mühlhausen an der Enz, Germany. Open fired on 20, killing nine, several animals, and burning down several buildings.
1927–Stephanus Swart–shot eight before killing himself outside Charlestown, South Africa.
1938–Mutsuo Toi, a 21 year old, killed half of his small village in Japan. Killing 30 with shotgun, sword, and axe before committing suicide.
1954-1957–William Unek, on two separate killing sprees killed 57 people in Belgium Congo. 27 were killed by axe, 26 with gun, 2 with fire, and one by strangulation.

Note: There are words for mass-murderer in many languages, including ancient ones.


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John Stone


I want to make it quite clear I don't know how to disarm the USA and I doubt whether it is possible (I also recognise that in a highly armed society responsible people often bear arms) but the bottom line is that as an ordinary UK citizen I would not know how to acquire a firearm - I would have to belong to some gangland fraternity or something - so really it cannot be any mystery if we have fewer of these incidents. I very much doubt whether we use antibiotics less - we don't have GM food because it has to be properly marked and no one wants to buy it - that's an environmental difference. But you can't shoot anyone if you don't have a gun. There is this very basic issue which is staring people in the face. I also think we would have far fewer of the incidents without SSRIs which act as disinhibitors. While the opportunities for such events to erupt in the UK are relatively minimal I also suspect the wide prescription of these drugs does much harm anyway.

Angus Files

Interesting article below...

"A perusal of the academic research, however, reveals that psychotropic drugs may be contributing to the epidemic of mass shootings. In 2011, 26.8 million adults in the United States used pharmaceutical drugs for mental illness (4). Two years later, the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) found that nearly 17 percent of American adults filled at least one prescription for a psychiatric drug.

Psychiatric drugs, many of which are based upon the flawed serotonin theory of depression, send almost 90,000 people to the emergency room yearly as a result of medication side effects ranging from delirium to head injuries to movement disorders, and one in five of these visits culminates in hospitalization (4). This figure is an underestimate, as it excludes visits to the emergency department secondary to drug abuse, self-injurious behavior, or suicide attempts (4).

Preliminary reports from the Las Vegas shooting that left at least 58 people dead indicate that the alleged killer was prescribed Valium, a sedative-hypnotic drug classified as a benzodiazepine (5). Relevant to this insight is a meta-analysis of 46 studies published in the Australian & New Zeal"


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cia parker


So what is your solution for criminals having easy access to illegal guns? How is disarming the innocent going to protect anyone?


I think when one compares # of crazed attacks or shootings in UK vs the United States one had better compare it proportionally. Straight number don't reflect the differences accurately. First of all, what is the population of one compared to the other? Then on top of that, one needs to compare the rate of psychotropic medication administration to the mentally ill. If that comparison is anything like what I've heard about ADHD medication, the US is using the overwhelming majority of those manufactured drugs, I've read upwards of 90%. If those drugs contribute to suicidal and homicidal behavior, and we know they contribute to suicidal behavior and case reports seem to indicate homicidal possibilities too, this is a major consideration. Then when you get to the vaccine schedule the uptake levels, age of administration, and recommended schedule differences need to be considered. Add in the recommended way to use antibiotics and any differences there (for instance, I thought I read they don't do antibiotics for strep over there. if that's true in the UK, its definately not true in the U.S) In the background hovers the topic of geoengineering - done in the US with what chemicals, I don't know, and does the UK do that? And finally, what pesticides and gmo products are the most common in the UK vs the US and what percentage of daily food is affected? These would all indicate that a nutrient panel and microbiome sampling in the general population of each country might be relevent. I suspect exposure to wireless is similar between the two countries so I'm not sure that should be taken into consideration - although maybe in its use on dwellings for energy monitoring in the U.S. vs the UK could compound the wireless communication exposure. Only when these critical factors, all known to contribute in their own right to behavioral disregulation, can one really determine if gun ownership is truly the biggest risk factor or not. My guess off the cuff is that it's not as big a risk in mass killings as one would think after taking the proportional prevalence of the other factors in each country's general population into account.

I have no doubt that an actuary for a life insurance company could find ways to run those numbers if or when families or schools or businesses start clamoring for specific mass murder attack insurance. At that point, just like a person goes through a training for getting a drivers license, or physical tests to get life insurance, a person might have to pass certain objective biochemical tests to be able to RESPONSIBLY be a gun owner. That way constitutional rights to gun ownership and the ability to protect oneself doesn't have to ripped away. Has anyone done this vaccinated vs unvaccinated study yet: are vaccinated or unvaccinated people more likely to commit mass murder?


Gun nuts on parade! No other country has this issue on this level and the difference is the number of guns. They certainly have mentally ill people and vaccinated people. A commenter says she's getting angry at one party--the dem--for not talking only about mental illness. Guess what it is not only about mental illness. Even people on the terrorist watch list can buy a gun. Even that couldn't pass. Talk about angry. Children are dying shot by machine guns. Whores are taking blood money from the NRA and we are paying for it. They are working for an industry of death over the people who elected them. Everyone knows it. So yeah I am angry at one gutless group but not the one mentioned. And don't accuse me of being partisan. I didn't bring it up but not letting it go without response. By the way law enforcement is for tougher laws. I guess you all know better than people actually doing this work on a daily basis.

susan welch

Thanks for the links, John. Have posted most of them on Twitter.

John Stone


Rutherford is beneath contempt. If anyone wants a single reference:


My articles on his previous mendacious program:





Grace Green

Thanks, Susan, we'll be listening. USA listeners might get it on IPlayer. I noticed Adam Rutherford has missed the last three weeks of his regular slot, Inside Science. I wonder if he's been preparing tonight's programme instead. Or perhaps it's pre-recorded and he's gone into hiding!


Antecedent-Behaviour-Consequence , [A.B.C] What happened to that young lad to make him have such a "Deranged mind implosion "into "The Horrors" Will the public get to know the appropriate details ? to try and make some sense of what went so wrong with this yong lads behaviour and look at future support needs of young folk in similar distress . appropriate details include drug history prescribed and illegal? including vaccinations . gun was used. but he could have used other things as well ,ie knives, hammers, screwdrivers? How Quickly the public can become desensitised ,hardened and saturated with such horrific happenings on the TVnews as "Just another Atrocity " far too quickly people can become chillingly detached from the horror as not really going to have any impact on their own lives? How wrong they are!

susan welch

So sorry this is off topic but wanted to alert UK subscribers, especially John Stone, to a BBC propaganda piece on Radio 4 at 8.00pm tonight: Archive on 4: In the Wake of Wakefield by the odious Adam Rutherford. Have posted on a couple of FB Groups and on Twitter,, but wanted to get the alert out there.

John Stone


Absolutely - I appreciate all these issues and I was not trying to be smug. But now of course you have legions of cognitively and mentally impaired mostly young people who have gun rights and guns like everyone else, so the nightmare will get worse.


The new American gun owner ship standard, that no American journalist should disagree with is, are you up to date with your vaccines?


Hi John Stone,

In the UK there is certainly a different culture and view about guns, and the UK is safer because of it.
At the same time, there is no real way to put the gun genie back in the bottle in the US, for several reasons.
( though it may be possible to ban semi automatics , which would be a good thing)

Firstly, the US has far more guns owned by the general population, and getting rid of so many of them would be almost impossible.

Secondly, a fair sized portion of the US population believes it is a patriotic duty to be able to own and use a gun to defend their country at times of need .

Some poorer rural families rely on hunting to supplement their food and consider their guns one of the tools necessary for them to eat.

Also, and this is something far less prevalent in some countries like the UK, where large dangerous animals are not such an issue,many people living in rural US have potentially man and children killing animals coming to visit in their backyards.

Living in the city in the U.S., it is not something you think about, but after you hear a cougar ( mountain lion ) scream and the hair stands up on the back of your neck, or a bear decides to visit the front porch where the grand kids play ( as happened to my friends), or even an elk in rutt is looking to take out a family member, owning a gun and knowing how to use it suddenly seems really sensible.

I love animals, including wild ones, and respect their rights to live and enjoy their habitats, right up until they threaten the safety of my family or my own animals. Many of the older families who live in the wilder areas of the US are very used to quietly taking care of dangerous animals, but they can't do it without guns.

Something does need to change, and weapons such as knives will never be able to cause the same level of devastation as a gun, even with the same intent to kill, but working out how to change things, given how interconnected the whole thing is, is the challenge.


Very sad situation. Many adopted children have problems that the adoptive parents may or may not be aware of (drug, alcohol exposure). Add on top of that exposure to heavy metals from an overly aggressive vaccine schedule and medications, social isolation.
It seems that many people had red flagged his behaviour, but no one prevented him from buying or keeping guns and unfortunately it seems that some of the alphabets would rather spend time on fake dossiers and ruining a standing President than preventing/solving real crimes.
Condolences to all who suffered a loss.

david m burd

@ Bob Moffitt,

We are 100% in agreement; I was thinking your initial comment citing "guns" did not deserve first priority, as I elaborated thereafter.

cheers! and thanks for your contributions.

david m burd

@ Aimee, thanks for your response. Here in the U.S. the Vaccine Schedule has many more, and early, vaccinations, and coerced onto parents even at birth and escalating thereafter, and though not strictly mandatory the vast majority of naive parents consent to the toxic onslaught, without being told ii is indeed voluntary. AND, now since 2012 the craziness of fetuses being exposed to their mothers' DTaP shots and flu shots (fully loaded with mercury, crossing through the placenta to the fetuses).

Though not truly "mandatory" these vaccinations are nonetheless blithely given without parents having any concept they have to actually permit them - instead of just saying no.

In the UK for instance it is voluntary, and perhaps John Stone can enlighten us as to how the percentage of UK parents go along with the recommended shots/jabs? And to what extent there is "informed consent" in the UK? As to Australia, the same parameters I have not enough info.

All that being said, I do NOT KNOW to what extent the UK and Australia cultures have stupidly submitted to the vast millions of psychotropic drugs that are administered here in the U.S.

What we do know here in the U.S., as Bob Moffitt has cited earlier, is the incredibly high numbers of our infants and childrens' minds being seriously altered to a "non-normal" state. Caused by vaccines. And, then perpetuated by never-ending psychotropic drugs. Thence mayhem and mass murders.

cia parker

I agree, Jeannette, we already HAVE a black market in things like automatic and semi-automatic weapons. Why make it worse? The jihadi who murdered all the people in the Bataclan and nearby massacres had gotten their weapons illegally. As did the murderer in Las Vegas. Why leave ourselves defenseless in the face of evil? We're doing the '30s now in our homeschooling, and I'm really at a loss to try to convey to C the meaning of sending MILLIONS of those who might have a dissenting thought to gulags, KILLING millions of defenseless human beings. We're doing Kristallnacht now and I researched it trying to figure out a concise and accurate way of presenting it. But I found that I had had no idea of the scope. 7,000 Jewish businesses destroyed, 1,000 synagogues destroyed in one night. November 9-10, 1938. I tried to convey to C the savagery of destroying the lives of innocent people, the afraid, the vulnerable, with no place to go for safety. It would have been different if the Jews had been armed, although maybe only to the extent of the moral victory in the Warsaw ghetto. But it's better to die standing than live on your knees. The dark is rising again, and it is a time for wariness and self-defense.

And Americans would NEVER agree to revoke the Second Amendment. Again, why would we? Would there be any way to confiscate every single gun and anything else which might be used as a deadly weapon?

John, last year there was a popular slogan going around: Arm the bobbies. I don't see how arming them could make them more of a target than they are now. It's not as though criminals had any honor code they lived by, and refused to shoot the unarmed. And it would be helpful in saving victims in terrorist attacks before the reinforcements could be called up. Every second counts. And in our current situation, the enemy welcomes death, and does not engage in what we would consider rational calculation. Traditional English civility is gone, probably forever.


The whole conversation should be about mental health. IT is time that mental health makes it's mark really big on the American Consciousness, and yet we have one political party that wants to hang it's hat on getting rid of the second amendment. It is stealing the thunder about mental health .

And it is beginning to make me mad.
This kid should have been on some kind of mental health watch list.

Jeannette Bishop

Regarding the 2nd amendment I would just add that the corporate media that talks about disease outbreaks in selective ways to push vaccine uptake and vaccine mandates, also talks about shooting incidences in ways that promote criminalizing gun ownership...they do not report on incidences where a crime involving a gun is halted by someone legally armed for instance, and they rarely ever (like NEVER) remind us of the millions killed by governments in the 20th century that first instituted gun registration and then confiscation.

Also, such a fundamental change of the U.S. Constitution (which would only be legally possible by another amendment with 2/3 of states--if my memory is correct--ratifying such an amendment) could create a prime black market (like with prohibition of alcohol done correctly by amendment, like the war on drugs currently instituted largely by extra-constitutional means--is that essentially illegal?), so I think it is incumbent upon us to make sure that we don't have mafia-like groups that would sell arms to the criminals among us before undertaking such a measure.

Jeannette Bishop

"What else is part of this topic?" I guess related to the topic of "over-vaccination" I'd particularly add a mention of inflammatory metals, injected ones known to persist in the body or in the bodies of some. Also, a question of how living with various near-continual eletromagnetic radiation frequencies pulsing through our cells impacts the activity/health of an immune system carrying those metals (and the EM fields coming off of even non-wireless technology can't be helping IMO), impacts the health of tissues/microbiome where those metals are concentrated (not to mention the health of these tissues and microbiome generally), and impacts the ability of to body to effectively bind them and chelate them (I would imagine if gluthathione for instance only binds mercury loosely, then irradiating such a binding would probably easily break it at best (worst?) leading to more stirring up of the metals, maybe also the immune system they seem to trigger, in the body, and less actual excretion from the body, especially for those on the reduced excretion end of the detoxification spectrum)?

John Stone


I don’t think we can wave a magic wand and make the US the UK, but here the police routinely don’t carry guns - they vote on it often - because they calculate that it will make them targets. If they have a situation which requires weapons they can move in with them rapidly. It isn’t perfect - it can’t be - but at the end of the day you are forty-six times less likely to be shot dead in the UK than in the US. I don’t criticise your father just because he lived in a place where guns proliferated, and the crazy could get hold of them along with the sensible.

But I am afraid if you mix the today’s toxic pharma soup with the availability of killing pieces the result is inevitable - I wonder if you ever read Bernard Rimland’s last masterpiece Dislogic Syndrome?


Indeed if I were king for a day, right after I repealed the NVICA and Citizen's United, I would polish off the 2nd Amendment. It's plain to see greater harm is being caused.

cia parker


I agree. There are a lot of ways to kill if someone wants to. And Isis is still putting out advice on how to do it most efficiently. Yeah, run people over with a truck, seventy at a crack. Blow them up. Stab them with kitchen knives. I'd rather have someone around with a pistol to stop them from the get-go.

cia parker


But it's so much easier for innocent people to be killed if no one has a gun to protect them. My father never left the house without a pistol in his pocket. He never used it for anything but target practice. I feel safe here, but there have been a number of burglaries in the neighborhood, and a number of people who make meth and deal cocaine from their homes here too (including a next-door neighbor of ours, well, behind us). I found a vodka bottle right outside the window of the room where C sleeps. A car zoomed into the parking lot of an apartment complex last summer and shot a guy in a car: a black on black, drug-related killing. And of course you have tons of that in London. A professor was thrown off the roof of a parking garage to his death. A man who killed a couple on a farm in Holts Summit then went to the university, causing panic and a lock-down. Police shot and killed a German shepherd in the home of a guy dealing drugs. There were six cracks last night coming from a neighbor's house last night: I talked on the phone to several neighbors about it. The husband of one said they weren't sharp enough to be gun shots. But they were one after another, in just a few seconds. Not fireworks, there was nothing in the sky. I'm not convinced, sounded like gun shots to me. And there were gun shots from that house several years ago, the shooter ran and hid, and the police found him hiding in a ditch. I'd have to say à la guerre comme à la guerre. No one wants to be a sitting duck.

Jonathan Rose

This from the local paper, the Sun-Sentinel:

"His mother, Lynda Cruz, told investigators that her son had been diagnosed with autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. He was being treated for depression, had a behavior disorder and had been taking medication for the ADHD."

Aimee Doyle

@Angus -

I realize that other countries (including England) have had mass shootings. You cite four. However, the US has had many, many more - especially in the last 20 years.

And, as John Stone points out, it's hard to shoot people without a gun.

John Stone


I fully appreciate the difference in our histories and cultures but at the end of day it is so much harder to shoot someone if you haven’t got a gun in the first place.

Angus Files

Aimee your partly right but at the same time the UK has had mass shootings
Cumbria shootings UK mass shootings under this heading in the UK..


“The Cumbria shootings occurred on 2 June 2010 when a lone gunman, Derrick Bird, killed 12 people and injured 11 others before killing himself in Cumbria, England. Along with the 1987 Hungerford massacre, the 1989 Monkseaton shootings, and the 1996 Dunblane school massacre, it is one of the worst criminal acts involving firearms in British history.”

Interspersed with the IRA attacks and now we have the Muslim Jihad attacks and were the world leader in acid attacks,world leader for street muggings and burglaries.I think semi automatics were invented around 191.If you take the guns away as they have in the UK they use other ways lorries,pressure cookers,kitchen knives, you give up one liberty where does it end.There has been a spate of shootings recently in the US as it seemed to have gone quiet from the 1980s until the past several years.This seems to go in line with increased vaccines and meds to kids.The guns have always been available in the US its not the guns, its not autism,its not watching too much TV,its not alcohol,its not refrigerated mothers,its not death of your parent,its not ad nauseam..,.....but it is Pharma.

Pharma For Prison


cia parker


I think part of what goes along with our society of energetic non-conformists and our loss of respect for authority is a society much more dangerous than Europe was until a few years ago. A lot of drug-related violence here, and gang-related violence in cities like Chiraq. People have a right to guns to protect themselves and others. We are appalled when we read about attacks in Europe in which many are killed because none of the good guys had a gun. At the time of the Orlando attack nearly two years ago, I wrote here that if my father had been there, it wouldn't have been in the news. He would have killed the jihadi as soon as the attacks started. He was an expert marksman, got a lot of awards for it, and he loved his guns. He hid a pistol in the heating vent in my room and a friend looked at it and told me that he had cut an X into the ends of the bullets, to make them explode when they went in (a very dangerous thing for him to have done). Dum-dums. The idea being to protect me. I never needed it, and he never shot anyone in real life, but he was prepared, and I think you should be. I'm not, but it would be better if I were.

I agree that no one outside the armed forces should have an automatic or semi-automatic weapon. It was totally insane on the part of whoever permitted this very disturbed kid to get any kind of weapon, and insane on the part of the family who took him in after his mother died to let him bring his gun. I think this situation was aberrant. I have never known one single person who would EVER have let the kid have a weapon. He was only 19. It was or should have been illegal. And he was disturbed, to say the least.

Aimee Doyle


The UK is certainly as promotive of vaccines (and probably psychotropic drugs) as the US. But they don't have mass shootings, as John Stone has said. I just think the availability of guns does allow disturbed individuals (whether disturbed by drugs, disability, or other causes) to act out their aggression in ways that hurt lots of people...ways that they couldn't act out if guns weren't available.

You say that we here in the US. question authority. I personally think it's good to question any "priesthood" - whether medical, pharmaceutical, governmental, religious, etc. I don't understand how that questioning factors into mass shootings.

Cliff Davis

Once again, I find myself reflecting on those killed and injured, this time in Florida, and the ‘who and why’ of it all. And again, I ask those questions.

I’ve thought of those who were present and responded to deal with this slaughter. The same as I have done and continue to do with individual murders and mass killings for the last 30 plus years.

These events never fail to dredge up a slew of very unpleasant memories and feelings. Memories and feelings of my own personal tragedy And those memories and feelings mix and intertwine with those of current events.

It’s hard to not feel a bond with those responders, victims, and family and friends, when your have been through this all yourself.

The rebounding sentiments are why, and what has changed in our society. And the answer is both simple and complex.

We live in a culture of hate and violence.
A culture where hate and violence is glamorized and touted as a viable solution to ones problems.
A culture where movies and games teach senseless violence and slaughter.
A culture that glamorizes gangs, and the ‘gangsta’ lifestyle and disregard for laws and norms.
A culture where unborn children, the elderly, and the disabled are marginalized and expendable when not convenient.

And all too often, the answer is more hate and violence.

Don’t try to understand those who don’t think and act like you do.
Just get rid of them.

Don’t respect others property or lives.
Just take it from them.

I learned the hard way many years ago the effect that hate and violence has on not only those it is exacted upon, but on the family and friends as well. These are scars I will carry to my grave.

Murder, and by extension, terrorism, is not a gun crime, nor an explosives
crime. It’s not a car problem, nor a pressure-cooker problem.

It is a crime of the heart; a crime of hate.

It’s been around since Cain killed Able; not with a gun, but with hate.

Trying to make these situations into a political argument for gun control is a knee-jerk reaction to a much deeper problem.

A review of fairly recent events shows that guns aren’t the issue. Oklahoma City, 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing and the Halloween car attack in New York are some shining examples of mass carnage effected without a firearm.

This crime isn’t the last that will happen. It’s merely one of a multitude that has happened over the millennium. And it won’t stop until men change their hearts.

We already have a ton of laws on the books that are either not enforced, or only partially enforced.

We also have some serious mental health issues in this country, and they worsen every day.

We have a large chunk of sociopaths in our population that refuse to be accountable for their actions and behaviors. Rather, they blame it on anything and everything, but their own choices.

We have a government composed of those who refuse to acknowledge the real issues daily, but are happy to push an agenda that benefits their position and their pocketbook.

And we have a society that turns a blind eye and ignores the problems until yet another incident occurs; then it’s time to point fingers again, act indignant, and demand ‘action,’ as if Congress can solve the issues in men’s hearts.
You can’t legislate morals, caring and love.

And perhaps most significantly, we have a spiritual problem in this country and the world. Many have lost their faith, and consequently, their way.

One stormy night in early April, 1985, I learned how life can change in the blink of an eye. How the actions of one or two can alter others lives forever. How man’s inhumanity to man can destroy lives. And I lost my way.

But I also learned that you can overcome anything, and forgive everything, and that hate does not overcome love; unless you allow it too. I learned to regain my faith.
And I eventually found my way.

When evil happens, do good.

When people are suffering or need help, reach out, and give yourself.

When people are lonely and isolated, reach and be a friend; someone who cares.

When people lose faith, show them the light and help them find their way.

And when you feel like laying blame and hate, remember that Jesus forgives you for everything you’ve done. Now it’s your turn.

Mad about the appalling violence and senseless death in this world?

Acknowledge the real underlying problem and work on that.

cia parker

I don't think it's fair to expect that anyone with special needs get a free and appropriate education. No one has figured out what that would look like for disturbed or special-needs students, and there's not enough money to fund it. As far as I can tell, NO special-needs student is getting ANYTHING like an appropriate education, but there's no one who could give them one except in some cases home-schooling parents. I think they should have special classes for the autistic from kindergarten on focusing mainly on English as a Second Language instruction and adjunct activities. That's the ONLY thing that could BEGIN to address this problem, but no one is doing it. And it would cost a lot of money. I say I don't think it's fair because realistically we'd be looking at tripling taxes in order to even set up the initial programs. I talked to the language therapist today about the housing situation for autistic adults: I said they need to think in terms of a complex with empty dormitories (that was an idea someone else thought of, but since the ridiculous political correctness debacle here, there has been a HUGE drop in enrollment. Ha ha. That's what you get for playing along with --- people. And six empty dorms last year. So state-sponsored, supervised housing for autistic adults, with GFCF food in the cafeterias (that was my idea). And within walking distance, job sites: a bakery, weavery, vegetable garden, and farm animals, and a store to sell the products produced. The autistic would rotate among the different jobs. Lots of built-in entertainment and social contacts.

But at the present time, the state, county, country have NO plans for how they're going to feed, clothe, house, employ, and protect this huge and growing population for the rest of their lives. I would say the schools are the LEAST of the problem. It's all going to take billions of dollars which aren't there at present, and I don't know where they're going to come from.

I hope everyone in the country reads about this kid's misaligned eyes from vaccine damage, and that ever more refuse most of the vaccines. I hope they know what a bottomless pit autism is and how they REALLY don't want to throw their child into it.

cia parker


I think it's that our society was destabilized in its attitude toward authority in the sixties, the Question Authority and Don't Trust Anyone Over Thirty era. In some ways that was bad and in others good, but it's a fait accompli now. Also the loss of religious faith of a large percentage of the population, the loss of any fear of judgment and eternal consequences.

Also that ours was a frontier society in which people had to make decisions for their own protection, without the support of outside authorities. Those who came here were energetic non-conformists. And probably also our position as most-vaccinated country in the world (although I think the UK is competitive in that area.)

John Stone

It is no use pretending that an important reason why we don't generally have these incidents in the UK is that we do not have widely available or legally held guns. The statistics on Wiki show that the rate of gun related homicides is more than 40 times higher in the US. Some people have guns in the UK illegally but you would need the money and perhaps certain kinds of social skills to get hold of one -they wouldn't be lying about routinely. So, yes, psychiatric medications + guns make a bad cocktail. It is likely that you would have many less such incidents without the medications in the US, but delusory to pretend that guns are not an essential ingredient.

From general observation SSRIs are disinhibitors.

Aimee Doyle

@ Dave - "Most of my young classmates, as all around America also had available semi-automatic rifles, and there were NEVER catastrophes like now.

What's just happened again clearly points the finger at prescribed psycho-drugs, initially employed (and then forever) to treat vaccine-damaged kids, brought on by the most destructive document in world history, the U.S. Child Immunization Schedule."

Just one question - England and Australia both have intense vaccination programs - and (presumably) use psychotropic drugs in treatment of mental illness and autism.

BUT - they don't have the shooting massacres that we have in the US. What's your explanation?

bob moffit

@ David M Burd

Just curious to know why you addressed your comment regarding "guns" to me .. since we apparently agree .. "that "psychotropic" legally-prescribed drugs are THE basic foundation (and cause) resulting in a person's brain creating bizarre, irrational thoughts -- and triggering (a terrible but apt pun) the killings."?

Jeanne J

Being a loving, biological/adoptive parent in 2018 includes a few more responsibilities than it once did, before our traditional medical providers gave their oath of "First do no harm" over to Pharma, whose oath must be "First, see how much money you can make". Because adoptive parents have no control over their child's pre-natal environment, including birth parents' drug, emotional and wellness histories, at the first sign of anything out of the ordinary, they have to be willing to research help for their child. I would have to say cruelty to animals is the #1 symptom on almost all maladaptive behavior lists, including psychopaths and serial killer. I would hope that was a red flag to this young man's mother - coupled with the death of his father early on. Also, has anyone heard anything about this young man's brother, who his parents also adopted? The news talks about him having a brother, but nothing has been said as to where he is in this whole thing. How did he turn out?
As for this young man's behavioral/emotional status, I hope his lawyers do mount a thorough search of his pre-school to expulsion school history. Did he have an actual diagnosis? Did the school system provide him with a free-and-appropriate education, which all children are suppose to have? I don't understand that if a child has been expelled from two previous schools, you send him on to the next school as if that is going to fix it. Why wasn't he sent to an alternative high school after two previous expulsions? If the Florida governor is serious about making sure that this doesn't happen again, this young man's educational history should be analyzed by an independent entity like Adam Lanza's was to see if the ball was dropped. http://www.ageofautism.com/2017/10/tonic-offers-a-tonic-as-antiodote-to-the-unrealistic-and-downright-insulting-nonsense-of-the-good-do.html
Now for guns. I live in Maryland. You can't buy alcohol or tobacco products before age 21. Neither can you legally purchase a fire arm before age 21. Why in the world would we think someone is not mentally/emotionally ready to buy alcohol or tobacco before age 21, but they can make the leap to critical thinking about gun use before age 21? I am all for youth being able to access appropriate recreational use of fire arms, such as hunting and sports shooting, with family/guardians. But, that should come with a permit that lists the parent/guardian as the liable individual. However, if you know your child has problems with critical thinking, i.e. autism, ADHD, emotional problems, then I agree with the previous statements that guns and these issues don't mix.
All that being said, it is a shame that no one was able to put together that a young man, who already has anger and emotional issues, who has a sudden loss of the only other person who he recognizes loves him (again, nothing has been said about the brother) that his mother's death wouldn't have triggered a complete breakdown.

david m burd

Aimee and Bob Moffitt (and others),

Decades of terrible and deadly family experience has proven to me that "psychotropic" legally-prescribed drugs are THE basic foundation (and cause) resulting in a person's brain creating bizarre, irrational thoughts -- and triggering (a terrible but apt pun) the killings.

Also appropriate: As to guns, I became a young National Rifle Assoc. member over 60 years ago, and the most popular rifle was a .22 caliber, semi-automatic, the exact same type of rifle used at the Florida school. This type of rifle is not an "assault" rifle, and nothing new. Most of my young classmates, as all around America also had available semi-automatic rifles, and there were NEVER catastrophes like now.

What's just happened again clearly points the finger at prescribed psycho-drugs, initially employed (and then forever) to treat vaccine-damaged kids, brought on by the most destructive document in world history, the U.S. Child Immunization Schedule.

Thanks to others here who've given us references/books about psychiatry and their taking over America, and further bringing us the mass killings via drugs' mind-altering effects.

Vicki Hill

I've raised a now-adult son with the autism + serious mental illness combo. Are there side effects to the meds? Absolutely! Would he be alive today if it weren't for those meds? Very doubtful (and my son would tell you the same thing). For those who truly have serious mental illness, today's psych meds are so, so much better than anything that was ever around in earlier ages.

Are these meds 'good enough'? NO! Should everyone with mild anxiety/depression/you name it be taking these? NO!

For my son, the serious mental illness clearly pre-dated taking any meds. What preceded all of this was significant immune dysfunction that baffled all of the doctors. So yes, there is something wrong with some of our kids...but it isn't the parenting, the meds they are taking, etc. Something(s) very early in life create some major mis-wiring in the brain. It is a crying shame that this isn't being viewed as a national emergency.

bob moffit

@ Bill & Tim ..

"Re "I am sure most medications prescribed are useful and effective for a vast majority of those suffering mental health problems" -- these meds are NOT useful and effective, they cause much more harm than good. Studies show they are about as effective as placebo, and that they injure the brain/gut both short- and long-term."

I am sorry I did not make my position as clear as I should have .. because ... I wholeheartedly AGREE with both of you .. that these "meds" .. just like vaccines .. are NEVER useful and effective, they cause much more harm than good.

The only point I was trying to make .. as my first post of the day stated .. there are approximately 78,694,222 people .. of all ages .. being medicated with these dangerous drugs. That's almost 1/3 of the American population. Therefore .. I anticipate the pharmaceutical industry .. and their co-conspirators in the main stream media and public health bureaucracies ... just as they do with vaccines ... will use that STUNNING NUMBER OF MEDICATED PEOPLE as "evidence" the "vast majority of those MILLIONS of medicated people" are of no danger to themselves or others.


Again .. sorry for my lack of clarity .. however .. I am pretty confident WE AGREE on this issue .. which I thought I made clearer by recommending the WND article by David Kupelian .. "Media ignoring 1 crucial factor in Florida school shooting". In fact .. I ordered Kupelian's book after reading this article.


cia parker

I just found out I was mistaken about Intercoms being standard in public schools since Columbine. The speech therapist just told me that our school district is one of the few in the country with both Intercom-mediated entrance and security cameras. I guess the federal government will have to develop a taxpayer-funded program to pay for yet another of the problems often caused by autism to provide all schools and maybe shopping centers with improved security.


Gun violence in America is not a mental health issue it's a mental health MEDICATION issue.

Peggy Jaeger

To Nancy G. Taylor...I totally agree with your assessment. Those are the factors ...behind the scene...that are no longer spoken of but involve thenwhole life of a kid of any age... bullying, psychiatric meds, inadequate special needs programs,,etc. I've posted on other sites this same list. This is also one of the main reasons I believe that there should Not be integrated programs that place troubled kids in with the so called typically normal kids and teachers. I doubt the typical teacher has yet had training to recognize and cope with special needs kids. Special needs means what that titles says...kids who have special needs. The same goes for the typical medical person... who,too,often thinks some kind of psychotropic drugs are the answer to the problems with these kids. Former pediatrician was fond of putting all his kid patients diagnosed with autism on a low dose of a 'popular' med. Thank God,,the Father's steadfast refusal led to a mandatory exam with a psychologist who nixed the idea. (From grandma peg).

Aimee Doyle

I've been reading that possibly the shooter had autism - or if not that, then a mental illness.

However, there are people with autism and/or mental illness in Japan, England, Australia, Canada. Yet these countries don't have school shootings and Las Vegas style massacres the way we do here in the US. We are the only country in the world that regularly has school shootings and other mass shootings in nightclubs, theaters, etc.

I'm not opposed to guns for self-defense or hunting, but the sole purpose of semi-automatic assault rifles is to kills lots of people, as quickly as possible. Killing lots of people quickly is what happens in school shootings.

Tim Lundeen


Re "I am sure most medications prescribed are useful and effective for a vast majority of those suffering mental health problems" -- these meds are NOT useful and effective, they cause much more harm than good. Studies show they are about as effective as placebo, and that they injure the brain/gut both short- and long-term.

Have you read Dr Kelly Brogan's book, A Mind of Your Own? https://www.amazon.com/Mind-Your-Own-Depression-Reclaim/dp/0062405578/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1518805821&sr=8-1&keywords=kelly+brogan+a+mind+of+your+own -- highly recommended.

Also Dr Rimland's excellent book, Dyslogic Syndrome, https://www.amazon.com/Dyslogic-Syndrome-Attention-Disordered-Depressed-Aggressive/dp/1843108771/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1518805848&sr=1-1&keywords=rimland+dyslogic


This is a complicated thing.
My own daughter worked in a mental hospital and they were I think very successful in using the right meds.
When she was having her own problems; it was because she was not getting as good of treatment from her care giver and the medical folks at the hospital noticed and well knew she was not. They went through her meds , got hold of her care giver, and told her care giver she did not know what she was doing.

My daughter's health was improved by this. Sigh;
The place my daughter was going is suppose to be the best, in the best part of town, in the uppity part of town, and cost a lot. They really were horrible, fast with the prescription

That means and I have know this since forever; medical treatments for psych and immune medical problems in this country is horrible, and very ill prepared for this epidemic.

Jonathan Rose

I agree entirely, Greg. There is plenty of research showing that autistic young people are more likely to be violent than others, as we noted a few weeks ago, when we were discussing the Kologi killings. We know a number of autism families who have to deal with violent children, and they get precious little help from social services, because many services for autistic children are withdrawn if they become violent. This is the one type of domestic violence that no one (certainly not the Autism Society) wants to discuss. And of course it will only get worse and worse if we continue to deny that it's happening. That said, it may well be that SSRIs (which are often prescribed for autistic patients) are aggravating the problem.

The Wall Street Journal confirms that Cruz's defense lawyers are gathering his "mental-health history and will explore the possibility he had autism."

cia parker

I read that his adoptive mother died at the beginning of November, of what started as flu and developed into pneumonia. I thought it was interesting in light of what we were discussing last week. I also read that the boy had autism: also relevant in light of what we were discussing last month of high rates of violence in the autistic.

The boy had been expelled, which probably meant that he had behaved violently at school. I can't think of anything else which would have caused so drastic an action by the public schools as expulsion. He told a freshman when going into the school that he'd better get out of there, it was going to get messy. So, as was reported, it was fully premeditated.

When I talked to my neighbor about what the violence my daughter had expressed in her assignment book, she said she thought I should take her to a psychiatrist to find out how much danger I and others might be in. I said he wouldn't be able to talk to her, and that all psychotropic drugs were dangerous and I wouldn't put her on any. But the underlying problem remains. I may be in danger, but what can you do? As preventive measures, drugs or institutionalization are the only options I can think of. And until actual violence is enacted, there's nothing that can legally be done. I think you have to wait until death or serious injury is caused before physical restraint can be legally used. In the case of this boy, physical violence probably did occur, although it hasn't been reported yet. But the school had done everything it could in expelling him.

No, that's not true. Come to think of it, since Columbine all the schools here have an intercom system, that if you want to enter the school, you have to talk to the secretary, who will unlock the door automatically if she thinks it's all right to let you in. Although the other day after Mass I knocked on the door to get a student to open it, the intercom had been moved again and I didn't know where it was.

And several years ago, there was a scary episode at my daughter's elementary school in which the ex-husband of a secretary entered the school and threatened violence. Something similar at the university around that time. They went on lockdown, and the school had armed guards for a while.

So how did this kid get into the school? I guess the only thing they can do is tighten up on security measures like the Intercom, security guards, and lockdowns. I don't think that considering the relatively small number of deaths caused in these incidents that it would be appropriate to put all possibly problematic autistic (and other) kids in secure institutions. It may be that if the problem gets worse that that would have to be a possible measure to put on the table.

Did anyone else notice that the kid's eyes were not aligned? Forrest Maready says that's a sign of aluminum toxicity from vaccines. I thought about that immediately.

As always, it was moving to read of the coach and the teacher who gave their lives putting themselves in the line of fire to protect the students. God bless them and give them eternal life. For good or ill, I have no good wishes for...

Bonnie Camo MD

I also worked with Dr Pfeiffer and Maureen McDonnell at the Princeton Brain Bio Center. We cured mental illness by supplying the brain with the nutrients it needed as determined by blood, hair and urine testing, detoxing, and promoting a healthy diet. The hard part was weaning people off the psych drugs. SSRI antidepressants have been known almost since their beginning to cause suicidal and homicidal feelings in some patients, especially adolescents. There is even a black box warning. Almost all the school shooters were on these antidepressants. (The drug status of two of them is unknown.) Anyone who is considered depressed is put on them. They make some people much worse. Dr William Walsh, who named his treatment center after Pfeiffer, studied serial killers and mass murderers in the California prison system decades ago. All were high in heavy metals lead and cadmium, according to hair analysis. Walsh has determined 5 different types of depression, biochemically, only one of which responds to SSRIs. Others are made worse. The answer is not more mental "health" treatment, if it is of the conventional type. Look for orthomolecular, integrative, or functional medicine practitioners. Bonnie Camo MD


Interstingly, here is Autism Society's take on the tragedy.. They don't want the media reporting Cruz is suspected of being autistic.

Although I agree that autism did not DIRECTLY cause the tragedy, as controversial as this may sound, I disagree that autism may not have played a role in it. I also think not reporting it is of no benefit, and whether intentional or not, is another example of the coverup that is hindering action on autism.



I just finished carefully reading ALL the comments. And I was feeling so GOOD, that most of what I had to say, was already being said, by others in their comments. That's until I read "bob moffit's" comment.
WOW!, NO!, Bob, just NO!.... I'm not picking on you, Bob. You're a very frequent commenter here, and I usually agree 99% with everything you say. But you're sadly behind the curve on the subject of "psych drugs", and the general state of the so-called "mental health" field. It's a *MESS*. My best suggestion, again, is to visit >madinamerica.com<, and >beyondmeds.com<. I'd also strongly suggest these books:
"Mad in America", and "Anatomy of an Epidemic", both by Mr. Robert Whitaker, and available on the "madinamerica" website. Also, "The Myth of Mental Illness", by Dr. Thomes Szasz, (the 2010 edition has an excellent updated author's foreword.) Also "Toxic Psychiatry", by Dr. Peter Breggin, (also mentioned above in the comment from "cherry Misra") I can't say this next piece often enough, or loud enough: Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. It's 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. The DSM-5 is nothing more than a catalog of billing codes. ALL of the alleged "diagnoses" in it were INVENTED, or created, not "discovered", to serve as excuses to $ELL DRUG$, and label and stigmatize folks. So-called "mental illnesses" are exactly as "real" as presents from Santa Claus, but not more real. No, I'm not denying that sometimes some people "go crazy", but they do usually "come back" on their own. I'm not denying that there ARE indeed a tiny percentage of "crazy people". I'm not denying the huge swell of pain, suffering, heartache, heartbreak, anxiety, depression, etc., etc., etc., But psychiatry and psych DRUGS, (they are NOT "meds", or "medications", - that's bogus psychobabble....), are only making things worse, especially in the long run. Psych drugs are far more dangerous, less safe, less effective, and less necessary, than you've been led to believe. So, unless we are all going to commit mass suicide, yes, *YES!*, we ALL do have to "find a way to live with this". We're only as sick as the secrets we keep, and the lies we tell each other. I heard about some guy who said, about 2,000 years ago, that "YOU shall know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH shall set YOU FREE". There are rich and powerful forces, rich and powerful men, whole industries who do NOT want you to know the truth, or even think clearly. I'd say that's evil. It's ok to be upset and hurting emotionally over this latest shooting, but we need to feel our feelings, process them, get over them, and proceed from the clearest, calmest, coolest heads we can manage. The media wants us upset, angry, and divided, fighting amongst ourselves. What most impresses me about "Age of Autism", is how little fighting and arguing we see in the comment section! Even when we disagree, we do it so agreeably!....

(c)2018, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

go Trump

Even if school shootings could be fixed with a simple law, the United States would still have nearly 3,500 SIDS deaths per year provided by those who use white coats & syringes rather than rifles. There are ten infant deaths each and every day which never makes the news.

The “syringe shooters” are a special class & “protected by law” and are very well paid for what they do. They are far above any investigation and “shooting whatever / whoever” they want is simply their business model. They like “shooting mandates” which eliminates the damn fuss with parents and helps to “create wealth.”

One could only imagine if the CDC was in charge of the school investigation in Florida, “bullets & blood” would be only a coincidence…they would then create SSIDS or “Sudden School Incident Death Syndrome” which would put an end to the problem. They would “seek free money” from weapon manufacturers … while calling parents “anti-bullet whackos.”

Angus Files

Infowars lady explaining how a lad held his classmates up for 45mins with a rifle and couldn't remember a thing about whilst of meds.


Pharma For Prison



I do wonder about this family who seem to have been sincerely trying to help this young man but allowed him to bring an assault rifle into their home. He had just lost his mother. Had a long history of difficulties. Let me spell this out as a former patient: mental illness and guns never, ever mix. I don't care how nice the person is there is always a big risk of suicide or more. No one who has not experienced that type of deranged chemical state can really understand this but just imagine, say, being drunk for five years straight just to get some idea. It is not the same but still a mind altered state that doesn't wear off. My friend is a pediatrician (We don't agree on much medically.)They wanted to ask as part of a checkup if there was a handgun in the house since it is a significant source of injury from accident and suicide. She told me it wasn't allowed. I forget by who but you get the idea. I wonder if in the future every foster kid will be bringing an automatic weapon? Doctors should be warning families of kids with mental illness not to have guns in the house under any circumstances but they don't do this--complete deriliction of duty. How can a family with no background in this area understand the risk--it is up to experts to clearly inform them. Obviously lay people are not getting the message. I feel that, like vaccine safety concerns, it is being purposely concealed or downplayed.

cherry Misra

To bob moffit and all others here- Please take out the time to watch the youtube videos by Dr. Peter Goetzshe and Peter Breggin.. One is entitled: Psychiatric Drugs Harm- Seven Brain Impairment and Withdrawal. Dr. Peter Goetzshe is a leading scientist of Europe and very troubled by what he has come to know about the anti depressant and anti psychotic drugs. There are a number of videos on this topic and I would have to say that I almost feel like a changed person after watching just a few of them. I can think of at least one person whom I could have warned not to take antipsychotic drugs. These drugs , over time cause brain damage that can be seen on an MRI and they are extremely difficult to stop. Please, everyone - Watch these videos.


"Vaccination, Social Violence, and Criminality: The Medical Assault on the American Brain Paperback – January 1, 1993
by Harris Coulter (Author)

Brain injuries from vaccinations has always been more than just autism. I have always had trouble wrapping my mind around that fact. Brains are complicated things, and injuring them encompasses everything.


"What do you think has happened to American children?"

Two hundred forty two years after this country declared independence from tyranny, America has managed to create conditions far worse than anything King George could have thought up. Our people are ignorant, drugged, malnourished, poisoned, sterilized, irradiated (including from the cell phone, tablet, wi-fi, "assistants", etc. that few will give up even to save their own children and that increasingly pervade virtually all of America's institutions and schools), deprived of nature that is being destroyed (as if it were a race to see who can eradicate it first), propagandized, manipulated and controlled.

I'm sure I missed a few points of attack, but that's the gist. And being young is no excuse to avoid the abuse. There is no mercy for anyone, especially fetuses who are treated to as much mercury and other crap by injection as authorities can figure out how to deliver via their unsuspecting mothers.

The narrative being pushed - the official answer to the question, is simply that there is evil in this world. That some people are just evil. These school shooters are evil and we must all arm to protect ourselves from the evil. Evil vs. good and guns to solve the problem.

We didn't have school shootings in the 1950's and 60's (and 70's?). Why is that? What happened? What changed?

There is evil alright.

Nancy G Taylor

Other than the gun issue there are three other factors I’m concerned about. I read that the accused was autistic. Bullying plays a big part in this as do the problems with psychiatric medications and special needs programs.

I just watched a TED talk with Dylan Klebold’s mom. He was one of the two Columbine shooters. He was on medication and apparently being bullied.

The bullying by students and at times by insensitive teachers, is appalling. In addition special needs programs are not designed for the success of the student. They are designed to manage behavior.

The medications used today often have terrible side effects. These three issues must not get buried and ignored. Solely focusing on an inanimate object does not address the mind and life behind the fingers that pulled the trigger.

Let’s examine why the cutting, depression, teen suicide and apparent lack of support leads a troubled youth to act out. This screams, “I’m not being heard.”

Maureen McDonnell,RN

Having worked as a nurse at the Princeton Brain Bio Center started by Carl Pfeiffer, MD, PhD (author of Mental & Elemental Nutrients & colleague of Abram Hoffer) I witnessed some transformations of patients with mental illness. Their progress was often slow but came about as a result using targeted supplements, dietary strategies, gut rehab, allergy & heavy metal treatments, IV nutrients, detox etc. Unfortunately, insurance companies would not pay for these non pharmaceutical, non money making but effective approaches & eventually the Brain-Bio Center had to close. Whenever possible I council parents who have kids with mental issues to find an integrative physician and or an orthomolecular psychiatrist. But they're not easy to find & although it’s sad & frustrating the truth is a lot of patience, perserverence & a hefty financial investment are required.

bob moffit

The following article by David Kupelian .. "Media ignoring 1 crucial factor in Florida school shooting" .. was published on World Net Daily .. and .. is well worth reading .. as it recounts MANY instances of prior deranged conduct committed by people who were taking .. or .. had recently stopped taking prescribed SSRI medications .. with information naming the drugs these people were prescribed.


Aimee Doyle

The Columbine tragedy happened almost 20 years ago. Before Columbine, I don't remember any mass school shootings.

So we have a generation of kids who have been seriously damaged. I think a lot of factors play into this: an out of control vaccine schedule (due to pharma buying up Congress, media, agencies, etc.); toxins in air, food, water (because corporations put profit before people); inadequate education and (sometimes harmful) mental health care.

I hope that we learn more about what was going on this young man's life. What was his diagnosis? Was he on medications? What's the story with the gun?


I blame social media and the resulting social detachment along with a generation of already chemically damaged children, from all the pesticides that are generously sprayed onto so many lawns to make the grass prettier and make their way into our water supply. I blame all the chemotherapy antipsychotic, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, NSAID, antibiotic, you name it drugs that so many children and adults take and then piss into our water supply. I blame all the industrial chemicals and toxic waste products that are dumped into our water systems, and piped into our air. I blame the routine spraying of who knows what into our air all in the name of "geoengineering" to reduce the effects of the sun on global warming, no matter the cause of it and no matter the end result of it. I blame the injection of vaccines with a full zoo load of animal DNA, RNA, retroviruses, heavy metals, light metals, carcinogens, tumorigenic animal cells, and other assorted JUNK and CRAP. into our already chemically compromised children. I blame disinterested, uninvolved parents (also damaged by everything listed above) who are more concerned about getting to the next level of Candy Crush, and enjoying hours and hours of pointless TV shows than they are about the mental and social well being of their own children and their children's use and abuse of social media.

I wish I understood all the precipitating reasons for sociopathy, and while this state of being is nothing "new" per se, it sure does seem to be growing exponentially. Going back in time a bit to the Romans, was the problem of Caligula's sociopathy and homicidal ways caused by the lead pipes that may have been used to provide water to his palace, or was there some other trigger for it? I wish I knew.

In the case of the Florida shooter, I must wonder how did a friend's parents allow a minor child with mental problems move in with them with an AR-15 rifle placed in his room? They knew he had this gun. For me, this question has nothing to do with gun rights, but with common sense. I sure as hell wouldn't have taken Nikolas Cruz into my home with any gun at all, much less a gun like that. Years ago, I wouldn't let my kids go to the home of a friend whose father is a police officer, knowing there was a gun in that house, and knowing his child had oppositional defiance disorder. I never had a comfortable feeling about what might potentially happen there with a gun in the home. What ever happened to critical thinking skills for children (who seem to not understand or even care that there are consequences for their actions) in this day and age? It seems to be completely lacking.


The meds used for mental illness are ridiculously ineffective. I have personal experience in this area. The heroic--and often highly effective--efforts of Dr. Abram Hoffer and his associates have been all but forgotten. He treated mental illness holistically starting in 1955 and his books can be found on Amazon. Also killing animals which this young man did is a sign a type of mental illness that actually decreased in a study of intensive sauna treatment done by an armed forces doctor in California. This implies toxins might be involved--not surprising. Chelation, thyroid supplementation, mega vitamin and mineral supplementation, eliminating dairy and gluten have all been seen to CURE some individuals with severe mental illness or lower the symptoms to a manageable level. Make no mistake about it: by not using and embracing and researching these methods psychiatry is sentencing people to a lifetime of vicious suffering. It is hardly surprising that some lash out, realizing they have no future. Being young, male, mentally ill and losing your mother plus here's an assault rifle--where is the surprise? Pharma and especially psychiatrists have sold out their patients. I can say from extensive personal experience that while medications have a place, they will never bring someone like this back to health. I am mentally healthy now but ANGRY. The suffering, the fleecing of family happiness and finances, seeing other people believe psychiatrists over you--it's all a huge drag that is about spineless psychiatrists who decided not to be doctors but pharma reps. People with mental illness are physically ill. Unless that is addressed it won't get better. Anyone in this situation might start by contacting Truehope .com, a Canadian organization started by someone whose daughter recovered using a mineral mixture that farmers gave to troubled pigs! They now offer help and guidance and supplementation. Also check out Hoffer's books, esp for schizophrenia.

John Stone

He was said to be depressed so it seems extremely likely that SSRIs are once again implicated.

Angus Files

I`m lost for words as well, but its not to do with Autism just the meds.Cocaine based substances in the meds to calm people down?The Quck -Dr thinking being that because of under stimulation of the brain and the person actively stimulating themselves constantly if they give them meds it takes away the self stimulation -problem solved- NOT! just another money spinner for Pharma and these kids have paid the ultimate price.

Pharma For Prison


bob moffit

"Guns. Meds. Mental health. Second Amendment. HIPAA. Forced over-vaccination. Video games. Lack of ability to cope with adversity. Helicopter parents. Trophy for all sports. Black box warnings."

Odd that you placed "Meds" second among possible contributing factors in these types of tragedies .. ahead of "mental health" .. because the subject of "meds" is usually not a priority among the hours and hours of discussions regarding "mental health" as a possible contributing factor.

Perhaps its not just "mental health" .. but the recognized and approved "treatment" for mental health?

Consider the following breakdown:

All Psychiatric 0-5 Years total
drugs 1,080,168

0-1 Years 274,804
2-3 Years 370,778
4-5 Years 500,948
6-12 Years 4,130,340
13-17 Years 3,617,593
18-24 Years 5,467,615
25-44 Years 21,029,136
45-64 Years 28,143,196
65 Year + 17,404,930

Grand Total 78,694,222

I am sure most medications prescribed are useful and effective for a vast majority of those suffering mental health problems .. but ... just like vaccines .. there may be a "sub-set" who suffer the unintended consequences .. such as .. having thoughts of suicide and homicide .. when being "treated" with these types of behavior altering medications.

Surely there is enough evidence today to ascertain if SSRI's .. in SOME "subset" of individuals .. are known to become more "problem" than "solution". If so .. the greater public should be made fully aware of it.

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