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Australian Labor MP: "I'd Choose Autism"

My choiceBy Anne Dachel

A story from Australia makes it clear that vaccines will maintain the sacred place in medicine with our children as the sacrificial lambs.

Feb 12, 2018, Australia SBS News: I'd choose autism: Labor MP backs vaccines

Labor MP Emma Husar says she'd choose autism over nursing a child with an illness that could have been prevented through vaccination. 

Emma Husar is particularly offended when she hears people link vaccinations and autism.

The federal Labor MP is the mother of an autistic child. She also nursed her comatose sister through meningococcal disease, she told parliament on Monday.

"Let me tell you, I would take the autistic child every day over the one that almost died from an almost now-preventable disease through vaccines," Ms Husar said supporting a government proposal to change No Jab No Pay rules.

Consider what Husar is talking about: EVEN IF there is a link, we should still vaccinate. This is the true believer. This is also someone who is making the choice for those dependent on government welfare money.  This is not informed consent—it’s medical tyranny.

Regardless of a link to autism—vaccines carry a risk. Everyone admits they do. Husar’s message to the people of Australia is: Too bad if YOUR CHILD IS INJURED. It’s the price you must be willing to pay. She even concedes that if vaccination could result in autism, it’s the chance she’s willing to take—AND it’s the chance Australian parents will have to take.

And notice one glaring omission here, the subject NEVER included in stories like this: Why doesn’t anyone EVER talk about determining who’s at risk for a reaction to vaccination? How is it possible to line up every child in the country for vaccine roulette? By what right can the government FORCE parents to blindly put their children at such grave risk?

This reminds me of a review of the movie, “The Greater Good,” http://www.greatergoodmovie.org/  by Jeannette Catsoulis, published in the New York Times in 2011.

I wrote about it for Age of Autism.

Catsoulis, like Emma Husar, believes we should all be willing to sacrifice our children for “the greater good.” She wrote, “But while the film acknowledges that science has so far been consistent in its refutation of a vaccine-autism link, it fails to point out that even were such a link proved definitively, all that matters is that its victims number significantly fewer than those of the diseases vaccinations are designed to prevent.”

The truth is, whatever happens to unfortunate children as a result of being vaccinated doesn’t matter. It’s acceptable because lots of other kids didn’t get sick.



I have never heard you acknowledge that anyone has ever been injured by a vaccine.
I have never heard you acknowledge that any vaccine ingredient could ever be dangerous to any person at any time.
You have the ability to review studies, but you have endorsed or at least provided links to studies that anyone who looks at the design can see are seriously flawed.
And..everyone has had comments not printed from time to time..Certainly not every comment of mine has always gone through.

cia parker

Autism Investigated,

It's true that meningococcal disease is relatively rare, probably not as rare as lightning strikes, though. The 2011 edition of Dr. Sears' The Vaccine Book says that at that time, there were 2750 hospitalizations for meningococcal disease. About 10% of these cases are fatal, even with modern hospital care, the mortality is higher, about 20%, in teens and freshmen in college, or 50 such fatalities a year. There were about 3000 cases a year in the US, most in infants between six months and two years old, most with type B, the strain not covered in the normal vaccine, but available now for those who want it. About 250 cases a year occur in college freshmen or military recruits living in barracks.

The disease is horrible, often causing death or permanent disability, often amputation of a limb. But it is fairly rare. The vaccine has caused a lot of very severe adverse reactions. The UK used a version in 1999 which caused so many thousands of severe side effects, including deaths, that it was withdrawn. The vaccine seems to be effective.

Again, it's only fair to inform the parents and let them make the choice. At this time it is not routinely offered to babies in the US, but it is in the UK. I personally would not get it myself nor get it for my child, but others should be allowed to choose for themselves. And there is a nosode for it, a much safer choice.

cia parker


I agree that calm, factual statements should be published. Many of my comments have been deleted from many websites, including here. You just have to keep doing what you believe to be right.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Eindecker | February 20, 2018 at 02:16 PM

Your double standards are incredible.
Controls are the problem you say !
How about applying that to the safety testing of vaccinations before taking them to market. (Gardakil)
You people wouldn't know a placebo from a lump of bauxite.

Exley has caught you all red faced , red handed , hand in the cookie jar with your pants down.
Now all you have to do is prevent all scientists around the world from ever repeating his work.
I met a doctor recently who had the samples necessary for more Exley testing (he said the FDA has to allow permission for that testing to go ahead - so science is handcuffed deliberately)
And YOU know it.

Angus Files

Eindecker can you guide me to where I can find any study,an article, a web link anything apart from your own thoughts that shows Aluminum is beneficial to any organism in the world.

Pharma For Prison


cia parker


Pertussis and measles became much milder just on their own. And in the '30s, ten years after the diphtheria vaccine started to be used, diphtheria was still a major killer. My mother's childhood friend died of it in the mid-'30s. All the male children under three in that Indian tribe I've mentioned died of diphtheria in an outbreak in the '30s. Thousands of people died of diphtheria in the epidemic around the time the Soviet Union fell. Even now, with the best of hospital treatment, mortality is around 20% for both diphtheria and tetanus. Tetanus has always been relatively rare, most common in the Southeast of the US. But it's carried in the intestinal tract of many mammals, of a large percentage of horses and dogs even now. A large percentage of people develop immunity to tetanus (I learned that in Stanley and Plotkin's Vaccines), so they probably didn't use to get tetanus for that reason and might not even if they weren't vaxxed. It would be good to research why some people develop natural immunity and others don't.

I don't think pertussis and measles would be a big problem if they came back, especially if they were routinely treated with vitamin C and A. But diphtheria and tetanus have the potential to be severe or deadly for those who might get them. I don't know how many might get diphtheria. It is a disease of poverty, cold, and malnutrition, but we have a lot of poor areas that might be very hard struck if diphtheria were to make a comeback. I don't think that would happen in the case of either disease, because as soon as people started reading descriptions of children's deaths from diphtheria or tetanus, they'd get the DT series for them right away. And same with polio. And Hib. (The three series I recommend consideration of, Hib only for babies under 18 months old in daycare and not breastfed.) I wouldn't recommend any other vaccines. If rubella came back, I'd consider the options, but I"d rather see girls get either natural rubella or the nosode.

And we should keep careful records, both of the diseases and of vaccine reactions. The more information we have, the better decisions we can make.


Reduction of mortality from 1880 to the period before vaccination in the USA:

Diphtheria - 98.74%
Pertussis - 89.59%
Tetanus - 92.72%
Measles - 98.49%

From p. 129 Table 11a, _Ideological Constructs of Vaccination_ by Mateja Cernic, PhD

John Stone


In fact I just discovered that your comment on the recent Exley paper had gone into the spam by accident. I really don’t think it has any merit. These were quite proper observations to publish and Exley was clear about the limitations of the paper. The people who display bias are those who don’t think these matters should be explored at all.


Dear Cia My factual replies on this thread are not being posted, censorship?

cia parker


I agree with you that many of the VPDs were horrifying before vaccines. And it really doesn't matter if the rate of mortality fell by 70% before the vaccine was introduced if you're the parent of a child who got it and was disabled or killed by it anyway. My mother had a neighbor who died horribly of diphtheria when she was a child, my father saw a man die in spams of tetanus in his father's doctor's office, I had a roommate crippled by polio. I have a friend from Zambia whose sister died of pertussis around 1950. Going back to the Civil War, my great grandfather lost his mother and four siblings to spinal meningitis all in 1862. My daughter has mild hearing loss in one ear since she had the EV68 virus three and a half years ago, it used to be common to get mild meningitis when you had a polio or any enterovirus infection. The vaccines usually offer effective protection against these diseases (except pertussis). But many of us have had our lives destroyed by vaccines. The only thing which is fair to do is give parents information that is as accurate and up-to-date as possible on both sides and let them make the decision for their child.


@ Susan what do you think of the latest research from Keele University in brief not very much at all….
Why? Well for several reasons such as
1. The study did not include any “control” brain tissue from non-autistic individuals (Why didn’t Exley manage to get such control non-autistic samples since he had obtained “autistic” tissue from the Oxford brain bank) so he’s not comparing autistic v non-autistic tissue processed in the same manner. This is just plain bad science not to include control material in any study.
2. Exley then compares these data with a previous study of aluminium in brain tissue from elderly patients where 75% of the aluminium measurements were <2 μg/g dry weight, which parallels the results found in this study on ASD tissue (Table 1 in the paper)!
3. There is no clinical history on the individuals, apart from that the donor ages varied between 15 & 50, yet his only comparison is with samples from “elderly” patients
4. The study reports wildly differing aluminium results on so called “replicates” (ie they should have similar results) eg 2.44, 1.66, and 22.11 μg/g dry weight and another sample, replicates were 0.01, 0.64, and 18.57 μg/g dry weight. He then averages these replicates to find an answer! Doesn’t exactly instill you with confidence in the reproducibility of the scientific method does it?
I could go on but that’s enough, re rise in ASD diagnoses & vaccines there is also a very close correlation (correlation coefficient 0.99!!) between US organic food sales and US children receiving special education….not that I am suggesting there is a link in any shape or form between these but it just illustrates that there could be many reasons behind the increased number of ASD diagnoses and that false correlations can be very deceiving.
@ Hans Here's an idea: I don't believe that any vaccine has ever prevented a disease of any kind. How about you pick any vaccine that you want. And use that PhD in microbiology, to produce the scientific proof which will prove me wrong
OK Hans let’s try Haemophilus influenzae b and Streptococcus pneumomniae meningitis shall we…a nice meta analysis https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3847464/ concludes Our analysis indicates that approximately three-quarters of meningitis deaths are preventable with existing Hib and PCV vaccines
Or specifically in the UK lab confirmed H influenzae cases https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/407089/Graph_showing_Haemophilus_influenzae_type_b_laboratory_reports_2014.pdf a really nice graph showing the dramatic effect of Hib vaccination in 1992.
Or you could look at the effect of MMR programs on the horrible late effect of measles, the brain wasting disease SSPE http://pubmedcentralcanada.ca/pmcc/articles/PMC1719740/pdf/v089p01145.pdf The prevention of endemic circulation of measles virus in England and Wales through the high coverage achieved with MMR vaccine, together with the measles/rubella vaccination campaign of 1994, has resulted in the near elimination of SSPE………A reduction in SSPE following the introduction of vaccination has been reported from the United States, Poland, the Netherlands, and in the Middle East. Our study confirms the impact of vaccination and shows that the elimination of SSPE is possible through the use of MMR vaccine.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Friends of friend | February 18, 2018 at 04:02 PM

the autism I know is the equivalent of 25 emergency vehicles screaming down my road at 3am in the morning. Then a SWAT team smashing in my front door with huge metal battering ram . Then being dragged out of bed naked and beaten to a pulp by criminally behaving security forces whilst handcuffed. All the while there is a earthquake going on at the same time 10 on the richter scale .

THIS IS NOT parents looking for state benefits.
THIS IS NOT due to better diagnosis(doctors are knowingly\criminally doing this)
THIS IS NOT an accident
The Vaccine promoters\mandaters know full well what they are doing
The Nurses know what is happening (& any that dont speak out are guilty)
The Doctors know (they are guilty - simple as that)

Vaccination Extermination Assassination

Friends of friend

It seems that maybe a few parents would rather have autism. May be they would rather their child have an autism diagnosis rather than be told they have pressured and frustrated their child to the point of serious emotional dysfunction. Let me explain. Two highly educated parents in the science field, pressure their child with academics and extremely high expectations to the point where the child has a mental breakdown. Rather than admit they are culpable and have responsibility for this child's problems, they seek out a diagnosis. The diagnosis is Aspergers. The child is a girl and so when she acts out it is usually toward herself. Of course a male is more likely to act outward with his aggression. This explains quite a lot to me in terms of some individuals with 'aspergers' and possibly some of these shooting crimes. It's quite possible that some children really have environmentally (parent) caused mental health problems, yet get diagnosed as aspies.

susan welch

Eindecker. A couple of points occur to me re your recent post:

Have you not read 'Dissolving Illusions' by Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk in which are graphs which show, very clearly, that deaths from 'vaccine preventable' diseases had dramatically decreased by the time vaccines were introduced? I am sure you will respond with something along the lines of 'vaccines are still essential to save anyone at all from effects of disease' To that I would point out that ASD numbers have increased from 1:10,000 to 1:36 since the increase in the vaccine schedule.

My other point is a question. As you have a PhD in microbiology, what do you think of the latest research from Keele University which shows aluminium in the brain cells of diseased people on the autistic spectrum?

Han Litten


Emma can be politely contacted at this email address.
And perhaps we can explain how very wrong she is.


ow about contracting whooping cough as a 5 year old child resulting in ending up in hospital with a collapsed lung and my parents apparently being told "we'll see if he makes it to the morning" or a wife who contracted bacterial meningitis as a teenager and was left permanently deaf, or an uncle who contracted polio in the 1930's and was left with a permanent "gammy" leg, is that enough of a "dog" for you Barry, and yes I have a PhD in microbiology


You have a Phd in microbiology, and you're resorting to anecdotal accounts about family members??

When we tell our stories about perfectly healthy babies who were disabled by vaccines, our stories are dismissed out of hand because OUR anecdotal accounts have zero scientific value. So sorry, even if I did believe you, your stories are just as worthless.

Here's an idea: I don't believe that any vaccine has ever prevented a disease of any kind.

How about you pick any vaccine that you want. And use that PhD in microbiology, to produce the scientific proof which will prove me wrong

Grace Green

Eindecker, I'm very sorry for your wife's deafness (I'm a musician, so that prospect is horrifying to me) and your uncle's gammy leg. You, however, survived the whooping cough. We all have many brushes with disease and death - that's life, we're none of us immortal. Life isn't going to last for ever for any of us! Religion or philosophy can be helpful in coming to terms with that. But most of the people writing here have family members who have been killed or severely injured by doctors and nurses, and all those, like you, who back them up. Given all the information and science which is now available they are not doing it because they think it's the best thing for their patients. They're doing it for personal gain. If you want to have all the vaccines under the sun you're free to do so, but we're trying to warn people they could end up in our situation.

For Eindecker


It is not a matter of whether you rise to it, it is a failure to recognize collateral damage - it is saying your damage matters and ours does not.


Not rising to that one... but there is nothing "anecdotal" about vaccine preventable infectious diseases or their morbidity and mortality in the pre-vaccine era, just politely explaining to Barry my reason for posting

For Eindecker


Aren’t you being a teensy weensy bit anecdotal?


And for someone who doesn't even have a dog in this fight ... that's some pretty weird behaviour. Fair enough question Barry, how about contracting whooping cough as a 5 year old child resulting in ending up in hospital with a collapsed lung and my parents apparently being told "we'll see if he makes it to the morning" or a wife who contracted bacterial meningitis as a teenager and was left permanently deaf, or an uncle who contracted polio in the 1930's and was left with a permanent "gammy" leg, is that enough of a "dog" for you Barry, and yes I have a PhD in microbiology. All these infectious diseases that hit our family are now preventable by vaccines, (well most cases of N meningitides meningitis), that's why I question posts such as Hans' which was clearly ill informed and pointless, the parents of the lad who died were arguing for greater use of Bexsero, not arguing against vaccines!!!


For Hans
Teenage boy dies from meningitis – four months after being given a jab to protect him against four strains of the killer disease
Lewis Hilton, 19, from Greetland, near Huddersfield, was killed by meningitis B
He had been vaccinated against four other strains of meningitis in September

He was not vaccinated with Bexsero, which targets meningitis B , what's your problem???


I think the bigger question here, is why do you only ever come here to defend vaccines ???

That's the only opinion you ever have. And for someone who doesn't even have a dog in this fight ... that's some pretty weird behaviour.

Hans Litten


Vaccine debate gives Italian election campaign a shot in the arm
Populists play on widespread fears of inoculation.
By Sarah Wheaton and Giada Zampano
| 2/14/18, 6:30 AM CET
| Updated 2/15/18, 12:01 PM CET

Mandatory vaccinations are an unexpectedly prominent campaign issue in Italy’s March 4 election.

Mainstream parties and insurgent populists are clashing over last year’s move to increase the number of obligatory childhood immunizations from four to 10 amid a raging measles outbreak, which infected 5,000 people in 2017 and killed four.

Dubbed the “Lorenzin law,” the compulsory vaccinations were championed by Beatrice Lorenzin, health minister in the government of Paolo Gentiloni from the center-left Democratic Party, but her measures spooked parents who fear jabs could be linked to autism and other side effects.

Vaccination remains one of Lorenzin’s core manifesto pledges and she founded a new centrist political party last month with the slogan: “Vaccinate against incompetence.” She is calling on scientists to run along with her on her Civica Popolare party to combat what she sees as fear-mongering about her inoculation campaign.

John Stone

I don’t think it is so much a case of Hans being international as anyone critical of vaccine products or policy being characterised as “anti-vaccine”, which indicates the problem of the vaccine lobby not being able to stand even the mildest criticism. We are talking about Yehuda Schoenfeld and Luc Montagnier, who as scientists ought to be welcome on any platform in the world, but who are being held to be ideologically unacceptable.

Hans Litten



Biology conference in Italy sparks criticism for including anti-vaccine speakers
BMJ 2018; 360 doi: https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.k711 (Published 13 February 2018)
Cite this as: BMJ 2018;360:k711

Marta Paterlini
Author affiliations

A conference set to take place in Rome at the beginning of March to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the National Order of Biologists has sparked controversy around Italy because it will host a series of speakers associated with the anti-vaccine movement.

Many Italian scientists have distanced themselves from the “New Frontiers of Biology” conference.1 But the president of the order, Vincenzo D’Anna, who has rejected the nickname AntiVaxxer, defended the conference for questioning the safety of scientific developments.

He told The BMJ that he could not understand “all the fuss” about the conference. “Should someone have something to complain about, there will be an hour …


Even the septic skeptics get and deserve sympathy and respect with illness and disability .
See history of East India company -company of merchants -corporate serfdom . Trade monopoly for people "Herding" and the abuse of corporate power ,insidious interests of corporation shareholders think they have governments as their "Lackeys" Book. The Road To Serfdom. by F A Hayek 1940-1943
and available to read online -Cannibal Capatilism .How Big Business and the Feds are ruining America by Michael Hill 2012 .
Australian Vaccination criteria and guidelines . No Jab -No Pay- basic welfare substance. No Jag-No Play for children . Australian Dept of Defence say -No Stay -No Pay long service pension . family member can not afford to return to live in Uk and leave pension behind . Criteria serfdom?
Where are the corporation /regulators public health and safety risk assessments for all vaccine products ? because if No Say, then We No Dae, Consent ,informed consent ,implied consent ,presumed consent and actual consent witheld and not available .End of respect for their standards of skills and competencies for vaccine public health and safety risk assessments


Vaccinating for one strain can make the non targeted strains more virulent because the immune system and microbiome is disrupted by the vaccine. Happens with HPV strains. Another example: Hib vaccination was followed by a population wide increase in strep pneumonia.

The human immune system was not meant to be tampered with this way. Not a good idea.


where there is risk, there must be choice.

Angus Files

Horrific poor lad and what his parents are enduring I cant start to imagine.God Bless.

Quite possible that the other Meningitis vacccines left him with a very weakened response to meningitis and not able to make a type 1 natural response...

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Doing the math on meningitis vaccinations
By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


"According to their package inserts, Menactra and Menveo produce "serious adverse events" in 1 percent of recipients. Menomune, with its hefty mercury load, sickens 1.3 percent of those receiving it. According to the CDC Pink Book, 0.3 percent of those with "serious adverse events" from meningitis vaccines will die. So here is the math calculation that thoughtful student governments in Colorado must consider: If you inoculate Colorado's 400,000 college students with the older vaccines, you can expect 4,000 serious adverse events and 12 dead. We do not yet know the effects of widespread vaccination of the hastily-expedited B vaccines, but according to their package inserts, about 2 percent of students who receive the B vaccine will be sickened or hospitalized with a serious adverse event. This could translate into an additional 8,000 sick students and 24 deaths, for a total of 12,000 sick and 36 dead in the attempt to possibly avert three meningitis cases.

The budgetary issues are significant. Administering Bexsero will cost an estimated $320 per student according to the CDC vaccine price list. For Colorado's 400,000 students, the cost for the B vaccine alone would be $128 million annually."

Pharma For Prison


Autism Investigated

Look up the annual incidence of meningococcal disease. It's about the same as getting struck by lightning.


For Hans
Teenage boy dies from meningitis – four months after being given a jab to protect him against four strains of the killer disease
Lewis Hilton, 19, from Greetland, near Huddersfield, was killed by meningitis B
He had been vaccinated against four other strains of meningitis in September

He was not vaccinated with Bexsero, which targets meningitis B , what's your problem???

David Weiner


Exactly my thought too.

Hans Litten

For Emma :


A British teenage boy has died from meningitis after being forced to receive a lethal cocktail of vaccinations designed to “protect” him against the deadly disease.

Lewis Hilton, 19, was killed by meningitis B – 72 hours after he started getting flu-like symptoms.
Dailymail.co.uk reports: But by the time the rugby player arrived in A&E the next day, following a phone call to NHS 111, he was unable to walk by himself or talk.

Doctors did ‘everything they could’ to try and save his life, but it overwhelmed his body. He passed away on January 28 at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.


My personal view is that however accurate "medical tyranny" might be, it's also too weak. I call it "medical fascism". I also think "medical fascism" is more correct, and that's the phrase I use every chance I get. The flip side of the argument Australian MP Emma Husar is making is simply that vaxxes have NOT been PROVEN EFFECTIVE. OK, technically, they've only been SHOWN to be SOMETIMES effective, - but sometimes NOT. And solid evidence of vaxx harms continues to accumulate.
Also, Australia has some VERY scary laws around medical practices. That's relevant because Australia is an English-speaking country like U.S. and England, and much the same business and advertising practices occur in each country.
Another point that Emma Husar misses is one of *efficacy*. Even the lame-stream media is claiming that the flu vaxx is ONLY 10 - 20% "effective". What's the point of mandating something that does NOT work, more often than it does? Yes, PhRMA profit$ is one motive, but remember that Gov't at ALL levels wants increasing control over the people. That's the Nature of the BEAST. Literally. So, "medical fascism"....Thanks, Anne, and to EVERYBODY here:

(c)2018, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction
ps: Most "diseases" they vaxx for are non-fatal anyway, but autism and a whole host of OTHER vaxx-induced conditions are life-long, and often result in much shorter life-spans....

Grace Green

I wonder which her autistic son would prefer. Is he capable of saying?

Hans Litten

There is absolutely no evidence this woman can possibly present that any vaccine would have prevented her sister falling ill.
If she has Bexsero in mind , that has a maim rate of 1 in 50 or so. (correct me , is it worse than that ?)
If its prevnar13 , that has an appalling record and maimed 1600 in Belgium I remember.
The vaccines she is lauding are worthless , versus a lifetime of pain & carnage , autism.

This woman is simply beyond polite comment.

Jeannette Bishop

And we'd better first determine that vaccination doesn't play a significant role in setting up meningitis risk. The suffering is heinous, but we can't just run blindly toward an unstudied procedure to feel better (well maybe some can, but I'm horrified every time I watch a parent of a child who dies of meningitis advocate passionately for another vaccine) and for some reason meningitis is listed on many vaccine package inserts as a possible "side effect."


Anyone who would choose a lifetime of autism over an "almost-fatal" disease (which nevertheless was cured) should have his head examined.

bob moffit

"The federal Labor MP is the mother of an autistic child. She also nursed her comatose sister through meningococcal disease, she told parliament on Monday."

While I have great sympathy for this politician who nursed her comatose sister through meningococcal disease .. but .. as tragic as that experience was .. I think it ought not be used as an excuse to deny the suffering of many autistic children who suffer similarly .. such as, Alex Spourdalakis, 16, who was fatally stabbed in 2013 in a River Grove apartment by his mother, Dorothy Spourdalakis, and the boy's godmother, an act of "mercy" .. to relieve Alex from his constant .. painful suffering. Both mom and godmother were tried, found guilty .. and .. sentenced for committing a "homicide" .. mercy being no excuse for having done so.

In any event ... to pretend a vaccine that has been declared "unavoidably unsafe" ... well-known in far too many instances of having caused severe .. life-long, life-threatening .. including death .. injuries to perfectly healthy children .. who suffer comparable to the ravages of meningococcal disease .. is a RISK worth taking with every recommended and approved vaccine .. is breathtakingly misguided.

If "she" wants to assume that RISK for "her" child .. it is her right to do so .. however .. "she" has NO RIGHT to demand that all other parents submit to "her" opinion.

I would highly recommend Labor MP Emma Hussar view an excellent interview by Vaxxed with a pre-eminent doctor regarding her own personal experience of caring for her son .. who died a tragic painful death at 13 years of age ... from a type of cancer that at one time was extremely rare .. but .. today has become far more common. The doctor explains her own theory that autism and many such formerly rare cancers are tied directly to the use of aborted fetal tissue cells commonly used in US vaccines .. beginning in the 1980's .. "coincidentally" as the autism "epidemic" began.

It is a long interview .. about 1 hour .. but .. well worth viewing:


Angus Files

When the Pharma have reached the stage of coerced vaccination they are getting really desperate.The next step is door to door forced vaccination by gunpoint medicine not that it does`nt happen already......

Were still winning guys big changes to come this year the budget cuts etc I read they are now calculating how long they can limp along with the reduced budgets in a reduced capacity and at best it is until 2019.

Pharma For Prison


Mark Wax

Only a "professional" politician can accept the mediocrity for which we all have paid a premium for. They choose this path in life because they lack the true courage displayed by those that cannot accept the false narrative of the "greater good." It was the Nazis that used the same meme in codifying and justifying much of their murderous behavior. Only a fool believes this pablum.
My father was a decorated veteran of World War II. His words echo in my ears as I spend my life caring for an incompetent adult with severe autism. "There are some things worse than dying." Emma has no clue.

Hans Litten

Emma you are a damn lying thieving scoundrel.
There will be no hiding place when the reckoning comes for this .

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