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Are You Antivaccine For Examining The Flu Shot?

CautionBy Teresa Conrick

A friend recently had the flu for six days.  She returned to her job, still feeling horrible, her voice raspy and weak.  It turned out that she had acquired Strep Throat.  That's not the first time this year, or other years that I have heard that sequence, FLU then BACTERIAL infection....but, this year seems particularly worrisome. Getting the flu, a virus, often means that your body will be a magnet to bacterial infections.  In fact, many of the severe aspects of the flu, including death, often are caused by bacteria .   I have a daughter with both autism and the autoimmune disorder called PANDAS/PANS , so I do a lot of reading on both the science and the trends in diseases, as they both seem to play into our present-day situation. Bacterial and viral exposures can trigger a host of symptoms  in Meg and the increasing numbers (1:200) of children and young adults also diagnosed.  It is a challenge and often heartbreaking.  For many, vaccination can also cause these symptoms.

So, my interest in the flu is due to her PANDAS/PANS exposure to it and the bacterial infections that then attach themselves. Here is some information on the flu and the vaccinations that CDC recommends. The live nasal vaccine has been again, dismissed by CDC, as not being effective and so it is NOT recommended.  Anne Schuchat, MD, acting director of the CDC, had this to say recently about this flu season and the increasing numbers who are getting flu:

Schuchat said that while 76% of viruses being reported in the most recent data are influenza A (H3N2), there is no evidence that the virus has drifted, but that "viruses prepared for use in egg-based manufacturing make it less similar to H3N2 viruses."

The CDC estimates releasing interim vaccine effectiveness numbers in the next couple of weeks. When asked about a recent study from Canada estimating vaccine effectiveness at 17%, Schuchat said she was not surprised by this, and that she expected their result may be in the "same range," but it will depend on the mix of strains in the U.S.

Not good but what's even more odd is that the strain...H3N2.. is in many of the vaccines this year. There is a study saying the egg-based vaccines are the reason it is not effective  but let's see what else the research shows. Here's a look at the flu vaccine choices this year :

TABLE 1Influenza vaccines — United States, 2017–18 influenza season*

---Inactivated influenza vaccines, quadrivalent (IIV4s), standard-dose

1- Afluria Quadrivalent - Seqirus - Prefilled syringe or multi-dose vial with 24.5 Mercury (from thimerosal, µg/0.5 mL) per dose

2- Fluarix Quadrivalent - GlaxoSmithKline - Prefilled syringe

3- FluLaval Quadrivalent - ID Biomedical Corp. of Quebec (distributed by GlaxoSmithKline) -  Prefilled syringe or multi-dose vial with <25 Mercury (from thimerosalµg/0.5 mL)

4- Fluzone Quadrivalent - Sanofi Pasteur -Prefilled syringe or multi-dose vial with 25 Mercury (from thimerosal, µg/0.5 mL)

---Inactivated influenza vaccine, quadrivalent (ccIIV4), standard-dose, cell culture-based

5- Flucelvax Quadrivalent - Seqirus - Prefilled syringe or muli-dose vial with 25 Mercury (from thimerosal, µg/0.5 mL)

---Inactivated Influenza Vaccine, trivalent (IIV3), high-dose§

6- Inactivated Influenza Vaccine, trivalent (IIV3), high-dose§ - Sanofi Pasteur - Prefilled syringe.

---Recombinant Influenza Vaccine, quadrivalent (RIV4)

7- Flublok Quadrivalent - Protein Sciences - Prefilled syringe

---Recombinant Influenza Vaccine, trivalent (RIV3)

8- Flublok - Protein Sciences - Single dose vial

---Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine, quadrivalent (LAIV4)*** (not recommended for use during the 2017–18 season)

9- FluMist Quadrivalent - MedImmune - Single-dose prefilled intranasal sprayer

So there you have it.  Anyone else notice there STILL is MERCURY in too many of those vaccines?  An UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE of mercury is antibiotic resistance, thus the potential viral, then bacterial infection for many may make antibiotics NOT effective. Science also has found that early-life toxicant exposure could shift the microbial balance, potentially affecting both immune and microbiome development.  

There are many different types of influenza vaccines but with so MANY RECIPES , how to know if effective prevention is happening, especially as flu seems so bad this year.  It is important to see that UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES do happen, as this important one occurring from the past darling of the CDC, the nasal flu vaccine, FLUMIST, shows - Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine Enhances Colonization of Streptococcus pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus in Mice.  Some wonder if flu is not being spread by vaccination?  This recent study does indeed show a connection to that possibility :

Self-reported vaccination for the current season was associated with a trend (P < 0.10) toward higher viral shedding in fine-aerosol samples; vaccination with both the current and previous year’s seasonal vaccines, however, was significantly associated with greater fine-aerosol shedding in unadjusted and adjusted models (P < 0.01). In adjusted models, we observed 6.3 (95% CI 1.9–21.5) times more aerosol shedding among cases with vaccination in the current and previous season compared with having no vaccination in those two seasons. Vaccination was not associated with coarse-aerosol or NP shedding (P > 0.10). The association of vaccination and shedding was significant for influenza A...

The association of current and prior year vaccination with increased shedding of influenza A might lead one to speculate that certain types of prior immunity promote lung inflammation, airway closure, and aerosol generation. This first observation of the phenomenon needs confirmation. If confirmed, this observation, together with recent literature suggesting reduced protection with annual vaccination, would have implications for influenza vaccination recommendations and policies.

Let's not forget what Schuchat said above: ...... 76% of viruses being reported in the most recent data are influenza A (H3N2).

I thought the article below was pertinent to this line of investigation. More and more researchers are asking hard questions about vaccines and coming to conclusions that often show a troubling effect. Are they "anti-vaccine" or are they scientists looking for answers to help ill patients? I applaud the seekers of truth, especially those who will not be silent knowing that either individual harm has happened or an UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE upon Mankind is occurring . I'm not sure that a "universal influenza vaccine" is the answer and if there are problems with that idea, I am hopeful that researchers will not be afraid to speak up and say so.  Here's the article addressing that, too:

Why flu vaccines so often fail

The most commonly used flu shots protect no more than 60% of people who receive them; some years, effectiveness plunges to as low as 10%. Given that a bad flu season can kill 50,000 people in the United States alone, "10% to 60% protection is better than nothing," says Michael Osterholm, an epidemiologist at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. "But it's a terribly inadequate vaccine for a serious public health threat." Now, researchers are striving to understand why it fails so often—and how to make a markedly better one.

They're questioning what was once received wisdom: that the vaccine fails when manufacturers, working months ahead of flu season, incorrectly guess which strains will end up spreading. And they're learning instead that the vaccine may falter even when the right strains were used to make it, perhaps because of how it is produced or quirks of individual immune systems. "It's much more complicated than we thought," Osterholm says. "I know less about influenza today than I did 10 years ago."

Other evidence suggests that repeated vaccinations can blunt the immune response to some HAs. "We don't understand enough about the effects … to make any recommendations right now," says Edward Belongia, an epidemiologist at the Marshfield Clinic Research Institute in Wisconsin, who led a recent meta-analysis.....

The BC Centre's Skowronski says many influenza researchers are hesitant to discuss problems with the vaccine "because they're afraid of being tainted with the antivaccine brush."

She says that's a mistake. "This immunization program has been predicated on assumptions on top of assumptions. Unless we have these discussions, we'll never have improved vaccine options. And I don't think it's antivaccine to want your vaccine program to be the best that it can be," she adds.

For any interested, here was a very recent study on flu and preventing it. It may be a good one, especially for right now:

Study Finds Lactic Acid Bacteria Can Protect Against Influenza A Virus

ATLANTA—Lactic acid bacteria, commonly used as probiotics to improve digestive health, can offer protection against different subtypes of influenza A virus, resulting in reduced weight loss after virus infection and lower amounts of virus replication in the lungs, according to a study led by Georgia State University.

Influenza virus can cause severe respiratory disease in humans. Although vaccines for seasonal influenza viruses are readily available, influenza virus infections cause three to five million life-threatening illnesses and 250,000 to 500,000 deaths worldwide during epidemics. Pandemic outbreaks and air transmission can rapidly cause severe disease and claim many more human lives worldwide. This occurs because current vaccines are effective only when vaccine strains and circulating influenza viruses are well matched......

,,,,,,,There are 18 different HA and 11 different NA subtype molecules identified, which indicates numerous HA and NA influenza virus combinations. As a result, it’s important to find ways to provide broad protection against influenza viruses, regardless of the virus strain.

Fermented vegetables and dairy products contain a variety of lactic acid bacteria, which have a number of health benefits in addition to being used as probiotics. Studies have found some lactic acid bacteria strains provide partial protection against bacterial infectious diseases, such as Streptococcus pneumoniae, as well as cold and influenza viruses.

This study investigated the antiviral protective effects of a heat-killed strain of lactic acid bacteria, Lactobacillus casei DK128 (DK128), a promising probiotic isolated from fermented vegetables, on influenza viruses.

We found that pretreating the mice with heat-killed Lactobacillus casei DK128 bacteria made them resistant to lethal primary and secondary influenza A virus infection and protected them against weight loss and mortality,” 


Now that looks like a good recipe. 




The recent dengue vaccine scandal in the Phillipines showed that the dengue vaccine actually worsened symptoms of dengue fever in those who hadn't previously been exposed to the virus before vaccination. Some dengue deaths in children were caused by the dengue vaccine. I am starting to wonder if some kind of similar unexpected side effect to flu vaccination is at work here.


Hi Cia,
Yes, fluid in the lungs can be a problem, though aspiration pneumonia is something different; it comes from people with for example swallowing problems getting fluid into their lungs instead of their stomach.
As Morag is saying basic nursing care 20 years ago was effective for most of this stuff. It was typical to treat the fluid build up, either through a tube into the lungs to drain it, or through physical therapy to loosen flem, slant boards etc. People with cystic fibrosis have to handle fluid in the lungs on a constant chronic basis. How is it that doctors are suddenly unable to treat pneumonia in healthy people?
I honestly can't work out whether there is a whole lot of medical incompetence going on, whether people are dying from tamiflu reactions,or whether it is because repeated flu vaccinations have damaged their ability to fight off the flu, but the one thing I do know is that right now, we have the most vaccinated population against the flu that we have ever had. And the intensive flu vaccine program of the last several years, appears to be resulting in many more deaths from what may or may not be, the flu, than has been typical.

cia parker

I just read several things about consolidation in the lungs, when parts of the lungs become filled with fluid rather than air, prevent the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood, and can quickly lead to death by suffocation. The fluid buildup is part of the inflammatory response to any infection, and may be beneficial in causing the patient to cough more and eject a lot of the virus. But in someone with weak immune function or weak lungs to start with, it can quickly lead to excessive fluid buildup, consolidation, and death.

Any infection could cause pneumonia in a susceptible person, but flu is the most common and the most potentially serious. But I would still never take the dangerous vaccine, but instead rely on natural treatments. And recovering from the flu with no fever reducers offers good cancer protection for the next five years.

Grace Green

Hi Morag, yes, I can sing every word of Coulter's Candy to this day, but gave up sugar a long time ago, to great effect. My nursing knowledge certainly didn't encompass the things you mention, but as a parent I learned to recognize when it was time to call the doctor. Of course nowadays I'm not so sure that's a good idea. I managed to diagnose measles and whooping cough when the doctor was going down all sorts of blind alleys!


Hello Grace ,ta for your comments. Re basic nursing care ,are care givers taught how to spot signs-n-symptoms of a developing pneumonia ,with any respiritory infection? and pneumonitis from chicken pox only has a fifty percent survival rate, if not spotted early enough ,and left untreated.
Like yourself I'm horrified at the mind boggling numbers of reported damaged and injured people .
If its not Occam's Razor pointing to vaccination injury ,then how about ,late onset -genetically inhereted , genetic throwback, from consuming too much Coulter's Candy ?
See Coulter's Candy /Ali Bali Bee Hamish Imlach. youtube.
The summary conclusions for health care improvers, leadership departments, are.
That's their choices,that's their options, so they can take it or leave it ,their choice is an illusion !
Vaccine leadership ,a total failure to admit systematic failure ! same template as Vioxx risk assessments failure .

cia parker


I'm not suggesting that anyone get the flu vaccine.

Viral pneumonia is considered mild and self-limiting, and can't be treated by allopathic medicine anyway. Yes, strep pneumonia causes 90% of all cases of bacterial pneumonia, I assume there are different strains within that group. And I agree that anything which impairs lung function can result in death when flu is complicated by pneumonia. But I think that's why most flu and pneumonia deaths are in old people, many of whom have impaired lung function. Many of my older relatives and their friends when I was growing up had things like emphysema, and I had a boyfriend whose elderly father died in his sleep after having problems with emphysema after long years of smoking. He had quit some years before, but it caught up with him anyway. But I think that when an older person gets the flu, it's the most natural thing in the world for him or her to get pneumonia as a complication and often die of it. The friend of the woman I mentioned a few weeks ago who had her baby tested and found positive for H3N2 (something I think is silly, what difference did it make?), said an elderly friend of her parents had gotten this flu, been hospitalized for it, got pneumonia while in the hospital, and died of it.

And while there are different factors like surgery, just simple feebleness from old age, and so on, which can cause the strep germs naturally in the lungs to get out of control, if you get the flu and are coughing, it is a very common thing for the germs to take advantage of your weakness at that time and develop into pneumonia. To the extent that there are more pneumonia deaths during flu season than at other times, I wouldn't hesitate to say that most of them are because of the flu.

Homeopathy offers the best remedies to prevent and cure pneumonia, but I think its frequency as a sequela to flu is just one of those things. It happens, and elderly people need to be aware of it and take naturopathic and homeopathic precautions. Not get the flu vaccine, which paralyzed my 76 year old father for the last three years of his life. Better to die of pneumonia, if that's the choice.

david m burd

John, Here in the U.S. a parallel to Donaldson with all his credentials but being totally wrong and in lock-step with the Pharma Industry (yet believed by the naive and the innocent and our corrupt mainstream media) is health general Dr. Anthony Fauci of NIAID (National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Disease), a division of NIH (National Institute of Health) here in Bethesda, Maryland just outside Washington, DC.

Perfect parallels: Profoundly evil men** are Donaldson and Fauci never questioning their own dogma bringing carnage to scores of millions, men seemingly solely concerned with their own power and influence. ** Women share equal dubious and evil billing these last 30 years of ascending 'equal opportunity' per their indoctrination in med schools, typified by the present Acting CDC Director Anne Schuchat, etc., and emulating their evil male predecessors. Power for power's sake, damn the common people with their millions of anecdotal tales! They actively suppress honest evaluations and ignore such as AoA, VaccinePapers, NVIC, published Papers, on-and on-, and the scores of brilliant books by esteemed author/scientists having the best of credentials.

Donaldson and Fauci, as evil as it gets.

John Stone


Yes, and Donaldson was a striking case, hyping the risk of avian flu, hyping the risk of swine flu, predicting mass death all the time, stock piling useless and dangerous medical products in danger of going by their use-by date etc. The result of course was in turn a massive distortion of policy, children with narcolepsy etc.

He was, of course, present on BBC TV and radio putting the boot into Andy Wakefield the day after the first wave of Brian Deer's disgraceful and incompetent allegations.

And he he turned Paul Offit's insane 10,000 vaccine doctrine into British government policy:

Given the way he has been honoured you might suppose he is the greatest scientist the world has seen since Albert Einsten instead of the author administrative cock-up after administrative cock-up. I just copied these from wiki:-

Academic and other posts
Donaldson is Visiting Professor in the University of Leicester's Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, and also holds an honorary Chair of Applied Epidemiology at Newcastle University. On 1 August 2009 Donaldson became Chancellor of Newcastle University, replacing Lord Patten, who stood down after 10 years in office.[8]

He is also Chair of the World Alliance for Patient Safety, which was established by the Director-General of the World Health Organization in October 2004.[9]

As a result of his reports as Chief Medical Officer, Donaldson has had a marked effect on policy and legislation in a wide range of areas including stem cell research, quality and safety of health care, infectious disease control, patient empowerment, clinical performance, temperance legislation, medical regulation, and organ and tissue retention.[10]

Donaldson has degrees from:

the University of Bristol (MB ChB, 1972), where he attended Wills Hall.[11]
the University of Birmingham MSc, Anatomy, 1976,[7] and
the University of Leicester (MD, 1981), and he was also a Lecturer in the Department of Community Health, and subsequently Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology for four years.[12]
He has also been awarded honorary Doctorates by:

Huddersfield University (honorary DSc, 1998),[13]
the University of Bristol (honorary MD, 1999),[14]
the University of Leicester,[15]
Cranfield University (2000),[16]
the University of Portsmouth,
the University of East Anglia (honorary ScD, 2003),[17]
the University of Teesside (honorary DSc, 2004),[18]
the University of York (2004),[19]
the University of Birmingham DSc, Honorary Degree, 2005,[7]
the University of Nottingham (honorary DM, 2005),[20]
De Montfort University (honorary DSc, 2005),[21]
the University of Sunderland (honorary DSc, 2006),[22] and
the University of Hull (honorary DSc, 2006).[23]
Donaldson is:

a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (FRCS(Ed)),
a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health Medicine (FFPHM),
a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (FRCP),
a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (FRCP(Ed)),
a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences (FMedSci), and
a Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists (FRCA).
Other honours include:

the post of Queen's Honorary Physician during the mid-1990s,
the College Medal by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, awarded in June 2000,
Bradshaw Lecture, Royal College of Physicians, 2002
a knighthood in the New Year Honours in 2002,[24]
the Picker Award for Excellence, in recognition of his achievements in the field of patient-centred care and patient safety,[25] and
the World Health Executive Forum Distinguished Leader Award.[1]

david m burd

John, Thanks for (again) validating flu-related UK mortality averaging 33 a year. Honest flu statistics and other vaccination-related news is always worth repeating; again, thanks.

Grace Green

Morag, Good basic nursing care - I remember learning about it at the Red Cross as a teenager. I can't imagine any of that being applied these days. I'm horrified when I see pictures of naked babies having needles stuck into them. Where's the care then?


From Book Lectures to Nurses by Margaret S Riddell A.R.R.C 1914-1925.Editions.
Influenza [La Grippe] Influenza is a very prevalent in the early spring.It is an infectious fever caused by a small bacillus called Pfeiffers's bacillus .Incubation period is short from one to three days ,but the invasion is generally marked by a general feeling of illness with severe headache ,pains in the back and limbs and some fever .The form the disease takes varies . [1] Febrile ,with rigors,high temp ,quick pulse nasal catarrh,swollen fauces and tonsils ,with headache ,and pains in the muscles .[2] Respiritory with fever,headache prostration .rapid breathing ,with troublesome cough and dyspnoea . [3] Abdominal with vomiting ,diarrhoea and abdominal pain .[4]nervous with severe pain headache ,irritability ,melancholia ,or acute mania . Good basic nursing care was essential for recovery.

Jeannette Bishop

The Mawson survey found higher rates of pneumonia in vaccinated children. I'm wondering if "flu/pneumonia season" would improve if we simply stopped vaccinating for both (of course children get a lot more vaccines burdening their immune systems, but still...)?

John Stone

The flu mortality statistics admitted by Sir Liam Donaldson for the UK for the years 2005-8, averaging 33 a year, were defined as cases in which influenza was the “underlying cause”.

david m burd

Thanks for so many informative comments on this topic! Pass them on.


Cia; pneumonia has multiple causes; about 30% are viral,of which influenza is only one component;


Of that 30 %, there are other viral causes of viral pneumonia as well as influenza, per web md viral influenza is a common cause of the viral infection in adults but not kids under two (RSV is the most common for under two year olds) but even the viral influenza can also be caused by
coronaviruses, rhinoviruses, parainfluenza viruses, and adenoviruses, .

Then we have the other 70% of pneumonias.
They include bacterial pneumonia, ( strep is common)
but other types of pneumonia include fungal pneumonia ( breathing in spores) , aspiration pneumonia ( swallowing fluids into the lungs),lipid pneumonia ( oil in the lungs) and there are more..

While having had viral pneumonia may increase your chances of getting bacterial pneumonia, there are plenty of other risk factors, including steriod use for asthma.
For example

Legionella and Pneumocystis pneumonias in asthmatic children on high doses of systemic steroids

From the abstract
We report 3 cases of unusual pneumonias associated with high doses of oral steroids. Two patients contracted Legionella pneumonia and one patient contracted Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia. With increasing usage, it is important for physicians to be aware of the possible infectious complications of high dose steroids.

So, at the moment, if we combine pneumonia and the flu, we are saying that anyone who can't cough properly, has chronic lung inflammation, smokes,takes high risk medications, or inhales chemicals or fungi,and catches pneumonia in one of its forms, is actually dying of the flu. Increased inflammation of the lungs is a risk factor for pnuemonia; interesting to think that vaccines are designed to promote a systemic inflammatory response.
And of course, that would also include deaths from medical malpractice or side effects of medications such as tamiflu as being "flu deaths" well.


But if they're talking about all pneumonia deaths, of course pneumonia could be a complication of many things besides flu. Post surgical pneumonia, pneumonia from immobility as from after breaking a hip, aspiration pneumonia, etc. And if actual influenza is only 10-15% of what people are calling flu, then many of the pneumonia cases would also be complications of the non influenza like illnesses, that should not be lumped in with influenza and that could not possibly be prevented by flu vaccine.

Angus Files

A bit back to your great contributions David.What I am still looking for is the hardest of all to find that being the un-vaccinated person who has died of the flu-wee would have known about it mee thinks!!

Pharma For Prison


david m burd


I was wrong in saying the American Lung Association does not advocate flu shots -- in some of their other publications, they do claim the flu can lead to several types of pneumonia, and they recommend getting the flu vaccinations. So, they do indeed toe the Party Line and advocate flu shots; of course ignoring numerous Papers and the Cochrane Collaboration for many years citing the uselessness of such. Nevertheless I certainly failed to "cover all the bases." Cheers!

david m burd


Look at page 8, the Pneumonia and Influenza Hospitalization Rates. They are separate, and there is no "rate" shown as being a combination of the two. It seems your hypothesis of flu further leading to a deadly case of pneumonia is simply speculation, and further encourages faith in getting horribly toxic flu shots by an ignorant, fear-mongered public.

If indeed the American Lung Association agreed with your hypothesis it seems they would strongly say so, and push flu shots - but they don't.

david m burd

Angus Files,

Thanks for The Telegraph piece. It cites 193 flu deaths so far this flu season, apparently comprising the entire UK. It makes me wonder why there is such "concern" - other than always promoting unnecessary toxic flu shots. Will the Health Agencies EVER promote nutrition and such as Vitamin D that most people lack during the dark sunless Winter months?

cia parker


But I think the pneumonia deaths occurred in those who had flu, and the strep pneumoniae germs were able to proliferate because their lungs were weakened by the flu. So the flu may have been gone by the time they died of pneumonia, but they wouldn't have developed pneumonia if they hadn't had flu. The article consistently said "flu and pneumonia," I think because it's not possible to meaningfully separate them.

Angus Files

"It follows the worst influenza season in seven years, and criticism of NHS decisions to offer jabs which have not protected against key strains in circulation, and those which have previously failed to protect the elderly."(AGAIN!)

"NHS to offer 'gold standard' flu jabs next year amid concern over failings"

Pharma For Prison


david m burd

All, I offer some concrete stats published by the American Lung Association (ALA), and all their analyses comes directly from the CDC (as you can note). The big difference is the ALA breaks in down to Calendar years and not "Flu Seasons" that span 8 months over two years.

Please note even the CDC is admitting that but 2-3% of the combined Pneumonia & Flu mortality is actually attributed to influenza, whereas 97-98% is attributed to pneumonia.

Pages 5-9 concisely lay out all this, and page 9 further illustrates a doubling of flu-vaccine uptake by the public BUT no meaningful benefit as to flu deaths. I beg everyone to pull this up!

This ALA Report completely refutes all the fear mongering now blasted out by all the media, clearly cheered on and sponsored by the Vaccine Industry, with the CDC basically also cheering them on.

Last, but not least, is the unusual spike in "over 65 age" flu deaths in 2013; my best guess some politically-motivated Health/Vaccine Interests monkeyed with subtle changes in definitions. Nonetheless, the ALA Report makes is extremely clear giving 6-month old babies the toxic flu shot is all risk and no benefit, as neither is injecting seniors with these poisons.

cia parker


I totally support probiotic supplements. I have also had good results with Sambucol (from elderberries, excellent for viral diseases), echinacea, zinc lozenges, Umcka, and vitamin C. Homeopathically, oscillococcinum at the beginning, that year's Influenzinum, and the remedy which matches my symptoms best is bryonia. See Neustaedter for descriptions of symptoms which call for other remedies. I think it would be ideal to use a combination of vitamin, naturopathic, and homeopathic supplements to prevent and treat flu.

And I agree that it would be interesting and valuable to see if the strains of pneumonia found in the lungs of those who died of pneumonia are the same as those in the pneumo vaccines which many of them would have gotten. I think there are MANY strains of it, all capable of causing pneumonia, and every time they introduce a new, updated pneumo vaccine, they've added another set of pneumo strains. But they could NEVER include all of them.

Cait from Canada

The research discussed in this Vaccine Papers article suggests that the flu vaccine may increase susceptibility to other respiratory infections by suppressing the immune system. In one study of working adults, the flu vaccine was associated with fewer work days missed due to illness in a year when it was good match with the circulating flu viruses, but with more days missed when it was a poor match — which is frequent. The author concludes that "the influenza vaccine likely causes more problems than it prevents."

Another study found an association between the flu vaccine and miscarriage in cases where the pregnant woman had also been vaccinated the previous year.

Many news reports called these results "puzzling", and continue to promote vaccination of pregnant women because apparently the flu is more dangerous than miscarriage. (Not for the baby it isn't!)

Another concern is SIRVA (shoulder injury related to vaccine administration), which can be caused by poor administration of any vaccine. Essentially, the vaccine is administered too high on the arm — which could easily happen in a pharmacy setting where someone getting the vaccine might just pull their sleeve down — and ends up going into the joint and causing severe inflammation. My mother has suffered from "frozen shoulder" — which is extremely painful and debilitating — for the past few years. I can't say for sure that it was caused by vaccination, but she does get her flu shot faithfully every year.

I think I will stick to probiotics, including fermented vegetables. My husband and I enjoy these as condiments, so it's great to discover that they may also provide protection against the flu.


The other glaringly obvious situation, in light of all the comments about pneumonia being the actual danger, post flu or post whatever, is that why are so many people dying of pneumonia when soooooo many people have gotten the pneumonia vaccines. I bet it's no more effective than the flu vaccine and even more prone to creating pathological imbalance in lungs than the flu/strep connection. Is anyone doing postmortem exams regarding the dominant strain found in the lungs and comparing it with vaccination records? I wonder if Cochrane has done a report on that one?

John Stone

Meanwhile, back in 2009:

SPIEGEL: Mr. Jefferson, the world is living in fear of swine flu. And some predict that, by next winter, one-third of the world's population might be infected. Are you personally worried? Are you and your family taking any precautions?

Tom Jefferson: I wash my hands very often -- and it's not all because of swine flu. That's probably the most effective precaution there is against all respiratory viruses, and the majority of gastrointestinal viruses and germs as well.

Jenny Allan

@ Cia Parker
" But I think this flu season is very severe, and it would be a good time to try homeopathy for prevention and treatment."

I am fascinated by the recent research regarding the role of probiotics in flu prevention.

"Mice that received heat-killed lactic acid bacteria (DK128) prior to infection had about 18 times less influenza virus in their lungs compared to control mice."

Since contracting Clostridium difficile in hospital after a major operation 12 years ago, I have taken a daily vitamin and probiotic caplet to keep up the levels of 'good ' bacteria in my gut. My husband has a daily live yogurt drink for the same purpose. Both of these contain Lactobacillis caseii, the probiotic used in the mice experiment. We both also take extra vitamin C for immune support, and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.

We both accept a free NHS over 65s annual flu jab, for which I have received some 'stick' from this site, but I am NOT against all vaccines for all persons and am passionate about informed choice and proper safety studies for all medications, including follow ups for those unintended consequences, which can be positive sometimes. Mercury of course is always 'negative' and I regard its continued use, defended by the likes of UK Mail Doctor Ellie Cannon, who said Thiomersal, 50% mercury, was a harmless substance only 'related' to mercury.

Remember "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

In 12 years neither of us have had the flu. I have only had around 4 of those annual vaccine injections over that time, being too young for several years, but this year where I live, large numbers of persons are succumbing to the flu virus, and very nasty it is, often resulting in respiratory complications. Many of these persons have previously received the annual vaccine. I am crossing my fingers we both avoid the flu this year. My husband is particularly vulnerable to those lung complications.

......and PLEASE no more 'stick'! I respect your point of view. Please respect mine.

cia parker

Streptococcus pneumoniae normally lives in the lungs of most people, and is the cause of 90% of cases of bacterial pneumonia. Like the meningitis germs which are normal commensal bacteria in most people much of the time. The strep only causes pneumonia when the body is run down from another infectious disease, or occasionally just from general fragility, lack of sufficient body heat, or immunocompromise. When the lungs fill with fluid from the disease, it gives the bacteria a good place to multiply and go wild. I think that unless there's another condition present, that if the patient has had flu, that would be sufficient cause for the pneumonia and death from pneumonia, and fair grounds for saying that the patient died of flu-related complications.

cia parker

Cait from Canada,

Pneumonia is not considered a contagious disease, but nearly always occurs as a complication of another disease. It could be the flu, a severe cold, pertussis, chickenpox, etc. I think if someone died of pneumonia associated with another disease, it would be noted on the death certificate. I just saw that in the US at this time, one in ten deaths is occurring because of flu or flu-related pneumonia. I still wouldn't get the flu vaccine, but I think everyone should buy Dr. Neustaedter's The Flu Guide and have the recommended remedies on hand. I bought homeopathic influenzinum prepared for this flu season, based on three flu strains, probably the same three that were in the vaccine. I haven't used it, as we weren't very sick. But I think this flu season is very severe, and it would be a good time to try homeopathy for prevention and treatment.


What a frightening admission from a top vaccine researcher:
”It’s much more complicated than we thought," [Dr. Michael] Osterholm says. "I know less about influenza today than I did 10 years ago."

But kudos to Osterholm for his unpopular willingness to “step in it” and admit to media some uncomfortable realizations about the limits of current vaccine research. Tragic, though, how many vaccine consumers have suffered health damage due to public health policy decisions made in spite of those limits — sidestepping the precautionary principle.

Imagine if vaccine manufacturers began designing and building self-driving automobiles. Those cars would hit the market too early in their software development state. They’d crash constantly, and their victims would have no financial recourse for damage and deaths.


An Asian singer, Kay Tse On-kei, is being called “anti-vaccine” by media after an audio recording she shared privately with a group of friends was spread to the public.

“Experts denounce Canto-pop star’s claim of harmful flu jabs as ‘totally wrong’ amid deadly virus outbreak in Hong Kong,” according to the South China Morning Post.

Cait from Canada

Tim: True... with the caveat that shit is probably more useful than some of these formulas.

Cait from Canada

"I'd like to know how many of the pneumonia deaths occurred in patients who had had the flu when they developed pneumonia. If they developed pneumonia as a RESULT of having the flu, then I think it's nitpicking to say that they didn't die of the flu."

Cia — It would be, but who is saying that? I think the problem is quite the opposite — that pneumonia is generally attributed to the flu even when flu is not a factor.

Shelley Tzorfas

There is Thimerosal/ Mercury in profiled syringes? We were told that it was used in containers that had combined vaccines where the doctor or nurse pierced the diaphragm of the vial to ensure that unwanted microbes do not contaminate it? Why is Thimerosal/ Mercury in Some single use Flu shots??

Laura Hayes

An excellent complementary article to Teresa's is this recent one by Dr. David Brownstein:


Michael - the secretions of live probiotics remain in a fluid, or whatever it was in, even after the bacteria are killed. This has been known since the wayyyy back when, when scientists had lively arguments about "vital" reactions organic vs inorganic compounds and such. Chemists vs biologists etc.
For instance, re: alcoholic fermentation, which Pasteur originally demonstrated only occurred when organisms were present, until Buchner threw some yeast in a hydraulic press and caused fermentation with what they termed a cell free extract. Just as a time stamp, Buchner died in the early 1900's. Of course maybe that's been overturned along the way and I just don't know it, LOL
Max Planck: "scientists never change their mind, but eventually they die."
and those that don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it


As if any of us need more to read, huh?
Seeing reference to "PANDAS/PANS", above, I just want to make sure that everybody here has heard of ><. There, you will find 2 books by Mr. Robert Whitaker, "Mad In America", and "Anatomy of an Epidemic". Both go into very deep and well-researched detail about the rise of the pseudoscience drug racket known as "psychiatry". We can't pretend psychiatry doesn't exist, any more than we can pretend vaccines don't exist. (We also can't pretend millions of American children don't have serious "behavior issues", or so-called "mental health issues", either, but that doesn't validate psychiatry, either!)
If vaccines are ADMITTED to be at best 10 - 20% "effective", by the CDC itself, I'd say that their *NEED* is also a fraction of what they claim!
The SAD REALITY, is that ALL pharmaceutical product$ are much less safe, less effective, and less necessary than we've been led to believe.....
(I often learn as much from the comments here, as I do from the article itself!)

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for this important information.

Some people I know who don't want to question any vaccine for children, etc. still question the flu shot. I wonder if that's because they are personally targeted by the propaganda and their instincts kick in when it's personal.

But then I know others who take the flu shot trustingly, my attempts to warn seemingly better to have been left unsaid, since I think the mention of their flu shot choices is a dutiful attempt to correct my misguidedness. Painfully, the post-shot aftermath all too often works against my remediation...

Tim Lundeen


Loved this quote: "a statistical guess that comes out of the end of a mathematical formula". Sounds a lot like shit to me :-)

Angus Files

Could ultraviolet lamps slow the spread of flu?(or we could just stop vaccinating against the flu)

Pharma For Prison


Laura Hayes

Excellent article, Teresa, thank you. I love everything except the title (which I know you may or may not have personally selected). Deflecting, and in essence, denigrating a descriptor that is perfectly fitting for those in the know about vaccines, and the carnage they wreak, does not help to expose for vaccines for what they are: highly dangerous and damaging, ineffective and havoc-wreaking, and completely unnecessary. In response to those on "our" side often professing that they are "not anti-vaccine", I titled my WAPF presentation the following:

"Vaccines: What Is There to Be 'Pro' About?" by Laura Hayes

And Brett Wilcox, a respected colleague, author, and frequent commenter here on AoA, expressed my sentiments about our side using "anti-vaccine" pejoratively in a comment to an AoA article a while back, which I have cut and pasted below. I hope all will have a read:

Article link:

Brett Wilcox's comment:

Eschewing the anti-vaccine epithet increases the power of the word to shame naïve young parents. Young African Americans disarmed the word nigger when they claimed it as their own. The original anti-vaxxers weren’t ashamed to be called anti-vaccine. They owned the word and joined anti-vaccination leagues.

The original anti-vaxxers would be dismayed, disheartened, and very likely disgusted to see their descendants calling for safer vaccines.

I passed the movie Trace Amounts around to 30 different families and by and large it was a waste of time. They all internalized the message: mercury is bad, vaccines are good.

Damn it, vaccines are not good, not safe, not effective, and not necessary.
To believers, the word vaccine is synonymous with the words safe, safety, and protection. When we pair those words, we activate pharma-planted messaging in the minds of The Herd: “Vaccines are safe and effective.” “Vaccines have saved more lives blah, blah, blah.” Hence, the words safe, safety, and vaccines should never be used in the same sentence.

To break the spell, we have to imbue the word vaccine with accurate meaning. We can’t do that by calling for safer vaccines. We do that by calling vaccines what they are: poison, toxins, weapons, etc. What do they do? They poison, assault, inflame, infect, bastardize, weaken, destroy, and kill. What is the result? Genetic bastardization with genes from viruses, bacteria, insects, mammals, genetically modified substances, male and female human fetal DNA, etc. What is the legacy of the vaccine program? Diseased, distracted, depressed, damaged, dysfunctional, dying, and dead people. What are the costs? Impossible to calculate and impossible to repay. What are the ethics of the vaccine program? Greed, fraud, deception, and very likely mind control, infertility, eugenics, and world domination.

Messaging to the indoctrinated should be succinct and bold. “Anti-vax and proud.” “Unvaxxed and unafraid.” “Unvaxxed and healthy.” “Of course I’m anti-vaccine.” “Vaccines are anti-science.” “The science is settled: vaccines injure and kill.” “Babies are not born vaccine deficient.” “Vaccines injured my baby.” “Breast milk: the only vaccine my kids will ever get.” “Got eczema? Thank your vaccines?” “Got food allergies? Thank the CDC.” “Vaccines kill.” “Vaccines make you stupid.” “Vaccines are poison.” “Vaccines are a racket.” “Vaccines kill babies.” “Vaccines destroy lives.” “Vaccine injury is 100%.” “If you’re vaccinated, you’re vaccine injured.” “Vaccines are a lie.” “The CDC lies.” “Herd immunity is a lie.” “Ban vaccines now.” “End the vaccine scam.” “Ask me about William Thompson.” “Ask me about SV 40.” “Ask me about insertional mutagenesis.” “Read the vaccine package inserts.” “You can never unvaccinate.” “The only safe vaccine is the vaccine you don’t get.” “If you’re anti-fraud, you’re anti-vaccine.” “I’m immunized against vaccine propaganda.” Etc.

Doctors cannot ethically vaccinate with vaccines that were brought to market and are marketed unethically. All vaccines were brought to market and are marketed unethically. Vaccinating violates the ethical principles of informed consent, beneficence, absence of maleficence, and justice. Ethical violations should be reported to licensing bodies. Bullying patients with vaccines is extortion, a crime that should be reported to the police. Lawsuits should be filed.

I look forward to the day when public awareness is so great that vaccine sociopaths are jailed, vaccines are banned, and vaccines are remembered as a remnant from a dark and evil time.

Posted by: Brett Wilcox | February 27, 2017 at 02:02 AM


How many deaths might be attributed to inappropriate medication, vaccines weakening overall resistance, antivirals, tylenol and NSAIDs?

Careful John, that line of questioning could get you labeled anti-everything.

Also in the mice studies this is contrary to my understanding of probiotics " Mice that received heat-killed lactic acid bacteria (DK128) prior to infection had about 18 times less influenza virus in their lungs compared to control mice." I thought the point of probiotics was the fact that it was a live bacteria?

Hans Litten

A trip back down memory lane with George "W"md's Bush 2005

Most Americans are familiar with the influenza or the flu, a respiratory illness that makes hundreds of thousands of people sick every year. This fall as the flu season approaches, millions of our fellow citizens are once again visiting their doctors for the annual flu shot. I had mine.

The 1918 pandemic was followed by pandemics in 1957 and 1968 which killed tens of thousands of Americans and millions across the world.

All this was caused by a limited outbreak of a virus that infected thousands and lasted about six months. A global influenza pandemic that infects millions and lasts from one to three years could be far worse.

Avian flu struck again in late 2003 and has infected over 120 people, in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia and killed more than 60.

That's a fatality rate of about 50 percent.

By strengthening our domestic vaccine industry, we can help ensure that our nation will never again have a shortage of vaccine for seasonal flu.

And by putting in place and exercising pandemic emergency plans across the nation, we can help our nation prepare for other dangers, such as a terrorist attack using chemical or biological weapons.

Leaders at every level of government have a responsibility to confront dangers before they appear and engage the American people in the best course of action. It is vital that our nation discuss and address the threat of pandemic flu now.

There is no pandemic flu in our country or in the world at this time. But if we wait for a pandemic to appear, it will be too late to prepare. And one day many lives could be needlessly lost because we failed to act today.

cherry Misra

The flu vaccines that contain mercury, as listed above, have very large doses of mercury. Anyone who receives one of those vaccines ensures that he has a very poorly functioning immune system for a couple of months at least. One might have imagined that maintaining the immune system of ones patient might have been a priority with physicians, but that does not seem to be the case. If there is one thing we should learn from our experiences with the reality of mainstream medicine today is : Youre on your own baby. Think for yourself.
Lets take a step back and look at the individual for a change (as compared to the herd) : That old lady getting her flu shot? Does she have a mouth full of mercury-dental amalgams? Yes? - Well, she is already toxic in mercury and now youre giving her a large bolus dose in the flu shot. Some scientists might say your are setting her up for a heart attack or stroke. That man, next in line- Fish has been a favorite food for him all his life. Mercury in the fish, around 90% absorption, bioaccumulating all his life. Now you give him a large bolus dose of mercury in his flu shot? Thanks for the Parkinsons or Alzheimers, doc. At least he may not die of the flu. Gotta be grateful !

cia parker

I'd like to know how many of the pneumonia deaths occurred in patients who had had the flu when they developed pneumonia. If they developed pneumonia as a RESULT of having the flu, then I think it's nitpicking to say that they didn't die of the flu.

Cait from Canada

Flu death numbers seem to be completely speculative. Here in Canada, we supposedly have between 2 and 8 thousand flu deaths per year (which is in line with the 50,000 figure for the US). But these numbers "are based on computer models — a statistical guess that comes out of the end of a mathematical formula that makes a range of assumptions about death and flu."

One model compares the number of deaths in the winter months with the number in the summer months, and designates the excess winter deaths as flu deaths. Another model ascribes all respiratory and circulatory deaths to the flu.

My dad's death last winter is a good example of the absurdity of these models. Last February he slipped on the ice and suffered a serious head injury and brain bleed. To prevent further bleeding, his blood thinning medication was withdrawn, and as a result of that, he suffered a massive heart attack.

But acording to either statistical model described above, he actually died of the flu.


Great article tying together the important research.

To answer the question, I am antivaccine AFTER examining the flu shot.


One new "universal" flu vaccine candidate in the human testing phase of development is made with self-assembling nanoparticles. What could possibly go wrong in the human body with that kind of unpredictable ingredient, and how long will it be before they mandate this particular kind of medical madness without any proper "informed consent" disclosure of this brand new ingredient to the recipient/guinea pig patients?


There is no data ANYWHERE showing 50,000 killed by influenza in the U. S.

In 2010, according to the US National Vital Statistics Report, there were 500 deaths reported from influenza, and 49,5000 deaths reported from pneumonia, which is statistically more likely to be the result of other viruses, bacterial infections, a lifetime of smoking, increased susceptibility from medications, or other susceptibilities than from influenza.

Not surprisingly, the vast majority of flu and pneumonia deaths are in the elderly. The vast majority of DEATHS are in the elderly, whose predicted life span has nothing whatsoever to do with vaccines.


They didn't get vaccinated .Now they're out of jobs . - NBC News 22 Nov 2017 .
"OH WHAT!"Fired for witholding consent ,for refusing to follow the "Pharma ceutical salvation armies style medicalised scripture " That "All vaccines are safe and effective " ???
Matt McGinn - Rich Man's Paradise-song- Youtube .
Health and Social Care workers are questioning .The unavailable? Public Health and Safety Risk Assessments for all vaccinations !
Organisational resignation .Director smoked out of a job .Senior Health Improver looking for a new job for buying stocks and shares in tobacco industry .
Matt McGinn -Looking for a job - song -youtube

John Stone


But it should not be forgotten that the the 50,000 deaths are an accountancy trick too.

I believe we have had in this exceptionally bad flu season just under 200 deaths so far in the UK (unfortunately I have lost the link) which would be equivalent to around 1,000 in the US. Nothing like the 12,000 or 25,000 trailed by our Chief Medical Officer in the last decade. While this will have scarcely impacted on general mortality (around 500,000 annually) it has caused much disruption in our hospitals (which flu vaccination has done nothing to avert).

PS As of yesterday the UK death toll had apparently reached 254.

But 5 days ago the BBC were still eliding excess winter mortality with flu, although flu makes rather small contribution even in a very bad year:

A couple of questions might be:-

How many people may be going to hospital unnecessarily because the risk of flu is hyped (with flu like illnesses you can feel awfully ill but not be seriously risk)?

How many deaths might be attributed to inappropriate medication, vaccines weakening overall resistance, antivirals, tylenol and NSAIDs?

bob moffit

The BC Centre's Skowronski says many influenza researchers are hesitant to discuss problems with the vaccine "because they're afraid of being tainted with the antivaccine brush. ......... she says that's a mistake. "This immunization program has been predicated on assumptions on top of assumptions. Unless we have these discussions, we'll never have improved vaccine options. And I don't think it's antivaccine to want your vaccine program to be the best that it can be," she adds."

Influenza researchers ... like all scientific researchers ... should be free to think and reason about important questions that affect public health .. including flu vaccines .. but .. raising important questions regarding the "safety and efficiency" of vaccines is .. by all accounts .. simply impossible when today's prevailing orthodoxy .. "the benefits of vaccines far outweigh their risks" .. is so well established it denies ANY effort to challenge that prevailing orthodoxy .. regardless of how sound the reasoning of that effort may be.

Unfortunately .. far too often .. those heavily invested in defending today's prevailing orthodoxy on vaccines ... such as .. public health bureaucrats and bought and paid for academic researchers .. respond to all who dare question them by hurling slurs, name-calling, vilification and mindless labeling .. ending all discussion and debate as .. "anti-vaccine".

An immunization program that is predicated upon 'assumptions based upon assumptions" should be defended with scientific reasoned argument .. rather than simply hurling vindictive labels on those asking serious questions.

As John Stuart Mill said: "He who knows only his own side of the case, knows little of that"

Hans Litten

"The most commonly used flu shots protect no more than 60% of people who receive them; some years, effectiveness plunges to as low as 10%. Given that a bad flu season can kill 50,000 people in the United States alone, "10% to 60% protection is better than nothing," says Michael Osterholm, an epidemiologist at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. "But it's a terribly inadequate vaccine for a serious public health threat." Now, researchers are striving to understand why it fails so often—and how to make a markedly better one. "

It is my understanding that this 60% efficacy is no more than an accounting trick , using the Relative Risk methodology , which quite frankly Osterholm is rollocks .
The Actual risk methodology will always say the flu vaccine is worthless 0% efficacy
Another CDC fraud.

Hans Litten

failure of the flu vaccine 99% of the time (its a fraud - so is SheShat)
The studies were conducted between 1969 and 2009.

(1) Cochrane Database Syst. Rev. 2018. Feb. 1,2:CD001269

Teresa , here is an interesting article today that is amusing me greatly ,
Smokin’ New Technology to Produce Influenza Vaccines (they are going to use Tobacco).
Could it be possible they may inadvertendly discover a foolproof way to give up smoking via allergic reaction after more fake flu vaccine ....just an idea that amused me.
They are suggesting Brenda's investment in big tobacco was due to her knowledge of future vaccines from being head of the CDC (if so, that is a criminal offence , I believe that is called insider trading - Oh Brenda you really did belong at the CDC didn't you , Concentrated Den of Criminals).

CDC = Concentrated Den of Criminals

Also does anyone know if George "W"mds Bush ever spoke in a TV address of large number of US fatalities due to a swine flue pandemic (I heard it somewhere but am struggling to verify !)

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