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CDC Director Smoked Out of Job

GoodbyeNote:  The Trump appointed CDC director Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald has resigned in part because her financial portfolio includes tobacco stocks.  Tobacco science was used to stave off lawsuits regarding cancer deaths from smoking. Tobacco science has become its own phrase to talk about industry written, supported and promoted "science" to protect the company while duping and harming consumers to make money.  We often refer to vaccine science as tobacco science. The irony is as thick as an elevator full of Marlboro men. 

In addition, she had financial ties to Merck. MERCK.  Government appointees used to wait until after their tenure to run to industry for a fat payday. Fitzgerald put the Brinks truck BEFORE the horse.  And if you didn't know, one of the highest ranking execs at Merck is Dr. Julie Gerberding, former head of the CDC. Her original position at Merck was head of the VACCINE division. This is a cesspool of corruption and money over American health. For now, Dr. Anne Schuchat is Fitgerald's replacement until a new director can be appointed. Let's hope the new director will be amenable to looking at the autism epidemic and its threat to current and future public health.  Let's see where Fitzgerald ends up.


From CNN:

Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, resigned Wednesday, a day after Politico reported Fitzgerald's purchase of tobacco stock after she took the position at the nation's top public health agency. Camel doctors

Such an investment is obviously at odds with the mission of the CDC, considering cigarette smoking will result in the deaths of nearly half a million Americans this year. Smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death in the United States.
The CDC's slogan is "24/7: Saving Lives, Protecting People." But Fitzgerald bet against that mission just one month into her tenure at the agency, when she purchased stock in a tobacco company -- one of the very drugs she is supposed to be leading the crusade against....  Read more here.


Angus Files

Sorry Benedetta I never seen your reply Trey says here what his plans might be..I wont be surprised if he replaces Sessions at the DOJ I`m not saying Sessions is 100% swamp material but he cant do the job.


Jason E. Chaffetz's- I just think he had enough of the threats and treasured his family more,but when the bullies threaten you you have to stand up to them!

Also probably being threatened by the agencies he was trying to shut down.

If you look up the Bundys on Alex Jones Channel which is horrifying a rancher being gunned down by the DOM ......


Pharma For Prison

Jeannette Bishop

"Full Measure Continuing Coverage: Swamp Creatures"


Stranger still is Chafftez. He steps down from his chair and Congress, so he can appear every once in a great while as some kind of "expert, specialized contributor " on FOX News.

Some thing bad---- don't you think?


I don't think I understood?
So Trey has decided not to be a federal judge and going back into private practice?

He had this opening months ago to take this position but turned it down, and now - what is his plans to do now?

Strange, strange, strange.

Angus Files

Benedetta and all,

I seen this the other night that Mr Gowdy might be going to the 4th Circuit Court Of Appeals a job he was offered before seemingly.


Then again the CDC is without a leader also the NSA and the FBI is the Homeland Security still vacant.. caution!swamp draining in progress.

I was more surprised with Jason E. Chaffetz's- back then he said that his family were more important-the dark side probably had his kids locked up in a basement whilst he was made to resign.

Pharma For Prison



Kings Fund suggests NHS fees -but is it really "Independent" Article by Gary Walker 2014 .
NHS Confederation -New Chief Executive . previous Chief Exectutive of The Kings Fund , and previous Chief Exectutive and Registrar of The General medical Council .
NHS Confederation new Chief on the Telly saying Government urged to curb rising costs of clinical negligence claims .
NHS Confederation teams up with independent experts for study into health and care funding .
"Revolving door syndrome" A cosy chums get together of The Kings Fund ,The Health Foundation ,NHS Confederation and The Institute for Fiscal Studies .
Think Tanks,Focus Groups ,Quangos - Independent from "What exactly?"
Edward Bernays would be laughing his head of at the selling sauce sales techniques getting used .
Ed Bernays and the art of public manipulation youtube and Ed Bernays and group psychology manipulating the masses youtube
How could we be so niave "Stupid Days" not to see what's sitting right underneath our own noses!


Gee Grace Green;
I was just thinking threatening or carrot and stick to make all rich and wealthy.

I never thought about; you start squeezing us and you will see what a real epidemic looks like.
But at the same time how would they do that. They really can not do that. The US army tried dumping bacteria from planes, with the fog of the Pacific; onto large towns in California, and found out delivering microbes to population areas was not all that effective at all. Delivery of bio weapons has proved impossible.

As in the anthrax scare, it was a real bio weapon grade stuff, and considering it was weapon grade going through the mail system it still really only made a few sick. Hardly epidemic, but it did scare the population.

Maybe it is that (scaring the population) is what it is all about?
who ever they are; has the power to scare the population.
They (who is they) did not mind scaring us with Sars, H1N1 flu is coming, Ebola of all things, and that Zike deal.

Maybe who ever they are are showing those in the political system what they can do?


Well, hump;
Not scared of the top health people!
So, it is not that they really think we all are going to die from an epidemic then, and it is not really that these top health people are the only few people with the intelligence, education, and know how (don't want to lose them).

I did witness how big pharma had their fingers on my professor four long decades ago.
So, they were infiltrating the medical profession, the government health agencies, and - and - the department of justice as well.

It can't be a large group that planned this all out. Who are they?

John Stone


I don’t know that it is bio-weapons. It is very clear the menace to certain celebrities for example of having their career stopped if they simply dare to pose a few questions, the ambushes of Jenny McCarthy, Oprah Winfrey, Katie Couric, Rob Schneider etc - in the UK it happened to Juliet Stevenson though it was done more discreetly. Also, in the UK autism touched the families of three Prime Ministers but their silence was assured.

Basically, you have political lobby which is completely out of hand - it is very easy to pretend the moral high ground because it is involved in disease prevention (which sounds very nice) but they can unleash their dogs, Deer, Reiss, Gorsky, Oransky, Fox, Grimes etc etc. If you have reputation to ruin they will ruin it - and they don’t even need to have anything on you: just the fact that in the opinion of the lobby someone spoke out of turn.

Grace Green

John, it's definitely not the politicians they're afraid of. Could it be Big Pharma, with their Big Money and Big Power. As I said on another thread, the President may have his finger on the nuclear button, but Big Pharma have their hands on Bioweapons, and only they have the knowledge of how to use them to their own advantage. I think they are holding all of us to ransom.

John Stone


There are extraordinary forces mixed up in this internationally. When Angus Files and I tried to raise conflicts of interest in the UK Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunisation before the Scottish Parliament Petitions Committee they were momentarily caught on the hop but then dropped it like a hot potato - but I have also watched footage of the same people giving an almost brutal reception to the Scottish health minister and chief medical officer over thyroid treatment, so they evidently were not the people they were scared of.


Do you all think that perhaps it is all stuck like it has been since 1986 because the justice department has not been doing their jobs?

Trey took Jason E. Chaffetz's place after Jason resigned and darn after all that big long talk Walkfield and Bigtree gave him too. Chaffetz was on an U tube and said that there was going to come a reckoning soon and then he resigns.

Now Trey is going too. Why?

It has been reported the Rosenstein head of the DOJ told the Congressmen during a big important meeting that included Nunes; that if they did not stop with this business that he would be looking into all of their text messages. Is this how it is done, The justice department don't do anything and then threatens all if they try to hold the DOJ responsible.

Should the DOJ be looking or should have looked into allegations that a top scientists made in which data (paid for by the tax payer) was thrown into the trash can by the CDC after it showed results that the CDC did not want known about the MMR vaccine.

I mean it is fraud and all. Is this where the trouble has been all along?

Han Litten

Posted by: Jeannette Bishop | February 03, 2018 at 03:20 PM

Yes those rumours are everywhere.
And similarly the same is said about GOOGLE_CIA.

SZuckerberg was schooled in some special way that pre-ordained his destiny.
Mark and his wife fully vaccinated their children (yeah of course you did Szucker !)

Jeannette Bishop

I'm curious under Dr. Schuchat's tenure (assuming someone else doesn't replace her) to see what wording regarding the vaccine-autism link a lawsuit might inspire:



"Smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death in the United States."

I thought it was vaccination.

Gary Ogden

Jeanette Bishop: The launch of Facebook was indeed funded by a CIA front company. Mark Zuckerburg is the grandson of the recently deceased David Rockefeller, one of the original globalists (and the grandson himself of John D.).

Angus Files


just as when Blackadder`s is court-martialled Baldrick is told to deny everything ..if Schuchat had been asked to confirm her name,she would have replied NO! that I am sure..


Pharma For Prison


Jeannette Bishop

FWIW, there's a rumor (maybe it's backed by more than heresay, but I haven't investigated) that the CIA funded Facebook's launch.


the Schuchat Warren vaccine exchange:

Angus Files

GURGLE GURGLE GURGLE!! the swamp is starting to drain..

Some people are never happy!!

The CDC Is About to Fall Off a Funding Cliff
It's already planning to pull back on work that protects the world from pandemics.

"This is now coming to pass. Two weeks ago, Betsy McKay at The Wall Street Journal reported that the CDC, with no firm promise of future funding, is indeed preparing to downsize its work in 39 countries. Those include the Democratic Republic of Congo, which recently experienced its eighth Ebola outbreak, and China, which is currently undergoing its worst outbreak of H7N9 bird flu. Lena Sun of The Washington Post confirmed this report on Thursday, writing that “notice is being given now to CDC country directors” as the first part of a transition."


Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

Gurgle, gurgling blub blub blup!!the wamp is being drained but the s--- still comes back!!

Dr. Tom Frieden, ex-director of the CDC

"The CDC informed personnel in the past two weeks that it was discontinuing its work in 39 out of 49 countries where its Center for Global Health helps prevent, detect and respond to dangerous infectious disease threats, such as Ebola and the Zika virus. The agency said it was forced to make the decision because it doesn't expect any new funding for the programs."


Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

I member last January when www had in headlines everywhere-" FBI raids the CDC" this year it could be the CIA raids the FBI and the CDC.

Pharma For Prisson


cherry Misra

I would love to think that Fitzgerald was brought in to the job with the express purpose of kicking her out publicly and unceremoniously, thus setting a precendent that people with conflict of interest need not apply for nor accept jobs with this agency. Time will tell.


Chan iongnadh boladh nan sgadon a bhith den t-soitheach sam bi iad . Gaelic for.

No wonder the cast smells of the herrings that it holds .

Jeannette Bishop


Angus Files

Whoever the new leader is they will still have to cope with the 1.2 Billion dollar reduction in CDC budget.Sycophants from Pharma have come and gone.Maybe were going to get a boss this time - not holding my breath as Trumps biggest adversaries seem to be within his party or people he has been advised to put in place's of command and then they recuse themselves because of known conflicts before they took the job- buck stops with Trump.

Pharma For Prisson



Was Brenda Fitzgerald kicked out of CDC, because she was pushing deadly flu vaccines , which are known to cause flu epidemics and kill children and adults? Melania Trump is smart and she prohibited anybody who works at the WH to be vaccinated against flu, as she is rightly afraid that her family may be infected from a vaccinated human bioweapon.

Jeannette Bishop

Is she resigning with other motivations and we're just getting the "fake news" explanation? It feels fake anyway.

Jeannette Bishop

So why is the media (and probably others) driving out Fitzgerald? As pointed out here and on Highwire today, she had many pharma COIs not mentioned. If we looked at those for all CDC employees, would we have to completely reboot the agency (or maybe just boot the agency...and I'm not exactly personally shaking in my boots over the idea)?

Maybe pertinent:



Why don't we the people and the parents propose Dr. Suzanne Humphries as CDC director to the President? For sure, she would be much better candidate than all previous scandalously corrupt and ignorant people from the swamp.

go Trump

Just another "biostitute swamp creature" down the drain.
I assume she will start at Merck soon.

I would hope she is still provided free FLU shots for life however.

Not sure how or why Trump selected her, but some things the President is not really allowed to be in charge of... which is why it is called a swamp.


BTW, you ever wonder where "heroin" came from, in the first place?....
It was originally a patented, trademarked CONSUMER product available in any U.S. pharmacy.
The tag line was "Heroin, it makes you feel like a hero!".....
What company first produced heroin on the mass consumer market?
God, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried....

Hans Litten

"Dr. Anne Schuchat is Fitgerald's replacement until a new director can be appointed. Let's hope the new director will be amenable to looking at the autism epidemic and its threat to current and future public health. Let's see where Fitzgerald ends up."

We already know all about Rear Admiral Anne Schuchat - & the fake Eliz.Warren interview.
Which Anne , by the way , was pathetic - the lies were simply incredible.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Aimee Doyle | February 01, 2018 at 08:53 AM

Farcebook is having to be re-written , censored because of our successes.
We will destroy Farcebook and everyone will know it was because of us.
Farcebook will effectively have to become a shadow of what it was.
The dark forces loved the Arab Spring and how FarceBook was used there but they never foresaw how there own much greater misdeeds would come to light and be communicated.
The internet is about to be completely locked down.
Whats next, lock down Whatsapp ? All Emails ? Telephone calls ? Skype ?
The TV and newspapers aren't working their lies\magic anymore.

For instance this paper was published May2017 , but today in perfect orchestrated harmony all the lamestream (RT included) are lauding this story in perfect union (see the lies !)
They MAY have a vaccination to cure cancer (you can bet your life this goes nowhere !)



"Dr. Fitzgerald owns certain complex financial interests that have imposed a broad recusal limiting her ability to complete all of her duties as the CDC Director. Due to the nature of these financial interests, Dr. Fitzgerald could not divest from them in a definitive time period," a statement from the Department of Health and Human Services said Wednesday.
Fitzgerald, an obstetrician/gynecologist from Georgia, was selected for the position in July by Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Tom Price. Price was forced to resign in September amid a scandal involving his use of private planes."

There's got to be more to this. If we looked at the stock holdings of other CDC heads, I'm sure we'd find at least Pharma. Someone wanted Fitzgerald and Price out for political reasons.

Aimee Doyle

@Hans -

I don't know that we're winning. Let's wait and see whom Trump appoints to be the next CDC director.

His track record isn't good: Tom Price (HHS); Scott Gottlieb (FDA); Brenda Fitzgerald (CDC); and of course former Pharma Exec Alex Azar (new HHS head) - pro vaxxers all.

Trump has the power to nominate anyone he wants; and the Republican Congress has confirmed every nominee he has put forth (except for those who have voluntarily withdrawn), even nominees who were controversial, like Neil Gorsuch (Supreme Court) and Betsy DeVos (Education).

Hans Litten

We are winning people. Now we need to re-double our efforts.
Victory is in sight. I have been banned from FarceBook twice (proud of that).


Everyone I know is complaining about FaceBook. It simply is NOT the same FaceBook we all knew and loved. It is NOT friendly any more. It is like living next to a bad neighbor that always, and in every way, finds fault.

The Anti-Vaxxer Community is HUGE, and it is spread all across Social Media. It makes up a very large portion of FaceBook society. There are so many separate groups discussing details of the dangers of vaccines, and the policies therein, it is mind-boggling.

So, why, we have to ask, would FaceBook be so dumb as to mess with that situation? Good question. But, they do.

Confidential sources tell me that, in fact, the “skeptics” ARE in the process of attempting to control FaceBook – and their “Plan of Action,” manipulating the FaceBook algorithm, has been described to me. I am told that those same “skeptics” have acquired the services of two HIGH LEVEL FaceBook engineers to help them with their nefarious plans. I have been shown proof of that. Anti-Vaxxers are paying attention.

Confidential sources tell me that, in fact, the “skeptics” ARE in the process of attempting to control FaceBook – and their “Plan of Action,” manipulating the FaceBook algorithm, has been described to me. I am told that those same “skeptics” have acquired the services of two HIGH LEVEL FaceBook engineers to help them with their nefarious plans. I have been shown proof of that. Anti-Vaxxers are paying attention.

bob moffit

From article: "Fitzgerald also invested in pharmaceutical companies Merck and Bayer, as well as health insurance company Humana, according to Politico."

Odd that all reports of Fitzgerald's resignation give her ownership of "tobacco" stocks .. none mentioned she also "invested in pharmaceutical companies Merck and Bayer"?

While I fully agree her purchase of tobacco stocks were a clear violation of the CDC's mission to drive "tobacco" from the "free market" .. I believe her ownership of Merck and Bayer stocks are just as troubling .. maybe even more so .. since the CDC is supposed to be overseeing the "safety and efficiency" of their products .. and .. today .. potentially unsafe and inefficient pharmaceutical products are far more common .. and .. LESS KNOWN .. than tobacco.

One would think all public health bureau chiefs .. CDC, HHS, IOM, etc .. should be fully divested from owning pharmaceutical stocks .. or would that be too much to ask those public health officials do to avoid even the slightest appearance of "conflicting interests"?

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